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The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and its Erasure
The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 1
by Peter Farley

Very few people have spent sufficient time in their lives to come up with their own system of beliefs and understandings for and about life. Instead we are programmed from our very births to take in what our parents, our teachers, our friends, and our society think we should believe and do and think and say and act upon. Until someone asks us a direct question we rarely have even thought about so many issues or what it is we ´think´ we believe, let alone formatted those beliefs into a coherent system that we can say is ours and that we have thought about and refined down to a philosophy of life.

In Volume 4 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? the subject of how our attitudes are formed through exposure to so much propaganda in our lives is dealt with in some depth before then revealing how it is that our politicians, religions and organizations such as the Freemasons use these methods to control our every thought and action. Here is an excerpt from that volume:

\"Let´s hold a mirror up here to ourselves and take a look at the art of propaganda to see how far we have helped this grand conspiracy to keep us locked into the prison camp called the Matrix through our own actions and reactions for propaganda truly is the art of understanding Man and how his attitudes are formed.

\"Jacques Ellul says that propaganda ceases when simple dialogue begins - not just speech, but dialogue between two people on a meaningful level. If people can be kept from talking about relevant issues and are instead kept entertained, much as they are in the world today, then there is no room for meaningful dialogue and almost no need for propaganda at all.

\"In propaganda, the individual is never taken as an individual but rather in terms of what he as the individual has in common with others—emotionalism, impulsiveness, excess, hopes and dreams etc. All these characteristics of the individual caught up in a mass are well known to the propagandist and are utilized by those who act as the ´go-betweens´, the news announcer, the teachers, the politicians, the priests and even the families, all with the purpose of drawing the individual within the mass further into what it is they want him to believe, keeping him or her a docile servant of the Matrix.
\"These intermediaries are not usually speaking in their own names with their own arguments but rather are simply a small segment of an administration, an organization, a collective movement, an accepting or supporting part of the grander Matrix in which they are an integral piece of circuitry. Though the people in these roles or professions are a part of the process, they must never allow themselves to buy fully into believing the propaganda they espouse. They must always remain outside the message in order to be free to lure others in.

“This part of the indoctrination process can be seen in higher education in the fields where students are helped to realize the problems inherent in their fields of study, and yet keep progressing deeper and deeper into it until they themselves are invested totally into the system and cannot leave for fear of losing everything, even their very own souls. I found this myself in teaching journalism, itself the art and basis of propaganda. It is only those who most fully understand the ´evil´ intent of these fields of study who do not go forward with them but rather drop out to pursue another career. Thus it is a self-regulating process by which only those who know their purpose and the true intent of their field of study, but are willingly or unwittingly ready to go forward with it, who remain to fill the vacancies. These are people who think and believe they are ´helping people´. Watching the movie \"The Insider´ last night brought home this idea of bowing to the pressures of the inherent or non-expressed paradigm in any corporation or field of study -- the ´don´t rock the boat if you want to keep your job´ syndrome.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 2

As the propaganda message or programming flows through these intermediaries it must always give the impression of being directed at the individual, at the personal level of existence. It must never be forgotten that the mass is composed of individuals and is in fact nothing but a group of assembled individuals, even though none of us really like to admit to following the ´pack or herd´ mentality. This is the act of fragmentation – the splitting of the wave of Light that we can be acting in unity into its individual particles or fragmented state where we all feel helpless to do anything about our own situations let alone the grander scheme of things. This fragmentation makes us feel almost totally ineffective to do anything about anything as we feel so overwhelmed by what is being presented to us through the media and the messages handed down to us through all these various sources. It is making us all forget that we are truly just a small but powerful ingredient in the one entity known as Soul.

We see this kind of fragmentation taking place in every aspect of our lives today under the guise of catering to our ´individuality´. The more deeply involved in the mass people are, the more they pretend to be \"strong individuals\". This is reverse psychology at its most insidious - the coward boasting or playing at being macho. The propagandist is appealing here to the strongest desire we have, that within our cell memory which longs to once again feel the connection to the Oneness of Soul along with all the other pieces, which in truth are all around us in our fellow ‘human beings’ if we just reached out and remained open to the flows of energy that exist between us all. It is the darkside´s greatest strength to keep us all feeling isolated from both ourselves and our Higher Self, and from all those around us who are also feeling ´alone´.

All modern propaganda and those who wish us to be so deeply programmed profit from the structure of the mass, for it is in the mass that one can exploit the individual´s need for self-affirmation—individually and as a part of the group. This is the situation known in the business as the \"lonely crowd.\" It is when the individual is alone in the mass that it is the most favorable time to seize and influence him, to program him with the accepted paradigm. The bigger the mass, the lonelier he feels, the better and easier it is to ensnare him. Population growth is therefore allowed and even covertly rewarded for multiplying as we can see today in the rewards offered by a welfare or ‘big brother’ state to those who have the most children. Driving people off the land and into the city only increases the size of the mass and increases the loneliness in all of us. It concentrates the population in larger groups to add to the effectiveness and minimize the effort needed to control all. Have you ever met a lonely farmer or person of the land?

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 3

Going back to the brief lesson in quantum physics, for propaganda to be truly effective psychologically and sociologically, a combination of demographic phenomena is required.

• The first is population density, with a high frequency of diversified human contacts, exchanges of opinions, and experiences, and with primary importance placed on the feeling of togetherness—thus the importance placed on the commonality of the network news experience. The feeling of wanting to be a part of something, the togetherness feeling, keeps us from wanting to do anything that would place us outside this feeling at home with other people. This is why peer pressure is subtly promoted at every level of school even though the powers that be would say they are actually fighting to diminish its effects.
• The second is urban concentration, which, resulting from the fusion between mass and crowd, gives the mass its psychological and sociological character. Propaganda addresses itself to the individual but acts on the masses. Do you ever wonder why people leave their homes across the world simply to come to another place where they then band together with people exactly like them from their own homeland? In the Eastern United States to ask someone where they come from means where is their family’s ethnic place of origin, which country – Italian, Russian, Greek, or maybe Jewish and from what part of the world? People of the same ethnic background have the same ‘hooks’ that draw them into social programming, and these various subtleties must be and are known to those who wish to manipulate them as a group.

Propaganda is a true remedy for loneliness. It has practically no effect however on individuals before that group, that mass, has been fragmented. Thus it is that we get the races warring, the sexes fighting, the TV-viewing audience segmented, using not one but all of the media at hand. Leaders are built up in minorities who will further their minority group´s attitudes and policies of dissension and separation—Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the KKK, the Jewish extremists, etc.,

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 4

• A big part of the power of propaganda is due to its use of the mass media.

This power can, however, be dissipated if these intermediary people rely on old power words or symbols that have lost their force. Much of my work and the millions of words I write have as their essential basis the power of words and symbols and how they can be used either for or against humanity in this war against the New World Order.

Power words and symbols need to constantly be upgraded and everything the appearance of being ´new´ and ‘fresh’. That is why we constantly see company logos beings given upgrades, and new slogans created, and always the ubiquitous ‘new and improved’ on just about any product we use. Words such as collaborator, Bolshevik, fascist, integration, peace, no longer have any meaning—tragic, devastating, catastrophe, victim, terrorist, white supremacist, attack—these are the new catch-phrases which conjure up strong emotional associations and get the listener involved. There is no better time to hear these new catch-phrases introduced and proliferated than during a presidential campaign such as we now have going on.

