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the major requirement for ascension
Ascension into the 5th dimension REQUIRES one thing and one thing
only of you. As the planet ascends so much of the old growth
associated with the old Tree of Life is dying away with it and a new
Tree of Life will then emerge. This will be one which is not riddled
with parasitic infestations and not choked by vines or by serpents or
any other kind of creature that will not allow it to grow and expand
and to breathe. The old shall wither away and a bright, shiny new
planet shall emerge — one that is ready for resettlement, one that is
ready to be loved and stewarded, not owned or harnessed like a slave
to the Will of Man. Like the catch-phrase from 2001-A Space Odyssey
reiterates – "Something wonderful is going to happen! Something

One MUST understand the creative process involving self-will before
one can ascend. We create a mold of what we want with our minds and
then we fill that mold with the emotion that then brings it into
manifestation in our lives or in the world, whether it be something
we fear or something we love. This is the simplicity of ´The Secret´.
But if one allows their self-will to run rampant and create
everything its little heart desires, whether it be good for it or
not, then we get the Bruce Almighty syndrome where a full moon for
lovers on one side of the planet creates tidal waves that kill many
millions around the world. Self-will and the creative process NEEDS
to be used to serve Higher Will, not to serve ego or one´s own
personal desire for power or self-aggrandizement.

In agreeing to or submitting your application for ascension an
uncontrolled self-will is the one thing a person cannot go into
ascension with for fear of again bringing down the higher dimensional
worlds as once occurred in Atlantis. One cannot go into ascension,
one cannnot even apply to go into ascension if they do not have their
self-will firmly under control. Because things manifest more
instantaneously on the 5th dimensional realm than they do here in 3D,
a loose self-will, a slip of the creative mechanism involving self-
will, can wreak havoc in a world where everyone has this ability but
some use it unwisely or do not have COMPLETE control over their own
creative process.

Being attached to anything of the old can therefore become an anchor
around a person´s neck for they are always trying to bring things of
the old paradigm into the new because of lack of control of self-will
and a faithlessness in the FATHER and the entire system of Creation
which is limitless and bountiful. If one cannot control one´s self-
will then one cannot be allowed to go on ascension and endanger what
other people have earned. It´s as simple as that.

Do not make the mistake of Lot´s wife by looking back – only look
forward into the endless series of wonderful Nows to come. Practise
now. Together, the new planet and its inhabitants shall rise to new
heights of spirituality unlike any planet in ascension has ever been
through before. New adventures in learning in the greater body of the
FATHER are in store for those who will shepherd the planet through
its ascension process and be worthy of being chosen to come back here
and begin things anew.

The time between now and the complete ascension process having been
fulfilled is a time of testing of people to see if they can make this
transition along with the planet. It is a time of testing to see how
willing one is to using their self-will to serve others and the
Higher Will and not merely themselves. Never has there been a time of
more ´self-will´ and it is evident that these times are all about
the ´me´. As Tom Brown´s ´Grandfather´ warns, however, we all need to
be able to recognize the lessons and the testing aspect of these
times we´re now living in and the worse times to come:

"He turned one last time to Grandfather and said, ´This will be the
first sign. There will come starvation before and after this
starvation, but none will capture the attention of the world with
such impact as does this one. The Children of the Earth will know the
lessons that are held in all this pain and death, but the world will
only see it as drought and famine, blaming Nature instead of
itself.´ With that the old one disappeared, and Grandfather found
himself back at the mouth of the Eternal Cave.

"It is then in the years of the first sign, that man can change the
course of the probable future. It is then that he may understand the
greater lessons of the famine and the disease. It is then that there
can still be hope. But once the second sign of destruction appears,
the Earth can only be healed on a spiritual level. Only a spiritual
healing can then change the course of the probable futures of
mankind. With that the warrior spirit let Grandfather fall into a
deep and dreamless sleep, allowing him to rest fully before any more
Vision was wrought upon him.

". . . It was through one of these wounds that Grandfather saw the
floating bodies of dolphins, accompanied by tremendous upheavals of
the Earth and of violent storms.

"As he held fast to the trembling Earth his eyes fell from the sky,
and all about him, all at once, was disaster. Piles of garbage
reached to the skies, forests lay cut and dying, coastlines flooded,
and storms grew more violent and thunderous. With each passing moment
the Earth shook with greater intensity, threatening to tear apart and
swallow Grandfather."

These are the words of Stalking Wolf, prophet, from the book
Grandfather by Tom Brown. The visions Stalking Wolf sees as a result
of our failure to heed earlier warnings are true, and are coming, and
are here. It is too late for US to heal the planet, so now it must
heal itself.

Prophecy about the end times has existed for thousands of years. More
than anything else though, the essential need of this time as we go
forward with the planetary ascension is a choice – from each and
every one of us.

Barbara Marciniak, author of Bringers of the Dawn, talks more about
this choice as well:

"On many levels this is the time of a culling. Many watch to see who
will make the choice. What percentage of incarnated humans really
have it in them of their own volition to recognize the drama and the
chaos for what it is? To choose their own world, to build their own
world. That is Spiritual Intelligence."

In service, Peter