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The Great Plan and the Darkside's Last Attempts part 9 -18
The Great Plan – and the Darkside’s Last Attempts Part 9 - 18
By Peter Farley with Sue Ann Mikrut

\"When they came for the Jews, I was not a Jew, so I did not protest.
When they came for the trade unionists, I did not belong to the trade union.
When they came for me, there was no one left to protest.\"
--Pastor Martin Niemoeller (German Protestant Theologian)

It has always seemed like too big a conspiracy, too intricate a Great Plan, to be real—but it is. Like I have tried to tell people for the past dozen years, there is only one conspiracy—the New World Order. How deep does the rabbit hole go? As can be seen in my 9 volume series on the history of the New World Order, it goes into the control of every aspect of our lives, from control of our physical bodies even to the environment and the water we drink; even into the areas of life we thought might have some kind of immunity from control such as organized crime.

The other key factor to implementing the Great Plan of the New World Order has been the darkside’s control of Time and their ability to control the future. Why have so many people throughout history slaved so hard to set up an agenda that would only reap rewards for a time and date so far down the road that they, in one lifetime, could not even contemplate? The answer lies in the manipulation and control of both Time and the reincarnational cycle, which, in effect, are one and the same thing.

Because of its importance to a fuller understanding of how we and our history have been manipulated for the purposes of this Great Plan, we need to take a quick look at how this has been done through ‘false science’ and the possession by certain groups of ancient mystical knowledge of exactly how Creation works. Remember as you read this section that it was the scientists and technologists who took over control of Atlantis in its later stages and caused its eventual decline. It is these same scientists and technologists, along with others, back in human form, who now control Mankind’s destiny through the manipulation of Creation and its processes.

How does one make a time machine? Kryon here helps explain the basics of how this works and some of the associated phenomena relating to spacecraft and how they travel, both through space as well as through time:

“Gravity is an absolute product of the attributes of mass and time, one of which you may change. (Time is a co-efficient in anti-gravity spaceships). Gravity is related to time. The entire issue of gravity, mass and time is nonlinear.

“Density is the key to actual measured mass. Most of the Universe is made of elements that support simple size/density ratios. It’s when scientist find the objects that don’t behave this certain way that they are mystified. Remember this: Your observations are restricted to your own time frame.

“Magnetics and electricity play a critical part in the determination of the real attributes of mass, and the magnetic variables that determine the mass product, are often working within very small particles to create the density of an object and also its time frame! It is the small-particle mechanics which actually determine the mass attributes of an object and therefore the gravity and time frame surrounding the object. (Thus the microcosm truly does create the macrocosm, just as the individual cells of our body make up the body as a whole, and also the time-frame in which it exists). Can you imagine an object with zero density—no matter what the size? Very little in the universe exists in this condition, but it can be artificially created, simply using the density mechanics of what determines an object’s actual mass.

“While you are pondering it, also consider negative mass, negative energy, and gravity that is reversed!

“Experimenting with a magnetic field’s lines of influence running at right angles to another electric field will bring you gratification in your search to alter the mass of an object. These are the mechanics to actually temporarily change small particle polarity behavior, which translates to density, the lack of it, or its reverse (negative density). Be cautious, for you will also be creating a small time displacement, which can be dangerous to you physically until you understand how objects in altered time displacements correctly interact (one of the difficulties associated with the Philadelphia Experiment).

“Do not make any assumptions about the shape of the interacting magnetic and electric fields, or what the medium should be to carry the polarity properties in such a system. Remember, however, that gas and liquid metals can also be used effectively to carry a charge. Do not be surprised if water under pressure also plays an important part in this system.

“A true massless object no longer obeys the laws of your time frame physics. Wild starts and stops, speed and turns are all well within the realm of a massless object, since it creates its own energy influence. Because of the very slight time displacement, it tends to change the number of electrons within the atoms directly in contact with it. This is a clue on how to detect a massless object, even if you can’t see it. This should also now explain the magnetic anomalies around the UFO experiences that you have documented (many UFOs on film appear ‘blurry’ or fuzzy’ because of this associated time differential between the UFO and other things around it in our time).”

“Gravitational anomalies of Earth can create havoc with a system such as this, and this is why sometimes the vehicles crash (such as in Roswell after the nuclear testing had upset the Earth’s magnetic grid system in that area).

“Much of the technical advancement in this field will be to apply very high and low density attributes to smaller and smaller amounts of matter, and it is the understanding of small particle polarity and behavior that is the key to all of this.”

One of the best sources on the cover-up of scientific knowledge is The Suppression of Vital Data in Physics by Byron Weeks. Weeks describes how the public is continually manipulated and our evolution and progress substantially restricted by the suppression, destruction, and/or alteration of significant, important information.

He refers in particular to an alteration of Maxwell’s equations which resulted from Maxwell’s extensive research into electro-magnetism. These alterations drastically affected the entire course of “mainstream” science and physics forever afterward, notably in the information made available to scientists and physicists of the time such as Einstein, as well as the subsequent conceptual framework which Einstein arrived at. To cut to the chase, the missing link which would provide the key to the unified field theory was deliberately cut out of Maxwell’s equations by a rather sinister group of scientists before Maxwell’s work was presented to the scientific community and the world. Of course his original work and all the implications thereof were and are now known to the covert world government, as are the resultant advanced sciences and applications of this knowledge to very high technology.

