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the last gates to ascension and a brave new world
The Last Gates to Ascension and A Brave New World

by Peter Farley and others

This weekend Tom Duranchuc and I with the help of other energetic Souls opened the final gates to the ascension process for Planet Earth. When the finals energetic grid switch is thrown sometime in late July, the Great Shift will take place at an amazingly accelerated speed.

Already a number of people are reporting that they are seeing \'time lapse\' or blurring motions of people as these changes begin to take effect.

Although the darkside\'s control of the grid system has been lifted, this does not mean that the physical battle for freedom has been won nor that it will nto still have to be fought by all of us as these changes take place.

The following are a number of channelings and postings from my own yahoogroup ( explaining the process of what has taken place over the past few days up to and including the work done at Mt. Shasta.

1. 6/8/07 Through Mike Coonier

I would like to ask the Lyran Team about the work being done this
weekend around Mt. Shasta and about the 8th and 9th gates for the
ascension process?

We understand your question and can give you information concerning
this situation.

This is a powerful energy week as it corresponds to the week of the
WWII D-Day invasion of the Normandy Beaches of France in 1944. This
spelled the beginning of the end for German forces under Adolph
Hitler. That invasion opened the door for allied forces to bring its
entire might against the German army.

In much the same way the invasion of the Mt. Shasta area will take
place tomorrow and will be the key to opening the 8th and 9th gates
for the ascension process. These openings will be used only by the
forces of light and will not be able to be accessed by the dark
forces any longer. This will indeed be the beginning of the end for
the dark forces trying to impede the ascension process of planet
Earth. This is however, only a beginning as there will be much work
left to do in the mopping up stages of this war.

The main thing for everyone involved with this operation to remember
is to focus his or her energy on the victory that is assured at the
end of this conflict.

Once these gates have been opened up a much needed higher vibration
of energy coming from the center of the universe will be freed up to
be used in helping with the ascension of planet Earth.

Many from other areas of the universe will be monitoring this
situation and will be sending their positive energy into this
situation. Rest assured this is not a two- man operation.
The two of you are the spear point so to speak and as such you will
carry the brunt of the attack, but you can rest in the fact of your
protection that is even now being layered upon you.
This is all we have on this matter.

Your Lyran Team from the otherside.

2. 6-11-07 through Sue Ann Mikrut

Dear One,
WE want to add more information about what was accomplished at Mt.
Shasta. The eighth and ninth gates were opened which is the
equivalent to the launching of the planet into ascension. A new
reality is now able to be made for the planet; something that has
never been done before on this planet -- a reality based solely on

The gates were the closed doors to ascension, more like the
floodgates that have held this planet back for eons. The energies
that will now pour into the planet will power her into the new
paradigm. These gates, all nine of them, were the controlling
factors that the darkside used to keep the planet from Her natural
ascension process. The opening of theses gates and the stored power
behind them will catapult the planet onto a fast-track ascension
route. That is why it was so important for the darkside to keep
them closed down so planet Earth would not ascend.

WE are most grateful for all of those who helped with the process of
getting them open.

With Much LOVE and Gratitude,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

And one member of the group\'s experience prior to the closing down
of the gates:

\"I just though I tell you this thing that I experienced last time
just after I spoke with you. When we spoke about me doing the grid
points here and you joked about swapping jobs with Mt Shasta. Well
that evening or perhaps it was early morning when I went to bed just
before nodding off I had a lucid dream and I momentarily projected
my consciousness to Mt Shasta. Guidance pushed me there, it wasn\'t a
conscious move. I don\'t want to scare anyone but to tell it as I saw
it: I saw a snake-like creature swimming through the air coming my
way as if noticing my presence and a moment later another one except
this one was a dragon type - they were big and at that moment I
consciously pulled my self out. They were definitely aware of my
presence - although it occurred for just a few seconds perhaps 10
seconds at tops, they were alerted like those guard dogs who can
sniff you a mile away. It was not at ground level, somewhere where I
was approaching the Mountains in the air. Soon as those creatures
approached me my consciousness was pulled back to my body and I


Shasta - Peter Farley
If I talked about wraiths, and assassins, and ogres, strange
enchanted mountains, ambushes, flying snakes and damsels in
distress, you would probably think I was either talking about Shrek
the Fourth or Lord of the Rings, but I\'m not. This was the adventure
we had this weekend of opening the 8th and 9th gates to ascension at
Mt Shasta.

