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The Greatest Lies Ever Told
The Greatest Lies Ever Told
By Peter Farley

The word 'poign?ant' ( P ) (poinynt) adj. means 'profoundly
moving; or touching'. There are and have been many poignant moments
in our lives, and the more we know sometimes the more poignant or
downright emotionally painful things can be.

The following comment from a person asking to join my yahoo
webgroup was, to me, one of the most poignant and moving moments of
my life:

"Comment from user:
I want to do what I can to prepare/protect myself/my family and
those in my community that want to actively prepare/protect

Every day I and others get criticized for what we are doing and how
we are doing it, all by people who have never even gotten off their
rear ends to help another person, let alone themselves, their
families, the planet or Creation in general.

We get criticized by people who have never taken the time to find
out the truth about what is going on, criticized by those too lazy
to do a little homework to find out the terrible brink upon which
Mankind teeters at the moment looking to take its next step in the
evolutionary process. And most of all, we get criticized by those
who sit around in spiritual 'chat' groups all day long talking about
each others kittens and how wonderful life will be after God helps
us all out of this terrible mess we are in.

As the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light once said in a
message channeled through Andre, "Mankind has little knowledge of
the true meaning of the word spiritual or of what lies beyond the
curtain of slavery pulled across their eyes."

In last year's wonderful movie, The Cinderella Man, one man fights
for the hopes and dreams of all of downtrodden Mankind during a time
of utter hopelessness and despair artificially created by those who
would see Man live in hovels, surviving on crusts of bread, with no
pride or sense of reason left. These are the New World Order who we
are fighting everyday in spiritual ways most men can never

In our recent trip to defuse the grid blockages placed their eons
ago, nothing was more revealing to Gerald than the fact that the New
World Order flouts its arrogance and its omnipresence in our faces
every moment of the day and most of us never even look up to see it
anymore. We are slaves who walk around keeping our heads down, never
questioning, never looking up at the filmy chemtrails dripping from
the skies and poisoning the lungs of our children, our pets and our
loved ones.

And those who have the potential to fight and win this
spiritual/Universal battle hide themselves away in New Age groups
where they are mollycoddled into inertia by false teaching and lies
that placate their desire for change, lies that smother thir deep-
seated knowingness that there is something more, that there is
something we are all here to do, that there is a world where people
can be free, if only they make that choice and fight with every
ounce of their spiritual strength to make themselves and their loved
ones free.

In a recent interview Dr. Len Horowitz expressed the following words
which encapsulate one of these greatest lies ever told:

"Len: Some people, like David Icke, believe that there may be a non-
human alien agenda. There seems to be a satanic, irrational agenda
versus a loving agenda. It is insane and it has to stop. It will
stop. It's destined to stop."

Those of us who come from the future know that on this timeline this
world and this corner of the Universe do not make it into freedom;
that the future is a nightmare far worse than even the movie 12
Monkeys portrays. That is why we have volunteered to come back here
to help put a stop to this annihilation of anything and everything
good about Mankind. This is why we are here. This is why you are
here. There is no outside force that will help us win this war.
Destiny has no other helpers but you and I and those standing around
and beside you, many of them unseen.

Kaayla's channeling today brought this home to me again for the
umpteenth time and yet something in my receptivity made it all the
more poignant: "Coming apart and putting back together?You are now
experiencing the coming apart on the 3D and yet it is the actual
putting together of the light particles of truth and compassion.
This is why it is so important for the light workers to do their
work. That is what is meant by light worker. Bringing the light
together is the only way to disperse the dark separating
energies. . . We are always present with you because that is our
commitment to Love--to assist you whenever you ask because you have
made the commitment to be with planet Earth when she makes the
transition into the next dimension.


Kaayla's guidance, Weylan, is from the planet Xion, as is Kaayla, as
are so many others of you. The two greatest lies ever told are 1)
that we are all human, and 2) that destiny takes care of itself. As
the Spiritual Hierarchy have been trying to tell us for so long now,
Beings from all over Creation are here to help with this `final
conflict'. Yes, some of them are `out there' helping or waiting to
be of service. The rest of them are here and now, you and me, the
people living next door to you. We are the heroes of this war, if we
will only get up and fight the way we have learned over so many,
many lifetimes before? spiritually, with all the power of a Light
and the Sound that do not allow darkness to exist in Their presence.
We are the fighters here to make this destiny happen. We are the
warriors of the Light here to make Darkness go the way of the
dinosaur. We are the ones who WILL make this all happen . . . with
or without you.

We are NOT powerless to change things. One man can make all the
difference. One woman, even more. Think about it, and then get up
and go to the window and shout out, " I'm mad as hell, and I'm not
going to take it anymore." And then e-mail me and let's see what you
particular mission is, and together we will ALL win this REAL war
taking place

In service, Peter.