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The Great Plan and the Darkside's Last Attempts parts 1-8
The Great Plan – and the Darkside’s Last Attempts Parts 1-8
By Peter Farley With Sue Ann Mikrut

Long before Christopher Columbus discovered America, the Iroquois had established their own League of Nations. We know now that the principles upon which their federation was founded directly influenced the drafting of the United States Constitution. It is also certain that the design of our nation´s Great Seal, depicting a pyramid and an eye in a triangle, is a blueprint of America´s future as envisioned by our founding fathers.

Long before either of these institutions came into being, however, there was what has always been called ‘The Great Plan’ for the future of planet Earth, and indeed for this corner of Creation in general. This Great Plan laid out for those who followed the darkside, what was to happen at every stage of the game now called world history.

A modern-day proponent of the New Age and the Secret Brotherhood´s plan for a New World Order is Robert Hieronimus. In his book America´s Secret Destiny, he traces the so-called spiritual vision of America´s founding fathers and the Plan´s eventual coming to fruition in what we call the New World Order and the New Age Movement (both of which are fairly synonymous). He stresses that the founding fathers of America had the equivalent of \"Masters\" and were pupils in a sense, much like today´s powerful Elite have Masters and Gurus, following the teachings of the one codex handed down from generation to generation known simply as ‘The Great Plan’.

According to the Rosicrucians and Theosophists, there are great Beings supporting this divine plan and they are referred to as masters of the physical and spiritual planes. The evolution of America and its role in this Great Plan it is said owes much to the seed thoughts of four masters—Kuthumi, El Morya, Rogoczy, and Djwhal Khul. Some of the founders of America may actually have been consciously or unconsciously students of these teachers, just as some contemporary Americans are also pupils of these masters. In fact, the motto of this hierarchy of world teachers is identical with that of America´s destiny in the Plan—‘the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God’.

Another writer, though this time from another camp, confirms the assertions of Hieronimus. Willy Peterson writes: \"In order to reach their aims of world unity and thus engage the whole world in service to the Plan, \"enlightened\" Freemasons and New Agers have been pushing for collectivist motifs that promote monistic pantheism and unity. This is why the chief instigators to the globalist League of Nations and the United Nations have been Theosophists, trying to work out the plan. This is why the verbiage and aims at the U.N. is for world peace and brotherhood. It is a spiritual undertaking in a secular world. The Lucis Trust has had three think-tanks located at the U.N. Plaza in New York for around fifty years. No wonder the former Assistant Secretary General to the U.N., Robert Muller, is a devoted disciple of Alice Bailey, whose book, A Treatise on White Magic, forms the basis for the Robert Muller schools.” (The Leavening) []

These people are called the torchbearers or lightbearers of the New World Order [as opposed to Lightworkers—Peter] and follow a ‘spiritual’ plan that has been traced to the time of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, up through to the Illuminati and onwards. It is \"a loosely-knit world conspiracy,\" writes David Allen Lewis, \"a so called Network of Illuminists.\"

\"Whether the Illuminati have one special organization that is its original descendant... we can be very sure that its philosophical torchbearers are represented by literally hundreds of organizations and individuals in many diverse realms.\" (Dark Angels of Light)

Part 2
Speaking from his New World Order stance, Robert Hieronimus says that America´s Great Seal can be seen as a blueprint for the elevation of consciousness; in part, that we must transform ourselves before we can change the world, and that it is during the process of self-transformation that we can catch a glimpse of what part we are to play in national and global transformation.\"

The mandala of the New World Order and Illuminati control as he describes it is \"Annuit Coeptis—He has Blessed our Beginning\", \"Novus Ordo Seclorum—New Order of the Ages\". While the All-Seeing Eye is that of Horus, the resurrected Egyptian Sun God, biblically referred to as Lucifer, the angel of light.

