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the fabric of time
The Fabric of Time
- Peter Farley

Trying to find easier ways for people to understand the nature of time as opposed to it being an 'out there' concept we live everyday but aren't really aware of, ain't easy. Expressions such as 'the fabric of time' make it easier if we consider Time to be the backdrop to the scenery on the stages on which our lives play out. A backdrop is most often a neutral color meant only as a boundary onto which the scenery and action are played out, a part of delimiting the stage and covering up what's going on in the background or behind the scenes.

As part of my working on The End of Time series of articles, Guidance had me watch the 1990 movie, Awakenings. Based in reality, the story tells of the victims of an encephalitis epidemic many years ago who have been catatonic ever since, but now a new drug offers the prospect of reviving them. Watching the actors portraying the people who have basically 'disappeared' from their own lives, I began to understand that what this disease has done to these people is to create a tear in this fabric of time in which their souls are then no longer fully in contact with the driving forces that power the physical body. As this and so many other movies and stories portray, people in comas, etc., seem cognizant of what's taking place around them even when they are no longer able to convey any outward signs of life.

Al Bielek is a good example of this type of rift in the fabric of time relating to one or more people. As part of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Experiments ( ), Al is a time traveler who has been dislodged from a sturdy connection to one continuous timeline. Even when first beginning my writings, Sharon, my partner at the time, spoke about many of the people she dealt with in her counselling field as being 'stuck or lost' in Time.

A number of years ago, after reading some of my articles, Al came to visit me in Roswell, NM. There didn't seem to be a lot of interaction with him for any necessary purpose. It was more like he was being guided to come there almost as a cry for assistance, and as a way for my Guidance to have me begin to understand the nature and problems involved with the interdimensional experiments that have screwed up so many people and the timeline itself on which most of us exist. Since that time I have met and done healing work on many Montauk 'kids' and have had to to do much grid work associated with the shutting down of the energies flowing into that area of Long Island and the Northeast USA. Closing up some tears in the fabric of time also occurred along the way as detailed in some of the articles on my website.

Over dinner, looking at Al with spiritual vision, all I could see was what appeared to be a dimensional opening behind him through which other 'entities' were coming through to this existence. Whereas there appears to be a complete 'woven fabric' behind most people when looking at them, this was more like a gaping hole where rats had eaten away the threads leaving many strands unraveling. I've "seen" other people with strands unraveling behind them but none quite as bad as him. If you watch the movie on the Philadelphia Experiment or read more about it you will understand some of the Tesla technology that has been used again humanity now for the past 80 years. This is the nature of bringing advanced technology to the planet from other star systems, technology we're not ready for because it has always been captured by those in power and used only to trap Soul deeper into the 3D Matrix we've been experiencing on this planet for the past 12,000 years.

Time is not an 'illusion' per se, but it is part of the construct of the Veil of Maya that keeps soul trapped at various levels of existence. Paul Twitchell's work, The Talons of Time ( ) , attempts to explain some of its nature and how it is used against us, but again, sometimes it is tough to wrap one's mind around it. Best to think of it as a backdrop to our lives, one that is just one small part of the life-play we are creating, one that we can ignore altogether, manipulate to our own ends, or allow our Spiritual Guidance to bend and enhance as it sees fit while we're serving Spirit in performing our chosen missions here on Earth and beyond.