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The New Fear Chakra Release Assignment
The New Fear Chakra Release Assignment
Part 1
By Peter Farley

Because Fear is the number one way in which we are all controlled,
Guidance has had me rework this fear release assignment (from
someone else) to make it more effective for those doing it without
the assistance of healers working on their individual energy forms.

First, one must realize that all the fear they are feeling is not
necessarily their own. Fear is in the grid, fear is the grid. When I
first began doing grid work I wanted to go out and get a gun and
start shooting because not only was I tapping into all the emotions,
fears, doubts, frustrations and pain of all the people in the area I
was doing the work for, I was also being a catalyst to help balance
and release some of that energy so that indeed people wouldn't all
go out and get guns and take out their frustrations and fears on
each other.

Fear is who we are. Fear is the way in which we were all created
here on this planet to manifest not the Highest Creation had to
offer as this grand and wonderful experiment in racial mixing on
planet Earth should have been, but instead we were bred to fear
anything different, and even to fear our own shadows so that the
miracle that planet Earth is should be able to be controlled by the
darkside without any intrusion from the spiritual warriors that we
truly are stepping up to do anything about it.

From: Kristin Floyd
Hi Peter,
Is it possible to touch on the subject of "fear being a magnet"...
or something along those lines?

I am frightened to a certain extent by my feelings of what is coming-
normal for a mom, I think. I am also conflicted by knowing there is
nothing for me to fear, but fear itself. Then I think of my kids and
worry creeps in...

I think I dream of things to come - It seems every night I dream of
fire falling from the sky. I see places I have not been, but my
family is mom and dad are trying to move our horses or
release them to try on their own to get away....

The most consistent thing is fire.... and men falling from the sky
in what I think are parachutes.... They come down, but often get
caught in power lines...most often over the pool at moms house.

A recurring dream has many people gathered at my parents house in
northern Ca.. There are what seem like warehouses full of food and
drinks and supplies.... A man falls from the sky - fires start and
people flee....

I just wanted to let you know and ask about the fear attracting
nasties (Darkness) to oneself....

Thanks, Kristin

If you have no fear for yourself why should you have fear for your
children? Yes, a normal reaction indeed for a mom, but the biggest
problem I ever see in the healing situation is children where the
mother has not 'kicked them out of the nest' emotionally or in some
other way. These very same Souls (not yours or mine or anyone's)
have AGREED to be here for what's coming in such a very short time,
as you and most of us rightly feel. It is part of their spiritual
lesson; part, in your case, of your spiritual service. It is ONLY
through such lessons or through such service that Soul gains in its
awareness. As I tell so many people, you gain your spiritual medals
here on Earth, not out meditating or in going off into 'foo-foo'
land . . . Those are only techniques to help you do what it is you
came here to do. Each one of your children came here with a specific
mission, as did you. The best thing any of us can do is help and
ALLOW our children to be who they are and do what it is they came
here to do and to set a good role model for exactly that--doing what
it is we came here to do.

And yes, it isn't going to be pleasant at all, but everything we can
do now can help mitigate how bad this is going to be for both
ourselves and for others.

With love and best wishes, Peter and the Spiritual Hierarchy

When I ask people what is the opposite of Fear most people answer
Love. Like asking what part of the egg is the chicken, most people
say the yolk. Incorrect.

Fear is an issue centrally located in our solar plexus chakra, the
area between the breast bones. This chakra has much to do with
our `chi' or life force and is the center of same. Makes sense then
that fear would be something that effects the smooth and balanced
flow of our chi or life force, something which stifles us and causes
us to lose enegry in the face of anything seemingly overwhelming.

More over, however, the central solar plexus (chakra) issue as it
initially opens between the ages of 2 ½ and 4 ½ years of age, and
then develops from that point forward, taking another step in its
opening every 12 years or so, is SELF-ESTEEM. Ring a bell now?

