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The Grand Canyon, the Hollow Earth and the Day After
The Grand Canyon, the Hollow Earth and the Day After

Today, Sunday, we're heading off to finish a journey we began more
than two months ago to shut down the access points by which the New
World Order controls the female grid points on the planet and
instead open up their availability to Mankind.

The trip is the last of all the points we began months ago in
defusing the grid bomb early last year. And, of course, the points
we have to do are right where the grid bomb defusing started,
the 'vagina' of Mother Earth and one the major entryways into the
Hollow Earth itself --the Grand Canyon.

Through Sue Ann:
Why is it so important to close down the doorway to the Hollow Earth
at the Grand Canyon?

Dear One, If this doorway was left open the coming Earth changes
would spill into the Inner Earth and cause great havoc to their

Your two worlds are not meant to mix at this time. Also the
reptilian nests in the caverns below the crust will be disrupted
during this coming time and they would flee for safety to the
interior, which cannot be permitted.

The interior world lives by its own karma and lifetime schedule and
being contaminated by reptilians and their cohorts would be
devastating to the inner world's timeline.

So it is the doorway must be shut down for now during the chaos of
the beginning part of this next phase. Also the Grand Canyon has a
doorway to ancient Egypt that must also be closed. None can be
allowed to escape to the past only to disrupt this future now.

This timeline must be protected and not be contaminated in any way.
This has been an escape route for the powerful few who have had the
privilege of knowing about it and they plan to use it again if they
need to, only this time they will find there is no place to go, not
to the past or to inner Earth.

With Much Love, gratitude and protection, Aristenna of the Spiritual
Hierarchy's Council of Light

On this same day half a world away, Andy and his wife are shutting
down a major portal-doorway grid point in England and Sue Ann asked
how this related to what we are to do today:

What is Andy closing down in England tomorrow (Sunday)?

Dear Ones, These two points are related, or rather more like
dependant upon one another. One is the front door and the other is
the even lesser known back door. This is why it is best that they be
closed down close to the same time. This will close these escape
routes down simultaneously and will trap the opposition into this
timeline where there will be nowhere for them to hide.

Love, Aristenna.

So three and a half days of downloading codes from the now-in-
healing, once archenemy, Thoth, will bear fruit sometime today as
this work finally comes to completion. There are still some more
major points to be completed by the end of July and then . . .

5-18-07 Through Sue Ann
After watching the 1980s made-for-TV movie, The Day After, about a
post nuclear war America:

Dear Ones,
We know this is a sad, sad movie and very horrific as well. This
would have been the outcome for planet Earth and has already been
many, many times in the past. (As Paul Twitchell and Ramtha tell it
many great civilizations have come and gone on this planet before,
long into the murky depths of timeless past history. Atlantis sank
part of Itself one time through underground nuclear testing.)

The work that has been done to assist Earth to ascend has put the
planet onto another timeline, a timeline that doesn't include
nuclear holocaust.

However, the Earth changes will be more in the 'natural' area, and
will still have devastating effects on the people and infrastructure
of the planet. There will be much chaos amongst the population and
the farther away from the big cities people are the better.
We strongly urge you all to develop your inner moment-to-moment
Guidance as it will be able to lead you out of the chaos and into
the safer places to be.

With much Love and constant Guidance, Aristenna.

Wish us well, and a grand thank you to Andy and his wife, and to the
others who have risen to the challenge.

In service, Peter and Sue Ann.