Like a politician’s words, it all sounds very nice as long as you’re one of the ones who will benefit from this New Order, or belong to one of the myriad fraternities who derive their power and energies from same, but how far back does this entire Great Plan of the New World Order go? Umberto Ecco alludes to its longevity in his novel about the Templars, Focault’s Pendulum:

\"...modern days; the problems of psychology, physiology, and the many ´missing links´ which have so perplexed scientists of late, are all in the hands of secret fraternities. This mystery must be unveiled some day...The answers are there. They may be found on the time worn granite pages of cave-temples, on sphinxes, propylons, and obelisks. They have stood there for untold ages, and neither the rude assault of time, nor the still ruder assault of Christian hands, have succeeded in obliterating their records…And so stand these monuments like mute forgotten sentinels on the threshold of that unseen world, whose gates are thrown open but to a few elect…they will disclose their riddles to none but the legates of those by whom they were entrusted with the MYSTERY. The cold, stony lips of the once vocal Memnon, and of these hardy sphinxes, keep their secrets well. Who will unseal them? Who of our modern, materialistic dwarfs and unbelieving Sadducees will dare to lift the VEIL of Isis?\"

This allegiance to the Great Plan is the main reason we see Luciferic designs incorporated into the government centers in Washington D.C., as well as in every major city around the country. Freemasonry, the modern-day incarnation of the ancient mystery schools, has been Lucifer’s central religion – his political arm, comparing as it does so closely with Mormonism which took over from Catholicism as the religious arm. It is the root of the darkside’s control system, these the two darkest forces on the planet, the twin pillars of control with Lucifer’s energy once holding the place of being the third ‘uniting, supporting, balancing’ factor. And, while Lucifer Himself and Thoth may have since healed, those forces they had set in motion now remain to carry out what they can of the original Great Plan. In fact, it is about their last hope as things have dramatically shifted on the planet in favor of planetary ascension and of the forces of Light gradually succeeding in taking control. Though this has not yet manifested in the physical plane as much as many of us would like, it is working its way down as the darkside’s control over the planetary grid system and the portals in and out of the planet return to their rightful owners.

Part 3
Lucifer’s was the willpower and Thoth’s the genius to instigate the whole grander plan for all of Creation, but with both of Them now gone the dark hierarchy still remain to carry out what they can in an attempt to stave off complete disintegration of all that has been so laboriously won so far. And so the war still goes on . . .a struggle of the wills of those left in power to continue against a growing desire for everything in this Universe to return to the way things were supposed to be in the original plan of its Creator.

“Few men will anything very strongly, and out of these few, only a tiny minority are capable of combining strength of will with unwavering continuity. Most human beings are spasmodic and intermittent creatures, who like above everything the pleasures of mental indolence. It is for this reason that a strenuous and unwearying will sometimes becomes so tremendous a power, almost a hypnotic force.” [Bryce]

“Lucifer has always been the highest mythological incarnation of this intense personal will, and the great men who have embodied it upon the stage of history participated, to some extent, in his satanic strength and magnificence. It is because of his strength and magnificence, so very different from our own weakness and mental squalor, that we continue to hark back nostalgically to the biographies of such men as Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, and that, as each new imitator of Lucifer arises, we prostrate ourselves before him, begging him to save us,” said Aldous Huxley. But when Lucifer is gone, when His Darth Vader-like commander, Thoth, has also returned with His master for healing, who then is left to carry on?

Manly Hall claimed that it was the Atlanteans who devised this plan—the “Great Plan”—which would guide world events for millennia to come and that it included a mysterious blueprint of what would later become America. Hall said that ancient Egyptian secret societies had inherited this Great Plan and were well aware of the existence of the land mass in the Western hemisphere which we now call America, long before it was “discovered” by Columbus.

”The explorers who opened the New World operated from a master plan and were agents of re-discovery rather than discoverers.” (Hall, Manly P. America’s Assignment with Destiny The Philosophical Research Society: LA 1951 P 49-50).

The one thing the Great Plan didn’t take into account was the power of one man standing up against them, one man with an intense personal will, following his Highest Guidance and, like the flapping of the butterfly’s wings, creating chaos in their plans. This had happened before when Nefretiri destroyed Akhenaton’s plans to open the Earth’s portals for the darkside energies with which he was connected to be reunited. It happened again when René d’Anjou stopped the completion of the final Gothic Cathedral of which Rosslyn Chapel is but a part. Like the rebels portrayed in the Star Wars saga, there have been, all along the way, thorns in the darkside’s side, the Light fighting back against the complete overtaking of the darkside of everything in this area of Creation.

Part 4
Whether anyone could have foreseen that the darkside’s Great Plan would fail, no one can really say. Visions of a future where that darkside plan had not come to fruition have been seen as a possibility, however, for centuries. This scenario includes what we are all awaiting now, the coming (and to some extent already here) Earth changes and planetary ascension process once thought to be impossible, as well as the general chaos occurring from which the New World Order does not arise to take over and impress their version of Order upon everyone.