This technology is all being implemented in the furtherance of unquestionably Dark agendas and goals related to the Great Plan itself; with consequences which are most certainly destructive to nearly every significant aspect of human life here on the planet and even beyond. In Val Valerian’s view, this is, in part, due to “. . .a general state of mind which has no understanding of, respect for, and connection with nature and the earth with its multitude of life forms; a state of mind which is the product of our current dehumanized, mechanistic and massively mind controlled (through every available means) existence at the hands of the worldwide covert government and its super hi-tech arsenal of mind-manipulating technologies.”

Part 10
The work of Wilhelm Reich simply hints at the wealth of unshared information about the free energy available to all of us, especially with regard to what he called “orgone” energy - some characteristics of which are “electromagnetic” in nature but outside of the commonly understood “EM” frame of reference. Both Weeks’ work and Valerian’s observations confirm what Kryon has suggested and make it obvious that anti-gravity machines and time machines are very probable if not definitely possible. From Weeks’ book:

“For thousands of years, many discoveries have been suppressed from the populations of the planet in order to keep them in bondage. The burning of the libraries of Alexandria is one example of how information can be suppressed. Another example would be the common technique of suppression of scientific information by alteration of the information itself.

“Perhaps the most blatant and far reaching alteration of data was the alteration of Maxwell’s equations. James Clerk Maxwell was a mathematical genius who lived in the late l9th century. His original work, which is available to covert scientific departments in the government, had the potential to radically alter the entire course of our civilization.

“It is certainly clear to most of you by now that the human population can be easily manipulated by electronic means using various methods developed through the military-industrial complex. What may not be clear to you is that many of the EM effects can be initiated from outside of what is normally seen as the electromagnetic spectrum. Just as a magnetic field in a wire is at right angles to the current flow, other fields and waveforms exist that are an integral part of the electromagnetic spectrum, yet exist at a certain number of right-angle rotations (orthogonal rotations) away from the electromagnetic field components we are normally accustomed to. If these hyper-spatial components, which are not subject to the usual electromagnetic constraints of time and space, are generated and manipulated, they can in turn generate EM effects that have the capability to influence human biology and consciousness. “

Weeks goes on to take a brief look at how and by whom the equations of Maxwell were changed “in order to make subsequent open scientific development that would have influenced civilization in a positive way impossible.”

The following section by Valdamar Valerian, from his book Matrix III, Volume One, contains further information about the massive deception and manipulation of scientific concepts which so extensively impacts our view of “reality” in this present day materialistic culture:

“In late 1864, James Clerk Maxwell published his epic material on electromagnetic waves. His material dealt not only with electrical and magnetic waves, but also the relativistic/ethereal psychoactive component of these waves (representing electromagnetics of the second order and above). The equations also included transformations that enabled the change from inertial frames of reference to non-inertial frames of reference. Maxwell’s original equations were written in Quaternion notation, a complex mathematical system available at that time before Vector Analysis was introduced by Oliver Heaviside. Today’s generalized equivalent of Quaternions is Tensors.

“In short, Maxwell’s original work gave the necessary information for gravitational propulsion and psychoactive devices. Someone somewhere recognized this, for shortly after his death, the mathematician Oliver Heaviside, the chemist Willard Gibbs, and physicist Heinrich Hertz decided to “edit” or “interpret” Maxwell’s famous equations which were, in the original form, the foundations of electromagnetics and Unified Field Theory (UFT). This “unholy trio”, especially Heaviside, disregarded the Quaternions or Scalar components of Maxwell’s original equations, because they represented potentials and not fields. He thought potentials were akin to “mysticism”, because “everybody knows” that fields contain mass, and mass cannot be created from apparently nothing, which is what potentials are, both literally and mathematically; they are an accumulation or reservoir of energy. Furthermore, not only did they throw away the gravitational component with the Quaternion/Scalar, but also postulated that gravitation and electromagnetisms were mutually exclusive, not interdependent. That was the death blow to subsequent efforts by scientists to realize a functioning unified field theory. Because of this one act, electromagnetism was reduced from its original five dimensions to only four: X, Y, Z, and time. The element of G was removed.

“Because of this deliberate act, twenty-two other errors exist today in electromagnetic theory. The very concepts of force, mass and charge are ill-defined, and the so-called “static” electrical charge has been discovered by Quantum mechanics not to be static at all, but to move rotationally by virtue of the quantum mechanical spin. Finally, adding insult to injury, the so-called “imaginary components” of Maxwell’s original equations as well as the mutilated version of the equations have also been discarded or ignored. With this last error, the door to hyper-spatial domains was forever closed, for the present mathematics and physics of electromagnetic theory do not allow for hyper-spatial domains (domains outside of three dimensions), superluminal signals (signals that exceed the speed of light or are infinite in speed), and a unified field theory.

“The edited version of Maxwell’s work, which every physicist and engineer has had to contend with, discards electro-gravitation, and avoids the unification of gravitation and electromagnetics. It also prevents the direct engineering of gravitation, space-time, time flow rates, free energy devices, and quantum changes, which is viewed by the altered equations that are vector-based as only a statistical change. The quaternion approach captures the ability to utilize electromagnetics and produce local curvature of space-time. Heaviside wrote a subset of Maxwell’s equations where this capability is excluded.

“Dr. Henry Monteith has independently discovered that Maxwell’s original quaternion theory was a unified field theory. Einstein assumed, because he only had access to the altered equations, that curving space-time could only be achieved by the weak gravitational force due to mass, that the local frame would always be a Lorentz frame, which would mean that all operations would be constrained to “conservation laws of physics”.

“In the 1960’s the Hertz (Hz) replaced Cycles Per Second. Since, then everyone thinks that all electromagnetic waves are hertzian. Only the upper portion of the spectrum before Infrared contains Hertzian waves. ELF and ULF are not; waves in biosystems and natural phenomena are not Hertzian in nature.”

