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The Importance of Place to the New World Order
The Importance of Place to the New World Order
by Peter Farley
(As always, I stand on the shoulders of giants who do the footwork research which I piece together)

Perhaps the truest statement I?ve read in a long time goes something like this: ?The difference between the New World Order and the rest of humanity is that the New World Order knows it is at war. The rest of humanity doesn?t have a clue.?

This is particularly evident in what?s taking place in Israel right now, where Reptilian leaders such as Yassar Arafat help continue the facade that there is a ?them against us? kind of world out there when, if you look at my list of reptilians in the US government, you will see who it is that really controls us.

In his book I am me - I am free, David Icke says that ?Control of the world over a very long period has been achieved by... mind manipulation, manufactured division, and most important of all, fear.?

As much as anything, it is the fear that has us all quaking in our boots wondering what is going to take place in the coming days to set Man free of such control.

The bombing at Oklahoma City was a case of murder in the first degree. It wasn?t the first and certainly won?t be the last before we get out of this thing alive.

As those who have read Zecharia Sitchin?s work will know, the Annunaki left behind them two factors of control before the planet lowered into 3rd dimensional state, leaving them still 4th and 5th dimensional. These two factors were kingship ( politics) and the priesthood (religion).

Both manifested their knowledge of sacred geometry and its incorporation into architecture to create structures that both harnessed natural earth energies, as well as helping create a web that would also harness the energies of the people themselves.

How big is a temple? The Mormon one in Salt Lake City is huge. The temples of ancient days could have been even larger. If we count the sacred sites such as Stonehenge then they can be tremendous. But what if I told you a temple can fill up almost an entire country or even a small continent?

In his book View Over Atlantis, John Michell shows how the ancients harnessed the ley lines (energy grid) of the planet by using churches and sacred sites, and dolmens or standing stones, to act as energy collectors and transmitters, in such countries as Great Britain and Ireland. He also shows how the Gothic Cathedrals of France were strategically placed to create an outline of the constellation Virgo, much as the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are patterned in the very same way as Orion?s Belt. Are these not temples as well, only on a far grander scale?.

Much has been written about the New Jerusalem which is to be built in the final days before Armageddon (?the great awakening?). Some people believe or hope that this will be built in Israel. Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, said it would be located in Independence, MO. What he and the others didn?t realize was that it would not just be built in one city, nor even one country for that matter.

And worse still, few if any people outside the secret societies who built it, know that the New Jerusalem has already been built?and not by any ?god-fearing? persons either, but by the New World Order, those who have verbally stated their worship to be of Lucifer.

Portals are temples as well?windows of entry to and from the planet and from the 3rd dimensional realm. Some of those such as Al Bielek who have been part of time travel experiments can themselves be portals for alien energies to enter this dimension. Portals can be the size of the stargate portrayed in the television series, or tens of miles across, much like the now famous pentacle design surrounding Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France.

The Ancient Ones such as the Anasazi were keepers of such portals. Many of the Mayan Temples in central America are also portals, waiting for the right people who will return to open their gateways to the stars.

In my explanation of the reasons behind the destruction of the World Trade Center and the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, I tried to get across some idea of the importance of place in this battle raging between Humanity and the New World Order.

Obviously it is the control and power over these central portals that lies at the heart of the battles going on. When one knows that Jerusalem is one of the three largest portals on the planet (As Sitchin suggests in his landing pattern for the Annunaki), then the struggle for control of its sacred sites takes on greater meaning than just an attachment to ancient religious figures.

Those who are returning hold far more significance than those who have already left.

Nikola Tesla knew that exact positioning of his experimental labs around the world would allow for his super-technology to take advantage of the earth?s magnetic grid to boost the power of his antennas and potential weapons technology. That technology has now been utilized by the major governments of the world to set up relay stations and power bases all over the planet ?all specifically located to take advantage of the Earth?s natural energies.
The worldwide spying network Echelon, a shadowy, US-led worldwide electronic spying network set up by secret treaty in 1947, whereby the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, divided the world between them to share the product of global eavesdropping. Agencies from the five countries exchange intercepts using supercomputers to identify key words. Many of the supercomputers involved with such ?citizen surveillance? are now stationed in Australia (Deacon Center in Canberra, and Pine Gap, see because the Australians are less likely to revolt against such use of their space, especially after their own prime ministers have been assassinated (Harold Holt)or thrown out of office (Gough Whitlam) after protesting such use of sovereign territory.

Echelon, along with so many other ?safety and security? measures, are doing away with individual privacy - a basic human right. And with less and less privacy comes more and more fear.