In a recent article in the newspaper, a senior CIA personnel says that they’re planning to \"push beyond the traditional boundaries of intelligence\" by asking Hollywood for help in fighting terrorism. To do this, the CIA ran a round-table discussion with 10 science-fiction authors so intelligence analysts could see how they came up with their plots. If life is beginning to seem more like something out of a futuristic science-fiction movie, then perhaps this kind of alliance is why. One should now be very careful about not only what they watch and listen to, but also what the subliminal programming involved is as well.

Indeed it would seem like science-fiction to most people to think that a small elite group could take over an entire planet and hope to control 6 billion people. Perhaps it is not so far-fetched as we might think, however, especially given the 100,000 years it has taken to put the New World Order´s Great Plan into action. Writes Aluna Joy Yak´in:

\"For over 20 years the Star Elders have shared various visions. These visions were based in the past, present day, and our future. Over the last few weeks another vision came and though it didn´t seem to have any relation to the others, a series of visions lit up like a string of lights. In Mexico many years back, I woke up with the story of why the Maya and other South American civilizations were conquered so easily. I was told why Columbus, Montago, Pissaro, Cortez and all the other conquerors were able to take down entire empires with so few men, horses and weapons. Let´s face it, how many men and horses could they cram on one of those little ships anyway and not to mention that they were in weakened states of health when they arrived. We know what the history books say, but this is what the Star Elders share about this time and what it means to us today.

\"In time and space there are time openings - sort of time rips, or time viruses. Sometimes Earth passes through one, or a series of these openings. When we enter into one of these rare places it is possible for lower dimensions to enter higher ones without doing the necessary preparation or spiritual work. When this happens it imposes a lower nature onto a higher dimension. In order to balance the situation the higher worlds usually fall, and the lower ones gain more power than they know how to handle. This was the case of the Conquistadors and the Americas.

\"This vision was also a warning to us at this important time. It was revealed that we will enter a similar time or space. It is important that we finish our spiritual work and purge our negative egos (outside egos) so as not to damage the next dimension with our lower natures. I was shown that we must enter this next world in a state of surrender and allow the next world to be our teacher. In other words, park your egos at the door folks, after all we do not want to become the next Cortez or Columbus while entering into the next phase of the process.\"

This explains what I´ve been teaching for years about the efforts of the darkside to use the portals or windows to the Universe that open during the coming ascension process in order to escape not only into other dimensions, but into the very Matrix of Creation Itself. This war is not solely Mankind vs. The New World Order, but Creation vs. the darkside in every possible way. More is also written in my works about time waves and the higher-level dimensions falling as they once did in Atlantis because of being invaded by ‘energies’ from the lower dimensions.

The Great Plan – and the Darkside’s Last Attempts Part 5-8
By Peter Farley with Sue Ann Mikrut

The shift spoken of is the coming ascension process of much of the 3rd dimension back into the higher states of being– the 5th dimension in particular. We have come to the place we have all been waiting for. We are about to embark on the shift of the ages but much work both individually and planet-wide, still needs to be done, especially as the chemtrails grow thicker above our heads and the chaos instituted by the New World Order as a part of this Great Plan tries to spin us all out of control so that we lose any sense of purpose.

One needs to be aware of those things which one is feeling that come from this process so that one can determine what are positive and which are negative effects. Some of the new symptoms I and other healers have been seeing during this lead-up to the shift include:
• deep grief and loss of interest in current goals;
• loss of sense of self;
• heightened Kundalini energy (particularly among the female population);
• panic attacks;
• heart palpitations;
• experiencing dimensional doorways and doorways to the future either by seeing or hearing them,
• weird dreams and old visions being rekindled
• feelings of restlessness and with a deep need to do SOMETHING - ANYTHING!
• unusual visuals in the inner and outer worlds.
• electrical disturbances with computers and any other electronic devices
• meeting soul mates after long and fruitless searches, and ending dis-harmonic relationships that were out of alignment
• feeling like one is going to die, or wants to give up.
• an increased number of family and friends passing away. [Could it be we are dying to the old ways, the old world, letting go of our attachments to this world so we can move on to the next?]