Part 11
Why do we continue to tolerate this manipulation and control over every aspect of our lives? Why do the media and the school system supposed to educate and inform us, people who are supposed to debate these ideas, surrender to their suppression? It is because we have lost our true history, and because of the grooves and patterns that have been dug in our minds and those of our forebears for untold millennia. Its simple, as Christof says in The Truman Show when asked when asked why Truman doesn´t ´wake up´ to his situation of his controlled matrix, he replies, \"We accept the reality of the world as presented.\"

Those of us who have chosen to live at this time are the forerunners of almost a new species. It is human, yet we are or will be at the same time actually manifesting heaven on Earth. We are receiving extra help from masters and extraterrestrials, angelic beings, and learning to go more inward for our answers because we are so used to the lies and propaganda when seeking outside ourselves. The more we are able to go in and listen to that still quiet voice within us, the more we will be in tune with the changes that are occurring around us, and free of this Great Plan of ultimate control. As one writer puts it, “These INUTTERABLE CRIMES have been committed in the ludicrous notion that MAN HAS DOMINION OVER ANYTHING. . . So I ran the gamut of feelings from sad to mad to sobs of pure pain.”

In Volume 4 of my multi-volume work, Where Were You before The tree of Life?, the Spiritual Hierarchy calls Freemasonry one of the two darkest forces on the planet –being the political arm behind the New World Order’s Great Plan. The other darkest force they name as the Mormon Church—that which has now usurped the place of the old Catholic Church in order to make itself the religious arm carrying the power of the old Luciferian New World Order.

Researcher and former Army counterintelligence officer Paul A. Fisher, in his meticulously documented work, Behind the Lodge Door: Church State and Freemasonry in America, says one Masonic journal claimed in 1948 that between ten and twenty percent of the U.S. “adult thinking population come directly within the circle of Masonic influence. Imagine what that figure could be now.

“Masonry, like other secret societies, advocates a “religion,” which is sometimes termed Illuminism. This is merely a polite name for Luciferianism. Again, this is not to be confused with the Illuminati of the eighteenth century. Those who follow Illuminism are known as Illuminists or Luciferians. Illuminism differs substantially from Satanism. General Albert S. Pike said in his “Instructions” to the twenty-three Supreme Councils of World Masonry in 1889, “The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.”

“In 1889 Pike simultaneously occupied the positions of Grand Master of the central Directory of Washington, D.C. (the head of D. C. Masonry), Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Charleston (head of American Masonry), and Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry (head of world Masonry).

The Great Plan – and the Darkside’s Last Attempts Part 12
By Peter Farley with Sue Ann Mikrut

Every piece of propaganda is based loosely on some form or element of truth. It is just slanted in the direction the propagandist wants the listener to move. Hence some elements of the Freemasonic Illuminism seem to have some validity until one looks at the ‘god’ they worship, and then one knows that, again, like a politician’s words, they are saying nice things but with a different meaning and purpose. Through the denial of or ignoring or refusing to look at the darkside that exists out there in Creation, in opposition to Creation and its original tenets, many New Agers have thus been lulled into the darkside itself through collusion.

“Illuminism—the Luciferian religion—teaches that man can become God (similar to much New Age thought), that he can evolve, through initiatory steps, into a god state himself (also a Mormon teaching). Even though written in 1871, Pike’s words are still regarded as the highest Masonic authority by virtue of the fact that Morals and Dogma is still required reading for Scottish Rite Masons. Pike said, “Whosoever aids the march of a truth . . . writes in the same line with Moses, and Him who died upon the cross; and has an intellectual sympathy with the Deity Himself.\"

“Of course, once you have evolved into a god, you can make up your own rules, make up your own morality. This tired philosophy has been used throughout the centuries to justify countless crimes and debaucheries.

“Illuminists feel that man can attain more wisdom and spiritual advancement by studying their secret knowledge than he can from any conventional religion. Masonic authority Manly Hall wrote:

“Freed of all limitations of creed and sect, he [the Mason] stands master of all faiths. Freemasonry . . . is not a creed or a doctrine but a universal expression of Divine Wisdom . . . a very secret and sacred philosophy that has existed for all time, and has been the inspiration of the great [darkside] saints and sages of all ages, i.e., the perfect wisdom of God, revealing itself through a secret hierarchy of illumined minds.”

“Determining the philosophy of Masonry is very difficult. Every aspect of Masonry seems to have both a good and a bad side to it—an evil interpretation and a benign interpretation (especially if you understand the association with Lucifer). Those who wish to find a Christian interpretation in its symbols can find ample published Masonic justifications. Those who wish to show that Masonry is really a form of deism—built for all religions and faiths—can easily do so. Even Muslims are well-aware of this Masonic, quasi-religious trickery:

“Therefore, if you find any truth in the Bible, the Mason says “that’s Masonry.” If a Muslim expounds upon the science of Al-Islam then that science is called “Masonry.” Some Masonic writers have [gone] as far as to say Adam was a Mason because the Bible says he covered his private area with leaves which represents the “Masonic Apron.” Such claims are made by those who want to make the uninitiated think that the “wisdom of the ages” can only be found in Masonry.”

Part 13
I cannot tell you how many people, most particularly New Agers, have accused me of spreading fear simply because I put this material out there to tie together all the pieces into a puzzle that shows the bigger picture. Yet it is educating one’s self to such information as that on Freemasonry, the Great Plan, and Mormonism, that expressly helps one avoid such traps. This is of course one of the greatest traps of the New Age religion that it refuses to educate its followers about its own roots and connections to the very same mystery schools and Illuminism that form the basis of the New World Order.

