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The Mormon-Masonic Connection
The Mormon-Masonic Connection
by Peter Farley

The link between Mormonism and Freemasonry is key to understanding the two sides of the New World Order, for always there has been a religious and a political aspect to the hydra-headed nature of this monster.

Freemasonry had long been a powerful political influence on the stage of world affairs prior to its emergence from underground in the early 18th century England, and its influence has only grown since then under one guise or another.

The religious ?swordarm? of the New World Order though took a major shift in the early 1800s. The ?new? Holy Roman Empire that had controlled religious thought for more than a thousand years was disbanded in 1806 by Napoleon after having waned in power from its inception under the Merovingian king, Clovis. Although the Vatican still held sway over millions of Catholics, it too had many weaknesses and was a religion for an old era, not for the approaching 20th century that was so crucial to the New World Order?s plans.

The timing was perfect. In the emerging New World of the Americas, a young Joseph Smith (1805-44) had just set out on his mission with his newly created Church of Latter-day Saints?the Mormons.

Mormonism was a part of the early 19th-century American movement of religious revivalism called the Second Great Awakening, an idea which reflected the new focus on the country that was to be a major power and influence for the new century, the country which Manly Hall says had always been called ?the New Atlantis? in the New World Order?s ?Great Plan.?

Joseph Smith
Joseph?s story begins in 1823, seventeen years after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, and only a year after the disappearance of Captain Alfred Morgan, the man who had wanted to publish the secrets of Freemasonry. Morgan had lived in the town of Batavia, New York, not far from Joseph Smith?s home town in Vermont.

Joseph?s family moved near to the town of Palmyra, in upstate New York, and it was here that Church history says that Joseph found himself confronted one day by the vision of an angel who told Joseph of his life?s work and the mission that was before him. The crux of his mission was to be the restoration of the true religion of God which did not at that time exist upon the planet. The series of visions he was reported to have had over the next few years were also to prepare him for the day when he would unearth a set of buried plates on which were written the supposed history of a ?lost? Jewish tribe that had come to America during Old Testament times.

With the plates were said to be the Urim and Thummim, the crystal technology mentioned in the Old Testament for communicating with ?God?. In this case they were to be used for the translation of the golden plates buried in a hill near the Smith farm. The result was published in 1830 as the Book of Mormon. The new church was based on the instructions Joseph Smith received and the golden plates that he said he had been led to by the angel, Moroni.

The church, founded on April 6, 1830, officially known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, quickly attracted followers, many of whom served as lay missionaries.

As Decker and Hunt surmise:
?To anyone except a Mormon who makes an impartial investigation, the evidence seems overwhelming that Mormonism, in spite of the undoubted sincerity of millions of people involved in it today, began as a deliberate scam that got out of hand and mushroomed into something beyond the imagination of its original designers. Although it is impossible today to know every detail of what happened then, many of the steps can be traced accurately. Oliver Cowdery (who baptized Joseph and was the Prophet?s scribe as he read off the ?translation? he saw on the ?seer stone? in his hat) and Sidney Rigdon (who was undoubtedly the brains behind later theological innovations) were probably co-conspirators. Yet they (and perhaps Joseph Smith himself at times) were also deceived to some extent.?

Known as a ?seer? from a very early age, Joseph possessed what his mother, Lucy, described as, ?certain means by which he could discern things invisible to the naked eye.?

There are many well-documented accounts of Joseph and his father using this clairvoyance to prospect for buried treasures, and in the process, attempting to make money from unsuspecting dupes. Along with his natural ability, Joseph appears to have used a ?seer stone,? of which many accounts also exist. In his presidential address before the Mormon History Association on April 20, 1974, Dr. Reed Durham (at the time Director of the LDS Institute of Religion at the University of Utah) described his research into this stone:

?All available evidence suggests that Joseph Smith the Prophet possessed a magical Masonic medallion, or talisman, which he worked during his lifetime and which was evidently on his person when he was martyred . . . purchased from the Emma Smith Bidamon family, (it) can now be identified as a Jupiter talisman.

?In astrology, Jupiter is always associated with high position, getting one?s own way . . . The purpose of the Table of Jupiter in talismanic magic was to be able to call upon the celestial intelligences, assigned to the particular talisman, to assist one in all endeavors. The names of the deities . . . which could be invoked . . . were always written on the talisman . . . three such names were written on Joseph Smith?s talisman . . .

?When properly invoked, with Jupiter being very powerful and ruling in the heavens, these intelligences?by the power of ancient magic?guaranteed to the possessor of this talisman the gain of riches and favor and power and love and peace . . .and anyone who worked skillfully with this Jupiter Table would obtain the power of stimulating anyone to offer his love to the possessor of the talisman, whether from a friend, brother, relative, or even any female.?
What does seem clear out of all this is that the young Joseph, with his psychic gifts, had some kind of extra-terrestrial encounter in an area of New York State renowned even today for its UFO sightings and documented cases of alien abduction.

The fact that Joseph Smith said he received some of his revelations about the premortal state of being from godly messengers who allegedly put us here and who live on a distant planet near a giant star called Kolob, would have seemed weird back in the early 19th century. Today, however, with numerous people continually interacting with alien presences and channeling various planetary groups, this information does not seem so unreasonable. As we have seen in an earlier chapter, the whole premise surrounding the Annunaki of ancient Sumeria as expounded by Zecharia Sitchin in his works, is indeed based on the truth of this fact.

What happened is not so important as the subsequent effect it has had on history and the effect it is going to have on history.

The new church founded by Joseph Smith and his compatriots aroused opposition, much of it focused on Smith. He suffered a violent tarring and feathering in Ohio and a jail term of several months in Missouri.
After establishing a new headquarters at Commerce (renamed Nauvoo), Illinois, in 1839, Smith continued to provide charismatic leadership. Soon the rumors, later confirmed, that the Mormons had begun to practice polygamy provoked a schism in the Mormon community and intensified the opposition outside the church. Smith himself is believed to have had more than 27 wives, although he publicly acknowledged only one, Emma, whom he had married in 1827.

When a group of dissenting Mormons started to publish a newspaper attacking polygamy and his leadership, Smith ordered the press destroyed.