And it is only through the concentration of a large number of media in the hands of the power machine as we see occurring in the world today that one can attain a true orchestration, a continuity and consistency, an application of scientific methods of influencing individuals. Whether it is a state-owned monopoly or a private monopoly such as we have in the United States (media concentrated in fewer and fewer hands), either is equally just as effective. When Bill Gates, founder and CEO of Microsoft, says that it is Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation - Media & Entertainment Company, who is the most powerful man in the world, it is exactly for this very reason—the concentration of media in the hands of a few – and therefore the greater the ability to influence others. While traveling across country by car it is no accident that one keeps hearing the same 20 or so songs as one travels from county to county, from state to state, since all are now owned and programmed from one central location. The power the New World Order has over us is only made obvious when one compares what one is experiencing with others in other locations such as this long-distance travel affords.

It is also important that there be a variety of newspapers or magazines or radio stations or TV channels for the consumer, for the reader or viewer or listener will only buy a newspaper or magazine or watch or listen to a station or channel he likes, one where he finds his own ideas and opinions well-reflected. This is the same with the various products on any grocery shelf, all promising differences but all made by the same company, most probably with the same ingredients –just a different label and advertising campaign, just another means by which to further segment us all.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 5

• Propaganda must relate solely to what is timely in order to be effective in instilling the necessary or required programming.

The fundamental currents of society must be reflected in the news that is utilized by propaganda. Propaganda can succeed only when man feels challenged or afraid. It can have no influence when the individual feels stable and unafraid . Keeping society and the individual off balance is the purpose of the media and of the news in particular. The public is prodigiously sensitive to current news. Its attention is focused immediately on any spectacular event that fits in with its myths—news such as the O.J. Simpson trial, and sex in the presidency, the disappearance of Natalie Holloway—the myths that Justice is unfair, and that all politicians are corrupt, that it’s a dangerous world out there so be afraid. News loses its frightening character when it offers information for which the listener already has a ready explanation in his mind, or for which he can easily find one. Thus we get the emphasis placed on the \"tragedy\" and \"the senseless killing,\" the seemingly random acts of violence and the unexplainable actions of people in the news. The school shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado are a prime example of a destabilizing incident created by those in power to keep society off-balance. That is also why talk shows dealing with this conspiracy tend to bring in guests who only leave the listener with more questions than answers.

• Public opinion always rests on problems that do not correspond to reality – to what can easily be termed ‘Matrix thinking’.

Since the government cannot follow public opinion, public opinion must be made to follow the government. This is the case of ´the tail wagging the dog´ [and a good movie to watch to understand this is ‘Wag the Dog’ with Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro]. In the United States, the government almost always conducts its foreign policies on its own initiative, but where the public is interested in a particular question, it can only proceed with the support of a substantial majority of the people, either real or apparent. That is why manipulated public opinion polls have now become the norm. At least one or two public opinion polls are released supporting any idea the government wants us to think or feel, or any agenda they wish to push through.

Governmental propaganda in collusion with the mass media therefore suggests that public opinion demand this or that decision. The majority prefers expressing stupidities to not expressing any opinion at all, as proved by Tonight Show ´man in the street´ interviews, and any myriad number of radio talk-back shows.

• A government does not feel legitimate and cannot claim to be so unless it rests on the sovereignty of the people, unless it can prove that it expresses the will of the people, even though this very same will is manufactured through government manipulation and the use of propaganda.

Because of this mythical belief in the sovereignty of the people, all dictators, even those supposedly elected by the majority, try to demonstrate that they are the expression of the people´s sovereignty. Therefore, we can hardly complain when modern dictators and even today’s politicians talk about the sovereignty of the people. Castro called the whole population to sit in judgment of the former regime in Cuba. By doing so, he tied the people to his government by the strangest of bonds—the ritual crime—the tie that binds the initiated to the organization as seen in many secret organizations even down to the level of the street-gang or college campus sorority and fraternity.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 6

• Any opposing faction to those wanting to instill this negative programming must become negligible, or in any case cease to be vocal.

If opposition to an agenda cannot be silenced then it must be bought out or infiltrated so as to water down its message, for information itself becomes propaganda. In other words, wherever propaganda appears there follows an inextricable confusion in the minds of the mass between what is propaganda and what is information. You will notice amongst conspiracy groups, UFO groups, New Age groups, and even health groups and other such places, there is so much information, much of it contradictory in nature, that people not in connection with their own inner Guidance don’t know what to believe. This means they are always seeking something more, just like a diet-junkie always seeks for a new way to lose weight not knowing there are other factors involved.

In the early 1980s and even before, when the environmental movement was truly becoming a power to contend with, large corporations began heavily donating to these causes and supplanting the leadership of the various groups with their own people. The same happened with the ‘peace’ movement. In reality, to distinguish between propaganda and information is virtually impossible without solid spiritual Guidance, and even more so now with the World Wide Web.

Homogenization of thought is preferable, and so we get the various political parties all sounding alike, channeling the same message with slightly different spins, or even worse, sitting on the fence so that no message is even given at all. Those who are ´undecided´, the seekers, constitute the most fertile public for the propagandist and darkside programmers.

To flood people with so much information they just don’t know what to believe or do not have the necessary foundation to assimilate and process it all is the most effective way to shut down any true understanding of what’s taking place in the world. School does this to its students, giving them more and more information and less and less of the foundation necessary to understand and process it.

• Amusements, distractions, or games can all be instruments of propaganda used to take the individual´s focus off what is true.

One of the greatest distractions is work. Work has assumed an all-pervading role in modern society. Never have men worked so much as they do today, and even entertainment now has become a form of work where one does not relax but must put all their attention on something in order to be entertained. The intensity of work has increased making it weigh much more heavily on people today than on those in the past. Such dedication to work does not happen by itself or spontaneously. Its creation is properly the task of propaganda. Have you not noticed that everywhere you go now there are less people doing more and more work while customers are resigned to wait in long cues, in training to be the submissive sheeple the NWO wants us all to be?

Are not video games becoming the major ways our children are being indoctrinated into the cycle of violence that the darkside has always programmed to exist in our minds and in our hearts? The only purpose for this is to serve the military aspirations of our governments, to keep the young focused on war and on being cannon fodder so they will not question what is taking place in the world, nor do anything about it. Are not television and the internet now becoming the major ways in which so many kids and even adults are programmed in their ways of viewing women and relationships? Many television channels have become literally primers on how to kill or hurt women in every way possible, while the internet seems like it was created specifically for ways of satisfying one’s self without any type of intimacy.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 7

• Direct propaganda aimed at modifying opinions and attitudes must first be preceded by propaganda that is sociological in its nature —slow, general propaganda seeking to create a climate, an atmosphere of favorable preliminary attitudes.