And as Manly Hall would agree, there is rarely just one interpretation of anything in the mystery schools just as there is rarely ever just one interpretation of anything in freemasonry, or for that matter, Mormonism. It is only ever the highest level of initiates who have some glimpse into the secret meanings and symbolism that form such a basis for all these darkside organizations.

“. . . those who wish to show Masonry to be of Luciferian, or even of Satanic basis encounter difficulty finding references hidden in the more secretive source material, but they can be found. Masonry itself admits to the confusion. British Mason Colin F.W. Dyer writes in his 1976 book, Speculative Craft Masonry:

“It is possible to give a Christian interpretation to the whole of Craft Masonry . . . but a non-Christian interpretation should also exist and be just as correct.

“There is one fact which must always be borne in mind . . . as time passes, men . . . weave new legends round old customs, or import them from another school of belief. This tendency can be traced in Masonry in many ways. More than one meaning lies hidden in our silent emblems, and the ostensible explanation given in the ceremony is usually neither the original nor the most profound meaning attached to it.”

“So, to the “Christian Mason,” Masonry is an integral part of the Christian faith. According to Dyer; “The First degree of Masonry teaches [the candidate] that his actions must be squared by the precepts contained in the Holy Bible, the constant study of which is strongly recommended.”

“As we will see, however, the “Christian” candidate is slowly weaned off the Christian path, and without ever realizing it, gently set on the path of Deism—the forerunner of modern day Unitarianism. Deists believe in a God who existed merely to create the universe, but then withdrew to meddle no more in the affairs of man. Therefore, Jesus is considered to have been at best a prophet or a wise man, and certainly not the Son of God. For, in Deism, man needs no god and, in fact, through reason and secret initiated knowledge, or illumination, Deists believe that man can become as God.

These levels of understanding always exist as both an Inner and Outer Doctrine.

“How can some Masons believe Masonry is a Christian organization, while others understand its darker goals? The key to this confusion lies in the concept of the “inner” and the “outer” doctrine. Masonry, like other secret societies, is set up with an “outer” doctrine for consumption by the general public, and an “inner” secretive doctrine known only to an elect few.

“To Masons, analogy is found in the concept of the onion. As you progress in Masonry, you peel away layer after layer until you finally reach the truth at the core. In the words of Adam Weishaupt, founder of an eighteenth-century German secret society, the Illuminati: “one must speak sometimes in one way, sometimes in another, so that our real purpose should remain impenetrable to our inferiors.”

“In a book so scarce outside of Masonic circles that it could not be found in the prestigious collection of the Library of Congress, General Pike is very clear in revealing part of Masonry’s inner doctrine claiming that it is an improvement on Christianity:

“Christianity taught the doctrine of FRATERNITY; but repudiated that of political EQUALITY, by continually inculcating obedience to Caesar, and to those lawfully in authority. Masonry was the first apostle of EQUALITY. “

“Pike also explained that Masonry must deceive its members in the first three degrees, called “the blue degrees.”

“The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the temple. Parts of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explanation is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.”

“The basic deception of Masonry is perfectly depicted by the Sphinx.”

“It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whose attempts to undeceive them will labor in vain . . . Masonry is the veritable Sphinx, buried to the head in the sands.”

Eight volumes of information on how the New World Order has spent countless millennia preparing for the overthrow of all resistance on the planet are now available and hopefully soon will be completed with the addition of the ninth. Now that ‘The Great Plan” is attempting to come to final fruition within the next few years, compounded by the planet’s own attempts to raise it vibration and cleanse itself in preparation for the ascension process –give one an idea of what is in store for ALL of us right now and over the remaining few years left to us. Our choice now must be whether to go into this time in fear, or educated and in KNOWINGNESS that whatever happens to us, our decisions have placed us in alignment with the highest energies in the Universe, and that through our Choices, we will be a part of the new paradigm where this kind of darkness no longer exists.

Part 14
“One of the greatest secrets of Masonry, and of all the secret societies is something called “the Great Plan,” the details of which are known only to those with access to the inner doctrine. As one Masonic scholar explained:

“Though the whole origin and extent of the plan was known only to an initiated few, members of the outer order were subjected to an elective system by which they could attain to numerous degrees and proportionately receive deeper insight into the work. This in turn spurred them to greater effort and endeavors in their various occupations and stations in life, and made them useful instruments.”

“This outer doctrine allows the average member to see his organization as little more than a social fraternity involved in a few charitable works. However, for those who are judged ready, or “worthy” to accept it, the inner doctrine drops all pretense of idealism. As we will see, this inner doctrine is nothing less than a cancer growing on civilization, unknowingly supported by the huge body of mostly innocent, dues-paying members.

“The Masonry-Lucifer connection is further strengthened by occultist Mason Manly Hall, who says that when the Mason learns how to use this occult power “he has learned the mystery of his Craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly apply energy.”

“So as we see, acquiring “the seething energies of Lucifer” is but the first step. To show that he is worthy to move up, the Mason must prove he can apply this knowledge. Hall recounts a typical example of Masonry’s attitude towards religion:

“Freemasonry is a philosophy which is essentially creedless. Its brothers bow to truth regardless of the bearer; they serve light, instead of wrangling over the one who brings it . . . No truer religion exists than that of their world comradeship and brotherhood. Freemasonry is not a material thing; it is a science of the soul . . . a divine symbolic language perpetuating [by] certain concrete symbols the sacred mysteries of the ancients.”

