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the hollow earth theory
The Hollow Earth \"Theory\"
By Peter Farley

The \"problem\" with what is taught about Earth and all other planets in school is that they are NOT filled with solid rock - they are hollow. Planets have their insides filled with life, usually more
than on their external surface. Planets are not just rocks, they are the source of life to those that inhabit them. They have a soul - around and within their bodies.

During the ages, there were always those who knew about planetary hollowness. It is common knowledge to older, wiser Civilizations from other areas of the Universe.

Earth scientists became aware as well, but the knowledge was blocked by the new world order. The governments block this information to the people...

There are entrances to the inside plane of Earth through the poles. The poles are actually holes that go through both sides of the planet, as if a stick had perforated Earth from North to South. The area that can render a compass unusable is located near those poles, and is not a single point but would be close to a circle located on the top and on the bottom of the planet. The circle lies around
the \"Pole Entrances\". This circle area is where the magnetic field lines that surround earth converge on the North and South Pole regions.

Satellite images are modified so that these entrance holes are not shown to the masses. The north entrance is guarded by CIA and military ships. The southern entrance is blocked by ice and has it\'s
access blocked or made further difficult by military bases and patrols.

The planet\'s inner surface throbs with life and far more life energy than the external one. The reason for this is that the inner Sun, which is what holds the planet energetically together, has direct
contact with the beings that live on the inner surface. Usually the outside is less protected and has too much radiation coming from space to keep a healthy level on its surface inhabitants. The inner
realm on the other hand has no problems with radiation from space sources/stars because the only source of Light energy in there is the Planet\'s heart center: a luminous source of heat/Love, Light and Energy to the inner plane.

The inside of Earth is of a higher vibration and all who live there are pulled into the level of vibration equivalent to 4th and 5th dimensional existence. The shift is somewhat gradual, and those
coming from the 3rd dimension would feel lighter and have an easier time breathing. This is the ascension into 4th dimension that blends the light reflected on physical surfaces into the surfaces
themselves, making them more permeable to energy, and turning energy reflection into emission of energy. Things become less dense and shadowy. This is not to be confused with the Darkness that controls - that is darkness that limits. The lessening of shadows on higher realms is due to the change of the behavior of energy and how it is less dense than its materialized 3rd dimensional form. Walking into the inner plane would feel like a soft transition to a dream, but subject to being forgotten as it is exited - unless the person has enough consciousness development to remember and integrate the memories into the 3rd dimensional brain, or there are measures taken
for the remembering to take place. Forgetting can also be helped, and some things are forgotten because they were made so.

The Inner Sun\'s Light allows for people/animals/different species of beings to receive healing energies directly into their auric fields. Plants grow larger and with juicier fruits. Men and Women live longer, and are better able to develop their spiritual and physical functions. It is always day and the weather is always warm there. There is a tale of viking immigrants that set sail north in search
for the land of eternal spring. They did find the land, it is inner Earth. And they were right about eternal warm weather, for as you get closer to the north pole, the climate becomes hotter. There have been expeditions close to the opening that confirm that there are butterflies and less ice after a certain latitude. Peoples living in Greenland know of the entrance, natives are aware of travelers from the inner plane that stop by for supplies once in a while.

Besides the top and bottom entrances to inner Earth, there are also other pathways that go through the solid surface. Many tell tales of hidden galleries and underground ancient cities, which for the most part, really exist. The underground cities made of gold, long lost, were a reality and built by men that knew their path through the Earth\'s Crust. Men like these were present in many civilizations - the aztecs, the mayans, the egyptians, and some others.

Many pyramids and ziggurats have underground galleries and deeper hallways with endless stairs that will lead to a place of zero gravity. Then there is the jump zone, where the traveler will jump to
the other end, and fall upwards so that he is able to crawl until he is again pulled to the ground. He is now walking on the inner plane of the planet, pushed outwards by the outer plane and walking on the inside plane.

The inner plane is populated with many races of evolved intelligence and humanoid form, also of large animals such as mammoths and other extinct dinosaurs. The inner inhabitants are concerned with the world situation outside, but are unable to interfere, due to non -interference intergalactic rules. If they openly put their finger on what they constantly watch, then the inside of Earth will be brought into play, and there is no need for further compromising Earth\'s health.

Yet, most of this is also possible on the outer layer. Here on the outside, Earth\'s health feels lesser because of all the turmoil that WAS ALLOWED to take place, all the sickness spread by those who sell the medicine and the darkness they bring. Be it pollution, crime, addiction or diseases - all of these are man-made sickness, that harms Earth as much as its humane \"complement\".

Dark \"Man\" destroyed the healthy atmosphere that filtered much of the radiation transmitted to Earth, polluted the planet and deteriorated much of its aura. It is time that pollution is cut at the root as these companies will not last through the next few years. Earth cleanses itself to return to what it used to be.

It will become what it was before the dawn of the dark domination era, with the ascended survivors (right now a small percentage of those on the planet) aiding in the reconstruction of the world. The others will be removed, through wars, world catastrophe, whatever it takes. But much of the traumatic changes can be avoided, by renewing the ways of \"humanity\". We say \"Humanity\" because much of the world\'s population is not of a human nature, instead, they are souls from other species, from varied planets... Many of them are made of dark light, here to usurp the dark state of society, the exploitation and domination that warms their hearts, reminding them of what their dark origins feel like. They are resistant to the pollution, both on a physical and on a non-physical level. They are well adapted, they were born on places where these levels of darkness are normal.

Take heed, know how to avoid the disasters, see and become wary of what you let happen which will bring you no gain. Watch out for what outlanders come to do with your planet, to a planet of Light. Enjoy the time and the place you are when you see the opportunity to stop dark agendas from moving forward. Let your lives become of service if your Heart calls you to that, and realize the feeling of integration to Creation that is born with that Service.

Many feel that it is dishonest that earth on its external layers is destroyed, while on it\'s inner plane there is so much exuberance. Know that the external plane is damaged because it\'s people let it
become damaged... The inner plane will not interfere, and will disappear with Earth if it is destroyed.

RAJ and The Council of The Light