Abrupt changes in policy should never be allowed, for always the ground must first be prepared for the changes in attitudes the predominating agenda wants instilled. Propaganda must be continuous and long lasting—continuous in that it must not leave any gaps, but must fill the citizen´s whole day and all his days. It must become a reality like the world in the movie, The Truman Show—all day, in all ways—that it might function over a very long period of time. Continuous propaganda exceeds the individual´s capacities for attention or adaptation and thus his capabilities of resistance. As any member of the Mormon Church or any cult member will attest, this is the way they have become so trapped into obedience. Much like a new military recruit, they are never allowed the time to rest or to think, their personal will for control is worn down and the organization´s will is slowly allowed to take over. Our true history shows us just how long ago this programming of Mankind began, and so, like the ‘creator’ of the Truman Show says in the movie, “we accept the reality we’re born into”. From the cradle to the grave the propaganda of the Matrix is 24/7 forced upon us through every means possible, and as Morpheus says in The Matrix, it becomes that our prison does not need prison guards for it is the other prisoners who will keep those in line who wish to revolt.

• Once the purpose of propaganda was thought to be the modification of ideas, but that is no longer true. The aim of modern propaganda is no longer to modify ideas, but to provoke action. Propaganda is no longer to change adherence to a doctrine, but to make the individual cling irrationally to a process of action.

Only action is now of concern to modern propaganda, for its ultimate aim is to precipitate an individual´s action with maximum effectiveness and economy—getting people to do whatever you want them to do. All great modern practitioners of propaganda have rigorously tied together psychological and physical action as inseparable elements. And it is propaganda which seeks to point out the correct courses of action desirable in themselves, such as seemingly helpful reforms that are really only tools to further enslave the population. Propaganda then becomes this mixture of the actual satisfaction given to the people by the reforms as well as the subsequent exploitation of that satisfaction. Most of what we do that we think is helping society is simply a placebo to make us think we are contributing.

• Prepatory propaganda is necessary for it is the stage of preparing the ground for the planting and cultivation of the seed that the real propaganda then instills.

Preparation begins by psychological manipulations, by character modifications, by the creation of feelings or stereotypes useful when the time comes. This type of preparation must be continuous, slow, and imperceptible. The idea of enemies must be gradually built up so that the concept can be used to create a feeling of dependence when the time is right. The long process of the unfolding global conspiracy has helped people grow used to the reality of the new global economy. Those behind the politicians have created fictional enemies from co-conspirators so that their people cry, ´Save us from the Russians! Save us from the Chinese! Save us from the terrorists!´ And when the time comes and the need is there, whether imagined or not, it will be, ´Save us from the aliens!´
It was Hitler´s belief that racial awareness would come through a process of mobilizing the masses with propaganda that appealed to their feelings, not to their reason, arousing their hatred for all other allegedly inferior races, especially the Jews.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 8

• Opinion leaves the individual a mere spectator who may eventually, but not necessarily, resort to action. The idea of participation is much stronger, and passive participation is the most desirable, the herd mentality stampeding towards some desired reaction to a given stimuli.

To be effective, propaganda must completely short-circuit all thought and decision. It must operate on the individual at a level of the unconscious – the gut reaction if you will. When someone shouts Death to the Jews! Or Death to the Christians! or Death to those who are different in any way, shape or form! then everyone else must join in without hesitation or any thought given to the reality and consequences of the statement. Propaganda seeks to induce this type of action, adherence, and participation—with as little thought as possible. The individual must not know that he is being shaped by outside forces. This unconscious factor is evident for people get very mad if you suggest that they are being influenced or manipulated by anyone or anything except their own free will. It is the ‘America love it or leave it’ syndrome where no thought or favor given to the idea of lets fix it. Only two options must be given, the Hegelian philosophy of either ‘this way or that way’, ‘my way or the highway’. That is why society is now moving very quickly to where there are only two major choices for anything we do, any thing we want to buy, and any type of store we want to shop at.

The acceptance of a conspiracy is, in and of itself, a chink in that armor that people put on which allows them to think that they are masters of their own minds and of their own lives. Therefore it is unacceptable, even laughable, to most people.

Advertising exists as the spreading of a certain style of life, but it is almost entirely dependent on this armor to deflect reality in order to achieve its continued success. It is imperative for the individual to think that he or she still has free will and is making the choice to act for the advertising to be effective.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 9

• Two great routes that sub-propaganda takes are the conditioned reflex and the myth.

Propaganda tries first of all to create conditioned reflexes in the individual by training the individual so that certain words, signs, or symbols, and even certain persons or facts, provoke unfailing reactions. The use of symbols and symbolic language has been a central theme of my work on spirituality and the conspiracy known as the New World Order up till now.

By \"myth\" it is meant that which is an all-encompassing, activating image; a vision of desirable objectives that have lost their material, practical character and have become strongly colored, overwhelming, all-encompassing, that which displaces from the conscious all that is not related to it. This is where archetypes in the movies come in, creating the mythical or archetypal love, the mythical or archetypal man or woman, the mythical or archetypal ending of good over evil, and in not just one, but in many different flavors to suit every kind of taste. Such an image pushes an individual to action precisely because it includes all that he feels is good, just, and true.

Only when conditioned reflexes have been created in a man and he lives in a collective myth can he be readily mobilized. This common myth is the matrix so commonly used now to describe our situation. Just as the archetypes are continually rehashed or renewed in movies, on television, or in books, so too must the myth and the reflex be continually rejuvenated and revived in children or they will atrophy.

As we shall see further when we progress into the realms of modern Freemasonry and Mormonism, the manipulation of symbols is a driving force in creating the desired action within new initiates and new converts to any major religion or fraternal organization. The Nazis were, of course, past masters of this manipulation of symbols for it is symbolism that persuades the individual to enter the framework of an organization—the feel of the thing—\"I like the way it feels…\" Secondly, it also furnishes him with reasons, justifications, and motivations for the action—the thought of the thing. And lastly, it obtains his total allegiance—the creation of the thing.

The common presuppositions of man´s aim in life are 1) happiness, 2) that man is naturally good, 3) that history develops in endless progression, 4) that civilization is always progressing, and 5) that everything is matter.

The two great fundamental myths on which all other myths rest are Science and History.

Based on them are the collective myths that are man´s principal orientations: the myth of Work, the myth of Happiness, the myth of Nation, the myth of Youth, the myth of the Hero, and more recently the myth of Family.

Because of the myth of progress, it is much easier to sell a man an electric razor than a straight-edged one. Propaganda not only reflects myths and presuppositions, it hardens them, sharpens them, and inverts them with the power of shock and action. What remains with the individual affected by this propaganda is a perfectly irrational picture, a purely emotional feeling, a myth. The individual will never again begin to act simply on the basis of facts. What makes him act is the emotional pressure, the vision of a future, the myth. A person listens to a particular propaganda because it reflects his deepest unconscious convictions without expressing them directly.

Programming and propaganda are forced to build on these presuppositions and to express these myths, for without them nobody would listen to it. They must constantly evoke the future as the politicians are want to do, the tomorrows that beckon, precisely because such visions impel the individual to act.