This, the third chakra, does not open or develop at that age when we
have parents or caregivers or circumstances in our life that do not
allow us `to go out and experience the world on our own terms."
Makes sense doesn't it that when our parents or others are overly
protective at that age or when something else is going on that does
not allow us to go out and get ourselves into trouble and find our
own way out of it, that we do not learn to trust ourselves and our
inherent ability to get ourselves out of trouble—"to deal with
whatever's coming down the pike," is how I like to say it. We do
not build self-esteem –"confidence in one's own worth or

Fear Chakra Release Assignment
Part 2
By Peter Farley

Secondly, an exercise isn't something you sit down and just do, it's
an ongoing process of understanding and dealing with things as they
come up, processing them, exploring them and their effects on your
life, learning from them, and then letting them go --both in the
heart and in the mind until you can truly say "I KNOW I've dealt
with that." And it is gone, for good!

From Spiritual Strength –Lesson #13

As we entered the New Year of 2007 all I felt was anxious, knowing
what's to come and feeling the shift in the energies as that time
approaches and/or arrives. Many others felt it too:

"Thank you for your message. I too had similar feelings of anxiety
during the previous 24 hours. Briean "

Along the way, knowing as much as I do about the history of the New
World Order, and also being able to see every day how their plans
are being implemented I feel the growing pressure to get the things
done, to build the spiritual strength both in myself and in others
that will help get the work needed to be done completed. Where does
spiritual strength come from? I ask.

I'm not sure, is how I answer myself (Guidance being very quiet on
the subject as I write). With me, They have led me more and more
gradually down the rabbit hole, building the strength as I go, but
really what that has done is just having me let go more and more of
the things I used to fear and to trust in Them and their Guidance
and what it is I am capable of doing with their help and
assistance. `Just do it' hasn't just become a motto, it's become a
way of living every moment of the day.

The only thing I guess most people fear as a consequence of fighting
a war is death. When one gets beyond that fear and sees death as a
release then there's not much else to stand in their way.
Being `imprisoned-enslaved' again as I know I was before I woke up,
now that's really scary. The thought of once again being a part of
the Matrix of illusion is reason to keep me moving forward in what
it is I do, especially to help others escape it and to free the
whole world up from living just that way.

For most of us, we have been fighting this war for so long we
shouldn't have so many qualms about the doing. I think this is what
Briean felt when he was asked to take his poor-health and go do
gridwork nonetheless. From what I know of his circumstances it was
the inner knowingness of these past wars on other planets, in other
galaxies, that helped him step up to bat in this lifetime and do the
work that would help so many:

I feel an affinity with Mars, and a sadness that Mars is now a
desert. What role I played is unknown at this present time but it
had something to do with the suppression of my will. The negativity
and the suppression of original ideas and attitudes were my reason
for leaving the Police. I could not continue to work with people who
were drones following a dogmatic view that a reasonable man could
not believe. Sitting on the fence is a national pastime (Australia),
it's about time we all listened. I am still not connected with
Guidance to my satisfaction but will continue to do the said

At 2.43pm Saturday 30.12.06 I located the grid line/points located
inside Noosa Shores Resort. Helen and co supported with their female
energies. I remained on the said line for about 10 minutes. I had a
physical reaction of feeling nausea, headache and a form of buzzing.
Hope I have helped. Thanks for the opportunity and give me a call if
you need me to do more work there or at another location. Briean

Roberto flew up from Venezuela to see me to get a sound encoding
that Guidance told him would change his life, but also knowing there
was more to it. During his stay with me in Florida, along with the
assistance of Elizabeth, we were able to shut down the rip in the
fabric of time-space known as the Orion Tear—something all three of
us had a hand in creating.

Dear Peter,
You have not been heard from me since you kindly make the sound
encoding last October in Vero Beach.

Let me tell you first that I felt myself blessed by the opportunity
of having such experience through you. My sense of life have been
enhanced since then, my understanding of my mission has been lighted
up and my love for the life and people has grown up immensely. I
found my self living with my new love in such a way that I felt my
being reborn, I can not believe that I feel as if I am 18 years old,
again, I thank for so much blessings.

