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The Nature of Power
The nature of Power is that 'ultimate power corrupts ultimately'.
This is the story of all of us really when we watch the lives of the
rich and famous and wish we were just like them?most often
reptilians inhabiting those roles. Everywhere we go, we see the
people who are attracted to the halls of Power simply to be around
it and feed off its excess energies, even if it means giving their
own energy in the process. These are the ones we call 'reptilian
wanna-bes', for all they desire is to be 'in power' or near the
power in charge.

The opposite side of this coin is what Peter has said to so many of
our clients over the past few years: co-opted into using their
abilities for the wrong purpose in past lives, particularly as Edgar
Cayce relates, in Atlantis, this is the Lightworkers of today who
are now afraid to stand centered in their own power and take hold of
the proverbial 'Ring of Power' and use it for the good of all. They
are afraid that it might once again bring about their downfall. That
is what we refer to as 'not stepping up to bat'. How can one hit a
home run if one doesn't even step up to the plate?

Saint Germain explains some of the various types of power and their
ramifications in St. Germaine on Alchemy: Formulas for Self-
Transformation by Mark & Elizabeth Prophet:

"Now, Power has taken many forms: abuses have marred its use,
whereas virtue has enhanced it. Tyrants have exploited it, and
politics and religion have been molded around the star of Power
blazing in the firmament of society.

"The primary types of Power are physical, mental, emotional, and
spiritual energy in various forms. There is electrical, chemical,
nuclear, elemental, and cosmic power; and there is temporal power,
consisting of social influences and mass pressures, governmental and
religious authority. Meanwhile, karmic power affects everyone's
status, attainment, and progress.

"All Power is interrelated: some is stored, some is static, some is
dynamic and subject to a rapid decay rate. All Power is subject to
two primary qualifications under the classification of relativity:
divine and human, or cosmic-universal and material-transitory.
"The Maltese cross, emblem of my dedication to the cause of freedom,
is a balanced thought-form which may be used to illustrate the
qualifications of Power. As many realize, a cross symbolizes the
meeting of two planes of consciousness?the horizontal bar
representing the plane of the human consciousness, the plane of the
ego, and the vertical bar representing the energies of God
descending from the realm of Spirit into the quadrants of Matter.
"The center where the two lines intersect is the point (orifice)
where the energies of heaven are released to the earth; and in
truth, it is at this point?which is actually the point of the
qualification of Power?that great alertness must be maintained by
all who use Power in its many aspects, including its organic and
inorganic forms [The sacred site where the energies from above meet
the telluric forces of the Earth].

"The Power of speech itself?the Power in the spoken word and the
Power of the Word, whether released by a pen, edict or sword?changes
the course of history and alters the lives of those affected by its
release. Whatever its subsequent use or abuse, the tangled threads
of Power have always flowed, symbolically and actually, from the
orifice of the cross. The Maltese cross is a symbol of perfect
balance?both in the alignment of the four planes of Matter (and the
four cosmic forces thereof) and the inner and outer expression of
God's Spirit within the souls of his own.

"As such, the Maltese cross illustrates the drawing forth of Light's
energy and consciousness from on high (through the north arm) for
the manifestation in the world of form of God's omnipotence,
omniscience, and omnipresence (through the west, south, and east
arms respectively). And, as we shall soon see, in this cosmic
interchange between God and man the Universal Light is beamed
forth "as above, so below" to the right, to the left and in the
center in perfect equilibrium of Power, Wisdom and Love.

"Blessed ones, it is easy to complicate that which is simple, but it
is often most difficult to simplify that which is really
complicated. This I shall attempt to do for you in this study. Bear
in mind that when a child first begins the study of arithmetic, he
is dealing with simple sums and the concrete; in his world of
counting things he can little conceive of the intricate threads of
logarithms and abstract equations.

"Man should, then, realize that the perfectionment of the soul in
God must take into account the training of the child-man and the
fact that so-called cradles of 'negation' (e.g., compartments in the
world of form) have been created as classrooms or schools of soul
testing where transmutation and noble changes can be effected that
will result in an expansion of the flame of freedom, raising every
son of liberty into the totality of his identity and divine manhood.

"In simplifying the understanding concerning the release of Power,
it will be shown that the bodies of man, four by definition, are
receptacles of that Power. Thus his physical, mental, emotional, and
etheric 'sheaths of consciousness' are recipients of the charge of
Power that is released through the electronic pattern of the Maltese

"For the purposes of this study, it is best that we consider the
dawn, the beginning of each day, as the arbitrary point of origin
for Power's release [as with rising sun passing through the window
of Dzibilchaltun to ignite the grid system point of the standing
stone], when self-conscious awareness once again floods the altar of
individuality and men begin again to think and to perceive. For
this, too, is an employment of Power, but one which is often abused
by neglect.

"Few today are aware of the degree of Power which God has conferred
upon man through the gift of consciousness. Few are aware that they
possess the Power of focalization and intensification in the proper
exercise of their attention through individual consciousness; nor do
they realize that the interpretive and discriminatory action of the
God Self enables them to take firm hold of the reins of Power, to be
in control of their lives, and to be less distracted by the social
and karmic responsibilities that are daily thrust upon them."
Self-Dominion, Your Reins of Power

"...The statement made of old "He that is slow to anger is better
than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a
city" should be understood. Were it so, more adepts and masters
would arise in every generation to take the reins of dominion over
themselves and their worlds.

"It is an act of utter compassion for universal Law and for
universal Love for you to obtain dominion over the finite self. When
this happens in your life, and happen it shall as the Law is made
known, you will realize that you cannot remain a novice and still be
a master [the fear of the responsibility of taking hold of these
reins of power]. Although you live in the plane of the human
consciousness, you must not be subject to its depredations.
"Inasmuch as the world is filled with idle minds, and "idling
minds," even when housed in a dedicated consciousness, are often
tools of the sinister force ("the devil's workshop," as they say),
it behooves the student of deeper Truth to recognize that he alone
can and must govern his own world through the right use of Power."
A fitting phrase since the channelings by Ceanne DeRohan from the
Creator Son and Infinite Mother Spirit of this Universe, Enjliou and
Callia, are called The Right Use of Will series.

Paul Twitchell addresses the same issues in one of his letters from
Letters to Gail III entitled Fate in Your Life:

"You are limited only by your uncontrolled imagination and lack of
attention to the feeling of the wish fulfilled. When the imagination
is not controlled and the attention not steady on the feeling of the
wish fulfilled, then no amount of prayer or piety or invocation will
produce the desired effect [the failure of most self-help works].
When you call up at will whatsoever image you please, when the forms
of your imagination are as vivid to you as the forms of nature, you
are master of your fate. By identifying yourself with your wish
fulfilled you become it." . . .