“Even in ancient times, scholars bound themselves with “Mystic ties” into a worldwide fraternity, drawing candidates from all the Mystery Schools, the Masons, the Rosicrucians, the Kabbalists (Jewish Mystery School tradition), and others. These “priest-philosophers” from Egypt, Greece, India, China, and the rest of the ancient world were formed into a sovereign body to instruct and advise their leaders [much as we see world trade and political meetings occurring today with representatives from all over the world].

“Where did this ancient order originate? Hall claimed that it originated in the legendary Atlantis. He claimed that the Atlanteans devised a plan—a “Great Plan”—which would guide world events for millennia to come, and that it included a mysterious blueprint of what would later become America. Hall said that ancient Egyptian secret societies inherited this Great Plan and were well aware of the existence of the land mass in the Western hemisphere which we now call America, long before it was “discovered” by Columbus. Hall stated:

“The explorers who opened the New World operated from a master plan and were agents of re-discovery rather than discoverers.

“Time will reveal that the continent now known as America was actually discovered and, to a considerable degree, explored more than a thousand years before the beginning of the Christian era. The true story was in the keeping of the Mystery Schools, and passed from them to the Secret Societies of the medieval world. The Esoteric Orders of Europe, Asia, and the Near East were in at least irregular communication with the priesthoods of the more advanced Amerindian nations. Plans for the development of the Western hemisphere were formulated in Alexandria, Mecca, Delhi, and Lhasa [in Tibet] long before the European statesmen were aware of the great Utopian program.”

“Hall maintained that the unifying goal of these secret societies was to create a “New Atlantis” in America:

“The bold resolution was made that this western continent should become this site of the philosophical empire [The New Jerusalem]. Just when this was done it is impossible now to say, but certainly the decision was reached prior to the time of Plato, for a thinly veiled statement of this resolution is the substance of his treatise on the Atlantic Islands.”

“America, according to this Great Plan, was to become the first nation to begin to establish a “universal democracy,” or “world commonwealth of nations.” This quest was said to be the most noble pursuit to which a man could devote himself. It is said to have been so perfectly inspired that it continues today:

“The mechanism for the accomplishment of this idea was set in motion in the ancient temples of Greece, Egypt, and India. So brilliant was the plan and so well was it administered that it has survived to our time, and it will continue to function until the great work is accomplished.”

Part 15
“So just what is illumination? I have mentioned it in vague terms such as “light” and “secret knowledge”. However, illumination is not just the knowledge gained from reading books, or receiving oral instruction, or even the secretive knowledge gained from initiation. Illumination also involves a vivid flash of insight or understanding, regardless of what means are used to attain it:

“Wise men, the ancients believed, were a separate race, and to be born into this race it was necessary to develop the mind to a state of enlightened intelligence. The old philosophers taught that physical birth is an accident, for men are born into varied races and nationalities according to the laws of generation; but there is a second birth, which is not an accident; it is the consequence of proper intent. By this second birth, man is born by enlightened intelligence out of nation and out of race into an international nation and an international race. It is this larger and coming race that will someday inherit the earth. But unless a man be born again by enlightenment, he shall not be a part of the philosophic empire.

“Obviously, this is a hermetic version of the Christian “born-again” experience. This is the theme which runs throughout Masonry and all the other secret societies: that the acquisition of secret knowledge, or illumination, is man’s salvation.

“There are many ways to achieve illumination. The method most important to Illuminists is the mystical inspiration invoked by the performance of occult rituals. Illumination can be achieved by dancing to exhaustion to the rhythm of native drums. It can be brought on by sexual rituals, such as those practiced in Tantric Yoga. To the Satanist, it can be brought on by ritualistic sacrifice. Throughout history, mind-altering substances such as marijuana, hashish, peyote cactus, and LSD have been used to achieve this paranormal mystical experience. In fact, the Greek word for sorcery is pharmakia from whence came the word pharmaceuticals.

“Another branch of illuminism which still survives is Gnosticism. It rose in the first and second centuries AD, and taught that magical knowledge, known as gnosis, was the only path to salvation. One of the ways believers received access to these “divine mysteries” was through sexual orgies disguised as religious rites.

“The general Gnostic emphasis on knowledge, received through magical inspiration, naturally led to a contempt for conventional morality, because according to Gnosticism, a man did not reach heaven by leading a good life, or through faith, but through possession of gnosis. A man who received gnosis had in effect evolved into god, and could not be corrupted by anything he might do. Secure in godhead, Gnostics seduced their female disciples and indulged all the lusts of the flesh. Some Gnostics said that good and evil were meaningless labels and that the way to perfection was to experience everything.

“Scholars of today call this “Experientialism.” It was widely seen in the “hippies” and “flower children” of the 1960s, though it is rarely understood in its historical perspective.

“It is not a large leap from Gnosticism to Satanism. Researcher Richard Cavandish, author of The Black Arts, has written: “All these Gnostic ideas fit into the general pattern of Satanism, indeed, they largely established it.”

“Nests Webster, noted British historian of the 1920s, reported that Gnostic rituals formed “the basis of black magic in the Middle Ages” including the “glorification of evil which plays so important a part in the modern revolutionary movement.” According to Webster, “the role of the Gnostics was to reduce perversion to a system by binding men together into sects working under the guise of enlightenment in order to obscure all recognized ideas of morality and religion.”