It was here in Nauvoo, Illinois, on March 15, 1842, that Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon were inducted into formal Masonry at Sight, on the same day upon which the Illinois Grand Master Mason, Abraham Jonas officially installed the Nauvoo Lodge. On that day, the Church and also history were changed. On the next day, both Sidney and Joseph advanced to the Master Mason Degree.

Nauvoo mushroomed in size and Freemasonry grew right along with it, with many Mormons swelling the Masonic ranks. Alphonse Cerza, a Masonic historian, reported that by 1843 there were five Mormon Masonic lodges at Nauvoo, all of which were suspended by the Grand Lodge for irregularities in their conduct. The Mormon lodges ignored the suspensions, adding to the tension already mounting between Mormons and local Christians?including non-Mormon Freemasons?on the subject of polygamy.

Joseph served as mayor, chief justice of the municipal court, and commander in chief of the Nauvoo legion unit of the state militia. In 1844, allowing his ego to get the better of him, and under the pretense of focusing attention on the plight of the people, Joseph declared his candidacy for the presidency of the United States. He was, by then, one of the most famous men of the American West. His base of appeal, however, was too narrow for him to have won election. Eventually he was charged with treason and conspiracy and placed under arrest in the Carthage, Illinois, jail.

What happened next is disputed. It is said that the anti-Mormon local population erupted one night into a rage that saw mobs shooting and beating, burning down Mormon houses and barns, triggering a chain of events that led, despite the Illinois governor?s promise of safety, to Smith and his brother Hyrum being assassinated by a mob on the night of June 27, 1844.

His successor, Brigham Young, shifting the blame away from any possible connection to himself, condemned the local Freemasons for the attack, branding them the agents of Satan. He decreed that any Mormon who refused to abandon Masonry, or chose to become a Mason, was subject to summary excommunication from the Mormon Church. The Masons, on the other hand, claimed that the Freemasons of Nauvoo had nothing to do with the savage attacks.

Brigham Young and the Move Westward
While Joseph Smith was the founder and original guiding light behind the Mormon Church, its survival can really be attributed to Brigham Young (1801-77), colonizer of Utah, and second president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Born in Whitingham, Vermont, June 1, 1801, Young spent his boyhood in the farm country of Vermont and western New York and received only two months of formal schooling. He worked as a carpenter, glazier, and journeyman painter. In 1829 he settled in the town of Mendon, New York, where he met a brother and disciple of Joseph Smith. Smith?s brother converted Young, previously a Methodist, to Mormonism, and on April 14, 1832, he was baptized and confirmed in the church. Young quickly distinguished himself as a preacher and evangelist in the area around Mendon; within the year he was already ordained an elder.

Between 1833 and 1836, Young?s fame and stature within the Mormon movement rapidly increased. About 1833 he organized a group of Mormons in the eastern states and led them to Kirtland, Ohio, where Joseph Smith had established headquarters. At Kirtland, Young met Smith for the first time. Impressed by Young?s zeal and persuasive powers, Smith sent him into the surrounding states and Canada on missionary assignments. When, in 1835, the Mormons created a Quorum, or Council, of Twelve Apostles with powers second only to those of Smith, Young was named one of the apostles. In 1836 he was elected president of the Quorum. He was a strong figure in the movement during the period of persecution, climaxed in 1838 by the migration to Hancock County, Illinois, and the establishment there of Nauvoo as the new center of Mormonism.
From 1839 to 1841, Young worked with the Mormon mission in Liverpool, England, preaching and distributing religious literature; he arranged for the emigration of about 70,000 converts from Europe to America. He returned to the U.S. in 1841 and for several years served as a missionary in the eastern states. After Joseph Smith was shot and killed in 1844, Young was elected acting president of the Mormon church and henceforth was its leader.

Because of sentiment against their group in Illinois, Young and his colleagues decided to leave Nauvoo. In 1846-47 he organized and supervised the migration of close to 5,000 Mormons across the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains into the arid Great Basin. There, in Great Salt Lake Valley in July, 1847, he founded Great Salt Lake City. On December 5, 1847, he was formally elected head of the Mormon church.

Under Young?s autocratic leadership Salt Lake City and the surrounding region soon became the Zion, or promised land, that the Mormons had long sought. In 1850 the U.S. Congress enacted legislation establishing the region, previously known as the state of Deseret, as the territory of Utah. Deseret is a word taken from the Book of Mormon, meaning ?land of the honey bee.? Deseret originally included all of the present states of Utah and Nevada and parts of seven neighboring states. Young was made territorial governor.

In August 1852, Young publicly endorsed the doctrine of polygamy, basing his pronouncement on a revelation said to have been experienced by Joseph Smith in 1843. He once praised polygamy as ?the only popular religion in heaven,? and declared that ?the Lord?s servants have always practiced polygamy? (Deseret News Aug 6, 1862). The practice of having multiple wives was actually introduced by Joseph after his initiation in Masonry, and his subsequent discovery in Masonic history that the Merovingian rulers, like the patriarchs of the Old Testament, had been polygamous.

Young?s open advocacy of the doctrine disturbed the federal government and the non-Mormon residents of Utah. Finally, in 1857, President James Buchanan appointed a new territorial governor. Young refused to relinquish his post, and when rumors of an armed Mormon rebellion reached Washington, the president sent federal troops to Utah. Hostilities were averted, largely as a result of Young?s statesmanship, and the new governor was installed without incident. Nonetheless, as president of the church, Young continued to play a dominant role in Utah. In 1871 he was indicted on a polygamy charge but was not convicted. Young is believed to have married 27 times and was survived by 17 wives and 57 children. He died August 29, 1877.

What followed Young?s death was a series of legislative and judicial efforts to force Mormon compliance with the national norm of monogamous marriage. After a series of delaying actions, church president Willard Worded issued a manifesto in 1890 that has traditionally been seen as the end of polygamy. Although some plural relationships continued, and a small group of Mormon fundamentalists later defied the threat of excommunication by the church and punishment by the state in order to continue a form of polygamy, the church gave up its public espousal and encouragement of the practice.

Joseph and Brigham
When one takes a look at the reincarnational patterns of these two souls, the connection to this particular lifetime becomes all the more apparent. In past lives, Brigham Young was, for instance, Imhotep, said to be responsible for building the pyramids, and Hiram, King of Tyre, the one who supplied the masons and the know-how to build the original Solomon?s Temple. In constructing the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Brigham was able to increase the power and focus of the temple technology he had access to, and to expand that to even new heights.

