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The Future of the Earth and the Superuniverse
Future of SuperUniverse


Q: Aristenna, as planet Earth ascends what effect does this have on the rest of
this SuperUniverse?

A: Dear One,

The effect is so enormous it cannot be expressed in mere words. It is like
letting the plug out of a basin filled with stagnant, foetid water and replacing
it with clean, clear water. Everything will change, for every Soul.

Q: Can you give me more information?

A: The vibration of everything will rise, even for thsoe not moving forward for
they will now exist ina world or a time of personal lessons, yes, but where
darkness does not fully control the outcome anymore. Each dimension will have a
vibrational notching up so to speak that will automatically cleanse it to some
degree. This will start a natural process of evolution, which due to the
darkside´s past domination, has been stopped. When left alone without the
darkside´s virtually complete control, Creation evolves at a natural pace and
this rhythm will be restored to this SuperUniverse.

Q: Why does Planet Earth play such a significant role?

A: She is indeed the plug in the basin of stagnant water, a role once played by
the masculine planet Maldek before it was sacrificed to save planet Earth. With
Her ascension the entire process can get moving forward again.

Q: What about the really dark planets like Kochob; what effect will Earth´s
ascension have on them?

A: Their vibration will increase as well, which will weaken the master/slave
mentality for those existing there as well. With this occurrence their power and
hold over their masses will lessen and they will also begin to awaken. There
are ´spies´ and underground Light Workers on every planet who are poised and
ready to take action as soon as this happens. Remember this time is about the
healing and redemption of everyone and everything. All those who have served
the darkside will be given other opportunities in the future (although the far
distant future) to return once again to the Light.

Q: What is the future for Planet Earth?

A: First She will need to cleanse and restructure Herself. The Earth changes
which have already begun will start this process and there will come a time when
no living creature will be able to survive on the surface. As She ascends
through the dimensions those thing not compatible with those higher dimensional
levels will either change or be removed to a compatible place. All those things
that have lived and thrived in the 3rd and 4th dimensions will either evolve or
be removed. The Planet will no longer be harboring 4th dimensional creatures of
any kind. The Earth will complete Her cleansing process and then be prepared
for habitation once again. At this time those whose mission it is to colonize
and build a new LOVE-based society will return.

S.A.: Thank you very much for this communication.

A: Your are very welcome. We love these types of conversations with you and look
forward to many more.

With Much LOVE,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light