I performed the resetting to Roberto Jeremias yesterday in a holy
place (stone balanced) in the big Mountain of Caracas and he felt as
if he was in a vortex in the middle of the Galaxy when I did that
and he was so thankful to me and to you. I call you yesterday and
your energy appeared through me, it was an enlightenment moment. Now
I think I need to accomplish my duties in this world and take the
battle against the dark more seriously. I recall that you mentioned
the Orion Tear that exists in Torreon, Mexico and my lady
friend encourage me to go there and do my work over there. I can
only do that with your help, your back up and your guidance.

I feel graciously blessed by the light and I feel empowered by a new
breath of life again.

I would like to have your assessment on this and to know the odds on
this battle.
Yours, Roberto

Many are now beginning to understand that the aches and pains they
feel are not `physical' but rather the old war wounds either from
the past or present lifetimes once again rising to the surface. A
man is a fool who does not feel some fear going in to battle. With
many, such as Brenda and Oz, their pains related directly to the
control devices and implants located in their etheric bodies to shut
them down because of who they are and what they came here to do.

"Thank you so much Peter I did feel you working with me and indeed
feel a great lightness these days. I appreciate all that you have
done for me and appreciate all the energy and time you given me. I
promise to give back to all people that enter my path. The voice-to-
skull has definitely lessened and I'm grateful. I hope that I will
be able to fulfill my mission thanks to your help.

Hope the New Year brings you great love, joy and success - I know
more books are coming. I appreciate your insights as how to stop
this from occurring again.

Sincerely, Brenda

"The headache and neck ache are gone. The day I sent you my last
email I went to sleep and woke up. The headache and the neck ache
weren't severe - took 2 panadols and within 1hour the rest of the
pain had disappeared but it never came back since. We then went to
the Mornington peninsula way south near Portsea where there are less
humans. Got really cooked under the magnetic sun. I really wanted to
burn anything in my aura. My headache or neck ache hasn't since
appeared. So I think you must have done something to remove the neck
and head-aches. . .

I think you're spot on about implants in my nervous system. Maybe,
these are the things that are stopping me from doing good things
that I would like to do. I have an excellent knowledge of
the "esoteric" world but I am not able to do the things that I
should be able to do. Does that make sense to you?

Peter, listen, if you need money for this service or for emergency
just say so - I will try to transfer you funds with what I have.
Once again thank you! I am always indebted to be in your
presence. -Ozcan

A man could get a swelled head if he still had their ego chakra. Now
say something nice about my writing and that makes me feel good. *S
With that and everything else that happens through me I know that
all I am doing is following what They ask me to do. The greatest
thing I can ever take credit for is being a good vehicle for Spirit
and for my Guidance. When Guidance says something wonderful about me
and what has been accomplished because of me, all I can say is
`Shucks, all I did was what you asked me to do," so it never seems
like such a big deal. All I did was follow.

And in that answer lays the secret to spiritual strength—the doing
what you're asked to do, when you're asked to do it, whether or not
you want to do it in the first place, and doing it the best you can.
And the only reward is seeing peoples lives changed because of what
it is you did. . .

[Herein lies the key to overcoming FEAR and to building self-esteem,
not in the thinking that one is alone and must change the world by
themselves, but knowing that one is a particle of Light, a unit of
awareness, a small wonderful fragment of something much larger that
by Itself can deal with any and every issue. It is the feeling of
being separate which has been instilled in us by the New World Order
which creates in us the FEAR that we are not good enough, not
worthy, or not capable of fighting off the darkness. Feeling
connected, feeling a part of that something larger, that is what
allows us to live as the wave of the ocean and not simply the drop
in the bucket.]

. . . It takes great courage to stand up to darkness, courage I
probably consciously don't have except that I know that if Guidance
asks me to do it They will lead me through it, and one way or
another something will change. Something will happen to help others
and affect the entire balance of power in this corner of the

I cannot but help think of the 23rd Psalm `Yea, though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death . . . " And God forbid you
all know the farthest thing I am is from being Christian. . . but it
does kind of sum up the way I feel about doing this work and the
spiritual strength it takes.