Imhotep?s influence in the Pyramids can be seen by the use of Kochab as a star to guide its building. Researchers estimating that the building of the pyramids began between 2,485 BC-2,375 BC (in fact, the refurbishing of them) say that the Egyptians used two stars, Kochab in Beta Ursa Minor or the Little Dipper, and Mizar in Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper to find the pole. These were both planets of special importance to the ancient Basques, North American Indians and early Chaldeans as well as the Mormons, whose tradition is that ?God? resides on a planet called Kolob (more likely the planet known as Kochab) .

The church prophet and his apostles are said to still meet with Jesus himself in the temple every week, and because of the level of technology used in the construction of this temple, this is quite possibly true.

Joseph Smith, in a past life, was also Ren? d?Anjou, the confidant and perhaps lover of Jeanne de Arc, and the grand master of the Prieure de Sion. He is thought to be the inspiration for the Medieval Renaissance driven by the Italian Medici family. There is no doubt that Joseph would have had what it took to do exactly the same thing in 19th century America were he to have had the chance. Brigham Young had also been Jaques deMolay, the last grand master of the Templars.

Upon Joseph?s assassination by Brigham Young?s henchmen (although this is not the official story), the New World Order was then able to take complete control of the church through the personage of Brigham. The reasons behind Brigham Young?s assassination of Joseph Smith and subsequent takeover of the church are evident enough without the addition of any further information. When one learns, however, that as well as being Hiram, King of Tyre, ally and partner of Solomon in the building of the Hebrew temple, Brigham Young, in a subsequent life, was also Saul of Tarsus, the Saul who later became Saint Paul, the true power behind the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church, everything becomes even clearer. Here we have, as all history seems to be, a repetition of events from an earlier time. The being who was Hiram helping build Lucifer?s power-base in the times of the Old Testament, building it again for the Roman Catholic Church to cover the next two thousand years, supporting it in the form of grand master of the Templars, and finally being the one responsible for the establishment of an updated version of the old church in a new land to shift the power base from one continent to another.
Some of these reincarnational patterns can be found in George Williamson?s book, Secret Places of the Lion, although not all that is listed there is necessarily true or correct.

Even the lives of Brigham and Saint Paul have a strong resemblance, and point out the possible jealousy Brigham probably felt for Joseph as ?the chosen one? again in this lifetime. The talents gained by Paul in his missionary work are subsequently reflected in the life of Brigham. As with all of us, the talents we have in this lifetime are acquired through the training we have done in the past, often for specific missions of importance in the near or coming future.

St. Paul
Saint Paul, (circa AD 3-62), was the greatest missionary of Christianity and its first theologian, called Apostle to the Gentiles. Born to Jewish parents in a thoroughly observant home in Tarsus (now in Turkey), Saul took as his everyday name the Latin Paul, as a young Jew of the Diaspora (the dispersion of Jews into the Greco-Roman world).

Paul became a Christian after experiencing a vision of Christ during a journey from Jerusalem to Damascus (see Acts 9:1-19, 22:5-16, 26:12-18). Paul himself, in referring to this event, never uses the term conversion, which implies shifting allegiance from one religion to another; he clearly perceived the revelation of Jesus Christ to mark the end of all religions, and thus of all religious distinctions (see Galatians 3:38)..

According to the widely known account recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, Paul carried out three well-defined missionary journeys. The letters reveal that Paul?s missionary itinerary was guided by three major concerns: (1) the vocation of a missionary to work in territory as yet unreached by other Christian evangelists?hence his plan to go as far west as Spain (see Romans 15:24, 28; see also Romans 1:14); (2) the concern of a pastor to revisit his own congregations as problems arose?hence, for example, Paul?s several visits to Corinth; and (3) an unshakable determination to collect money from his largely Gentile churches and to deliver the collection himself to the Jewish Christian church in Jerusalem.

From Acts it is known that Paul was arrested in Jerusalem after riots incited by his Jewish opponents, and that he was finally taken to Rome; it is also in Acts that Paul speaks of the possibility of his own death (see Acts 20:24; see also Acts 20:38). He was executed in Rome, probably in AD62; Christian tradition from the 4th century fixes the day as February 22.

The similarities between Brigham Young?s life and that of St. Paul are obvious, while themes from Paul?s life and mission are also reflected in some of the tenets of the Mormon Church as interpreted by Brigham Young.

Church propaganda says that Brigham Young had simple elegance in his personal taste, but gazing over some of his possessions in the Church museum located across from the temple, one cannot help but be struck by the fact that everything is in gold and silver, all monogrammed in gold with Brigham?s initials.

In 1868, Brigham Young had a primer put out on the phonetic English alphabet. Looking almost Cyrillic in nature, the language is almost exactly the same as the ancient language of creation, the non-polluted language based on monosyllables emanating from tonal vibrations spoken by the Vril-ya in Bulwer-Lytton?s The Coming Race. The use of Vril, in and of itself suggests an acquaintance with the knowledge of the ancient mysteries understood by the various secret societies. A variation of the language also formed the basis for the Egyptian and ancient Sumerian languages and the earliest forms of writing. This would have been familiar to Joseph Smith had he truly translated the hieroglyphs of the golden plates, but it is curious as to where Brigham Young acquired the knowledge until one learns of his earlier involvement with Masonry.

In fact, by the end of 1832, Joseph Smith had welcomed many new bretheren into the Church who had already been deeply involved in Masonry.

Mormonism and Masonry
Masonry in the Church had its origin prior to the time Joseph Smith became a Mason. Nauvoo was not its genesis. It commenced in Joseph?s home when his older brother Hyrum received the first three degrees of Masonry in Mount Moriah Lodge No.112 of Palmyra, New York, at about the same time that Joseph said he was being initiated into the presence of God and angels and was being entrusted with the sacred gold plates.

