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the lyrans and aristenna address the issue of mt shasta‏
Mt Shasta is both a place of great Light and Sound, and also a place
of great darkness, as Barbara and Gail and I found out this time last
year when we did the initial work there. Thoth spoke on some of this
the other day in a channeling, and now Aristenna and Mike\'s Lyrans
also have Their say:

6-05-07 through Sue Ann

Dear One,
The darkside is doing everything in its power to stop Peter from going
to Mt. Shasta this weekend. This is its little jewel of a place and
it does not want to have it shut down. It is not only a transport
station, it is also a vacation spot. All will be well, Peter has all
of the Light Side working with Him, but He already knows that. Thoth
has also given him instructions that will be accessed at the right
time. Thoth is very eager to help correct the situation at Shasta as
it will help in his healing and contribute to the amends he needs to
make. It is good Peter will be staying an extra day, as there is much
to do.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

Thru Mike:
I would like to ask the Lyran Team about their relationship with Mt.
Shasta and what is going on there?

Dear One,

Mt. Shasta is a strategic location for us (the Lyrans) as we have used
this area for many years as a base of operation. It is in reality
where our control center is for our contingent on Earth at this time.
This was one of our outposts when we came here many millennia ago in
our efforts to seed earth. This is an important and powerful grid
point for this area of Earth especially for this area of North
America. This is a key area now as it is a powerful portal that can be
used for the good of Earth or to its detriment.
There is much activity within the mountain itself and there is even an
entrance to the interior of the Earth. This entrance has been a
closely guarded secret so as to protect the inhabitants from unwanted

Mt. Shasta is a place than needs the protection of Light workers now
and into the future, as it is a location key to the ascension of Earth.

Your Lyran Team from the other side.