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The Lost Generation
The Lost Generation

By Peter Farley

For Sophia, Erica and Sam

As I continually tell people when asked why I committed myself to
doing this work, it's for the kids. Then I tell them about the 11-
year old girls, their wrists tied to their ankles and thrown back
into their burning schoolrooms in the Sudan; the young girls whose
heads were cut off walking to school in Indonesia because they were
not wearing traditional Islamic headwear; the woman and children
TARGETED by the Hutus in their sweeping massacre of the Tutsi in
Rwanda to stop further generations from being born; or about
Oklahoma City where the day of the bombing of the Murrah Federal
Building the BATF agents didn't show up for work that day, nor some
of the judges across the road in the Judicial Building, but some 20-
odd kids showed up that day for the child-minding center.

Adults have free-will to be as lazy and as victim-like as they
please depending on their own willingness to remain under-educated
on the reality of their situation, and certainly in their poor
decision making-process that makes them choose to remain inactive
when all of Creation is at stake. The kids don't.

And don't try and give me any of that new Age BS about souls
choosing to sacrifice themselves in this way ?I do this every day
and know who chooses and who doesn't. And, if some of them are
choosing to die this way it is only to wake the rest of us to what
is going on out there ? and right now it isn't working.

Children have ALWAYS been pawns for the New World Order to achieve
their goals of world and Universal domination.

"In 1997 the Moscow Human Rights Research Center estimated that
there were a million homeless children in Russia; the government
said 700,000. No one knew how many more children had parents in
homes but were left largely to survive on their own because of their
parents' alcoholism. In Russia a term was coined to describe these
kids: the Lost Generation." (Garrett).

Think the spraying of chemtrails for more than a decade is an
assault on our very health and existence? Think the movie X-Men: The
Last Stand isn't exactly about what's going on right now? tthe New
World Order trying to wipe out any semblence of true spiritual
enlightenment in humankind, those of us who ARE the mutants?

"When the Soviets fell in 1991, experts say men like Ukrainian drug
lord Karabas began to rise throughout the region?gangsters who took
advantage of the turmoil inherent in the historic change to target a
new generation of alienated young men and women . . .Drugs were
suddenly cheap and readily available, prostitution became a regional
industry (and now a source of so much of the West's pornography),
and the stage was set for the birth of a regional AIDS epidemic of
third world proportions . . . In 1996 some 7,000 new HIV cases were
registered in the Ukraine. And one international agency projected
that by 2001 they would have 20,000 AIDS cases, perhaps a quarter
million accumulated HIV infections, and 4,000 new AIDS cases a year
erupting after that. These were startling numbers for a country that
recorded only 214 cumulative HIV cases prior to 1994."

" . . . Minov said, local addicts reported that Gypsy children were
ordered by the drug suppliers to collect used (infected) syringes:
the supplier would then "fill them with narcotics and put them back
in circulation." (Garrett)

It is no secret to `those who have the eyes to see and the ears to
hear' through the lies of government and media propaganda that the
only reason our own government-financed or ?supported health care is
available is simply as a way to feed an ever-growing national debt
and to siphon money directly to those drug and health-care companies
that form the very heart of the New World Order. Without this need
to further cripple people and our economy, to make them ever more
dependent on our New World Order-led Big-Brother government, people
would be at a loss for any type of health care at all except for
their own self-responsibility and the natural ways and
understandings of healing inherent on the planet since its very

"Because nearly all of the (AIDS) epidemic's casualties were young
adults OR THEIR CHILDREN, HIV hit the very demographic groups that
were most likely to fall outside the health care safety net after
the Reagan administration's changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and
special public health programs went into effect."

It only takes a few chosen visits to any online chatroom or to any
local mall to see that we have bred our own `Lost Generation' here
in the West. I am still staggered by the number of 50 ad 60-year-
old people who think drugs such as marijuana are `harmless'. And it
is these very adults who are the parents of the West's very own Lost

It is not hard to see why our own governments and their enforcement
arms are implicated in the production and sales of `illegal drugs'
throughout the world, much as the British once imposed opium on the
Chinese peoples in order to keep them docile.

In 1992, the Institute of Medicine released its landmark Emerging
Infections report after examining the full gamut of infectious
diseases from viruses to parasites. Their conclusion was
that "humankind is beset by a greater variety of microbial pathogens
than ever before."

"For all the trillions of dollars spent on creating the largest most
destructive military force the world has ever seen (according to
traditional history) the United States, it was determined, is
defenseless against the new microbial threats because it has "no
comprehensive national system for detecting (or fighting) outbreaks
of infectious disease." Like the aliens in H.G. Well's The War of
the Worlds destroyed by a simple bacteria in the Earth's atmosphere
to which they had no immunity, humankind has left itself
increasingly defenseless against the smallest of all God's

And, once again, in my continued travels around the country, it is
the children I see suffering most from the decreased immunity
inherent in our modern lifestyle, and in the increased
susceptibility to the `unnatural' spread of perhaps natural
diseases. Where once there were one or two sick children in a
school when I was young, now the range of diseases in almost any
school of any level is myriad and the number of children affected is
enormous. Nowhere I go are adults any healthier, most existing on at
least two or three daily prescriptions to keep various ailments `in

Michael Crichton tried to warn us in his first book/movie, The
Andromeda Strain. Since then there have been numerous reminders of
what it is we are facing, including the latest warning in John Le
Carre's book/movie The Constant Gardener where the peoples of Africa
are used for inhuman testing sponsored by the drug companies and
supported by the governments of the West. As always, kids are the
major targets of such abuse. The use of vaccinations to instill or
spread age-old diseases beneath the banner of prevention and in Bill
Gate's case, under the guise of philanthropy?is becoming more widely
documented. It is not much different from Andrew Carnegie building
libraries across the country in the name of philanthropy when really
they are simply `Freemasonic templates" in their design in order to
be used as ground-stations for the coming `invasion' through the
portals mentioned in the former article.

Another movie recently released called Ultraviolet speaks
of `bloodwars' much like the idea of the X-Men and their mutant DNA.
To the New World order if you can think for yourself, if you can
feel any emotions above and beyond the fear they manipulate, then
you are a mutant?a mutant to be wiped out or suppressed in any which
way they can.

Today's headlines speak of the government's desire to now scrutinize
what it is we do online after already pushing through the
surveillance of our phone calls. All of this has been going on for
decades, not just months or years. Look up Project Echelon online
and see how far back this all goes. Then realize that dimensional
surveillance makes all these forms of physical surveillance
obsolete, just another way to cover up what is and what has been
really going on in this the multi-dimensional War of the Worlds for
tens of thousands of years.

*Garrett, Laurie Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public
Health, author of The Coming Plague.

In service, Peter