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The Essential need for Pure Water
Guidance is here referring to ANY water ingested into the human
energy form other than for washing, i.e. brushing one’s teeth, as well as
for drinking and cooking. The water out of many water purifiers in stores where it is treated by ultraviolet light is better than any purifier without. Also refilling your own bottles from such store water purifiers is better than already bottled water where the fluorescent light will have interacted with the plastic and created those little bubbles you see in bottles sitting on the shelves. If you buy bottles from the shelf—choose them from the back of the shelf where they have not been so heavily exposed to the store’s fluorescent lights :

Pure Water
6-30-07 through Sue Ann

WE want to talk about the increased pollution and contamination of
the public water supply. In the near future the water will become so
toxic to most humans, especially those with a higher vibration. This
will be an attempt by the darkside to kill off a lot of people in a
very short period of time, plus it targets those who have and would
be making a difference for the planet. It is so easy for many
different types of substances to be put into the water and this has
such a wide spread effect and is to be expected very soon.

WE strongly urge that you drink only bottled water and follow your
own Guidance on which of those are best to drink. WE have told Peter
to start saving jars and bottles to be filled with good water to be
used when a shortage of pure water occurs. This would be a prudent
procedure for all of you to follow. Also 2-3 drops of colloidal
silver helps purify the water when bottled water is unavailable, and
helps preserve it for long periods of time. However this will not
filter out some of the designer substances the darkside is planning
to introduce into the water system.

WE want all of you to be ready to leave your house within a 5-minute
warning. Have all your survival things in one place and a list of
what needs to be grabbed at the last minute. If your family is in
different places at the time have a Westward bound meeting place and
an Eastern bound meeting place.

But still the most important thing is moment-to-moment guidance. WE
can see in all directions and know which way is the best way for
every individual one of you to go. WE know what is best for all of
you and want so much to guide you through any impending danger.

With Much LOVE and Constant Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light