Therefore all I can say about spiritual strength is it comes from
knowing you are doing what you are meant or divinely Guided to do. I
wish you all strength in these coming days for even the most blind
are now coming to see that something is going on, something very
powerful coming to a head, something . . . that in the end, is going
to be very, very . . . wonderful, once we do the work.
In service, Peter

The biggest problem with the way we view ourselves is that we do not
see all the skills we have acquired over so many numerous lifetimes
that can be used to serve the grander spiritual needs of Creation.
We all think we have to be martyrs or public figures, when in truth
the great spiritual workers are usually behind the scenes of what's
taking place. Skills such as organizing, facilitating, bringing others
together, even cleaning, can be and often are the true spiritual
skills we never really appreciate as such.

Fear Chakra Release Assignment
Part 3
By Peter Farley

The past is over once you let go of it, it is gone, simply dead energy as Stephen King so well described in his work The Langoliers. It is only in the memory of the people
who want to hold on to it and like Lot's wife, be frozen in their very tracks by
the fear of moving forward . No longer is it real anymore. Forgive and
FORGET how it was and move forward into a bright new future of Light, Harmonious
Sound and truly Unconditional Love, a Love that is so different a new word will
have to be found to describe it.

The secret to letting go of the past is learning the lessons from it and then integrating those lessons into your makeup and into your way of behaving. Karma is simply a wrong attitude that has made us believe something that goes against Creation’s perfect ways of dealing with things and with others. Right the attitude, correct the behavior and the karma goes away. Lesson learned.

“We are with you constantly, just tune in, ask and listen. Keep HUing especially when you are fearful, for as you have noticed fear cannot remain when you connect with the FATHER.”

HU is the most ancient name for ‘God’. Singing the word (not droning it) is a love song to God that uplifts, cleanses and refreshes your Spirit, and Lightens the load. Do it constantly as you move throughout your day and you will find your day progresses so much more ‘smoothly’ and you have an increased strength and resilience to deal with the problems as they arise.

And of course the largest problem for most of us non-reptilian, non-Freemasonic, spiritual warriors, is finances.

When one feels the connection with Spirit and all of Creation one KNOWS that it is a bountiful Universe. This was the hardest lesson I ever had to learn, but after 8 years on the road and a dozen years doing this mission, I can truly say, ‘I’ve never been without.’

Now this takes differentiating between wants and needs. Spirit/Our Guidance knows what it is we need. Most of what we think we need are actually wants. Most of the spiritual teachings revolve around telling us how to get what we want, but if we KNOW and FEEL our connection with the FATHER and all things then we know a loving and all-inclusive spiritual father would never leave his children out in the cold.

It takes a change in understanding of money and ‘things’ though doesn’t it?

Money is simply a means of exchange, a representation of energy –the energy we get from working, an energy which is then transferred from one person to another in FAIR exchange for the fruits of their labor as well. Most of the great fortunes in the world are not built on ‘fair exchange’ but on criminal acts of manipulating or stealing the fruits of others labor at an unfair or non-existent rate of exchange. The wrong attitude of that action will bring serious consequences in the lifetimes of those who choose to follow this path of action. And the day of that reckoning is very close at hand.

Money IS a GOOD thing and much good can be done with it. Quite a reversal from ‘money is the root of all evil’ isn’t it? The lust for power is the true root of all evil—money here simply representing power. I can’t tell you how many rich people I have seen whose money cannot buy them health, happiness, love, or the simple things a spiritual man takes for granted in his life.

One of the greatest fears people have is fear of money and what it can do for them. This is residual unbalanced learnings from past life experiences when too often we have been robbed or killed or manipulated for the money we had rightfully or wrongfully earned. What goes around comes around.

The people you see who are happiest or who deal with money the best are those who don’t hang on to it but knowing it is a form of energy allow that money to flow . . . wisely but without fear. They are never rich people but always seem to have just enough to meet their needs and do good for others along the way.