To rise above the fear of this plane, we have to allow what we fear to be dissolved by faith and trust in a benevolent Universe which is not based on chaos, as the New World Order would have us believe.

The energy of rising above fear makes our time clearly flow. We become light, feel a sense of movement into the future and we become whole again. When we stay in our fear - or when we try to control the outcome of our lives without this faith and trust, we become less able to flow, fearful, and in the control, we focus directly on local energies rather than higher energies to get us what we want.

A person holds to fear out of habit, out of knowing how to use it and how to bend the energy of fear to bring forward what one wants - it is a powerful energy. You get fearful enough, you finally have enough energy to bring forward whatever you want?that which prompted the fear response in the first place. Remembering how loved we are by our spiritual guidance is the key. Are we loved by the energy of fear we manipulate so well? I do not think so
It truly is a matter of unlearning the control we have mastered and allowing ourselves to go beyond this lowered, but powerful level of fear and into the future of JOY.

Manly Hall claimed that the Atlanteans devised a plan?a ?Great Plan??which would guide world events for millennia to come, and that it included a mysterious blueprint of what would later become America. Hall said that ancient Egyptian secret societies inherited this Great Plan and were well aware of the existence of the land mass in the Western hemisphere which we now call America, long before it was ?discovered? by Columbus.

He stated: ?The explorers who opened the New World operated from a master plan and were agents of re-discovery rather than discoverers.? (Hall, Manly P. America?s Assignment with Destiny The Philosophical Research Society: LA 1951 P 49-50)

Not only did Columbus know where he was going, but he himself was married to the daughter of a former Knight of Christ. This gave him access to his father-in-law?s charts and diaries which showed the ?non-existent? continent to which he was headed. His mission was not so much to look for new wealth, but to look for the new land where the Templars and their successors the Freemasons, would not be persecuted, and would be allowed to practice their activities openly. What they found was the country which had always been planned as the central focus of the New World Order?America. This would give good reason why it is Columbus who is now celebrated as the discoverer of America, rather than the centuries of explorers who came here before him.

Whereas the organization established by the Knights Templar in Europe and the Middle East in the 12th and 13th centuries was an early attempt to form a New World Order based on a system of financial institutions in a cabal involving the use of occult practices, America would one day see the second attempt at forming this same New World Order. If we take a look back at the history of these organizations, it is suggested by their long term investments of time in such buildings as the Gothic cathedrals, that the leaders of these organizations do not plan for the short term. How can this be? In their studies and subsequent use of the ancient mysteries and traditions laid down by Hermes/Thoth, and others, they have learned to master the reincarnational cycle so that they have the ability to incarnate within the same families, thus inheriting the rewards of their work from previous lifetimes. This is especially true of the wealthy, power-hungry banking families who have the majority of the control and money in the world today.

As Umberto Ecco explains in his novel about the Templars, Focault?s Pendulum, the plan was ?a long-term one. Modern days; the problems of psychology, physiology, and the many ?missing links? which have so perplexed scientists of late, are all in the hands of secret fraternities. This mystery must be unveiled some day?The answers are there. They may be found on the time worn granite pages of cave-temples, on sphinxes, propylons, and obelisks. They have stood there for untold ages, and neither the rude assault of time, nor the still ruder assault of Christian hands, have succeeded in obliterating their records?.And so stand these monuments like mute forgotten sentinels on the threshold of that unseen world, whose gates are thrown open but to a few elect?they will disclose their riddles to none but the legates of those by whom they were entrusted with the Mystery. The cold, stony lips of the once vocal Memnon, and of these hardy sphinxes, keep their secrets well. Who will unseal them? Who of our modern, materialistic dwarfs and unbelieving Sadducees will dare to lift the Veil of Isis??

In Rollin Thunder?The Coming Earth Changes, J.R. Jochmans relates the prophecies given to the Rev. Paul Solomon of Virginia by one that calls itself The Source wherein the Source ?also reveals that America will someday be troubled by civil war brought about because of religious belief. Brother will oppose brother in the streets everywhere, much like the conflict presently going on in Northern Ireland. This too will contribute to the general weakening of this country as a great power.? Machiavellian warfare, that of divide and conquer, has always been the key weapon of those behind the New World Order. This is very evident in Israel where both peoples and religions are pitted one against another, while control of the portal is manipulated by those behind the evident structure in power.