It was at the instigation of John C. Bennett, George W. Harris, John Parker, Lucius Scovil, as well as other Mormon Masons residing at Nauvoo, and certainly with the approval of the hierarchy of the Church, that the institution of Masonry commenced in the area. Reminiscent of Ren? d?Anjou and Jeanne d?Arc, Joseph?s first wife, Emma could see what was happening to Joseph, and tried to warn him against what he was being led into by the other men, Ren? d?Anjou having been Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion during his lifetime. Once again, however, he got caught up in Masonry and its negative energies, especially when he connected inwardly to the Dark Angel named Moroni. Joseph got seduced by the power, especially the power he seemed to have over women of all ages, and history suggests he was moved too much by what other men said.

Joseph is said to have been one of the most accurate ?channelers? of higher plane information who ever lived, but too often he manipulated this information for his own uses and his own self-aggrandizement. It was in one of these channelings (prophecies) that Joseph called Earth ?the Darkest Star of All.?

Joseph?s rise in Freemasonry was so meteoric because he was already aware of so much of the higher world knowledge from his involvement with the mystery schools in past lifetimes, even angering other Masons because he wanted to reform archaic Masonry and the traditions they had been following.

In only a few years, five Mormon Lodges were established in Nauvoo, several others in the planning stages, and a Masonic Temple constructed. The total membership of Mormon fraternal bretheren was over 1,366. Jesse C. Little once testified:

?The Angel of the Lord brought to Mr. Joseph Smith the lost key words of several [Masonic] degrees, which caused him, when he appeared among the Brotherhood of Illinois, to work right ahead of the highest and to show them their ignorance of the greatest truth and benefits of Masonry.? (in Durham)
This occult knowledge obviously came from somewhere, and it is probable that Joseph was able to use his legitimate talents as a seer, or his extraterrestrial connections, to divine this exact high-level information. Joseph held, what would be called in Masonry, the keys to the Holy Priesthood.
As Dr. Durham, Jr., says, ?. . . I believe that there are few significant developments in the Church, that occurred after March 15, 1842, which did not have some Masonic interdependence.?

The gradual theological metamorphosis in Joseph Smith from being almost Biblical to a polytheist who denied hell and promised godhood to the worthy on the basis of secret pagan Temple rituals is also consistent with the growing Masonic influence upon him. Dr. Durham, Jr.:

?I am convinced that in the study of Masonry lies a pivotal key to further understanding Joseph Smith and the Church . . .The many parallels found between Mormonism and the Masonry of that day are substantial: conferences, councils, priesthood, temples, anointing with oil, the issuance of licenses, certificates for identifying fellow workers [called temple Recommends by Mormons], elders, high priests and even the Book of Law . . .[plus] things Egyptian, the new revelations of suns and moons, governing planets and fixed stars [while] unique at that time to Mormonism were commonplace in Masonry.
?. . . most of the things which were developed in the Church at Nauvoo were inextricably interwoven with Masonry?in addition to the endowment, the temple and the Relief Society . . .I suspect also that the development of prayer circles and even polygamy are no exceptions.

?But more importantly, I suggest that enough evidence presently exists to declare that the entire institution of the political kingdom of God, including the Council of the Fifty, the living constitution, the proposed flag of the kingdom, and the anointing and coronation of the king, had its genesis in connection with Masonic thought and ceremonies. It could not be coincidence that all of these concepts had their counterparts within Masonry in the day of the Prophet Joseph Smith.? (Along with running for President of the United States, Joseph Smith also had himself ordained King on earth.)

Masonry literally transformed Mormonism. It may, in fact, have created Mormonism. The legend of the Secret Doctrine handed down from Adam is elaborated upon in lecture form in the ceremonies of the 13th, 14th, and 21st degrees of Masonry, and bears a remarkable similarity to Mormonism. The legend was in American Masonic print by 1802; and by Joseph Smith?s time many publications had made the legend popularly disseminated. It is with the story of Enoch in the recounting of this legend that the remarkable resemblance to Joseph Smith and Mormon history become disconcertingly clear. As Dr. Durham, Jr. said in one of his presidential addresses,
?The parallels to the legend [of Enoch] of Joseph Smith and the history of Mormonism are so unmistakable that to explain them only as coincidence would be ridiculous.?

In the legend, Enoch was 25 years old ?when he received his call and vision,? as was Joseph Smith ?when he brought forth his sacred record.? Enoch?s vision was of a hill containing a vault prepared for ?sacred treasures,? on which he saw the identifying letter ?M?; while Joseph Smith was led by an ?angel? whose name began with ?M? to a similar hill containing an underground vault (like Enoch?s) filled with ?sacred treasures.? Part of the treasures revealed to Enoch were gold and brass plates engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphics giving the history of the world and ancient mysteries of God, which he preserved by putting them in the vault in the hill; similarly, Joseph Smith recovered from a vault in a hill gold and brass plates engraved with Egyptian hieroglyphics containing ancient history and mysteries of God. Enoch?s treasure also included a metal ball, a priestly breastplate, and the fabled Urim and Thummim precisely the same objects that were found by Joseph Smith along with the gold plates.

Joseph often referred to himself in his ?revelations? as ?Enoch,? (Doctrine and Covenants,78, 104, etc.) claiming that he had been given this name by God. Enoch buried the sacred record to preserve it just before a great disaster (the Flood), foreseeing that after the deluge ?an Isrealitish descendant would discover anew the sacred buried treasure,? exactly as Moroni did in the Book of Mormon when he buried his record as the only survivor of the disaster (great battle) that destroyed his entire nation.?

The other similarities to the story of Enoch are numerous, especially the fact that what Enoch is supposed to have encountered in his lifetime, and that eventually carried him off to heaven, bears a striking resemblance to modern day encounters with UFOs and aliens.

Interesting enough, in China, Mormons have to call themselves something other than Mormons, because in the Chinese language, ?mor-mon? means ?gates of hell.?

Baptism is simply another form of being initiated, and a church is in fact just like any other secret society. As Barbara Clow found out in experiencing one of her past incarnations: ?My personal coding system was intermeshed with the temple system once I got initiated. . . Because I was initiated into a secret society. I did not make any of my own choices.?

This helps explain the importance placed on baptism in both the Catholic Church and the Church of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), for baptism into either one of these is really an initiation into the influence of the Dark Side.

It wasn?t long before the Nauvoo Lodge of Masons had more members than all the other Illinois lodges together. If they had been allowed to continue, it appeared that the Mormons would have taken over Masonry. It is said that, unwilling to have Joseph Smith eventually take over as Grand Commander, the Masonic hierarchy expelled the Mormons.