As Loren and Diane Mickelson explain, what is causing all this shifting has a lot to do with what we just experienced and what we are still going through in terms of the Venus Transit.
\"...Venus is like a Holy Grail in the stars holding the power of the feminine, the power of love, and the power of abundance. Our Sun is a power house of lighted divine wisdom. When the two planets cross paths it will give us the ability to take all relationships, intimate and otherwise to the next higher level [if we chose to do so].

\"...This event is the first stage of cracking open a huge door we have been waiting to open. They said that we will be through the door a long time before the Maya end date of December, 2012. The best guess based on our current state of consciousness is we will jump through to the higher dimension sometime in 2008! We will have a lot to do in that time frame but we (many of us) have done so much already. Once through to the other side, humanity will have achieved its goal. We will open our consciousness and intense desire for new answers to old issues. We will have downloaded new cutting-edge knowledge that will change the face of how we approach our lives. Those of us who remain through the entire process will gain the capacity to embody the principle of universal compassion, universal love and universal knowledge. We will understand new possibilities and expose new secrets of life. We will have the means to prevent our own extinction by human error. We will be able to release the grip of darkness that threatens our survival and be able to call the higher dimensions at will. Telepathy will replace the internet creating a new field of communication. The development of the 6th sense and mass enlightenment will be considered normal! Now that sounds like a great future to us.\"

Part 6
Where the Mickelson’s go wrong is with their statement, “. . . we will jump through to the higher dimension . . .” making it sound as if everyone is going along for this ride. Firstly one must consider that probably as many as 50 percent of the population are invested in one form or another in the old paradigm, the old Matrix, the hope that the Great Plan will succeed and they will be the benefactors. Secondly, those that are not ready, As Yakin suggested, cannot enter into higher dimensional realms if they are still carrying along their old 3rd dimensional baggage and attachments. Thirdly, since free will is the prime directive of Creation, those who have chosen or who do choose not to go along with the ascension (i.e., are not ready or do not choose to do the necessary preparation) will not go along. Hence it is actually a small percentage of the population who will be going along. As Betsy’s channeling of the Spiritual Hierarchy here states, it’s as small as 6 percent of the overall population in total:

Dear One,

In response to the question of how many people will qualify for ascension; currently six percent of the world´s population are capable of Ascending (360 million). Of those only three percent are in industrialized societies (180 million). The rest will go some place appropriate for their kind to finish their lessons without the darkside´s influence.

With loving guidance, RAJ

In service, Betsy

Ralph Waldo Emerson perhaps expresses best what it is in us that stands most in our way in this process of ascension: \"As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way.\"

Indeed, it is the limitations we put on ourselves and Spirit that most hold us back from ascending. That and sheer laziness.

Much of my work in the past has been about temple technology, the way buildings and sacred sites are able to harness the energies of the people and planet in order to feed the darker purposes of those who know how to build such temples and harness the power of earth’s grid. This form of metaphysical technology has always stood as the basis for the New World Order’s Great Plan, as explained in my books and so many of my articles [in particular, THE IMPORTANCE OF PLACE TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER]. Hence the reason for the Freemasons calling their ‘god’ the Grand Geometer, for architecture is at its essence sacred geometry.

And no one group has used this technology better than the Mormons. In fact they have taken it beyond where the Freemasons have taken it, and even beyond the original temple technology of the Atlanteans and of Solomon’s Temple itself.

\"There are about 50 Mormon temples in existence throughout the world, and in them vicarious ordinance work is performed in which Mormons of certified faithfulness act as proxy for dead ancestors, and these infamous marriages between devout Mormons are consecrated “for time and all eternity.” Mormon worship centers that are not temples but chapels, can be converted to temples upon the drop of a hat if necessary, thus increasing the levels of personal and psychic energy they can harness, and helping to create the New Jerusalem prophesied that has been built here in the United States as the New World Order’s Great Plan comes to its fulfillment.\"

I have spoken in many places about my past life in aiding Joseph Smith to form the Mormon Church and I know the truth behind the Being known as Joseph Smith: \"Joseph was one of the greatest channelers of high-level information who has ever lived upon this planet. That is why he knew and was able to rise so fast in Freemasonry after he and so many other early Mormons joined, for he knew the spiritual principals on which Freemasonry is based, though the way in which he used them was never meant for the right spiritual purpose.

