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The New Alien Organic 'Implants'
We've seen it in enough movies before, and more and more we should eb
coming to understand that what we see in the movies is just a partial
truth of something far greater already out there.

From the work we are doing with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council
of Light on 'alien central' located in the San Luis Valley of

" . . . Those implants were made of crystals, matter tech as Peter says
on his books, they emanated a vibration that would somehow bend light
and give it special properties in order to create the intended effect,
shaping energy in a particular way.

"The implants now in use from San Luis are not crystal tech, they are
of an organic nature. They use organisms that will create fields and
link these to a main portal standing on the top of the base, connected
to the orbit portal base, and to their planets. The link will be good
enough to control them and create the fake memories or programs (they
wish to implant in humankind), but not to fully monitor the experiences
here from the other planets. The link is still not developed enough for
that, they will have to enhance the synchronism further to be able to
align the signal to a more refined reception. But if they accomplish
it, then they will be pretty much joining realities as this will be a
window showing them there what happens here."

Pictures of such organisms(now known as Morgellon's Disease) are
available for viewing at the groups photo albums from a patient I
worked on once, knowing she was a 'portal' for these alien enegy forms
to enter in through this dimension. When told how to stop the
pheneomena and destroy the creatures she would not, having already
named each one and looked at each and every one of them which infected
her body and the surroundings of her house as "her children". She told
us that at least 20 people in each state 'suffer' from this phenomena:

A Recent Outbreak of this 'disease' in Socorro, NM was covered this way:

El Defensor Chieftain Reports

Health officials dispute infectous disease report
Malady reported by family is not infectious and isn't recognized as a
disease, state department says

Socorro County commissioners received many calls of concern from county
and city residents worried about a San Antonio family reportedly
infected with a highly contagious parasitic skin condition named
Morgellon's Disease.

In response to commissioners' inquiries, Nelson R. Powers, from the New
Mexico Department of Health, met with Socorro County officials on
Tuesday and informed them there is no public health concern.

Powers, who holds a non-medical doctorate degree in public health,
presented a statement from the Department of Health that said that the
national Centers for Disease Control do not recognize Morgellon's as a
disease, nor do physicians.

Dr. Joan Baumbach, chief of the New Mexico Department of Health's
Infectious Disease Epidemiology Bureau, issued a press release in
reference to the case. The press release was distributed at the Socorro
County Commission meeting, also held Tuesday.

"It had been brought to the attention of the Department of Health that
there is concern in and around Socorro that a potentially communicable
disease was thought to be present in the community," Baumbach said in
the release. "The original report was of possible parasitic infections
of the skin. A local healthcare provider and both local and state level
Department of Health staff have conducted patient evaluations and
environmental investigations. At this time, there is no clinical or
environmental evidence, in this particular case, of any infectious
disease or risk to the general community."

The Department of Health has the legal authority to impose quarantine
and/or isolation, but there is no indication that any isolation or
quarantine of individuals in or around Socorro is necessary, the
release said.

"With respect to Morgellon's Disease, described as a skin disease
caused by a parasite, there is no medically recognized literature
giving any credibility to Morgellon's Disease," Baumbach's release
said. "Nor is there any medical evidence that supports the hypothesis
that the disease is caused by an unknown organism that co-infects
people with Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme
disease. The tick associated with Lyme disease has never been
identified in New Mexico."