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the future of food and eating
What Happened to Our Food?

Also: *Anna Hayes from her Voyagers; The Sleeping Abductees, about the Zetan (Greys) agenda here on Earth:

"The plan for the selected Earthseeds involves the eventual contamination of food, water and air supply with certain elemental components that would repress the emotional facilities and thus cut off the possibility of the individuals to link with their Host Matrix families - a biological block to the frequencies or the Host Matrices. . .

*Helen Parkes: "When we as a human race should be very aware that FOOD IS OUR MEDICINE (as is fresh air and clean water)"

*Derrick Jensen: "One of the reasons there aren't more people working to take down the system that's killing the planet is because their lives depend on the system," author and environmental activist Derrick Jensen told me from his home in California when I interviewed him on the phone recently. "If your experience is that your food comes from the grocery store and your water comes from the tap, then you are going to defend to the death the system that brings those to you because your life depends on them," Jensen explained. "If your experience, however, is that your food comes from a land base and that your water comes from a stream, well, then you will defend to the death that land base and that stream. So part of the problem is that we have become so dependent upon this system that is killing and exploiting us, it has become almost impossible for us to imagine living outside of it and it's very difficult physically for us to live outside of it.

*From the New World Order 'Agenda": We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.

They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.
The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear.

*Food chain unraveling:

* The Prophecies of Dannion Brinkley

"People were starving in this vision. They were begging for food on
the streets, holding out bowls & cups & even their hands in hopes
that someone or something would offer them a scrap to eat. In some
of the pictures, people had given up or were too weak to beg & were
curled on the ground waiting for the gift of death.

* from Grandfather's Vision:

"There was a long silence, until Grandfather spoke to the child spirit, asking, 'And what will happen to the worlds of man' There was another period of silence until finally the child spoke again. 'There will be a great famine throughout the world, like man cannot imagine. Waters will run vile, the poisons of man's sins running strong in the waters of the soils, lakes, and rivers. Crops will fail, the animals of man will die, and disease will kill the masses. The grandchildren will feed upon the remains of the dead, and all about will be cries of pain and anguish. Roving bands of men will hunt and kill other men for food, and water will always be scarce, getting scarcer with each passing year. The land, the water, the sky will all be poisoned, and man will live in the wrath of the Creator.

* "abrinaus"

Food Storage -

I know a lot of us are being led to stock food. I was
told to pick up some of those huge bags of flour, sugar, rice, beans
and other such items. Now what to store them in LOL. Guidance led me
to check with restaurants and see if they would save their large
plastic buckets that they receive alot of their items in. I have a
Mexican restaurant and buffet place both saving their buckets for me.

* Peter:
I've heard so many people say they're going to live off the land after the 'shift'. Look back over all the postings of how even the fish and mammals don't want to live in the oceans and lakes of the world. Look up animal wasting disease and realize even the animals that make it through aren't worth eating . . . then readjust your plans for survival, if you're one of the few who are staying.

Headlines: Climate change already decimating wildlife- worst changes will follow