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the female and full intent
May 21, 2008 through Lori Burns

Q: is there anything that you would like to share? what am i to do next in
service to others?

Dear One,
First, We would like to congratulate you for starting to REALLY see the ´big´
picture. The cleansing of the chrakas can be very healing. You MUST make sure
that you find time each and EVERY day to write your letter of intent as this
helps with your growth! Do as we instructed you last night in giving the cell
phone back to your ´so called friend´, the doctor. By you having this
meaningless device is holding back the healing process of the female essence.
You are giving your energy away to this entity who really cares nothing about
you or your well being. This person is very smart and knows or has insight as to
´what´s going on´. He knows that by you holding onto this machine, he has
´control´ over you. Break away from this bondage, as this is the very thing that
is suppressing Gaia´s essence! You, and each and every female (especially) must
strive to bring this energy back! It is Our job as a whole to work on this, as
the time is NOW! Know that the female energy is no greater, nor any lesser than
the male, but EQUAL. This is what We all have to bring back - the balance. The
gesture that you did last night was a big step in trying to ´wake´ others up.
Did you not feel it? that uncontrollable crying was actually a cleansing. By
what Peter & the group have taught you so far, so must be passed along. Yes, you
must help others to find their Higher Selves. The channeling process is simple,
but CRUCIAL in this point in time, as We also must bring back the

We must say, that was very brave going to that church, the one you were brought
up in, to spread FATHER´s TRUTH. You did very well as ego tried to take over,
but you chose to stay with US and mailed that ego right into the Universe. As
you very well know, there are many, if not all in that congregation who are
condemming you at this very second. Do not let this bother you. If there is just
1 soul who will listen, know, and do what you are coming forth with, then you
have a job well done. Continue to do this. Continue to learn and expand and then
teach what you know, only if it is of the TRUTH. Do this with patience, & most
of all- a loving heart.

You have been thinking about Peter & the group, & wondering if you have been
removed. You must understand that Peter is VERY busy trying to get this planet
back together. He does NOT have the time to play around with ones who say they
are ´in service´, but only have half the intent in doing so. You must have
TOTAL & PURE INTENT. Plain & simple. We all are here on this planet to work as a
whole, not half, not a quarter, not even an inch!!! so stay FULLY immersed in
serving at ALL times! things wil not be completed by half wit. Stay with US
moment-to moment, as you are learning to do, & even though belonging to a group
can be very helpful & healing, all that you really need is US!!!

Now go out and spread the word!
with much love & guidance, US