This segment from Chapter 23 ? Nourished by Architecture and Sacred Geometry?of my book, Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?, may help expand upon this important understanding of how architecture helps to harness the basic power of the planet, and of the Universe as well:

?Everything in the Universe is in circular spiral forms?from the level of an atom, to the level of a solar system, to the level of a galaxy, to the level of a nebulae, to the level of a smaller Universe and so on up the ladder until eventually we come to find that this Super Universe is a smaller scale model of the Grand Central Universe of the original Creator ITSELF. Control of the temple aspect of the planet is a key element of controlling its people as we will find out more in the history, control mechanisms, and future plans of the New World Order. It amounts to building various keys and locks into the system , keys and locks in the form of esoteric symbols to which the New World Order now has the control or ownership. The intent of using this ?temple technology? of the New World Order is to harness the power of the universe and inevitably to control the entire Universe by controlling these various locks and keys to the future evolution of this corner of it. From there they can then reach out to control the entire Super Universe itself.

The fascination of the ancient mystery cults with geometry brings with it knowledge of how to open these various locks, and even extends to architecture, where the construction of temples can harness the energies of both the sacred site or magnetic grid point on which it rests, and the energies of its congregation of worshippers as well. Nowhere did this reach a higher level of sophistication than in the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe built by and for the secret society of Freemasons. We shall go into the history part of this later, but here we would like to take a brief look at the ancient mystery of how architecture itself works.

The prime concern of the builders of Gothic architecture, as with any sacred site, was to make express use of Earth Goddess sites, where the Telluric Current (earth force) was strongest. In megalithic times, such sites were reinforced by the use of artificial stone caverns called dolmens.

Dolmens were a type of prehistoric chamber consisting of two or more huge unhewn stone slabs, or megaliths, set edgewise in the earth and supporting a flat capstone that serves as a roof. Dolmens were sometimes covered with immense artificial hillocks or tumuli, but at times the covering of earth reached only to the capstone. Many dolmens are surrounded by a circle of megaliths collectively called a cromlech. Archaeologists believe that dolmens were burial chambers but they weren?t. Instead, they bear more of a relationship to the pillars of a temple in creating a portal or time/dimensional tunnel for transporting energies from one area of the countryside to another.

Castles and fortresses built in the Atlantean temple form, often surrounded by a moat of water, act in much the same way only on a grander scale to increase and draw together those energies of the people and of the land. In the Grail legends, Arthur and the land are said to be one.

La Cit?, the medieval fortress on a hill beside modern Carcassone in France, does this to perfection. It is a fairytale castle in a pop-up picture book, all crenellations, turrets, and battlements. In summer you may see knights jousting below the massive walls, curio shops hawking plastic pikes and spikes, and a museum of medieval torture beside the little creperie. First you can take a close look at flaying, then dive into good fluffy jam crepes.
The Notre Dame de Paris cathedral built on an island surrounded by the waters of the Seine (river) on the ancient location of the Mars Oracle, is a prime example of this Atlantean temple form.

The main visual aspect of a Gothic building is the pointed arch?the ogive?which first emerged in abut 1130. The Ogive substitutes as a dynamic sound vibrator or energy increasor, raising the vibration?Sound being the chief directional constructor of the Universes. Unlike other styles of construction, cosmic forces in an ogive pull upwards, carrying the telluric current vertically through the people beneath it and beaming it up through antenna spires to whatever or wherever those spires and that building are aligned with. The action of the sound waves within an ogive can be controlled, as can the sound from organ pipes of differing length or from the varied keys of a xylophone. The degrees of resonance alter with the specification of individual Ogives, and Gothic buildings were often tuned in the same manner as, say a piano.

The Crossed-Ogive, as used in ceilings and flying buttresses, affords an even greater degree of fine tuning by pulling the building?s energy further upwards, all of which serves to elevate people to a more ?upright posture?. Within such a calculated environment, certain musical sounds can heighten the rising terrestrial force, just as the Gregorian Chant was devised for this purpose in heavier, less tensile confines.