The Mormons were not only adopted as the religious arm for Lucifer?s agenda here as part of the New World Order, but like the Watchtower Society, was based on Enochian magic. A fascinating book on the subject is by William J. Schnoebelen called Mormonism?s Temple of Doom. Schnoebelen was initiated into the Wicca religion, then into Freemasonry, before going through the Mormon initiation in the Salt Lake temple. He shows in great detail that all three initiations were exactly the same. The same oaths, the same secret handshakes, and the same garb. They are the same because we are really looking at one face here hidden behind many masks?the central idea of the hydra-headed nature of the New World Order.

Schnoebelen also points out that the Salt Lake temple is covered with Illuminati symbols, like the All Seeing Eye, and is built with granite, a rock which has been used throughout the ages for temples on earth power centers and for esoteric initiation. He suggests that the Mormon Church, like the Watchtower Society, is also a front for trauma-based mind control?the indoctrination process behind any religion at some level of subtlety or another. Many survivors have told of their horrific torture in Salt Lake City in Mormon buildings and centers. (In October of 1991, a scandal hit the church referring to an internal memo written about alleged child abuse within the church?s framework. The 12-page report was printed in the November issue of Salt Lake City Messenger and later followed up in the Chicago Tribune, Nov. 3, 1991).

The Temple
As the finest example of Atlantean temple technology in existence at the time, the impressive Mormon Temple sits not just at the heart of Salt Lake City?s Temple Square as the technology demands, but seemingly in the heart of the North American Mormon culture that stretches north, south, east and west from that point. The seven major temples of the Church stretch north to the province of Alberta in Canada, and south to Tempe, Arizona, in a backwards ?S? pattern that is represented by the seven stars portrayed on the stones of the western face of the main temple in Salt Lake City.

Completed in 1893 after almost 40 years of construction, it is the contemporary center of the Mormon church, officially The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The temple?s six towers rise about 67 m (about 220 ft) into the air. This was the temple built under the direction of Brigham Young, the former Hiram, King of Tyre. The original temple built under the direction of Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois had no spires as such, only a central belltower structure crowned with a NSEW directional spire. As Dr. Durham, Jr., said in his address, ?It was also obvious that the Nauvoo Temple architecture was in part, at least, Masonically influenced. Indeed, it appears that there was an intentional attempt to utilize Masonic symbols and motifs.?
The original layout of Great Salt Lake City formed a square pattern around the temple, and resembled the layout of the cities in Atlantis, except that it was square instead of round. It also resembled greatly the plans for the cities of Zion and of Adom-Ondiamon originally planned to be built by the church in Missouri. This was possibly an example of the mystery school idea of ?squaring the circle??the original symbol for god or unity.

Around the temple, Brigham Young had his followers build extensive irrigation projects to serve as the canals in the original Atlantean ?templ-ate?. Typically, Mormon farmers worked together constructing central irrigation ditches to draw off the water from rivers and mountain streams. Then they individually dug smaller trenches from the central trough to their own land. Farms were developed, then small businesses and cooperative stores, a legislature, public schools, two institutions of higher learning, and the individual habitations. The center was organized, and ready for the growth and expansion that would inevitably follow.

Today, Salt Lake City is the center of a metropolis with more than 1.2 million people and growing fast. It is the capital of Utah, the Beehive State, said to be indicative of the Mormon work ethic, but in fact a mystical reference to the bee and the hexagonal shape of the hive itself. It also reflects an image of thousands of little worker bees working hard to supply the queen bee with her food so that she can lay her eggs and multiply the species. A swarm of bees, like a flock of geese, is a collective consciousness. They all know to move at the same time, as one unit. The bee was a most hallowed creature, a sacred emblem of Egyptian Royalty where it became a symbol of Wisdom (Sophia). Because it is made up of hexagonal prisms, the bee?s honeycomb was considered by philosophers to be the manifestation of divine harmony in nature. It was a most hallowed creature to the Merovingian kings, and its use by the Mormons suggests some link or understanding to the hidden lineage of Jesus, which forms a central theme of New World Order organizations.

In Mormonism, this can be seen in their early efforts at affecting political and social structures through the power of their bloc voting that scared so many communities into which they tried to enter. The potential effect of a mass of people doing anything together raises a picture of the awesome power inherent in combined effort. Unfortunately, in this case, it is millions of unknowing people feeding their Light and energy into supporting Lucifer, as Freemasonry has also declared its ?God? to be (?The Secret Teaching Of All Ages? by Manly Palmer Hall; Albert S. Pike?Instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the World, July 14, 1889. Recorded by A.C. De La Rive in La Femme et l?Enfant dans la FrancMaconnerie Universelle, page 588)

The importance of the temples in the Mormon religion, as Decker and Hunt say, is that while Mormons believe that the ?Prophet? is the link between man and God, ?the Temples are the link between man and godhood. Only in the temple can the Mormon gain the secret knowledge and perform the occult rituals that allegedly bridge the chasm from human finiteness to eventual godhood.?

Many of the windows on the temple itself are square in shape with a semi-circle on top representing a doorway, much like the hieroglyphic pillars of Heaven in the Book of Abraham look like doorways. There are also two massive portals, acting as just that, portals, much like the four shafts on the Great Pyramid that each targeted a special star as it culminated at the meridian. These portals are also reminiscent of the French high-Gothic style of the early 13th century, the temples built by the underground Templar/ Masons.
On both side windows their are small ornaments with stars on them Above one large window is the quotation ?I am alpha,? and two hands shaking, both of which point exactly to who it is the temple venerates, Lucifer and the brotherhood who serve him. The spires, four on one side, five on the other two sides remind one of just what they are as well, giant antennas for the transmission and reception of spiritual energies and psychic interdimensional communication.

On top of the highest spire stands the golden form of Moroni with his golden trumpet pointing up to the stars of Beta Ursa Minor, the constellation of the Little Bear, in which lies the planet Kochab or Kolob, the star associated by the ancients with ?cosmic regeneration? and the immortality of the soul, the planet on which the Mormon teachings say God resides. Its connection with the Mormons is an individual response by Lucifer to separate himself in the eyes of his followers from those of the other deities worshipped in past times.