“Gnostics were some of the first known advocates of the “ends-justifying-the-means” philosophy. They believed that there was no such thing as an absolute morality; the evil deeds were justifiable if they served a higher purpose. Since the second century, the Christian concept of man reaching up to God has been under constant, yet subtle attack. Webster says:

“. . . the secret society conception of man as God, needing no revelation from on high and no guidance but the law of his own nature. And since that nature itself is divine, all that springs from it is praiseworthy, and those acts usually regarded as sins are not to be condemned.”

“But Gnosticism has at its core the same belief in Lucifer that all the Illuminist philosophies do. Occult expert Edith Star Miller pointed out that Gnostics believe themselves to be gods. Writing in her 1933 book, Occult Theocracy, she said:

“Such was the excellency of their knowledge and Illumination who arrogantly styled themselves Gnostics that they [feel] are superior to Peter and Paul or any of Christ’s other disciples. They only, have drunk up the supreme knowledge, are above Principalities and Powers, secure of Salvation: and for that very Reason are free to debauch Women.”

“The Gnostics set themselves up as gods, or demigods (the Annunaki connection), enticing men to follow their system by sexual perversion, and/or the promise of secret knowledge. Are there links between Gnosticism and the Mystery School systems of the twentieth century? Indeed so. According to Miller:

“Gnosticism, as the Mother of Freemasonry, has imposed its mark in the very center of the chief symbol of this association. The most conspicuous emblem which one notices on entering a Masonic temple, the one which figures on the seals, on the rituals, everywhere in fact, appears in the middle of the interlaced square and compass, it is the five pointed star framing the letter G.”

“Different explanations of this letter G are given to the initiates as they rise from the lower levels. In the lower grades, one is taught that it signifies Geometry, then God, then Great Architect of the Universe:

“To be brothers frequenting lodges admitting women as members, it is revealed that the mystic letter means generation . . . Finally, to those found worthy to penetrate into the sanctuary of Knights Kadosch, the enigmatic latter become the initial of the doctrine of the perfect initiates which is Gnosticism.

“It is Gnosticism which is the real meaning of the G in the flamboyant star, for, after the grade of Kadosch the Freemasons dedicate themselves to the glorification of Gnosticism (or anti-Christianity) which is defined by Albert Pike as “the soul and marrow of Freemasonry.”

Part 16
Mankind has not been without laws since the inception of the New World Order’s Great Plan. Laws only represent Mankind’s decline into irresponsibility and irrationality. The more laws Man has, the poorer the state of that society. And with all the laws we have today, one would think the right kind of peer pressure would be enough to keep people inline, but instead, peer pressure has only been used to further the Great Plan and the goals of the New World Order for it is a peer pressure of ‘Don’t ask,” and as so aptly portrayed in the movie Pleasantville, “Don’t speak about things outside the norm.”
This is the peer pressure of the Matrix and it has existed in every time and place for it is just as Morpheus tells Neo, “this prison does not need prison guards for it is the other prisoners who will keep you inline.”

Having been a teacher at all levels of education, I know that while repudiating the thought of peer pressure at every grade level, the whole education system does nothing but promote peer pressure in all of its varied shapes and forms. Middle school teachers around the world try to instill in their students that the urge to be the same as everybody else is ‘the Great Lie.” However, everything schools have always taught is aimed at reinforcing the message to be like others and not to ‘buck the system.” Even though in films we admire the ‘rebel’, those that do buck the system have little or no success in their chosen fields for very long, for always there are guidelines and parameters over which one does not cross if one wants to be ‘successful’.

The great lies of history explored in the volumes of my work lay out the necessities placed on being a part of the system and the consequences should we shirk them. The Bible lays out its commandments ‘from God,’ even down to dietary laws which to some extent made sense for people of that day and age. They do not, however, apply to modern-day man and his modern day needs, and certainly—in my healing experience—do not take into consideration the vast differences in individual needs and individual metabolisms.

Unfortunately one thing we are not taught to use is our common sense, and often there is punishment if we do. Ben Franklin said it best: “Common sense is not so common.” If there were more common sense their would be no need for laws, for common sense says that we must be responsible for our actions, both in thought and in deed, and that we are all indeed connected as one so to hurt another is only to hurt ourselves in very much the same ways.

The biggest problem we have on this planet is, as described in one of the earlier volumes, is that we do not simply have peoples of all one level of consciousness, nor do we even have peoples of all one ‘terrestrial race.’ Thus, confusion reigns, and while it may be a place for exceedingly fast learning, an honors class so to speak, the learning can only really take place if we are able to break through this barrier of peer pressure and survive the repercussions and the chaotic environment this planet Earth experiment has wrought.

These are all part of the Really Great Lies, the lies the history perpetrated on us have formed in our ever-unquestioning heads. And who designed these lies? Sir Laurence Gardner explains:

“As discovered in previous studies, the Gospel texts which have been in the public domain for centuries often bear little relation to the first-hand accounts of the era to which they relate.

“The New Testament, as we know it, was contrived by the 4th-century bishops to support the newly manipulated Christian faith and, in just the same way, the Old Testament scriptures were designed to uphold the emergent Hebrew faith, rather than to represent historical fact.

“Clearly, one has to get back to the pre-biblical writings in order to find any anomalies, but the problem in scriptural terms is that the earliest Hebrew writings (which were restructured many centuries later) were themselves only written between the 6th and the 1st centuries BC, so they are not likely to be wholly authentic in their telling of accounts from thousands of years before. Indeed, it is plain that this is the case because, when these books were first written, their express purpose was to convey the history of a religion which did not actually emerge until well into the ancestral story.