Music is essentially geometry in the form of sound. It incorporates the same harmonies that appear in sacred architectural proportion. Just as there are scales in geometry, so there are scales in music. These can be plotted as right-angled triangles, with the hypotenuse intersections relating to the tonal frequencies of the verticals. If one transposes such musical figures to the base and high-points of building interiors, then the relevant notes of a scale can be plotted on the uprights. Thereby, an interior space (or a Universe) can be constructed musically in accordance with any given scale, and its harmonic qualities will be directly related to that design. This concept was expounded long ago by Pythagoras. He stated that numerical scales which agree with the ear are the same as delight the eye and mind. Plato also used musical examples as a measure of harmonious proportion in all things.
This same principal comes into today?s superconductor technology and even into personal relationships as well. When you understand that superconductors don?t have to touch, we?re back to the science again. In electricity, the wires have to touch before electricity can flow from one wire to another wire, but superconductors can sit at a distance, and as long as they are in resonant harmony, and their Meissner fields touch, they are one because they flow light between them. So they act as one superconductor. So when you are a perfect superconductor, and she is a perfect superconductor, you are one with her heart and her mind. You know all things about her. Perfect telepathy.
Viktor Schauberger was a scientist privy to the secret teachings of Pythagoras which came to him via the work of Johannes Kepler. Schauberger utilized the Pythagorean theory of creation in explaining his idea that sounds create our universe through harmonic resonance and teaching us that the structure of matter itself is determined by the proportional relationships of integral numbers. All structure can be shown to consist of harmonic proportions which stem from a single monochord (the HU). The laws of all science follow suit including chemistry, biology, and genetics. Take the diagram of our two-strand DNA provided in an earlier volume and turn the diagram on its side?what you get is wave modulation with amplitude and frequency?sound.

Schauberger was a naturalist and also believed the crude principles of explosion to be an abomination to the natural order of things. He sought to access the power of the inner universe and apply it to the outer universe. Where the technology of explosion was considered to be destructive, implosion was the alternative. It was this line of thinking which enabled him to make great strides in neutralizing gravity and accessing the realm of antimatter.
The sound in language follows the same laws as any other aspect of sound in Creation. Most sacred texts are sound-encoded?their truth and the wisdom contained therein can be only properly gleaned by listening to the words as they are spoken or read aloud.

As Clow says in her work, Eye of the Centaur:
?We hear the words within traditional teaching, in the Torah and in the Kaballah. That is the secret, to hear the Truth in your heart as you read the words which mask the message. Often the transcriptions are done incorrectly by the scribes, but the Hebrew language is made up of sounds protected by the Masters. The sound is heard correctly in our heads no matter what is written. If you listen right, you will hear right, no matter what the theologians and scribes do to the truth. . . You will always know the truth when you hear it, which will often mean great suffering for you. . . Only the Masters have the truth.?

In the macrocosm, these sounds are needed for synchronizing the geometrical light forms of the Galaxy.

The system of alignments of churches and hedgerows in England, and of the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, as well as the standing stones that mark their course, have this obvious affinity with the Great Pyramid, in that they are all under the influence of Hermes (Mercury). It now appears that the Pyramid was in fact itself an instrument of alchemy. This can be shown by a study of the Pyramid?s numbers and of the principles which they represent.

According to the alchemists, life is created out of the fusion of two elements, mercury and sulphur, the first, representing the female or dormant essence, being animated by the second, the male principle?hence Mercury seen as the messenger (Sound) delivering the Light or sulphur. These two elements, it appears, are united at the Great Pyramid?s tip in what is symbolically termed the Grain of the Mustard Seed, whose number is 1746.

There is, therefore, every possible indication that the Great Pyramid was constructed to create a fusion of these two elements, celestial and terrestrial (balancing the spiritual with the physical), that it was in fact an instrument of inspiration. Prometheus, Thoth, Idris, each of the gods identified as Mercury or Hermes, are reputed to have provided the first spark of human en-lighten-ment. They introduced the arts of science and civilization, and at the start of each new cycle they are said to return, like Merlin or St. Michael, to refresh the spirit and ?renew the Word?. They can be equated with the ?gods of science? responsible for the Atlantean growth and its destruction, and now they are the gods of the brotherhoods of scientists and alchemists who wish to, and are re-establishing this supremacy of science upon the planet.

At the Pyramid, the marriage of heaven and earth was performed, a union between the terrestrial current accumulated within its enormous bulk and the divine spark of celestial fire distilled from the ether at the point of the crystal and gold apex. The whole secret of prehistoric science is expressed in the following equation, which provides the meaning of the Great Pyramid with a clarity beyond words: 1080 + 666 = 1746 (1080 being the female + 666 being the male = 1746, the Grain of the Mustard Seed or the marriage of heaven and earth?the microcosm and the macrocosm).

1746, the sum of the two numbers representing sulphur and mercury, is the number of fusion, the grain of the mustard seed. From fusion comes an endless source of energy, something the average scientists have not yet been able to figure out how to do. What we use right now is fission, the splitting of things apart, which is against the Universal order, and creates many of our problems here upon the Earth. This is the allegorical splitting of both the Adam and the atom. Sacred sites such as those on which the temples and cathedrals are built, are already fusion points where Earth and Sky energies are fused.