The baptismal fonts take the place of the conventional spring over which the ancient Earth temples were built. The water is brought in and siphoned off, through a huge limestone trough constructed of Nauvoo temple limestone that helps circulate the psychic energies of those who have been immersed in the waters, much as the energy of the crocodiles rolling in the silica clay was used to power the Crocodile Temples of the Egyptians. One of the ornate spirals cut into the limestone is an amoebus curve?starting in the center and working its way out?a fundamental geometric pattern of the Universe as seen in the swirling patterns of galaxies and nebulae. The baptismal font constructed in the basement of the Nauvoo Temple by the ?saints? to perform vicarious baptisms for the dead is surrounded by the form of twelve golden oxen, much more reminiscent of Baal and the Golden Calf than any supposed Christian symbology. It is said to have been inspired by descriptions of the molten sea in 1 Kings 7: 23-26 that stood in the Jerusalem temple complex built by Solomon.

?Then he made the molten seas; it was round, ten cubits from brim to brim, and five cubits high, and a line of thirty cubits measured its circumference. Under its brim were gourds, for thirty cubits, compassing the sea about, the gourds were in two rows, cast with it when it was cast. It stood upon twelve oxen, three facing north, three facing west, three facing south, and three facing east; the sea was set upon them, and all their hinder parts were inward. Its thickness was a hand-breadth; and its brim was made like the brim of a cup. Like the flower of a lily; it held two thousand baths.?

The basin is also used for ritual purification by the temple priesthood.

?Concentrate on that seemingly innocent word, rituals. Christians equate a ritual to a church service, thereby not understanding its occultic meaning. The New Age Dictionary defines ritual as a ?ceremony to restore balance with nature...and bring back lost harmony and sacredness.? Remember we are dealing with the Satanic world, where good is called evil and evil is called good. The sacredness mentioned here is a Satanic sacredness. Rituals literally are proscribed activities designed to allow demonic power to flow through the participants. These activities are proscribed chants, formula wordings, and carefully planned actions. The effect is devastatingly powerful, as demonic force pours through the participants, delivering a counterfeit spiritual experience which literally transforms their lives. Never skip over the word ritual, as it is a word of Satanic power. (Trevor Ravenscroft, Spear of Destiny, p. 161).

Inside, the separate rooms of the Temple are meant to lift the initiates from one higher world to another as they pass from one room to the other. In the Mormon wedding ceremony these are described as the Terrestrial World, the Telestial World, and the Celestial World. This was given to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon in ?a vision? in Hiram, Ohio, published in the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants. There the two men learned that heaven was composed of three kingdoms or degrees of glory and that individuals would abide in that kingdom which corresponded to their intents and deeds of righteousness while on earth (the astral, causal, and mental worlds or planes as we have discussed them before, ascending or descending at different vibrations like pianos each tuned to a different key or tone). It is very much the same as the Cabalists? belief in the three worlds they aspired to rise through, the elemental world, the celestial world, and the supercelestial sphere where the powerful Hebrew names of God were kept. Again, it is also similar to the raising of Enoch up to heaven through the different levels of heaven, the second level being a gloomy heaven that ties in with the description of the second world in the Mormon Endowment ceremony in the temple??the lone and dreary world.?

It was only two months after he had been initiated into Masonry that Joseph Smith introduced this ceremony, what is known today as the Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony. It was the Masons among the Mormons who were the first to be initiated by the Prophet into these ancient mystical rites.

It is in this Endowment Ceremony that a drama of the Creation takes place in which Adam calls out for God and is answered instead by Lucifer, declaring that He is the ?God of this world??a truth in and of itself that also refers to all the lower worlds or dimensions as well. Lucifer is described as the literal (though rebellious) son of God. Again this is true, although he is the son of the Creator Energies (Gods) of this Universe.

It is also in the Endowment Ceremony that Lucifer appears wearing his apron similar to the one that Freemasons wear in their rituals. When Adam asks him what the apron means, Satan replies, ?It is the emblem of my power and priesthoods.? He then instructs Adam and Eve to tie on their aprons, as do the other participants in the ceremony.

The close similarities between Mormon and Masonic Temple ceremonies with their secret names, penalties, blood oaths, grips, and tokens, as well as many Masonic markings inside and outside Mormon temples: the square, the compass, the beehive, the astrological symbols, the all-seeing eye of occultism, and the upside down pentangle?none of these were mentioned by Joseph Smith in the new Church?s 12-year history until immediately after he had been initiated into Masonry.

The priesthoods to which Lucifer is referring in this ceremony are the Aaronic and the Melchizedek Priesthoods, Aaron the family who Yahweh declared would be the priests of the Tabernacle, and Melchizedek, the mysterious Old Testament priest-king.

Brigham Young once said of this endowment ceremony:
?Your endowment is to receive all those ordinances in the House of the Lord, which are necessary for you, after you have departed this life, to enable you to walk back to the presence of the Father, passing the angels who stand as sentinels, being enabled to give them the key words, the signs and tokens pertaining to the Holy Priesthood, and gain your eternal exaltation in spite of earth and hell.? (Preparation Seminar Discussions, 1978 ed. (LDS Church publication) pp.78,83)

The Sentinels guarding the road to God are also described in the stories of Enoch and others who were brought in ancient times to see God, a role symbolically represented in modern-day temples by the pillars guarding the doorway.

Joseph Smith once made a comment referring to the Mormons as being ?more Jewish than the Jews,? probably because of the early American history he was supposed to have ?translated? in the Book of Mormon, but also because he and subsequently the Mormons, were very much in touch with the mystical teachings of the Kabbala. In Barbara Clow?s work, The Pleiadean Agenda, she states that in her research she has found that the Magi, the secret order of mystics responsible for the word ?magic,? go back to the ancient days of Earth, and can be traced all the way back to early Christianity through the Gnostics, the medieval mystics, reformation Protestants, Quakers, and various spiritual groups in early New England, as well as through the early days of the Mormons.

She says she was amazed to see how the lineage has never been dropped. For example, in New England, when the colonists first arrived, they were amazed to discover megalithic stone circles, dolmens, incised rocks, and astronomical temples all over the land, just as appear in many places around the British Isles.