The stingy or greedy people who horde their monies or withhold their wealth from others are as Scrooge would tell you, miserly, disliked and abandoned by their fellow man.

Fear Chakra Release Assignment
Part 4
By Peter Farley

From Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s Council of Light:

“WE will walk you through your FEAR but you must stay connected to us at all times, otherwise you will be consumed with fear which keeps you from hearing US. HU often, going deeply inside and reconnecting with the FATHER and US as soon as possible. Do not try to run away or block the fear. Acknowledge it and open to US, we can help you dissolve it. It also dissolves much quicker if you HU at the same time. WE are here, WE know you are afraid, it's ok, We are still with you. Just let the FEAR go [or ask for it to be lifted from you], it will run out of you like water if you don't try to hide it, change it or ignore it. Just watch it run out of you like water running down a driveway. We will watch it together like two friends with nothing better to do than to watch water run down the street. And then when there is no more water to watch we'll go find something else to do that is fun. We love you dear friend. Come, together we will watch your fear run down the driveway as it leaves you forever.”

Fear is something that needs to be released, not held onto. Holding on to it is what creates the biggest problems in our lives. Fear is also a normal, healthy thing if you think of how it often times will help you stay out of danger. But finding the right balance of fear and spiritual strength is the key.

Most FEAR stems from the fear of the unknown. Like most middle-schoolers we are afraid to give the wrong answer in class for fear of public ridicule by our ‘friends’ when, at the tender age of 13-14 or 15, we’re not supposed to know everything, are we? otherwise why would we be in school in the first place? It is the student that cherishes learning new things who ahs the least fear and the most drive to succeed and has the most fun in doing it. So is it true of life and spiritual growth as well. Those who live in FEAR of each new opportunity for spiritual growth, don’t grow. Instead they find themselves in the quagmire of lifetime upon lifetime continually living out their fears because they do not understand the most basic lesson of Creation, that to which we give our attention (or Love or Fear or whatever emotion we have) we then attract into our lives. The basic lesson of all of Creation is the simplest. Creation works by first creating a mold for what we want in our lives and then filling that mold with emotion to bring that thing into our lives. This is The Secret which ‘illuminated ones’ keep from us so they can make us pay dearly for the privilege of knowing what every first grader should know—we create our own lives by the thoughts that we think and the passion of the emotion with which we follow that thought.

From one of the spiritual Masters: “I am drawn today to speak with you regarding the idea of growth. Once again it is especially difficult to break through the thickness of energy here as a female or as a male and understand our purpose to look at the grander scale of things and its impact on all that truly happens when we give love with true intent for the purpose of expansion of our universe, and to close the full circle of love back to our original source.

“Deal with fear as soon as you feel it, do not let it grow to the point of overtaking you.
Call on US for help often. We are here. We love you very, very much.

“Glory is a state of mind, as is fear. You choose your state of mind each and every day. Release yourself from the grip of others and you will find your own freedom. We ask that you pull back the power that is yours to have for protection. Focus your mind to this thought many times during the course of your day and you will find release.”

Fear Chakra Release Assignment
Part 5
By Peter Farley

From my experience with removing fear chakras from people, I have found that something occurs early on in our life which produces our first instance of real fear. This then creates an energy blockage in that space or place in our etheric field related to the specific weakness assigned to it and to the spiritual lesson to which it is related. This original place of fear then attracts and holds all the other fears we encounter in our lives, whether they be our own or others, fear placed upon us from all the many other sources out there meant to spread fear. This chakra can be removed in a healing session, but can also be removed by realizing its origin, processing and integrating the learning experience, and then releasing it using the following technique. Remember, this is a process, not a ‘one hour, sit down and get rid of it all’ event.

As a small child, you may have been told you were a naughty child, well, the things you did may have been negative, but you weren't a naughty or bad person. Yet, the message you were naughty/bad became part of who you are. We believed and became the messages we were given –especially the messages filled with fear such as ‘the world is a big horrible place and everyone and everything is out to get you.” If the messages we were given had been, the world is an exciting adventurous place full of lessons waiting to be learned, then we might have looked at things a different way and dealt with life from a different vantage point and with a different point of view.