A famous legend which the grand orator supposedly elaborates on in lecture form in the ceremonies of the 13th, 14th, and 21st degrees of Masonry explains the origins of the Mysteries, bearing a remarkable similarity to Mormonism. The legend was in American Masonic print by 1802; and by Joseph Smith?s time many publications had made the legend popularly disseminated:

? . . . in the pre-existence, there was a special Secret Doctrine that was given by the Deity . . . to the Earth first to Adam (who) was to carefully guard this Secret Doctrine because it contained all the Mysteries . . . [including the secret name of God.

?Adam then bestowed it upon his son, Seth, who guarded it very carefully?only among the inner circle of believers?and then it was handed down until it came to Enoch . . . the central figure in the legend.?

It is with Enoch that the remarkable resemblances with Joseph Smith and Mormon history become disconcertingly clear. This secret doctrine is referred to in the Gnostic Gospels in The Gospel According to Adam. No wonder Freemasons trace their history back to Adam, and even to times and places far beyond that. . . .

In Ancient Egypt these telluric or earth energies were known as the dragon energy. Crocodiles actually rolled in silica clay mud beneath the temples enhancing these powerful energies up through the temple structure/.

The Mormon?s took this temple technology and have actually enhanced it as well in terms of its ability to ?trap? human emotional energies and collect them and transmit them to where ever it is desired. Think of all the various emotions released in a church or in a temple and one will be able to begin to grasp the emotional energy available to those who would collect and utilize it against us.

The basis of all temple technology is situated in the ?templ-ate? known as the Temple of Solomon.

As Clow suggests, the Holy Land is a portal, sucking in energies from Nibiru and other star systems deeply involved with human history.. And it was the temples that were the focal point for the melding of these two energies, allowing these portals to be opened or closed at will?depending on the needs and the know-how of the controllers.

The central vortex in the Holy Land is the Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount, and the water flowing through channels of limestone beneath it turn it into one great big battery. The temple of Solomon was built over the rock to control its emanations..

Teotihuacan, Clow says, is activated by blowing conch shells in front of the Pyramid of the Moon since everything is sound coded in the stones at sacred sites. People praying in specially constructed domes (cupolas) under crystal chandeliers such as many temples have, only further tunes these temples for further use of these energies.

Since dimensions are simply different levels of vibration, ?Twilight Zone? areas between the dimensions could be constructed inside Temples where the Annunaki and other so-called ?gods? could come to continue their use of human sacrificial virgins. Sitchin speaks about these extensively.

The Ley Energies or Earth Energy grid can be utilised by spirits/entities and those who hold the ancient knowledge. Much more paranormal activity will take place at sacred sites or significant ley line intersections. This is one of the keys to the mystery behind Rennes-le-Chateau, as explored in my new book Awakening to the New Paradigm.

Barbara Clow confirms this in some of her channeling sessions where she says that the temple at Machinga (La Venta) was created so alien energies could descend in physical form ?in order to ground their multi-dimensional essence into the evolution of planet Earth.?

Unfortunately, this interaction, as anyone who has read much material in this field will know, is anything but beneficial to Mankind or to the planet itself. Religions were created to control man just as kingship was. Temple technology that once enhanced Mankind?s life in the early days of Atlantis, has now been hijacked for the express purpose of controlling Mankind and specifically his most powerful emotional energies.

?The Holy Land is a laboratory of stellar control. In temple secrecy, we were taught everything about the visitors, but this information was taken out of the Bible. For 300, 000 years, the central agenda by the Nibiruans has been to control the earth and the use of its resources. . . . as it gets closer . . the Holy Land will again transmute into a portal, sucking in energies from Nibiru as well as from other stellar bodies, awakening memories of past experiences between the people and the visitors . . .?

Control of these portals and stargates allows for control of the ambient population of that area ?hence the equating of King Arthur with the land, and the association of the control of the Egyptian temples and pyramids with the welfare of the people and productiveness of the land. And most powerfully of all, these portals and alignments are all keyed in to the solstices and equinoxes of the planetary movements that allow for maximum energy flow and for the correct timing of the portals to open.

?. . . In 3600 BC, one of the times the visitors came to Earth, they brought their own temple teachings?Nibiruan astrology and divination. The Keepers of Tradition were fascinated with these teachings, just as they are fascinated with all knowledge from the mind of the Creator, and they began to study this wisdom. But the most interesting parts of this time calendar were planned for the last twenty years of the cycle?AD 1992 to 2012.? (Clow)

And that time is drawing near, and all the portals are once again reopening, not for the end of the world as some people call it, but for the ?end of the world as we know it??planetary ascension and ?the great awakening.?


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