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the finnish school shootings and implanted programming
The Finnish School Shootings and Implanted Programming
by Peter Farley

Life is pretty much scripted for us from the day we are born until
the day we die, and then are born again, and die again . . ad
infinitum. This is the greatest thing about the changes we´re going
through right now, at least for those who are choosing to move along
with the ascension process.

The school shooting in Finland is not a random chaotic act as the New
World Order would want us all to believe. These kids are programmed
for such acts just like Manchurian Candidates and those in the old
Charles Bronson movie, Telefon. We see only about 1% of what´s
actually taking place around us when all we do is look at the 3D
world of day-to-day sight and sound -- the metaphoric tip of the
iceberg, so to speak. The other 99% lies somewhere beneath the level
of this 3rd dimensional seeing and hearing, and are the real causes
and effects of everything we are living every second of the day.

Many people have negative programming and devices installed in their
etheric fields somewhere for purposes, conscious or unconscious, not
in alignment with their own Higher Will. Over the past week one
person who requested my help turned out to have just such etheric
implants that would have made him what Guidance called ´a saboteur´.
Before we could go anywhere with him two ´cylindrical devices´
implanted in his chest ´etherically´ needed to be removed.These were
like the detonating mechanisms we see in movies about nuclear weapons
being exploded. Both had combination locks on them that needed to be
worked before these devices could be lifted free and thrown into the
Light for disposal. Many times in such work it unbelievably comes
down to a matter of cutting the red wire or the blue wire, and thank
God for Guidance.

Here are a few of the details shared by him before I did that work:

"I often get "inner voice" messages and in hind-sight I think I´ve
been guided to learn certain things. . . (You said in your first
correspondence that I was a Nazi in WWII and from the regressions
that seems to be true--a high level one at that.)

"I have a feeling for more reasons than just the above that I have
some kind of a link with dark energies and if that is true, I would
like to try to break it or at least integrate properly and maybe you
could help me with that.

". . . I read Stewart Swerdlow´s books and that got me to wondering
about implants and mental controls and I noticed a tinge of fear and
an inexplicable desire to divert my thought about implants and
reptilians which gave me a shock and made me think to my surprise
there was something going on.

". . . I´ve been having weird, almost lucid, dreams about spiders
lately that I think are trying to tell me something about myself that
I am afraid to know and so far I haven´t been able to make any sense
of them.

The following is my last "Dear One" communication:
"Dear One: From this moment on, you will be one with them. They are
the grey ones who dwell at the bottom of the dam and come into your
dreams when they can. This is an interesting observation. Whereas
when they dump the "we", then the action begins."

"I could have written more but I was somewhat shocked by what I´d
written, although in some deep recess, I think there may be some
truth to some of it.

"My guess is the implants are from a reptilian/grey connection. As to
a saboteur, I´ve done a lot of that in my lifetime, but it´s always
been against people I perceive to be corrupted powerful people and
I´m working hard now to sabotage the "New W-orld O-rder". I have a
real hard time imagining how I could be turned to sabotage anyone
else, for instance like Ron Paul.

"I have kept myself out of powerful positions, which I think is out
of my character and I may be sabotaging the programming by keeping
myself out of powerful positions because one can´t do a lot of high
level sabotage from a low level position.

"They could also be from my spirit world buddies. According to my
last regression, I´m on a kind of "probation" in this life for my
tendency to take power to selfish ends and the implants could be to
keep me from knowing what is happening without a lot of digging. At
least they didn´t take away my desire to dig."

This man was the initial reason for exploring the Three O´clock War
in a recent article of mine because he kept waking up from his dreams
at 3 A.M. each morning after being in some form of intense battle

Since the removal of these two ´detonaters´ two nights ago his sleep
patterns and dreams have changed: "I´m usually very energetic and I
read and write until eleven or so, but last night I was really tired
and fell asleep at about 8 in my easy chair. Didn´t have any of
those weird, almost lucid dreams about spiders. I did wake up at
about 4 to go to the bathroom but my heart wasn´t pounding and I went
right back to sleep."

I´ve dealt with so many people who have ´devices´ of one form or
another somewhere in their etheric fields along with the usual
collection of past and present-life ´crystal imprints´ which I will
remove from him tonight now that his energy form has reset itself.

The group had some discussion on ´spiders´ a few months ago and David
Miller had me ´clear´ him of an implant back in May which he had
always been told was positive but turned out to be part of a
hybridization program [see apst postings].

"Since the vessel has been removed I feel many things are happening.
It was shown to me that ones are very upset with me and are now
trying to control me by placing self-doubt in my life. My spirit is
telling me different. . . No matter what I try my nights are being
totally disrupted but standing my ground. I feel they are
trying to wear me down on the physical level because they know my
strength as a warrior. Now that the truth has been brought into the
light many things will change once again, that is why my Native side
of me always stayed so strong."

We don´t need video games such as Assassin when we ourselves are
living in the midst of a war in which we are ALL involved on some
level or another, just the more and more so the more we wake up to
seeing it.

Don´t fall into the trap of thinking the world is getting more nasty,
dangerous and chaotic with such events in the news as if they are
happening randomly. They´re not. It´s all part of the planned chaos
from which the New World Order will impose their ´Order Out of
Chaos´, and all of us will fall at some level or another. All we can
do is make sure we get as much done to insure forward progress for
ourselves and for as many others as possible as the New World Order´s
powers and Great Plan fall apart around us, and the necessary
ascension plans move forward. It´s a war that´s already won on the
grander scale of things, there´s just still a lot of fighting to be
done on every level of Creation. and that´s by you and I, phew!, and
I´m already tired.

With Love, wishing you strength in your personal battles;
In service, Peter