? Often they built their churches on these sites, or tore out these pagan power markers. The Masons and Mormons excavated these ancient sites and utilized some of the moundbuilder and ancient American power objects in their temple installations.?

The Mormons were said to have bribed high officials in Israel ?under the table? to allow them to build their own temple in Israel.

In the Mormon temple wedding ceremony can be seen the direct link our churches and temples have to the original ?Houses of God? that were the temples of ancient Sumeria as talked about in Sitchin?s work. In order for the bridegroom to get through to the Celestial World, she must be brought through a veil, symbolic of the veil or barrier that surrounds the earth and which separates us from the knowledge of the higher worlds. This is also referred to as The Veil of Isis, the Veil of Maya or illusion, or simply as ?parting the veil? between the planes.

In Egyptian Magic, at the moment of birth the ?Ego? joins the body; the double forms of the Celestially and Terrestrially generated bodies are recognizable. This is to say the circling ?Hammemit? (or primal entity) throws off an emanation which is called the Ka or double of the new-born child, and this form is linked with the earthly body by means of another principle, the AB. Between the two a veil is drawn that blocks the new-born child from remembering his true self and the higher worlds. This is the veil which must be lifted to enter the ?heavenly? kingdoms.

It is this process which gave rise to the theory of cosmic twins ? a theory which can be seen occurring again and again throughout our history. It is very apparent in the legend of the Dioscuri, or the ?sons of Zeus? who became the constellation Gemini, or The Twins. It is also the same idea brought down from the original brothers Cain and Abel, one rumored to be immortal through birth from a god-like parent, the other mortal.

The AB (will) referred to here is one of the highest interpretations of the Holy Grail itself for it was also known as the Red Vessel of the Heart (the ?rosebud? of Citizen Kane fame, that which the very wealthy, very powerful Mr. Kane had lost along the way, represented by the sled ?seen also as being imprisoned in the glass ball). This association of the Grail with the Red Vessel of the Heart makes sense of the name Rosicrucian (or rosy-dew cup), and also of the Grail?s association with a cup (vessel). It is represented in the Book of the Dead as containing an egg, and a concave germ: when this concave germ is developed by cultivation the real life and full development of the Ego could begin (by use of the ancient mysteries and through the initiations of various secret societies): that is to say the KA (ego) could progress in its celestial evolution, just as the body could progress in its terrestrial evolution. This is where we get such words as Kabbalah, Kaaba, and many others related to ancient Egyptian philosophy.

Inherited from Joseph Smith?s Masonic affiliation, the bride-to-be in the Mormon wedding ceremony is required to repeat various signs and blood-oaths in order to move through the process of going from one level to another, just as though she were being initiated. In each room or world there are little dramas to be acted out by the wedding attendees, just as with the Masonic initiations. According to the Mormon version for the bride, the only way to get through to the higher worlds is by Celestial Marriage to the husband who ?knows? you and will pull you through the veil to the other side, grasped at the five points of fellowship exactly as described in the Masonic rituals. This is a hand-me-down, not just from the ancient mysteries, but is a direct link with the Hierogamous, the symbolic ?marriage to the Gods?. In these Celestial Marriages the temple virgins or ?brides of the Gods? were rubbed with oil and blessed with frankincense and myrrh in order to raise their vibrations, and then were ?pulled through? to the fourth-dimensional area at the top of the temple by the god, to lay waiting on the bed provided. A great alien space-god would come to her, have sex with her, and then depart.

In those days, the temple or House of God was nothing more than a bordello, a brothel for the gods. In the Temple Endowment Ceremony, the Mormon ?god? named Elohim comes into the drama?Elohim being the name given to the angels who fell, the sons who came to earth to mate with the daughters of men. Somehow, through his introduction to the ancient Mysteries in Masonry, Joseph, and therefore the Mormon church, have managed to preserve this mating in the temple with ?the gods? as a part of their wedding ceremony.

In a photo of the original Celestial Room located at the top of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, there are chandeliers and couches, and even one chair facing another in the style of a loveseat. There is also to be seen behind a big cordoned off veil, what almost looks like a bedroom with a kind of cover behind a big four-poster bed. The general impression created is that of a whorehouse built to entertain the gods rather than a place of worship. And this is the climatic destination of a Mormon woman who is married in the temple!

References to the space-god wedding ceremony, and these kind of furnishings in the Holy of Holies in the original temple, can be found in the Gnostic Scriptures in the Gospel According to Philip:
An allegory of the temple: entry into the bridal chamber
?At present we have access to the visible aspects of creation. We say that they are what is mighty and glorious, while hidden things are powerless and contemptible. Are the hidden aspects of truth like this? Are they powerless? And are they contemptible? No, rather these hidden aspects are mighty, glorious.

?Now, the mysteries of truth are manifestly representations and images. Thus the bedroom is hidden away: this stands for the holy within the holy. For, originally the veil concealed how god controls creation; but when the veil is torn and what is inside appears, then this building will be left desolate or, rather, be destroyed. And all deity will flee from here; but it will not flee into the holy [of] holies, for it cannot mix with unalloyed [light] and the fullness that has no [defect]. . . Thus perfect things were opened to us, along with the hidden aspects of truth. And the holies of holies was uncovered. And the bedroom invites us in.?

Again, this sounds very much like the curtain behind which the true Wizard of Oz hid while pulling the strings on the demonic faces to frighten Dorothy and her companions. The unalloyed light refers to sunlight outside that is filtered by the kind of glass made for the Gothic Cathedrals ?that made with white-powdered gold.

Reception of the garment of light. (through the use of the shem-an-na, the white-powder gold that was the chosen hallucinogenic of the gods):

?EVERY PERSON who [enters] the bedroom will kindle the [light] For [. . .] like the marriages that are [. . .] be night. The fire [. . .] night, is extinguished. However, the mysteries of that marriage are performed in day and light; and that day, or rather its light, does not set. If someone becomes a bridegroom?s attendant, that person will receive the light. If one does not receive it while here, one cannot receive it elsewhere.

?Whoever receives that light will be invisible and cannot be restrained. And nothing can harass such a person even while living in the world. And, furthermore, when that person leaves this world, he or she has already received the truth in the form of images, and the world has already become the eternal realm. For, to this person the eternal realm is fullness and as such, is manifest to him or her alone?hidden not in darkness and night but hidden in perfect day and holy light.?