“The Bible explains that the Bloodline story began with Adam and Eve, from whose third son Seth evolved a line which progressed through Methuselah, Noah and, eventually, to Abraham who became the great patriarch of the Hebrew nation. The text relates that Abraham brought his family westwards out of Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) to the land of Canaan (Palestine), from where some of his descendants moved into Egypt. After many generations, they journeyed back into Canaan where, in time, David of Bethlehem became king of the newly defined kingdoms of Judah and Israel.

“If viewed as it is presented in the scriptures, this is a fascinating saga, but there is nothing anywhere to indicate why the ancestral line of David and his subsequent heirs was in any way special. In fact, quite the reverse is the case; his ancestors are portrayed as a succession of wandering territory seekers, who are seen to be of no particular significance until the time of King David himself. “

The great lie of History perpetrated on us as a part of The Great Plan is, however, catching up on itself with the research of such writers as Sir Laurence Gardner, Zecharia Sitchin and others.

Part 17
Often the scientific theories pushed upon us in our education and through the media are as totally as false as a tobacco company´s health study. The total dismissal of the pandemic phenomena known as chemtrails shows us the extent that such a daily part of everyone’s lives can so totally be ignored by every facet of society and particularly the run-of-the-mill media. What organization can wield such power as to totally shut down any mention of such an obvious phenomena . . . in EVERY country of the world!

As I’ve said before, so-called visionary information such as that written about in the works of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Bulwer-Lytton, comes from knowledge handed down to them from their connections with organizations affiliated with the ancient mysteries and the works of Thoth and what is known to the New World Order as ´the Great Plan´—that which is to come on planet Earth. History never has been happen-stance, but rather it has always been meticulously planned by the powers-that-be, and always in the pursuit of power and/or gold – the monatomic gold which is the chosen drug that creates multi-dimensionality in those who use it.

Very little demonstrates this fact of pre-ordained history as does the story of Christopher Columbus for this pre-planning of history is exactly what happened with Columbus and the ´discovery´ of America. The Knights Templars [the forerunners of the Freemasons who escaped persecution and punishment in the early 13th century] moved to many other parts of the European continent. In Portugal the Order was cleared of any wrong-doing by an inquiry and simply modified their name, becoming part of the Knights of Christ. Under this title it functioned well into the sixteenth century, the members devoting themselves to maritime activity. Vasco da Gama was a Knight of Christ, and Prince Henry the Navigator was a grand master of the Order. Ships of the Knights of Christ sailed under the familiar red pattee cross, and it was under this same cross that Christopher Columbus’s three caravels crossed the Atlantic to the New World. Some writers have argued that the Order established commercial contact with the Americas as early as 1269 and derived much of their new wealth from imported Mexican silver.

As touched on in my volumes, not only did Columbus know where he was going, he himself was married to the daughter of a former Knight of Christ and had access to his father-in-law’s charts and diaries which showed the ‘non-existent’ continent to which he was headed. His mission, then, was not to look so much for new wealth, but to look for a new land where the Templars and their successors would not be persecuted, and would be allowed to practice their activities openly. What they found was America, the ‘New Atlantis’ mentioned by Manly Hall. This would give good reason why it is Columbus who is now celebrated as the discoverer of America, rather than the centuries of explorers who came before him.

The details contained in the Turkish admiral Piri Re’is´ book confirm that Columbus knew quite well in advance where he was going. Columbus as a member of the Rosicrucians, a student of Dante Aligheri, and having been sponsored by Leonardo Da Vinci, was in the right circle of friends to be in the possession of very detailed maps and geographic data from these very ancient sources.

Columbus countered criticism of his ideas with yet more reliance on ancient prophecies and biblical quotes. He collected all the texts into a book, The Book of Prophecies, which he presented to the king and queen of Spain. It was meant to convince them that Spain was destined to reign over Jerusalem [the New Jerusalem to be built in the United States], and that Columbus was the one chosen to achieve that by being the first to find the place “where gold ´is born´.”

The Great Plan – and the Darkside’s Last Attempts Part 18
By Peter Farley with Sue Ann Mikrut