Propaganda will turn a normal feeling of patriotism into a raging nationalism where people will actually go out and kill others for a scrap of paper, for the idea of country even though the country itself is not in realistic danger. And, in doing so, the propagandist must try to find the optimal degree of anxiety and tension, for anxiety is perhaps the most widespread psychological trait in our society. It is only propaganda that can put man into a state of nervous endurance that will permit him to even face the unimaginable tension of war.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure - part 10

Along the way, propaganda must not involve itself with what is best in man or best for man—the highest goals humanity sets for itself, its noblest and most precious feelings.

Propaganda does not aim to elevate man, but rather to make him serve. It must therefore utilize the most common feelings, the most widespread ideas, the crudest patterns, the lowest common denominators, and in doing so place itself on a very low level with regard to what it wants man to do and to what end. Hate, hunger, desire, ego and pride make better motivators in propaganda than do love and impartiality.

If our education system still seems not to function effectively even after hundreds of years of ´innovation´ and effort, it is for exactly this reason, for the education system is still one of the main supports for the propaganda system. It instills peer pressure as a prime motivator in all of us.

The education system is the place where history and the structure of society has, until the recent addition of television as a baby-sitter, been first encountered and taught. Schools are the place where human interaction is first ingrained and copied by the young child. Schools must tacitly support individualism while in truth supporting the peer group pressure and the need to conform. As with all things, this does not mean there are not well-meaning and even effective schools or teachers out there in the system, but for the most part, schools and teachers are either conscious or unconscious participants in the entire system of preparing man for his own deep servitude to this same old New World Order and the Matrix it creates.

The inability in man to consider several facts or events simultaneously, nor to make a synthesis of them in order to face or oppose them, has been cultivated in man through past propaganda and conditioning.

One thought drives away another, old facts are chased by new ones, new news replaces old news. Under these kinds of conditions there can be no thought. In fact, modern man does not think about current problems; he feels them. He reacts, but he does not understand them any more than he takes responsibility for them. Problems are made simple by propaganda.

It was Joseph Goebbels, Hitler´s minister of propaganda, who wrote,
\"By simplifying the thoughts of the masses and reducing them to primitive patterns, propaganda was able to present the complex process of political and economic life in the simplest terms . . . We have taken matters previously available only to experts and a small number of specialists, and have carried them into the street and hammered them into the brain of the little man.\"

Man is even less capable of spotting any inconsistency between successive facts because man´s capacity to forget is unlimited.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure - Part 11

Propaganda can only play on individuals more or less intensely involved in social currents. They are the ones most easily programmed.

The more an individual participates in the society in which he or she lives, the more they will cling to stereotyped symbols expressing collective notions about the past and the future of their group. The educated person does not believe in propaganda; they shrug and are convinced that propaganda has no effect on them—a high intelligence, a broad culture, a constant exercise of the critical faculties, and full and objective information, are still the best weapons against propaganda. They are also the first targets of those whose purpose is to control. This, as we have suggested, is not necessarily a good ´typical´ education, but rather a desire within the individual to educate themselves and keep themselves well-informed from sources outside the mainstream sources of media.

To the programmer and propagandist, the truth that pays off is in the realm of facts.

The necessary falsehoods, which also pay off, are in the realm of intentions and interpretations for always remember that propaganda is and always has been loosely based on facts . Most of the time the fact is presented in such a fashion that the listener or reader cannot really understand it or draw any conclusions from it. Those whose agenda is to be ‘spun’ states the facts or statistics without indicating how they are calculated or any future effects thereof. Thus we have the relatively new innovation of Factoids—facts without any meaning.

Innuendo can also work well when derived from accurate facts. A surplus of data, far from permitting people to make judgments and form opinions, prevents them from doing so and actually paralyzes them because it overwhelms their ability to process the information.. As we have seen with scientific studies quoted in the news sources, there is a different scientific study to support any and every variation of opinion. Thus one gets information overload used as a method of shutting down the ability to easily form real opinions and create realistic attitudes.

All this is the result of psychological influence which cannot attain great results alone but which can attempt anything when combined with successful organization, and that is what the various religions and ´secret´ societies such as the Freemasons have acquired in abundance over the past nine centuries or more.

Finally, the one thing propaganda must take over to be successful is literature, both present and past. History must be rewritten according to the needs of the programmer’s agenda and propaganda. Both historical and religious texts such as the Bible are the first to be rewritten.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 12

The Philosophy of the Will
Propaganda´s ultimate purpose is to rob the individual of his or her personal will. It exchanges the personal will for that of the organization, in this case the New World Order and its originators, but ONLY in agreement with the masses. This means gradually substituting one set of goals for another in order to have the individual buy into the greater Will of those who would oppress him. Much of what is dealt with in the world follows the Gnostic sense of duality, and stems from the level of mind—the level of Heaven in which Self-Will reigns supreme.

The beginning place to alter this very same programming and propaganda within one’s self is to gradually instead begin to substitute the goals and desires of Higher Will for those of the little self, self-will.

To assign any type of intentions to the Will rests on a self-deception, what Nietzsche terms a \"necessary lie\"- that which supplies a semblance of order and direction to life—in this case that is thinking the mind is always absolute in its control of our lives. The personal will, at the level of progress of this world, has no more rational or moral objectives than the universal Will to Live—it is simply the greater Will to survive expressing itself as an individual life.

Self Will and Higher Will do not always need to be in opposition. The Higher Will is or can be a reflection of the personal will depending on its alignment with that Higher Will! One does not necessarily exclude the other. Aleister Crowley´s statement that—\"Do as thy will should be the whole of the law\" is vulgar in that it is the basis of the original flaw in this area of Creation, that self-will should predominate.

As Schopenhauer agrees, values and ideals in our universe have no reality other than as \"representations\" of the will—what Freud would have called unconscious \"wish-fulfillments.\" The sole recourse for a person in this case would be either to take a rebellious posture and abandon oneself to his own inclinations or to retreat from all worldly hopes and aspirations. For Schopenhauer, it was the latter which beckoned as the royal road to his salvation, never knowing or considering the third option, that of using one´s own self-will in service to the Higher Will.

In general, the web in which human existence is entangled is time itself. Time consists of the Will to Live within the endless succession of phenomena. Time can be regarded as the structure of awareness within which we experience change and in which duration takes place, \"Time has no beginning, but all beginning is in time,\" for time continues as long as the self-will is forever behind the restless flow and churning of life. Time is what makes it possible to recognize causal links between phenomena – this result stems from this action.

Unfortunately, because of the veil pulled down over each new lifetime we cannot always see the cause and effect relationship of what we do in the endless progression of lifetimes AS LONG AS we live through self-will alone.

