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the new agenda
Prior to September\'s fullfillment of the ascension process, the Spiritual Hierarchy shared with a member what is taking place and what we as individuals must do to be a part of the ongoing ascension process:

Dear Loved Warrior Friend,

Notice how you are healed with the flow. It is of ultimate importance that you learn to allow this flow to continue always, as well as the information, lest you become blind and faded to be on a lesser level of consciousness. Contempt and search for pure power will lock you there forever in that thirst for power. On the other hand, the will to serve, the pure will to serve Creation, will take you where no one ever went before, where no one ever went when looking for mere power. The will to serve makes you free from the foolish paths, the ones that blind and make you useless to Our Purpose to heal and free the Universe from self will\'s vile control.

You are against some of the things we give you to see... When that happens you know you haven\'t been fully healed, yet. But seeing that is on the path to healing. First you see the problem, then you deal with it in the best possible manner. On the path of surrender there is only healing. Nothing will go unnoticed on your quest for the power to serve, and with what you have healed you gain courage to deal with the next step until you reach the top of the stairs and then you are free to climb more. If there are no stairs you will build them so that you are led to higher places, and others are able to walk behind you on those stairs and learn as you did when you built them, and as when you climbed the ones that came before the ones you built.

This purpose to serve is something offered to all but not chosen by the vast majority. It is an honor that is \"given to a few\" because only these few give it to themselves. And even when it is given it is soon rejected due to the healing needed and the \"pain\" experienced in self perception. As they see what they are, and their \"flaws\", they weaken and want then to become blind again. It is a foolishness that causes as much loss as it gives the darkness a place to grow...

The way things are going there is no other place for you to be than on Our side. Then again you always chose to be on the other side seeing illusions. Now you see truth and how to deal with it by giving it light and making it your truth, your path to self healing and growth. Always remember that truth causes pain, but what perceives pain is your ego awareness, not the source of your consciousness which is your true self, the whole of which you are. When you see pain there is something to be healed there, and then you are to immediately see what it is by asking Us, even if only to confirm the sight you have, and then, as you see in a perfect way, you are given the power to change it into a new power to act and give others a chance to heal when they are affected by the same blockage/distortion of Pure Love energy...

In Love and Service

Dear One,

The shifting will bring great joy if you surrender before it occurs and let things take their place as they \"push\" themselves in. Another possible experience is the extreme pain of holding on to old
patterns and attachment to specific situations which will, like it or not, simply cease to be. We are aware of the massive delay this whole event has been pressed into by the plain laziness of most of our crew here on Earth, but it happened and now the crash course will take place. Many awaken now, late, but begin to realize what they really are supposed to do and how to heal themselves and others. The problem comes to be that all they know is simply ignored most times, as you frequently do, time and time again, and they stay as they are, attached and enslaved by limited beingness. They write about those problems they have and they keep them close to them instead of throwing them into the fire because it will hurt and feel empty without the problems. The solution is filling the space with Love and serving with the freedom acquired as problems are burned. Then they can move on to healing others but only if they are healed first.

The grid time is now making everything stretch itself and thus going by slower in mind-time, although chronological time will continue to move faster and faster. There is nothing to fear, love all the way through and be at ease, rest assured you are going to a safer better place, even if you cannot see it for yourself right now. Trust Us, We are the Highest telling you that you are coming up here soon.

The time stretching is due to a great growth in a little time being so very needed right now at this point in Creation. We need many to become aware as soon as possible and so they have extended time in order to become more in less time. It is like a speed that makes things seem slower, time included. Earth tells Us and everyone it is ready right now and that the last thing needed is that its surface be cleaned up and has the darkness wiped out and replaced with new missed love so that the ascension takes place as intended from day one.

So friend, act now and help your fellow humans heal themselves. Heal yourself, let yourself be YOU, and rise up to heal all others! Leaders are needed, pure intended leaders with true love at Heart and the will to serve always. Serving the self will take you in circles, serving others will take up you and others to the higher realms where you belong. Realize this potential in you to heal or curse yourself with protection or a blindfold to move forward or stay lost in your own self will that takes you nowhere, ever farther from the dense dark energy that has been haunting everyone all along.

The grid for the corrected ascension has been set in place now, and will be set again as the tragedies start taking place. Anything else you can do right now includes healing yourself and saying to others what We have you channel so that they wake up finally. And then you ought to prepare to let go of many, many things that will be destroyed in fury as the darkness resists their removal. It is not the healing but the resistance to healing that causes pain and misery always, especially now that energies of love are easily inserted on Earth. The darkness will boost fear-patterned thoughts and hate/anger towards specific groups so as to divide and keep them stuck in cages, unable to heal during this series of \"unpleasant\" events. Those who are unable to heal will inevitably be removed somehow and as war ensues there is no guarantee for anyone unless they serve and proceed in healing themselves fully, and the whole planet, and then it will be done. When it is done they won\'t need to fear or care about anything else from there on.

In love, and asking you for opening so healing takes place. Remember We LOVE YOU and ask that you do the same for yourself and all others, and with it let healing take place in order to proceed with Creation.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, and your Council of Light