If the messages that ‘kids should be seen and not heard’ were instead that we were as children worthy individuals, wonderful Souls in search of new adventures and spiritual learning, then what wonderful and exciting adventures we would be having in life since Souls’ ultimate goal is to have every experience in Creation. The lies of planet Earth were created to keep us living in fear. The truths of a multi-dimensional Universe in which we are not alone, and that Creation is all Soul’s playground, would help explain so much to us and give us a solid foundation of self-esteem with which to explore it.

Therefore, the mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make a list of the messages you were given in childhood which constantly replay themselves in your head and in your daily life and stop you from being all that you KNOW you can be. Once you begin this list, trust us, they will begin to flow. Use a new notepad or spiral bound notebook because this may take a little while for some of you. Buy a new notebook with the perfect intent to make this your life’s journaling, and with the perfect intent to rid yourself of anything which is not healthy to you and which makes you feel less than the perfectly wonderful Being that you are.

Make a note of who gave you the message. Ask yourself what is what in that person that made you give your power away to them by accepting this message and incorporating it into your paradigm. Ask yourself is there some unresolved issue there that needs to be worked out with that persona s part of the release of their messages. Do a forgiveness/ reclaiming your power exercise in conjunction with releasing these old messages – one is included in the appendix to this assignment.

If you don't know where the message originated, just write down the message. Some examples of message-givers are: Ministers, priests, nuns, teachers, parents, peer pressure groups in school, grandparents, other relatives, siblings, caregivers, coaches, friends, practitioners, newspapers, radio, TV, etc.

Realize and own each of these messages whether they be yours or someone else's, then release them using any technique of your own creation as not being worthy of your spiritual-warrior Being. Feel them leaving you, and when all is said and done, release any attachment to the list and destroy it in any way your Guidance leads you to do, or keep it as reminder of how far you’ve come in such a short time toward being your authentic self. Use your journal, your list, to assist other people in doing the same thing. Especially use your journal or list to NOT put those same kinds of messages on your own kids and others with whom you come in contact. Forgive yourself for doing it in the past, you didn’t know any better, but then accept the responsibility now in your sovereignty not to accept anyone else’s unhealthy messages and not to be part of forwarding any on to other people.

When it is alls aid and done and released, say to yourself, “As of this day I am what I choose to make myself, not what anyone else has made me.” Own it, be it, live it –consciously, each and every moment of the day.

Do NOT skip around with this. It is certainly something where you want to avoid deceiving yourself in any way - like doing it "half- heartedly" (pun intended) and pretending you are really serious.

Time is running 'short' and your decision has to be made, for if it is not, then it will be made through a failure to act and to decide and this bears the heaviest karma of all.

ANYTHING which you hold onto here in the 3rd dimensional Matrix world will hold you back from ascension like an anchor holding back a ship from moving forward. Your DNA is a Light-processing chip meant to lift you up into the Higher Worlds but cannot when weighed down with negative images and archetypal fears and feelings of guilt. Fill it with the Light and Sound of Creation, and not the dark images of the past.

IN service, with Love and best wishes to all. Peter

Fear Chakra Release Assignment
Part 6
By Peter Farley

The two greatest tests for any of you at this time are the tendency to assume a victim's mentality, and doubt. Both of these impediments are based on One's ability to trust.

Free Will can never be separated from LOVE.

Self pity is a very destructive and debilitating condition. It is based on an all pervasive feeling and belief of unworthiness. This feeling of unworthiness is created in childhood and then carried as a burden throughout one’s life.

From Robert: “Several very uncomfortable and frustrating (for me) e-mail correspondences with Peter resulted in the awareness that I was still tremendously "self" involved/absorbed" and that my intent to achieve awakening/realization and be of service was partially a reaction to the fear, insecurity and separation I was sure I had worked through via spiritual practice and self inquiry. It is always painful and frustrating when one sees oneself with clarity. However the opportunity that is provided to then take responsibility, move forward and truly increase the scope of one’s service to the greater good increases exponentially.