Transfigured into pure Will, by living in alignment with the Higher Will, Man can instead become one with the deathless stream of nature. According to many of the ´great´ thinkers, the identification with the Will to Live or Personal Will can only come about through a subtle ´gnosis´ or insight into the true meaning of life. This, to them, comes through a \"direct knowledge\" of the inner essence of one´s own character and preferences. The man of knowledge realizes that humanity´s \"ceaseless efforts to banish suffering achieves nothing more than a change in the form of this suffering, the cure of one ailment leads to another as the Will continues to rage in the struggle for life.\"

Schopenhauer substituted in his philosophy the Hindu view of time as an endless, cyclical process—the wheel of karma, suffering and rebirth in place of the idea of progress. Anticipating Nietzsche´s theory of \"eternal recurrence,\" Schopenhauer sketched a picture of the universe in a constant state of flux—one that always returns inexorably to the same point of departure—the returning to this place and knowing it for the first time--until that is, we choose to play the game no more and surrender the individual will to something Higher and Grander, a new place outside our own small lives, a new place on which to focus our existence.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 13

Rudolph Steiner draws attention to the fact that rarely are the will impulses that direct our daily life originating in our own conscious intentions. He recommends that in the morning one gives oneself the command to carry out a freely chosen, small task at a particular time during the afternoon. A simple task should be chosen to begin with, one that can be precisely performed is most suitable. It can be a task that has to be carried out repeatedly, for example, the observation of the daily changes of a particular plant. Or one can set oneself new tasks from time to time such as a brief weather observation or an attentive listening to noises and sounds in which these essential characteristics are noted down. To some, such an exercise might appear to present no problems, in which case one would assign oneself less simple tasks, as for example, in the midst of one´s workday, at a time one has exactly prescribed, to summon up for a few minutes an absolute \"inner quiet.\" What will be decisive will be whether the task one has set for oneself has been carried out exactly and not just more or less. This then will begin the exercise of free will in perfect intent.

The Erasure of Attitudes and Programming - Part 14

Steiner’s exercise of intent can begin the gradual shifting of consciousness away from programming and the influences of propaganda towards that state of being the effect of one’s own causation. A far simpler way is to work with the surrender process with which my Guidance, the Spiritual Hierarchy, once trained me. Working with written channelings in the beginning, the Dear One exercise described in lesson #1 ,
Guidance then moved me to moment-to-moment channeling or listening by having me stand in the middle of my living room and every single thing I wanted to do I had to ask. Can I go get a drink of water? Can I go to the bathroom? Can I watch television? Which channel? – Yes? No? – Listening to the same voice I was now used to in doing my written channeling exercises I was able to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer for everything I wanted to do throughout the day. This began a program of gradually transferring Guidance of my actions away from self-will and on to Higher Will.

Another ‘game’ we played to shift the intention away from my mind’s own desire to control my life and on to Higher Will’s control was to play a game I call ‘Turn Left- Turn Right.” Again using that same voice I heard in the written channelings, I was directed to go out and get into my car with no idea in the beginning of where I was going. Pulling out of the driveway and turning down the street, at every intersection or stop sign I was then directed to ask which way to turn – turn left? turn right? Occasionally this of course got more complex as I also got the choice of ‘Go straight ahead’. It was a simple process of surrendering my own self-will to Higher Will, even in the simplest of acts. Eventually, following the turn left-turn right guidance of Higher Will, the game led me across town to an ice-cream store or some other place where a simple but pleasant reward was in store.

One begins the process of shifting one’s focus from self-will running one’s life to that of Higher Will running one’s life through just such simple exercises, much as Steiner also suggested. It does not have to be, not normally could ever be, an overnight shift or transfiguration as one might expect in some ‘holy’ figure. As the basis of 12-step programs suggest, one day at a time, one small step at a time. Watch Bill Murray’s movie, What About Bob? for a comedic example of this type of gradual shift in consciousness.

The Erasure of Attitudes and Programming, Part 15

\"The true symbol of nature is the circle . . . for recurrence is the most general form of nature, which is realized in all things from the motions of the stars to death and birth of organic life.\"

Schopenhauer proclaimed that to affirm all life as being propelled by the Personal Will is tantamount to a predisposed recognition of the sorrow and anguish of all finite beings. To participate in the Will to live is to suffer with all animate species that are inflamed by the very same Will. On this score, Schopenhauer offered the ethics of \"compassion\" similar to the Buddhist morality which he admired. Compassionate involvement in the world of suffering and affliction results in a feeling of unity with humanity but also offers itself as a trap, for one can too easily be drawn down to their level, the status quo or common denominator mentality that exists in much of humanity rather than lifting up those suffering to the higher level at which the feeling person should be residing.

It is in this connection to the exercising of free will that Frederick Nietzsche downplays the significance of history. In his early essay \"On the Use and Abuse of History\" Nietzsche criticized the focus on the historical in modern culture and what he called the over-refinement of the \"historical sense.\" An infatuation with history renders \"Life\" futile in Nietzsche words. A methodical attention to history and to all that has been and continues to happen leaves the mind weary of details and the will paralyzed when it comes to asserting the significance of one´s own life, making us feel small and insignificant by comparison. It is a problem I have struggled with in assisting other people—their constant will or desire to live in either the past or in the future and rarely if ever in the NOW in which all things take place. History is one of the great myths by which we are controlled, whether it be personal history or our culture’s history, for both are rewritten or influenced by those who handed them down to us.

One very broad hipped woman I knew said that as a child when her own hips began to develop she was told repeatedly by other family members that ‘that’s the way the women’s hips are in this family’, and so her own hips grew very broad as well. After this woman became a healer and began working with some spiritual understanding she was able to erase this childhood programming and reduce the width of her hips significantly by first removing the old thought form that that’s the way she was destined to be.

Belief Systems around the soul are all about “soul’s insecurities” and the negative beliefs installed in just such a way, over countless lifetimes of being told this thing or that thing by those we admire or who have or who we allow to take power over us and instill totally false beliefs and programming through our own acceptance of them.

What is present around soul is a white mist with many colors, diamond-like shapes (energies) that are interconnected like snowflakes (or look like molecular structures found in a biology book). They show that soul hasn’t completely accepted itself and its own true nature and needs. Soul has lost its original identity and thus soul is confused. These energies appear as ruminations that soul allows in – that aren’t of soul or a part of soul but which affect soul. Soul accepts these ruminations as a part of itself and acts out what we call false self, false ego, false personality in which the soul identifies itself as one with these ruminations. Once can easily see this today in the acceptance of the anorexic look in women as being normal and acceptable or even most desirable.

This acceptance of programming happens over many lifetimes in which no actual physical beings implant these ideas and norms – but, like “brainwashing” on a spiritual basis or level, these ruminations get locked in when two souls (individuals) are talking and somehow one disempowers the other. The second soul or individual lets something the first one says in, not just on one level, but on all levels. This is the spiritual level on which propaganda works, instilling its view of how to interpret certain messages rather than allowing an individual soul its own way determination of what is right and what is wrong and how things should be viewed from a spiritual perspective. It is the opposite of “as above so below” and becomes “as below so above”.

So what happens – lifetime after lifetime these ruminations or belief systems store up inside us or around us, many contradicting the other and creating a certain tension or anxiety or even schizophrenia within all of us, the result being “soul confusion or soul insecurity”. So what you have is soul surrounded by many, many, many belief systems, so that soul then becomes these ruminations.