Part 7
The planet is a dynamo of cosmic energy just as are the other planets and the sun itself. Creation exists and expands using just such energy. The harnessing of this ‘free’ energy could make everything and everyone live in a paradise of cosmic harmony. This however would go against all the New World Order’s Great Plan for making everybody dependent on them for everything from food to energy to even the air we breathe and the water we drink. Thus all realistic information that would help us achieve such a paradise has been suppressed by either the politic or religious arms of the New World Order, but most particularly through the suppression of real scientific knowledge.

For many, many years, the English admiralty and the Royal Observatory blocked a useable method of determining longitude while at sea, just as there have been scientific roadblocks put in the way of too much knowledge coming out too soon that might endanger the Great Plan from coming to fruition. All these sciences were well-known in Atlantis and ancient Egypt, and yet their power has been kept in secret –as Umberto Ecco said –behind the Veil of Isis, for use only by the world ‘elite’ towards the completion of the Great Plan.

As Henry Lincoln discovered about certain buildings located around Rennes-le-Chateau, one of the key dark portals on the planet, “they create coherent and precise geometric patterns. They seem to show evidence of a ‘structured landscape.’ That is, the placing of these structures appears to have been carefully and skillfully measured and demonstrates a highly sophisticated knowledge of mathematics, geometry and the techniques of land-surveying. High school history teaches us, however, that such knowledge and such techniques were not [supposed to be] available to the society which existed at the time this work was done, which must, of course, “be earlier than the known origins of the structures.”

As the newly powerful Roman Catholic Church came to power in Europe, many of its churches were built upon old sacred earth sites that in turn were built over major confluences of the planet’s energetic grid lines. Like migrating birds roosting in well-worn resting places, people still went to their habitual places of worship, only now their pagan rites had been replaced by the sacraments of the Church that knew full well the purpose of locating their churches and temples in such power spots for the harnessing of not only the planet’s energy, but for the harnessing of the energies of their congregations as well.

In particular, the most important rites of the Church [just as the political capitals were also located at such power places on the planet] were always held at ‘sacred stones, rocks, springs and places where three trackways meet.’ The French countryside is dotted with innumerable wayside crosses. These calvaries almost invariably stand at ‘places where three trackways meet.’

Part 8
Scientific knowledge of all types and for use in all kinds of purposes has been suppressed over the past thousands of years, particularly technology to be used in the Great Plan of harnessing and controlling all the residents of all the planets and galaxies in this corner of the Universe.

Much has been written over the past decade about the ‘digital angel’ implant, the supreme method of keeping track of people. It has been used in past millennia, is used on various dark planets throughout the galaxy, and it is coming again—as always, introduced for supposedly ‘our own benefit’—technology palmed off on the sleepy population as something that is good for them when truly it is just another part of the implementation of the overall “Great Plan” to control everyone’s thoughts, actions, and deeds for the higher purpose of those the Great Plan serves —‘the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God’ and those who rule or control the masses in the name of this dark god.

It is the legend of the Phoenix and its association with the Great Plan, Atlantis rising again from the ashes of its own destruction to once again become the power base of the dark sorcerer warlords who once ruled it and are here once again in human form to manipulate and control every form of energy available in order to maintain ultimate power on not only this planet, but all affected by its central power location in Creation.

Hitler and the Merovingian King, Clovis [the King Arthur of reality], along with many others down through history, have helped manifest the awesome powers of Lucifer here on planet Earth during their times, but now the New World Order is trying to play its last hand in the implementation of the Great Plan which has taken more than tens of thousands of years to put in place just for this time right now that we are all living through.

The Earth shudders at the burdens placed upon it in its own quest for higher dimensional consciousness. The Christians await the return of someone they believe to be their savior – but the Freemasonic Temple Pillars say it all—The left-hand pillar, Boaz-- ‘In strength,’ the right hand pillar, Jachin --‘He shall establish.’ And in truth, “In strength he shall establish” was to be Lucifer’s motto and is now the motto of his lackeys for the coming days, just as they have been over the entire course of Mankind’s disastrous history, a history that followed closely the Great Plan that would bring humanity to this very point in time for the ultimate goal of total domination. And Mankind’s response must be that powerful refrain from an old 1970’s call to action: “Takin’ it to the streets! Takin’ it to the streeeeets! . . .”