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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
by Peter Farley

Perhaps nothing aided me more in the processes of ?seeing? and ?knowing? than my own inner will to be of service, and the work done by Drs. Loren and Diane Mickelson especially the Level Four: Multi-dimensional Portal Alignment.

There are three portals associated with each individual Being (one on the physical body, one in the auric field and one on the outer edge of the auric field). Each portal is assigned a Gatekeeper who is an ascended master. These portals, when aligned, allow a person to become truly multi-(or inter-) dimensional. This alignment takes a serious level of commitment because it opens up processes from other dimensions as well as the 3rd dimension or physical plane. It is what is described as ascension while living on the physical plane. The word completeness is used to describe this level. It is like coming home.

The level of commitment needed is to being of service to one?s fellow man (Soul), for that is the true test of Mastership and an elevator express ride that takes one far beyond worrying about what level they are at in terms of their own spiritual growth.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner was a novel of the 1960s by Alan Silitoe that seemed appropriate for the sadness one feels at watching all the Lightworkers trapped by the Matrix into thinking only of their own pettiness. Perhaps it could more appropriately have been titled The Great Sadness of the Committed Lightworker, for truly, as any avatar can attest, in terms of human understanding, the path can be a very lonely one to walk.

One very high LightBeing e-mailed me after the first two parts of this article and said she was ready to do the work, but she didn?t want to be involved with ?phenomenon?. Like so many Lightworkers, she wished to bargain with ?God? as to what she was willing to do and not do to be of service. So many Lightworkers do not want to get their hands dirty while being of service. Rather than get down ?in the trenches? with God and slop the hogs and clean out the toilet bowls of life, they wish to save themselves for the ?higher? work?wherever and whatever that is. The work is here and now. There is no work ?out there? for when we are spiritually ?perfected? individuals. We become spiritually perfected by slopping the hogs and cleaning out the toilet bowls of life?the true lessons of humility which make one worthy of being a Master.

As I have told many audiences in my travels, I have lost many of my spiritual friends along the way because they deemed aliens part of the ?phenomena? of the lower worlds, rather than as other individualized sparks of Soul just like themselves, who also need help just like themselves. We ARE all one, and no one is healed until ALL are healed?together, that is what the ongoing process of Creation is all about. It is part of a New Age trap to think of anyone or anything else as separate from the Creator, or not a part of that which the Creator created. True, there is a darkness which exists in this Universe that was never meant to be, but all of Creation has learned from its Being, and it too will soon be brought back into balance with the Light and Sound of the Creator.

From: ?Bill Hamilton?
Subject: Men in Black interfere
?Skywatchers, I don?t want you all thinking I have gone over the Edge here, but I have been made aware of an incident that does not sit well with me.
We have MIBs among us and they masquerade as humans, but be assured that there is little humanity in them.

On August 2, 2002 my friend and liaison BJ went to have a chat with our mutual friend Dr. Dan Burisch. He is allowed certain times when he can be free to see his friends. When she approached the appointed place of meeting at a very late hour she saw that Dan was not in sight. Instead three men approached her and one said that Dan was not there and that she should not be there either. They had the classic MIB look, pale and expressionless faces dressed all in black. There was also the classic old black car. Make no mistake - these are not government agents. They are alien and they do not belong here.

I believe they are a key part of the mystery and we must find out who they are and what they are doing here. My feeling is that we need to rid them from our planet wherever they are from. BJ?s description of them matches my own wife?s description perfectly.

Here is BJ?s description:
?I walked a little ways in to where the xxxxxxx is that has some xxxxxx benches that Dan and I usually sit at. It felt kind of creepy so I decided not to sit down, and I turned to walk back to my car. That?s when I saw them. Three guys. They came from different directions, walking slowly toward me. They were all dressed in black, wearing black hats like my Dad used to wear back in the 50?s. I got scared and started moving toward my car. I was fishing around in my purse at the same time for my can of pepper spray. I heard one of them start to talk. He said, ?... he?s not here. And you shouldn?t be here either.? Another one chimed in ?time for you to go? I found the spray and jerked it up out of my bag. The one closest to me only laughed. It was a weird sound. By now, all three were closer, and I could see their faces a little more clearly. They were clean shaven, really pale, between 40 and 50, but the worst part was their faces looked blank, no expression, not even the one that laughed.?
Gray Barker once said that he did not mind discovering that we were being visited by Little Gray Men, but he did mind the fact that someone didn?t want us finding out about it and he was referring to these MIBs.

I would have loved to have been there with a television team in hiding. This is the time to lay down the gauntlet.?

Sincerely, Bill Hamilton, Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.
Website: Fiat Lux et Veritas

As I have tried to point out in recent articles and lectures, this is a time when ALL of Creation is working on a healing and transmutation of past negative energies and karma. Barbara Clow says it too that even the Men in Black from Orion are here too to have the opportunity to work out their own karma and to correct past imbalances.

My guidance has often said to me that They give me, not the hardest cases to deal with, but the impossible cases. If we are never given the opportunity to change, then where is the justice for all? So, even those evaluated as being unchangeable, are still given a chance to change. If you and I are given this kind of unconditional love, should we then deny it to others, whether we call them aliens or Men in Black or the Darkside or whatever? If I were never given the chance to be what I am now, and loved unconditionally enough to be given one more chance, then certainly I would not be here writing this now, nor would I be doing any of the work which I am now beginning to see can help so many others.