What needs to be done is to “stabilize” these configurations, remove them, and free up the soul. A person must be ready for change, because this does strip one of many lifetimes of stored belief systems and allows soul to again be “that spark of God” as it was once created to be. As these belief systems are broken down and taken away, it isn’t always in your highest good to dwell on exactly what each belief system was, for again this is focusing to much on the past and not in the NOW where all life is and must be experienced.
It is like going to the dump to go through discarded garbage. It a person continually goes over the past, they can recreate old negative beliefs, sometimes feeling guilt and shame over past lifetimes and past decisions. It is best to be open to letting things go without drama – you know, “the easy way”.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 16

Nietzsche suggests that with the smallest and largest happiness there is always one thing through which happiness comes into being; that is the ability to forget, or to look at things \"unhistorically,\" i.e., without referring constantly to the past. This is the art and science of living in the NOW , following moment-to-moment Guidance, and always using Self-will to serve Higher Will.

\". . . man cannot develop into man without first limiting the unhistorical element in his thinking, reflecting, distinguishing, and unifying habits. Only within that all-enveloping cloud of vapor does a clear, shining light suddenly appear; only then through the strength to use the past in order to live and to make history again out of that which has happened.\"

We must be able to take our histories and learn from them, but in doing so we must also be able to forgive and forget our past transgressions and those of others to make the changes necessary that prove we have learned our spiritual lessons along the streams of time that have carried us this far.

The leadership of the religions and these secret organizations whose agendas we have been following for countless lifetimes, think of themselves as the Illuminati – the few \"successful efforts,\" the overmen, who rise to power and notoriety not because of any imminent historical thrust forward by the species, but because as solitary and venturesome geniuses they have nourished their own will to power. They live within history but are not part of it. To quote Nietzsche, they think of themselves “as gems in the offal,\" the proverbial pearls before swine.

They are the ones primarily responsible for the ruminations that surround Soul, whether it be directly through the ceaseless propaganda instilled over many lifetimes, or indirectly through the peer pressure and influence of others. Their sense of \"truth\" transcends what can be discovered and digested from any knowledge of the historical process per se. Their sense of \"truth\" transcends what can be discovered and digested from any knowledge of the historical process per se. Where divine purpose could no longer be fathomed, the human mind then concocted the fiction of a \"goal\" for the race. What the evolutionists vaunt as \"progress\" in the human race is actually a lapsing \"measure by measure further into decadence,\" as James Churchward with his work on Lemuria would support.

No one can account for his appearance with regard to an indwelling \"purpose\" in nature, they think, since nature has no purpose but to be. Nietzsche says that nature is naught but the ongoing generation of the Will to Power, and through the will the exemplary individual constructs his own purposes and meaning for existence. I like to think of this as ‘laying your own tracks’ rather than those already laid by others. These are the types of people we grow to love and admire from childhood tales of heros and heroines to the kinds of heroes movies we watch today, those who ‘buck the system’ to save the planet, the damsel in distress, and all the innocent bystanders in danger of annihilation.

Leni Riefenstahl´s landmark documentary of Hitler´s rise to power and manipulation of the people is aptly titled, Triumph of the Will, and stereotypically sums up the self-willed impetus behind all the history of mankind´s seeking to rule over one over the other.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure - Part 17

\"If the world may be conceived as a specific magnitude of force and as a specific number of certain centers of force, and every other image remains indefinite and hence of no use, then in the dice game of its existence, the world must complete a calculable number of combinations. All possible combinations in an infinite span of time would at some point have been achieved . . . Since between each combination and its subsequent repetition, all yet unrealized combinations at all times must have run off, and since each combination determines the entire succession of combinations in the same sequence, therefore a circuit of purely identical sequences would have been proven. As a circuit of the world, having already reiterated itself without end, thus goes on playing its game in infinitum.\"

This is the mind-world as expressed by the Kabalistic teachings, each soul playing off countless numbers of experiences until one finally begins repeating them over and over again. It’s the way life often seems in the Groundhog Day of self will, each day offering us the same lessons over and over again until we, like the protagonist of that movie, learn what life is truly all about, surrendering our self-will to the Higher Will in order to serve others.

This Groundhog Day approach to living is the way our history has indeed seemed, one war following on another in endless succession, one catastrophe following on the heels of another, with all of us just playing at being the pawns in the machinations of those in power. And behind the scenes the New World Order goes on pulling even their strings to the tune of the Great Plan instituted long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. As can be seen from a true accounting of the history of this planet, there are really only one or two patterns throughout history that keep repeating themselves over and over again – that is, until we choose to stand up and say, \"I´m not going to take this any more!\" and we stop playing the game as they would have us play it and begin laying our own tracks to our own self-chosen destination. This is the true triumph of the will! We can will our destiny as eternally meaningful or we can submit to a seemingly meaningless existence that has been thrust upon us by those we have called the gods.

The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure - Part 18

We are human beings – being and creating – coworkers with the eternal, learning only to serve others rather than our own petty wants and desires. We are often heartened in \"the eternal desire to create so that the will of life asserts itself on and on forever . . .\" The ecstasy of this realization is what Nietzsche labels \"the gay science\"—the deeper most knowledge of gnosis of the \"higher things\" in which \"joy wants eternity.\" And it is the pursuit of these ´higher´ levels of mind experience that drive so many onwards in their pursuit of the ´upper´ levels of Creation, never realizing that there comes a point in their forward progress when the mind can no longer go on by itself for it is always out of balance without taking heart along with it for the ride. There comes a point where heart AND mind must meld together using the neutral force of Spirit in order to proceed into the highest levels of heaven . . . and beyond.

Whereas, for some, the time scheme of ordinary experience seems broken and meaningless in the confusion of betrayed hopes and promises, it is amongst the buried downpour of personal imagination that the actual meaning of life might possibly be found. The passion of the sensitive spirit, so wounded by the trials and tribulations of war that it becomes virtually disembodied and seeks refuge in another plane of reality, was given voice to by Herman Hesse at the end of 1917.

It was in Hesse´s contemplations that he pondered that deep behind the mask of the average person´s consciousness might be where a timeless absolute lay concealed. Self-knowledge might be the portal leading to an existence of an entirely different order. This is the Light side of the ancient mysteries, the knowledge that in seeking to know thyself one can rise above the drudgery of life and whatever situation they find themselves in—not for personal gain, but for personal service to and with Creation.

This suggestion of an \"eternal life\" within the Unconscious crops up again in the writings of the French philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941). Bergson, who was more provocative than influential in his life, set the tone for the kind of speculation which asserted an eternity existing simultaneously in the midst of the flow of life. Bergson termed this eternity ´la duree´ (\"the duration\") which he set in opposition to ´le temps´ (\"time\"), the measure of external or mere consciously fleeting events. Pervading all phenomena, Bergson claimed, is a mysterious vital force, the ‘elan vital´, which intertwines all living creatures. Some call this vital force Fate, some call it Will, anyone who knows will call it Spirit for it is the neutral force that can be used in whatever way we so desire to achieve whatever goals we desire in keeping with Higher Will and the desires of others.

In his writings and speeches, Hitler frequently affected a pseudo-religious air in referring to an indomitable \"Fate\" which galvanized his own crazed plans. The ambiguities of human history under his regime became subject to the force of occult knowledge, to the magical will of the Fuhrer, the highest of the high priests. The triumph of this indomitable willpower is the darkside’s way of holding sway over the course of history while the puppeteers work behind the scenes and pull the strings to make the New World Order’s Great Plan eventually come to fruition.

