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The Grand Design the War Heightens
The Grand Design the War Heightens
by Peter Farley

For the most part over the past 7 years, the Spiritual Hierarchy have
had me write about things from the grander point of view of the
second or third person because this work and what is taking place
right now in Creation is really all about US. For doing that I have
been accused of being ´a machine'. What I have experienced in doing
the day-to-day work from my Guidance has only hopefully served to
give what They write through me a sense of the passion with which
living and serving in Spirit adds to that understanding. It is all
about Us. My experiences only allow me to teach what it is I myself
have learned from the starting point of a novice. This was part of
the grand design. People comment what a great gift I have in healing
etc. I reply, it is not a gift, I have earned it. If it was a gift I
could not teach it, but I can, to anyone with the motivation to see
it through.

What I have been through in the past week after downloading the
collected codes into the grid system at the Philadelphia Masonic
temple, taking into my energy form the alien energy parasite designed
to kill whoever was to do that, and subsequently almost dying, adds a
new dimension not only to my own understanding of the Higher Self,
but hopefully will illuminate your own understanding of how we have
all been played for the fool.

The quote above by the Nine from the book, The Only Planet of Choice,
puts the whole problem in a nutshell.

As I sit here writing this five days after downloading the codes, my
Higher Self is not in my body, not even fully connected. It is that
connection I strove so hard to work for so that my connection to the
Highest could manifest the type of work I have been doing. However,
as it was my energy form that was infected by the Grid Guardian, a
much more lethal version of the biological implants written about in
the articles on the San Luis Valley, it became necessary for my
infected Higher Self to be removed from my body for healing otherwise
it would kill my physical?and there s still too much work yet to be
done. It's kind of like if you die in the Matrix, your body outside
the Matrix also dies?only this time literally in reverse.

Sitting here without the rich robust connection to my Guidance I
normally feel, I know how Archangel Michael has felt all this time
surrounded only by his protective cocoon. I also now how Sofia (the
bravest Soul in Creation) feels waiting for her own Higher Self to be
healed and return to this Super Universe to carry on the fight
against that which held her enslaved for oh so long. I feel EMPTY,
POWERLESS, like a cardboard cutout of my former self. And since most
people are not used to and don't even remember what it is like to
have their Higher Self inside their Physical form, I am now getting a
refresher course in what it is like to be ´normal' again.

Having the ability to channel just about anyone from the other side,
it was interesting to hear Thoth (our own Mr. Smith) say to me
tonight that he thought he ´got me' this time. He nearly did.

In one of Andre's earlier channelings in the group, Aristenna of the
Council of Light mentions something about ´if people only knew what
it was like to be at that level she works at" they would all try a
lot harder to get there. I know now what she means by that and am
proud of what I have accomplished in my life, not through diligent
hard spiritual study, but by the only way anything spiritual can
really be done ? through surrender.

Experiencing grid work first hand over the past few months has aged
me tremendously inside and out. I feel it. It is like watching a new
Master age right before your eyes as he begins to take on the load of
helping save Mankind/Soul from its imprisonment, both self-imposed
and imposed from other sources. For some the image, though not a very
positive one, would be of the President aging as his term wears on
and he seeks to fulfill the dark agenda set for him.

War wears upon a soul, and it is not its natural state. Freeing the
grid of some of the darkside's worst control mechanisms, however,
does not free that Net of trapped Higher Selves surrounding the
planet. Up to now we have been fighting to protect a beachhead on the
territory the darkside has controlled for so long to use as a staging
area. But now that has been secured we need to go on a further
offensive into the higher realms where the darkside lives and has its
existence. That is where we must go next. We must take the battle
off planet using the grandest weapon of all rescued for us to use by
the bravest soul in Creation ? the weapon of sound-encoded DNA.

The war continues.

(Thank you to all those who sent love and energy for my healing. It
has just begun this past day and extreme measures were needed to keep
me alive, but that is why we need more trained people who can cover
each other's back. The person Guidance had wanted to do the download
process did not step up to bat. It would have been a simple process
for me to heal her. As it was, there was no one trained to heal me.
We can only win this fight --together . If you haven't watched it,
you NEED to see the movie V for Vendetta.

Remember, we are all Spartacus. We are all V. We are all Hu-man.)

In service . . still,