The coming ascension process here on earth is not just about Earth. It is about ALL of Creation because what happens here affects all of Creation, just as what you do affects all of those around you, and people you will never meet. This is called the power of the butterfly wings.

The secret of how to fulfill our missions here in this lifetime rests in this power of the butterfly wings.

Having experienced how past life attitudes and events can so drastically affect our current life circumstances and health, I was aware that, like those in the Lord of the Rings who are afraid once again to take hold of the Ring of Power to use it in service to others, I and many other Lightworkers were afraid to step into our power. Coerced and manipulated to use our talents for the Darkside as we have been in past lives, tortured and killed in so many different ways for standing up for what we believed in, Lightworkers now use all these past remembrances (deep-seated though they may be)as excuses to not step up to bat. I see it all so clearly in so many of the people I work with in the spiritual healing workroom.

The only words I have to offer are my own story. I, too, longed to be of service in my heart, just as I see so many others are, but the fears of my mind kept me from stepping forward. Perhaps one of the major forces in changing all that for me was the book The Only Planet of Choice. In it I read, ?and what will it be like for you to go through eternity knowing that the lifetime that really counted most, you did not step up to bat.? I got of my butt, as one man, to make a difference.

But how can one man make a difference? I know the question plagues us all while trying to make this conscious decision to follow our hearts and surrender our Will for the good of a Higher Purpose. As an author, a teacher, and a healer, I know I do make a difference. I see it every day. I get feedback on my work, every day. I do make a difference.

How big a difference is perhaps best explained by a book titled Seven Life Lessons of Chaos?Spiritual Wisdom from the Science of Change, by John Briggs and F. David Peat (HarperPerennial 1999). In particular, the chapter entitled Using Butterfly Power?The Lesson of Subtle Influence has the most to offer on this subject. In it, Briggs and Peat demonstrate the relevance to the world of today of the old Chines proverb??the power of a butterfly?s wings can be felt on the other side of the world.?

Using the ideas of Chaos theory, the authors show that even the smallest efforts to make change can be amplified into extraordinary changes when applied to larger systems such as the world circumstances today.

?Humans may continue to dream of the power of prediction and control, but chaos theory tells us that most self-organized systems are laced with countless butterflies of many subtle varieties and colors. In nature, society and our daily lives, chaos rules through the butterfly?s power?- the power of the powerless.

?As an idea, power is an important expression of the deep-seated human desire to have an impact n others and feel connected to them . . . Larger communities and cultures made it increasingly difficult for the ordinary person to feel significantly interconnected and to have an impact upon the society as a whole . . . Often enough, individuals who felt insecure and disconnected from their fellows were the ones who sought power.?

? . . . In and of itself, of course, power isn?t negative. Human beings need to exercise power to survive in nature . . . but our human investment in power has gone far beyond those uses . . . In modern and postmodern society, spiritual and humanistic values have declined in the face of the rising control value of power . . . We have become inculcated with the idea that if only we had enough power we would be free to do and be what we want.?
? . . . The truth is our obsession with power may simply be the symptom of our sense of our own powerlessness . . . Because there seems to be nothing we can do about this, we choke with rage when the system cuts us off . . . Adrift in a world of the powerful, how do we proceed? The usual answer is: Try to get some of the power.

?But chaos theory suggests another answer. It says that complex and chaotic systems?which means most of the systems we encounter in nature and in society cannot be accurately predicted or exclusively controlled.

Neither can rigid ((or long-established)) systems be budged. However, there?s a loophole. What if we acted through the myriad tiny feedback loops that hold a society together? Chaos tells us that each one of us has an unrecognized but enormous influence on these loops. Chaos suggests that although we may not have power of the controller in the traditional sense, we all have possess ?the butterfly power? of subtle influence.?

This, said simply, means that it is the small battles won which eventually win the war. During the late 70s in Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Havel determined that the power state and its systems of control were only kept in place ?by the active collusion of society?s least powerful members operating within what he termed an ?automaton.?

Adolph Hitler?s Nazi regime was only held in place by the collusion and automaton behavior of the little people who followed his lead. Any teacher true to their mission knows the destructive nature of peer pressure, both on the individual and upon the group process as well. A strong group is comprised of strong individuals. That is the underlying message of the economic theory mentioned in this year?s Academy Award winning movie, A Beautiful Mind.

The New World Order?s chief weapon against Mankind, as can be seen in the U.S. government?s current attempts to impose a snitch culture and blind patriotism on us all, is peer pressure where each individual must be made to buy into or collude with the crime being committed in order to make them own a part of the crime so that they will not turn against it for in doing so they turn against themselves. This is spoken of at length in my article on Propaganda and the Control of Men, and in my last piece on Mind Control and Ritual Child Abuse( The greatest example of this is the German prison camp guards during WW II who stated in their own defense that ?they were only following orders.

? By non-action they were colluding in the crime. BY not saying ?NO?, they individually and as a group, said Yes.

By not stepping up to bat, we share the responsibility for what takes place, and the karma for our own non-action.