In a kind of a premonition of what was to come from Hitler, Carl Jung made an insightful observation in the 1930s: \"I believe,\" he wrote, \"that history is capable of anything. There exists no folly that men have not tried out.\" Is it men or the behaviour of men so easily swayed, programmed and propagandized into performing any function, any deed any atrocity imaginable?

At the close of The Two Sources of Morality and Religion, Bergson observes:
Mankind lies groaning, half crushed beneath the weight of its own progress. Men do not sufficiently realize their future is in their own hands. Theirs is the living task of determining first of all whether they want to go on living or not. Theirs the responsibility, then, for deciding if they want merely to live, or intend to make just the extra effort required for fulfilling, even on their refractory planet, the essential function of the universe, which is a machine for the making of gods.

In the hands of the Nazis this machinery of god-making became a juggernaut of incalculable wrath and unbound savagery, became the devastation of the Luftwaffe and the V-2 rockets. The American nation which finally helped quell the frenzy was outraged and aghast at the violence it had overcome. Out of the rubble of history´s most shocking war arose for the moment a flurry of democratic and modern social idealism which aimed to set humanity´s record straight again. But the gnostic seed had not completely withered. It had only found another top layer of humus in which to sink its taproots.

\"And consider now how delicate the machinery is growing. As life grows more complex, the machinery grows more intricate, and therefore more vulnerable. Our so-called sanctions become so infinitely numerous that each itself is frail. In the Dark Ages there was one great power—the terror of God, and His Church. Now we have a multiplicity of small things, all delicate and fragile, and strong only by our tacit agreement not to question them.\" (The Morning of the Magicians)

And it is during this long period of unquestioning that darkside has built its kingdom and stolen what was left of Free Will itself. As Kryon suggests, literally all of our responses to human suffering are being utilized as a method to manipulate our feelings by somebody who wants us to react to it for one reason or another. We are being impulsed to feel afraid, sad, helpless, bruised, desperate, and raw, and the more we respond to things we have no part of, the more we ignore things that need to be taken care of right in front of our own noses.

The Erasure of Attitudes and Programming- Part 19: The Exercises
1. Cherry-picking God is what keeps people locked away in slavery and in misery, searching through the fine print in their soul contracts to find any way out of doing it. Read the following article and then ask your own Guidance using the ‘dear one’ technique described in the other link what were the terms of your soul contract and what percentage of that contract you have so far fulfilled. This will give you a beginning place to know how much you still have to do and how fast you must get prepared to complete it if at all possible:

2. Many are now beginning to understand that the aches and pains they feel are not ‘physical’ but rather the old war wounds either from the past or present lifetimes. With many, their pains are related directly to the control devices and implants located in their etheric bodies to shut them down because of who they are and what they came here to do. Seek out someone who can realistically remove such implants and with energy work do some real healing of these old wounds. A fee of around $100-150 is money well worth spent on their removal.

3. Intent: In physics, the basic ruling paradigm is the desire to change the energy of a given source from one form into a more convenient and useable form. To do this, Man created Man. The word Hu-man means ‘of god mind’ or ‘god-like’. We are the converters of spiritual energy into physical, emotional and mental energies designed to manifest Spirit here in 3D or on whatever plane where on. To do this, we have to
a) ground ourselves in the here and now
b) declare ourselves a channel for that highest energy to flow through us, and then
c) do what is asked of us how and when we are asked to do this channeling of higher energies.

Do not try and guide the direction of what it is you are asked to do, that is in Spirit’s hands, and Spirit’s timing is perfect. Non-attachment to results is the secret of all of spirituality and the secret to the greatest power in Creation? Love.

So much of the energies and belief systems of others are held in our aura or energy field by, whom else, ourselves, because of attachment. Karma is just an unlearned lesson which we hold as a wrong attitude. By correcting the attitude we can then let go of the old karma, with appropriate recompense to those we have wronged. Watch ‘My Name is Earl’ on television if you need some ideas on how to get that done.

Other writers have explained the experiments done on prayer which found that ‘non-directed’ prayer is the most powerful and therefore the most effective. So much of the karma we attract to ourselves stems from this attitude of attachment to results, to seeing others rewarded or punished according to our agenda.

The exercise: Write a letter of intent to the Universe. In it express your acceptance of who you are in totality. This means physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. Also express your acceptance of your mission/purpose here on Earth if it is still available to you or your willingness to accept whatever else Spirit or your Guidance would have you do instead.

Express your willingness to do this now in this and in every other lifetime you have from now on. This will set up a mold for things to open you to this intent in all the lifetimes to come, to lock it into your soul matrix if you will.

You may not be exactly clear on what your mission is, but acceptance of the fact that you are here for some reason expresses your continued intent to ground in the here and now and serve the Highest Will possible.

Your commitment to doing your mission, this purpose, MUST be in the physical here and now, manifesting it on the physical plane according to the schedule you and your Guidance set out before you came to serve. This does not mean you are just physical, it means however that you do accept having a physical body while doing your spiritual work associated with your mission/purpose (and all the pains and problems associated with living in the physical while doing the mission you came here to do).

After you complete your letter outlining your acceptance and commitment, ask for Guidance’s approval of it or correct if you need. If you get a yes, lock this intent into your heart as a commitment to be here now and to serve, then burn it in a little ritual, put it in your hope chest (*smile) or send it off to the universe in whatever way shape or form you can devise – doing it always with that perfect intent we’re talking about.

Then go out and serve.

4. The biggest reason for attachment to old ways, ideas and attitudes, is the inability to forgive – both others and more particularly ourselves.

Forgiveness/Reclaiming Your Power exercise:
The one thing that must be done above all to begin our own healing with regard to our own low self-esteem is to love. To forgive both those who we feel have wronged us, and most importantly of all ourselves, is to regain our lost power. To reclaim this lost power (that which we have so readily given away to both friends, family, and enemies alike, I recommend the following exercise borrowed liberally from the Native American Shamanic tradition of erasing personal history (and thereby reclaiming the personal power given away).

Reclaiming your Power:
1. With plenty of time to complete the task no matter how long it takes, find a quiet comfortable area where you will not be disturbed-a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel some kind of nurturance from your surroundings such as a room filled with your favorite books, a quiet garden space, or somewhere out in nature.
2. Center yourself in whatever way is most comfortable for you - by chanting, by smudging, or simply by sitting peacefully with your eyes open or closed for a short period of time.
3. Open yourself to your own highest Good, your Higher Power, some non-denominational sense of the Cosmos that you know loves you and that you trust.
4. As you find yourself ready, go slowly over the decades of your life - either chronologically or in reverse order. Think of and/or write down a list of all those you have been involved with you in some way and to whom you have given a part of yourself. This could be either in a positive or negative way through some kind of attachment of love or hate or fear or some other emotional state. This list should include such people as your parents, your teachers, your school mates who you envied or tried to copy, the neighborhood bully, the girlfriends or boyfriends - real or imagined, the husbands or wives, your children, your neighbors, the bosses and co-workers with whom you have shared both good times and bad - everyone who you can say took or was given a piece of you that you now need to reclaim in this attempt to regain your personal power.