The Great Plan – through Sue Ann
Dear One,
In the beginning when Harene, the Original Infinite Mother Spirit, was overwhelmed with Creation and left to be alone and shirk Her responsibility, Creation in this SuperUniverse was left in a very chaotic state. Then when a new Mother Energy was brought in to replace Her, this only made matters worse. It was around this time that a group of the original angels became angry with what was going on and felt they could do a much better job with Creation than the Creator Parents Who had originally been assigned to manifest creation in this SuperUniverse. Since the pure LOVE of the FATHER had been lacking from the beginning, self-will then became the prevailing mode of operation for this group of Beings.
After convincing as many as possible to join them, this original group went off in an act of rebellion, with Lucifer as the obvious choice to be the leader or ‘god’ of this group as He was a ‘part’, a fragmented part, of the original Creator Family. The theory was that the more Creator Family members enlisted to break away the more power and creative energy would be available for this group’s own plans for Creation. Even though the original goal of this group of rebellious angels was to completely take over this SuperUniverse, as the darkness and self-will within them grew, the plan eventually became to take over all of Creation.
As so perfectly described in the children’s fantasy book, A Wrinkle in Time, the plan became to take control planet by planet, system by system, perfecting the methods of domination and control with every new conquest. Some planets were, however, more important than others as these planets represented their entire galaxy and were key to larger sections of their Universe. These planets would then be conquered first, their populations enslaved and their energetic grid systems taken over or revamped in order to siphon off all energy that was not needed for minimal maintenance of that particular planet. This energy was collected from the planet itself, but even more of it came from the manipulation of the emotional energies of the resident population.
The knowledge of how this was done was the hidden, the “secret” information of harnessing the very energies of Creation, was designed by Thoth to support the original Great Plan of Lucifer. This information was kept for the elite few in order to control the masses and then passed down from initiate to initiate at only the very highest of levels. And again it was a Creator Family member who was put into a position of great power and trust as Thoth and the Magdalene were originally the ‘fragmented’ children of Lucifer and Harene, Their energies needed to help create a new Creator Family for a new Dark Creation. Harene was also enlisted into this group as Grand Mother Energy for Her energies were greatly needed to complete the Great Plan. At the time this idea appealed to everyone involved. (Recently, as you might know, all the members of the Creator family have returned Home for healing and reassignment.)
The Great Plan was simple in its idea of stealing energy from every source possible and directing that energy toward conquering more planets until the darkside rebels against Creation were in complete control of everything. Planet Earth was particularly attractive as there was gold to be used for heightening the multi-dimensionality of their followers and a small population of technologically underdeveloped people.
The gold was important for it was the base metal needed to create their drug of dimensional travel; white powder gold as it is known today. This substance gave them an artificial ascension high. Without it they were trapped in the lower dimensions only. They needed the white powder gold to be able to travel outside of time and move about freely in the other dimensions. This moving about freely without being constrained by time was essential to set the Great Plan far up into the so-called future and to manipulate key individuals and events with the necessary precision for success.
With the enlistment of members of the original Creator Family and those born directly from this resultant dark family structure, this band of self-willed rebellious angels had a very good shot at accomplishing their goal. In the beginning the intent of this rebel group was to do a better job of creating but without the full LOVE of the FATHER, and with self-will in control the results of their actions became more and more extreme. Since control of others was justified as a means to an orderly and productive end it was used almost from the start. But as some of the intended victims fought back, harsher and harsher punishments and means of control had to be put into place until finally the original plan of orderly control over cooperative populations had to be scrapped for ultimate control at any cost.
With self-will in control and the continued use of the power and energy of the mind without any Heart or LOVE energy, it eventually created in these individuals a degeneration of the Spirit that is difficult to return from. Soon self-preservation and power became the basis of all decisions and LOVE and compassion were considered a weakness that could destroy them.
Those who remained separate from the rebellion in the beginning were dedicated to the restoration of Creation in this SuperUniverse as it had been intended and called for help from those Higher Beings who are governed completely by LOVE. And thus began the war to stop the spread of darkness and bring Home those they LOVED who had lost their way through the misuse of Free will.
This war has been going on for a very long time (as time is calculated) and many battles have been fought. Some We have won and some We have lost. But the battle for Planet Earth is very important for many, many reasons, most explained in the articles We have had Peter write to date. For one, the supply of gold will be cut off as planet Earth ascends out of their reach, eventually limiting their ability to time travel and set up events far into the future. Also, the energy supply from the planet will no longer be available for powering their war machine – a very great blow since this planet was planned to be their new headquarters and centralized command point as it lies at a pivotal crossroads in Creation with Its own portal directly through to the very heart of Creation Itself. With the ascension of the planet and the loss of their Creator Family leaders the darkside is now scrambling to reorganize and reinstate the basics of a new Great Plan as the original one is no longer viable. That is one of the reasons for the attempted return of the Seven Lords of the Great Plan to this planet, the original Beings assigned to implement the various aspects of the plan as it progressed across the Universe towards this very point in time and Universal history. Their new plan seeks to not only shift the balance of energy back to the dark side but also to try to regain control of planet Earth and to keep Her and her population from ascending so they can move forward with a revised plan.
With the ascension of the planet the Light in this sector of Creation will increase to such a level that it will create a domino effect for all the others areas of Creation Itself. Many other planets will ascend along with Her and the LIGHT/LOVE/SOUND of the FATHER will be indescribable in Its cleansing and rejuvenating effects on all that IT touches. No darkness will be able to remain in ITs presence. Darkness will need to retreat to the outer edges of Creation simply to survive. Now you can see why so much has been done to help Earth in its ascension process. She has waited a long time and has endured a lot and is eager to regain her own evolutionary timeline.
With Much LOVE,
Ergotarh, Supreme Councilor of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Council of Light

Situation with the Seven Lords of the Great Plan – through Sue Ann
S.A.: Can you tell me more about the situation concerning the Seven Lords of the Great Plan and of the person we know to be involved?
E: Dear One,
Yes, you wanted to know why this person has been eliminated from our efforts to retrieve her. As We have told Peter, she is untrustworthy. She is still open to being controlled by the darkside. She is not aware of who she is channeling at all times. There is still a struggle going on in her with her ego. She is more dedicated to the darkside and does not want to give up self-will. Also, she is a spy and saboteur. We will take care of what she carries that is needed for the healing process of the others.
S.A.: How were these people going to be used?
E: Their bodies were templated for possession by the dark lords. The seven lords of the Great Plan were planning to ‘walk in’ to these bodies. This would have added much more dark energy to the planet and again shifted the balance back in their favor.
S.A.: What about the merkaba reactor off the coast of Hawaii?
E: It is active. The darkside is hoping to use its power to pull in the seven lords. There is a tube that connects it to the vortex in Chaco Canyon, NM.
S.A.: What can be done about this?
E: We are working on it.
S.A.: How can I help?
E: We will tell you more when it is closer to the time. We will work with you each night. Stay ‘awake’ and connected. This is all for now.
With Great LOVE,
Ergotarh, Supreme Councilor of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Council of Light