For those who are the doers of spirituality and not simply the
talkers, they may have a glimpse of the amazing symmetry of people
who know how to follow Guidance every moment through the mazes and
traps and dangers of doing work to help the planet ascend. For most
others it would sound like some mystical legend or fairytale and
would be just another movie on the shelf.

Being able to follow Guidance moment-by-moment makes all these
things look so effortless, like a wonderful dance performed by
skilled experts in their particular field. But, like those skilled
experts, it\'s taken years of stdy and practise to make it all look
so easy.

There were ambushes on every side of Shasta, both coming and going.
There were guardians and assassins and strange beasts and critters
to be dealt with, etheric roadblocks, mystical formulae for entering
into the portals and vortexes, and on and on it went. Suffice to say
the work got done. The 8th gate opening on saturday after the work
Tom and I did that day upon arrival, the 9th gate Sunday evening at
the very end of all the work. I know, and those who also showed up
in Shasta this past weekend know, that when we left the mountain was
no longer a spirit in chains, but rather a living beating heart of
something indescribable, something I\'ve personally never seen before
in that place or any other, something I personally did not want to

I am very, very blessed to be able to do what I do and sad that
everyone cannot feel the amazing things I have to deal with in this
ongoing adventure. Tom did. Ericka did. Jeff did.

And I thank them all and all those who lent their energies to the
effort and to the work. Aristenna already added a little to
something which can barely be comprehended. Thoth wants to add His
say to, and perhaps others will as well. We\'ll add Their words as we
are able.


Tom: This was truly amazing and life changing. Since this was really
my first time helping to save the world I had no idea what to expect. At first
it does feel like some crazy fairy tale dream. But soon after taking on some of
these critters and obstacles you realize a little bit how deep you really are.
This is truly a WAR, your life is literally at stake as you do the work. This is
no joke
or some easy hop-along adventure. It is very real and I have barely
gotten a taste of what it has been like for the last 8+ years of this work. It
is 24/7 vigilance, complete surrender to Guidance. All I can say is even though
I have no idea the extent of what has been done, I am so grateful to have been a
part of this.

4. 6/12/07 Through Sue Ann Mikrut

Dear One,

You have just watched the movie \"The Kingdom of Heaven,\" a movie about empowering the everyday man to fight for their freedom and that of their families.

Since the freeing of the energy at Mt. Shasta this apst weekend you are feeling free from your guilt and shame and you are coming into your own single-minded power for freeing the millions who have also been enslaved by the Darkside.

You yourself felt the immense change from guilt, anger, repressed sexuality and sadness that has been ceaselessly pumped into the grid system to the place of choice. You now have more of the conscious choice to choose what you want to feel without the immense struggle against negativity.

It was quite a surprise to you to find you could find joy, peace and happiness so easily and then to hold on to it easily for some time.

It has been a few days now and the choice to feel LOVE, JOY and Understanding has already become a happy habit. Without the artificial negativity the Darkside created to enslave human kind the ability to be at peace and to love becomes a naturally occuring event for those who choose to make it their highest priority.

You will help lead people into this new paradigm of Love, Peace, Joy and happy productivity.

Thoth will be close to you for as you heal so does He. You have been partners many times and will be partners again as you help lead the way from intense darkness into that new kind of SuperUniverse that only great adversity can bring.

This is the first SuperUniverse that has experienced such things and from this extreme experience of negativity a new level of consciousness will be born, one with great knowledge and extreme compassion as only those who have gone through hell can know.

Welcome aboard, babe!

With great LOVE and Acknowledgement,
Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light