Kenneth Meadows, in his book The Medicine Way - A Shamanic Path to Self Mastery, says to use the phrase, ´Things would have been so different IF . . .´ The things which follow that IF are the very attachments you now need to release. In releasing attachments we let go of what is draining us of our personal power. We reclaim the focus and the attention from the past and are now able to recrystallize it on our present circumstances and stand in our power and in our strength.
5. Once we have made this list or identified those with whom our personal power has been in storage, then comes the essential act of reclaiming our power, thanking - and if necessary, forgiving them, and ourselves. No matter what has happened between the two of you - things either positive or seemingly negative - the lessons have been there for you to learn, and these people have done their best, limited though it may appear to you, to help you learn your lessons and make you the best person you can be. Thank them for whatever part they have played in your own spiritual growth, and forgive them for whatever they did or did not do to you in any other way. To hold any strong feeling for anyone in the past is to give away a piece of your energy to that person, and the personal power you will need here in the very near and very real future that awaits us all in combating the New World Order. Do this for each and every person on your list, savoring each moment as you recall it and then letting it go.
6. And when all is said and done, then look at your own behavior over these same times and know that, although you may not always have been at your best, that to live in shame or blame or with some degree of guilt is the greatest source of giving away your personal power to a source which is not real. The real Creator has only and is only Love. Darkness cannot even come near to it because IT is so much Light. If IT cannot see Darkness, then it certainly does not judge us for it knows we are learning, and that there is a balance for everything we do. In this spirit, love yourself as IT loves you, and then forgive yourself.
7. Make a small ritual of burning or destroying your list, and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders as your strength and Will and power return to you. Then be cognizant of every person and situation that enters your day and may try to steal some of your power away again. Bless them or the situation and give them love and be on your way, safe in your newfound strength, prepared for the difficult days ahead, knowing that though the Darkness may reign for a short time longer on the planet as it solidifies its power base here - there can only be one eventual winner - and of that there is no doubt. The Light will always overcome the Darkness and drive it back into the Void from whence it first came.

At the end of the exercise do not ‘think’ or ‘feel’ you have done it, instead ‘KNOW’ you have done it and then will truly all be forgiven and properly released.

5. Learning to live in the moment, living in the now, is perhaps the greatest way of changing attitudes and shifting the weight we always carry along with us when we drag the past along, or conversely live instead in the future with all its worries and ‘what ifs’, never touching ground here and now. . . Samone Myers (Director of CURE ( and Circle the Pyramid Event Coordinator) wrote a piece titled, Living the Moment – Deep lessons From ‘Groundhog Day’. The article certainly resonates, perhaps it will resonate with you, also:

“Have you ever had a moment that you wish you could re-live? Most of us have at one time or another. Thoughts of “I could have said so much more” or “I wish I could have done this or that” cross our mind, especially at key moments in our life. Mine was what more I could have said or done before my father died. I understand that it is not to be re-lived, but we can experience life in a more enlightened manner by living the moment.

“What I mean by living the moment came to me in an odd way recently. I was watching a re-run of the movie, “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray. For those that have not seen it, it is about a newscaster traveling to a small town that has a festival each year in honor of the groundhog. What ends up happening is he wakes up every morning and re-lives Groundhog Day. Now the first time I watched this movie years ago, I thought it was funny, but did not really get much out of it. However, watching it recently was a different story. Suddenly very profound thoughts emerged and I took note of these as I watched.

“At first, the lead character Phil, played by Murray, is in denial and seeks to find answers to how it is that the same day keeps replaying. He is totally self-absorbed and is annoyed with most everyone for not believing him or helping him. He goes out of his way to prove to associates that he knows what is going to happen next, i.e., a car passing, a plate dropped in a diner, what a person is going to say, answers all the questions on Jeopardy, etc. only to find disbelief in their eyes and more frustration for him.

“Then, he moves into a phase of anger. Again, only thinking of himself, he becomes reckless in his behavior to others and to himself. He even begins to try and kill himself, only to find he is right back in the same hotel room being awakened at 6 a.m. to the song, “I got you, Babe” by Sonny & Cher. He even goes to the extent of taking advantage of his predicament without regard to others’ feelings. He finds out intimate details about women that he wishes to sleep with, only to wake the next morning feeling emptier. Yet, he continues the same tactic on his producer, played by Andie McDowell whom he really loves.

“At first, she is taken by what “appears” to be things they have in common and those little things women like to hear. Andie’s character, Rita is somewhat fooled to begin with only to realize an uneasiness about the situation and a feeling that “something is not right here.” She even has moments of deja-vu, which Phil denies. Feeling worse about himself, this propels Phil into doing everything he can to win her heart. He learns French poetry, plays the piano and numerous other things to get her to fall for him. This only makes her more adamant that something is not right with the situation.

“Out of sheer frustration, Phil finally has an epiphany moment that leads to self-discovery. The defining moment comes when he surrenders. In his rejection, he withdraws, walking the streets of the little town bumping into people and feeling blue when suddenly he realizes that he has walked the same street hundreds of times and passed this homeless man. Each time in the past, he ignored the man’s out stretched hand. But, not this time! He puts a wad of money in the man’s hand and takes him into the diner, buying him as much food as the frail, elderly man wants. Pleased with himself, he is later shocked to discover that the man died that evening. He is so jarred by this after helping the man that he becomes obsessed with changing destiny. In one moving scene, he tries to resuscitate the man in an alley. He holds the man, crying out to God asking “why?”

“It is at this moment that he stands up, brushes himself off and “gets it.” Each morning thereafter he wakes feeling rejuvenated and excited about what the day will bring. He discovers who needs help in the town and goes out of his way to make each and every person feel better about him or herself. Meanwhile, Rita takes notice and “feels’ the difference in the rawness and truthfulness of his actions. She spends an extraordinary “day” witnessing the changes in him and the effect he has on others. Afterwards, she falls for him when he carves a beautiful ice sculpture of her face. That night they make love and wake in each other’s arms. It is then and only then that it becomes the day after Groundhog’s Day. Recognizing what has occurred, Phil is ecstatic at what each moment will now bring.

“Reading between the lines, I was astounded at how profound the messages in this movie really are. We learn that there are phases to our spiritual growth and enlightenment that most of us have in common. We struggle with these issues in this lifetime and over many lifetimes. It teaches us that the more self absorbed we are without regard to our environment and others only leads to stuck feelings and loneliness, repeating moments until we “get it.” We also learn that once we surrender to the fact that all is in Divine Order a flow emerges taking us in directions above and beyond anything we imagined. Finally, as Phil demonstrated, unconditional love and compassion for our self and others is the ultimate act that defines us and leads to living the moment.”
6. Lastly, you’ve all probably heard the song, “What if God were one of us . . . ?” Write down in five words or less for each one, all the things you can think of that a God in human form would do TO HELP those he created and sent out to experience every aspect of life for him, without making them cripples.

Here the thing to remember is that, as one wise person once wrote, “The Master gives us the lessons we need, not necessarily the lessons we want.”

What is it that’s going to help a person grow without weakening them by actually doing it for them or making it too easy to do? Unfortunately mankind seems to learn best from the hard lessons and not from the easy ones.