Releasing the Past of Fear and Pain and Anger

The following are excerpts are from messages given to Erica in her earlier channelings of the Spiritual Hierarchy and her own angelic Guidance. In it there is an understanding of what each and every one of us is going through in preparation for the war currently raging between humanity and its enemies and the more personal war going on within each of us between the Light of our own Knowingness of truth and the darkside that wants us to remain passive during this ongoing war. The choice always remains ours and no judgement is made about that choice. From personal experience of working with so many people and on my own past lives, I can share with you the fact that the pain
of making poor choices in the past never leaves until we resolve it in action. If we don’t then it always remains a cancer eating at our spiritual insides from lifetime to lifetime, clouding our existence and holding us back from the joy of making a real commitment to both our own spiritual growth and to the service to others which allows it to take shape.

With all the 'tactics' the Spiritual Hierarchy used to drag me ‘kicking and screaming’ into doing this very, very difficult work, none had more of affect on me than the words of the
Nine from the book The Only Planet of Choice--"What will it be like going through Eternity knowing that the lifetime that truly counted you didn't step up to bat". Everything we have ever been and done is to prepare us for this very war now taking place. We have now finished the training, all we have to do is step forward to serve:

Dear One,
Physical symptoms are a manifestation of a block in you which has been purposely placed there by school teachers and family members. Certain members of your family are under low-level mind control and possession. This stems from the genes on your mother's sides of the family. You yourself have also been subjected to some controls
but divine interventions have occurred so that sufficient control over you did not take place. They gave up and looked for newer targets. However, these forces still use certain members of your family against you for the purpose of sabotage and you are aware of this but cannot seem to break free.

You are a very, very powerful soul; the potential within you is what has made you a target and what has made your journey more difficult than some others. More is expected of you because you are capable of doing more. So rest for a day and then do not become discouraged by your so-called lack of progress. God is working and will provide for you, his divine child. You must develop patience and fortitude. Remember to keep helping others, for that is the key to keeping the flow of positive energies going to and from you -- from the universe to your fellow man and vice versa.

Do not do what you do not feel comfortable doing, however, just because you feel it is the normal thing expected of you. It is ok to feel bad sometimes for you are going through a lot and processing a lot of emotions; more than you have ever been called upon to do before. This is in preparation for your increasing service and for the ascension of the Earth. Take it easy and don't be too hard on yourself for by doing this you are creating blocks where some have just been cleared. Just trust, and when in doubt pray (talk with US) and read materials of Peter's and the other materials provided to you. These can all be helpful in grounding your sometimes chaotic energies and
making you feel less 'crazy.'

We leave this final decision up to both you and Peter, for you are the human vessels, as with others, which we need to occupy in order to spread light on this planet. We love you dearly. Do what you must do and know that We are nearby. Do not be scared of situations you find yourself in. Call upon us immediately. If you choose to help we will always have your back and you will never be in any danger which cannot be thwarted or reversed. We are the most powerful, more powerful than the darkness and more powerful than the energy of evil currently residing on Earth.

We are awaiting the time when the people's consciousness will call for peace and love and real understanding of life and how things work, and then we will be able to proceed and defeat whatever darkness is left on this planet and in this corner of Creation. The Father has said this is the only way, for unlike the darkside we must respect the universal laws of free will, so we must wait until people truly want to be liberated from this prison and this darkness.

Your job is to alert people that they are in fact living in the deepest darkness Creation has ever known, and that there is a way out of it and that there is an alternative if only they are ready for another way. Another way of existence can be frightening for those
who have know nothing but darkness, but there is hope, and you are here to spread hope. Peter must make a decision and you yourself must make a decision. Can you serve from where you currently are? We do not know. This is something you must answer for yourself honestly.

