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the great awakening
Someone joining the group recently hit the nail on the head:

"I'm on your other mailing list and feel inspired to join the Yahoo group
- Thanks for the recent material. The times we've worked for are here, aren't they?"

It doesn't take as much of a foundation anymore to see that things just aren't working. Food prices rising, gas prices rising, disasters becoming a daily occurrence. Weather changes topping the headline news (even if they are toting out puppet scientific mouthpieces to cover up the real reasons behind these events. No genuine climate expert not on the govt. payroll calls global warming valid.) People rioting in the streets (except for in the US where we only riot from the comfort of our TV chairs). Birds falling from the skies, fish and other animals dying, chemtrails filling the skies of every city on Earth.

If something weren't going on we certainly would want it to be because this is no life for anyone, and it's only getting worse. As Guidance had me write in one of my earliest pieces more than a decade ago, "The technology which has been pandered to us as being for our benefit is only serving to capture and enslave us." Did you know that they're now planning on using those unmanned drones they drops bombs on innocent villages in Pakistan for 'police' surveillance in American cities? Watching someone trying to park a car in London became a nightmare when the person either needed a credit card or a phone account to park because none of the parking meters accepted cash.

After 9 years on the road I a few years ago I noticed that the two main facilities being built all around this country were hospitals and medical establishments, or justice centers and police stations. It's obvious then that we're either going to be in jail for rebelling against this system of slavery or in hospital too sick to rebel. All the economists agree that the top one percent of the population is only getting richer while the rest fall deeper into poverty.

If the word 'armageddon' actually translates into 'great awakening' then what most people are awakening to is the fact that they are slaves to an unfair system dominated by some unfeeling race of Beings who treat humans and others as simple cannon fodder. Strange . . . seems like that's what I've been saying for 15 years now.

Of course some people like being cannon fodder just like some people believe politicians are actually elected by popular vote and only have their constituents best interests at heart. Oh, and yes, some people still believe in a god that once demanded sacrifices of his people to feel good about himself, and that no matter what you've done here in your life a simple bedside apology makes it all better.

Like silly movies along with your silly religions? Watch the movie, Year One. It puts simplistic biblical stories right in their place. Like something a little more complex but a little more realistic? The first two volumes of Where Were You before the Tree of Life? are available free to download from the website. People like their gods simple. But not stupid. Look for the real Creator in your own Heart, not in the deeply programmed grooves of your Mind. Spirituality is simple, but as said so many times - 'It's all so hard getting to the point where you realize its all so easy."

And yes, these are the times we've been waiting for . . . it's just a shame more of us didn't spend that time waiting also preparing for these times.

L and BW, Peter