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the impossibles
In one of Sue Ann\'s recent channelings, Aristenna made the following

\"Many of the Higher Beings we send to Peter to work with are these
very Beings who once thought they were better than Creation. They
are what he calls \'the impossible cases\', those who like himself
have had little response to change over the past but now are being
given one last chance to change their old ways much as he has done.\"

I\'m certainly not ashamed to call myself a former \'impossible\' case
because one thing I am and always was, unlike many people who don\'t
know any better, was honest with myself.

One of my years of teaching high school was in Roswell, NM. One of
the two local high schools had gotten an influx of students and had
to have another teacher to handle the \'overflow\'. Unfortunately that
was me. I say unfortunately because all the other teachers were
ALLOWED to pick who they wanted out of their classes and sent into
mine. This of course meant the worst of the worst ended up all in
one room with me as the teacher, except of course the one nice
teacher who sent me two of her best and brightest students. See any
similarities here?

If you\'ve ever had a job where you\'d rather die than go into work
ever again you might understand how I felt, because of course this
was in my period of training, not in a time where I was more
comfortable and communicating with guidance 24/7. I made it through
the 6 months I had those kids, and it was only at the end of that
time that RAJ said to me that the only reason we were now
communicating was because I had done so well in at least surviving
that situation.

That was part of my training as a former \'impossible\' to deal with
the \'impossib;le\' cases that would be led to seek me out or find me
for their own chance at \'stepping our of impossibility\'. If you ask
your Guidance They will tell you, the Spiritual Hierarchy NEVER
believed it possible that I could step up to do what I have done.
They only gave me the impossible tasks and when all was said and
done I was very proud to here Them say that I had not only
accomplished what was thought to be impossible, but I had also
accomplished beyond that to what everyone had thought
was \'unimaginable\'.

I don\'t tell you this to stroke what some may consider an ego. I had
my ego chakra removed early on and I tell you what folks, that
opened so many doors for me to simply be just me. I tell you this
because if you\'re reading this you, most likely, are an impossible
case as well. It takes an impossible case to understand the barriers
other impossible cases face in trying to let go of ego, surrender
their own personal will to higher will, and to get out of the mind
and into the heart and use it instead as the wonderful tool it can
be. Just like in the healing room there is rarely a case of a client
having something going on where I haven\'t been there done that and
understand how it feels to in that situation.

Everything I\'ve ever done good AND particuarly bad, makes me better
at what I do now. It\'s all just lessons, and if we learn the lesson,
make our amends and move on then nothing can be said to be \'evil\'.

I\'ve stepped on a lot of toes in doing this work over the years.
That\'s mainly because ego holds most people back from truly
surrendering to Spirit the way that life truly demands that we do.
Ego is just defense mechanisms which, if we never come out from
behind their very high walls, we never truly live our lives and
never truly are capable of serving, doing our mission, or even
having the fun that life was intended to be. Ego is the number one
reason people can\'t keep moving forward with their learning here in
this group or naywhere else for that matter. Look at the New Agers,
that\'s all about ego. The people with the purple robes and fancy
sounding names are all the biggest egos out there and also the
biggest losers. None of them are Masters and none of them ever will
be for being a Master means surrendering ego and self will, being
humble and simply serving with only the peace of being in the flow
as the one true reward.

J.C. Watts hit the nail on the head when he said, \"Character is
doing the right thing when no one is watching.\"

Guidance had me learn everything the ahrd way, by doing it, step by
step so that I would be able to share the way I took out of being
an \'impossible\'. My rate of success in dealing with
other \'impossibles\' is not very high, but as Guidance says, that\'s
simply because they are \'impossibles\'. Guidance loves us soooo much
that They want to give everone a final chance to step up and be who
we really are and do what it is we really came here to do. That\'s
nigh on impossible as long as our ego defenses stand in the way. As
with any good 12 step program, admitting you\'ve got a problem that
you can\'t handle is step one. Admitting you may very well just be
one of these impossible cases Guidance is having me write about
might just be step one for you in just biting your lip and doing the
hard work of letting go of ego, doing your homework, and shutting up
and listening to someone who knows better than you do right now
about what it takes to get out of the place your in that is why your
searching in the first place. Someone who\'s been there done that and
finally succeeded at getting somewhere that\'s not a bad place to be -
- if you want to look at JUST BEING as a kind of nice place to be.
Think about it, but not too long, for even with me it was the
closing of that final window of opportunity that made me leap
through before the window closed.

With Love, in service, Peter