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The fate of our planet
The fate of our planet is both in our hands and in those of the
Spiritual Hierarchy. Our own personal fate, as has been talked about
before, rests with our choices and our ability to let go of the old
paradigms or thought-forms given to us by others, particularly the
thought-forms of fear and control.

George Green channeled much of this very same information and more
in his Handbook for the New Paradigm. Here are some excerpts that
address the specific issues we seek to understand and resolve here:

"It has been ingrained deeply within the consciousness of mankind
that they are the servants of their "god" of the moment. Over the
long space of time since mankind has been elevated into self-
awareness those on this planet have been held in servitude and have
been subject to the whims of the controller's interactions between
themselves. Further, as the manipulated progeny of these same
beings, these attributes of contention and competition are a part of
this heritage. In truth and reality these deep-seated tendencies of
competition and the use of violence to resolve the inevitable
friction that results from this focus has served neither the
controllers nor the enslaved. Both have remained over eons of
sequential time stuck within the victim/abuser mode that has blocked
both from evolving.

"Failing to live in harmony within the Universal Laws which include
living in harmony with the natural environment of each home planet
leads to the waste of its resources and eventual exhaustion of the
ability to maintain life on it. The natural conclusion of that focus
of experience is to look outside for another source to plunder.
Earth is the source for those who have set that parameter at the
basis of their pattern of experience. It is natural then for this
same parameter to be the attitude promoted on a perceived colony [by
these plunderers].

(from Volume 6 The True Nature of Planet Earth)