The revelation concerning Celestial Marriage, (Section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants, given at Nauvoo, IL on July 1, 1843) wasn?t included in Doctrine and Covenants for 33 years until 1876, one of the many changes evident in early Church works, necessitated by circumstances.

Also reminiscent of the Annunaki space-gods and their stay in Sumeria are the Palm Trees (the Sumerian ?Tree of Life?) carved into the stones on the side of the Latter-day Saints world headquarters building located opposite the temple.
Durham mentions a letter that Heber C. Kimball wrote to Parley P. Pratt in which Kimball states:

?Brother Joseph says Masonry was taken from the Priesthood, but has become degenerated . . .We have the true Masonry.?

Of a letter written by Joseph Smith to a Mr. John Hull, a Congregational minister who had been active in Masonry ?for over 40 years [and] . . . had held office in Masonry up to and including Worshipful Master of the Lodge,? Durham says:

?The entire two-page letter clearly demonstrates that Mormonism and Masonry were related and that Joseph used Masonry and apparently had no qualms in doing so. It is also clear in the letter that the Kingdom of God was thought to be the true Masonry, which, when ultimately established with a king and a president, would abolish all earthly confusion and evil and usher in the Millennium.

?The whole earth was compared symbolically to a Grand Masonic Lodge, the counterpart of which was the Grand Lodge in the eternal regions of Glory; an idea quite legitimate in Masonic thought . . .It appears that the Prophet first embraced Masonry, and then in the process he modified, expanded, amplified or glorified it. . . The philosophic and more reflective Masonic scholars have always believed that the symbols embodied in Masonry were indeed the ancient Mysteries coming from remote antiquity.

?The Mysteries were said to be traced back through the Hermetic Philosophers, through Plutarch, the Cabala, the Pythagoreans, the Magi of Media, to Babylon, to Chaldea, and Egypt. . . And as these Mysteries came down into the modern institution of Masonry?the 12th and 13th centuries AD (through the Knights Templar)?they had experienced so many progressive alterations that there remained only an imperfect image of their original brilliancy. . . My assumption is that Joseph Smith believed he was restoring Masonry?s original pristine brilliancy, and that he was recreating the Mysteries of the ancient priesthood.?

Depictions of the sun as in the sunstone at the Nauvoo temple bring us back to the symbology of the celestial disc spoken so much of in the works of both Zecharia Sitchin and Brother Philip.

There are also thirty moonstones resting at the base of the walls of the temple, said to represent a lesser mansion or degree of glory in post-mortal life, thirty degrees being the lesser initiations of Masonry, and the three higher initiations of some branches making up the thirty-third degree or Master Mason initiation?the illuminated ones represented by the sun.

The sunstone in this case is a face with rays emanating from it, and two hand-held trumpets one on either side of the crown chakra through which the rays can emanate. There were also decorative stones which included starstones as well as sunstones and moonstones on the exterior of the Nauvoo temple. These three stones are said to have represented three rooms or mansions within the spacious house of the heavenly kingdom of God. This comes from Paul?s letter to the Corinthians, ? There is one glory of the sun, another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars. For one star differeth from another star in glory. So also is the resurrection of the dead.?

The starstones above the windows on the temple are five-pointed pentagrams or pentacles. All their stars are five pointed, only the one on the window is a definite six-pointed Star of David or Solomon?s Seal-shaped star. And prominently placed is the single eye of God just like the Masonic symbol of the All-Seeing Eye of God. The Star of David /Solomon?s Seal is a hexagram made up of two equilateral triangles within a circle) incorporates a natural hexagon. And, as two intersecting equilateral triangles, the hexagram symbolically denotes the unity (if not the harmony) of opposites: male and female, fire and water, earth and air, hot and cold. It is prominently used in alchemy.

Instead of pillars at the front of the temple as existed at Solomon?s Temple representing the doorway or pillars of heaven, the front structure of the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple is built as three seemingly giant columns, each aspect resembling an obelisk?the power collectors and disseminators of the Egyptians. The center column is the highest, and is capped by the golden statue of the angel Moroni pointing his trumpet off into the heavens. The similarity here is to the three pillars or paths on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life where the central path or pillar is also the highest.

Moroni, son of Mormon, was supposedly the key messenger who ?restored? truth for Joseph Smith. He is usually described as an ?Angel of Light.? As pointed out by Decker and Hunt, the reference for ?Angel of Light? in LDS apostle/scholar Bruce McConkie?s encyclopedic work on Mormon doctrine reads, ?See Devil.? In the Satanic Bible, ?Mormo? is listed as the god of the ghouls.

Angels of Light come on both sides of the equation. Those who are of Lucifer take their Light from those with whom they deal. Angels of Light who work for Creation, are able to maintain their own Light, and even to give and to spread it as it comes through them from the Original Creator. Unfortunately most of those noted angels we have heard about through Christianity and other religions are ?those who fell,? along with Lucifer.

Temple clothing such as that worn at temple weddings is peculiarly symbolic, and also very Masonic. The men wear, even when they?re baptized, white jumpsuits and strange hats worn on the side of their head. These are cloth hats with little apertures that can be opened, and an unusual string attached to them. This string is reminiscent of both the Templars and the Cathars. The Templars are reported to have surrounded or touched each disembodied head of their idols with small chords which they wore around themselves next to the shirt or flesh. The Cathars are also have alleged to have worn a sacred cord of some kind.

The women have a simple cap that is connected with a white veil that hangs down over their face. A veil would probably be the closest thing a primitive person could compare to or duplicate the idea of clear plastic they may have seen on alien visitors, much like a modern day astronaut spacesuit where sidestrings could be equated to airhoses or tubing.

Aprons are worn just as they are in Freemasonry.

There are about 50 Mormon temples in existence throughout the world, and in them vicarious ordinance work is performed in which Mormons of certified faithfulness act as proxy for dead ancestors, and these infamous marriages between devout Mormons are consecrated ?for time and all eternity.? Mormon worship centers that are not temples but chapels, can be converted to temples upon the drop of a hat if necessary, thus increasing the levels of energy they can harness beyond belief. And the Great Plan comes to fulfillment.

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