With Great Love, RAJ, HAROON and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy

Dear One,
We have been with you the past weeks and have seen you struggle to make decisions based on self-will and service to self rather than the higher will. It is as if selfishness has won you out and you can only account for yourself and none other. We know that you have been feeling hurt and frustration within and without because of your circumstances. We feel you in pain, reaching out and grasping for something to save you, but you can only save yourself at this time. No one will be sent to rescue you, YOU are the rescuer in this mission.

You forget how powerful you are and yet you cannot stand up even in these minor obstacles you have been facing for fear of the wrong decision. If you rely on guidance there will never be a wrong decision and you will not have to try as hard to do the things that need to be done in your life.

Your selfishness related to the darkside energy is that you do not want to give of yourself and do not want to allow your own energy to heal. You seem to think there are good and bad sides, but really we are all the same and no part of the darker energy is necessarily bad or good; and no part of the angelic energy is necessarily good or bad. We all just are and what your guidance needs from you now is acceptance, acceptance of S.. and of all the other parts of the darkside that need to heal at this time, including your own part of that energy which needs to heal.

Do not get caught up in time lines or specifics of anything, just remain open to guidance and allow Us to lead you where We may without fear of repercussions. You have slipped from sobriety but this is only a brief lapse and more a cry for help than anything else. You will be able to remain sober in the coming days as long as you rely upon Us and serve the higher will as much as possible. Always ask Us, no matter how small the decision. We need to build you back up, for you have slipped pretty far down in these past few weeks. We love you, as always, without judgement.

With Great Love, Your Angelic Guidance

Dear One,
Look around you and see these changing circumstances- you cannot remain in denial for much longer. You cannot bury your head in the sand and wait for somebody else to do something. Even if you feel you cannot make any sort of meaningful change, know that from above, from Our non-physical perspective, you can and have already made changes for the better, both in yourself and in those around you. Lately you have been feeling different, depressed and pessimistic. Maybe this is from the loss of friendship you have experienced. Know it was meant to happen and it will ultimately move you higher than if you had remained in that friendship, stifled in the lower levels. Just take baby steps now. You feel that you are not ready, so you must build yourself up to that point. You can do one small good thing for another person each day and soon it will build and you will grow to the point of being ready.

With Great Love, Your Angelic Guidance

Dear One,
What I want for you to know is that you may be in danger of completely falling and forgetting all that has become revealed in this past year. The decision you have in front of you is a scary one. As long as you wholeheartedly embrace Us, and have Us guide you in each interaction, you will be fulfilling the need of spirit in your life. It is about constant guidance, and right now you are not doing this. You were, in fact, fulfilling this for a little while in your life when things were not busy. But now that you have more material concerns you seem to forget the duty you have for Us.

Even in busy situations We are more than able to take over as you wish Us to do. Have faith and do not forget, do not allow yourself to forget what is true all around you and in your heart. You will find life more enjoyable as you embrace Us once again. Very importantly, you must channel every day to keep the connection alive as it becomes
more difficult to reach you the more infrequently you connect to Us. In case of any emergency situation We will need to connect with you, and you with Us, in a very short amount of time, a split second even.

Open up your concern for others and let it all out. Yes it can be painful, but it will not be as painful if you don't attach your own will to the results of a situation and instead let God do what he must.

With Great Love As Always, The Spiritual Hierarchy

Dear One,
Go with the flow of your life and the energies presented to you. These energies are sent for you to work with and move with to the next place you need to be in. Change is what you must be accustomed to by now, and there have been many changes in this lifetime for you, all to prepare for these moments approaching faster and faster with the quickening of things. You must move with this quickness because you are a piece of it and will be swept with it as no thing is ever separate, though it is made to seem so in 3rd dimensional reality. Really, you are a piece of it and it of you; and you will feel this new energy within yourself and your immediate surroundings.

Remain an open vehicle and know We are with you all the time. Symptoms of the quickening are dizziness as well as disorientation and you may feel like you are going crazy but this is ok. Remain where you are for now and wait and notice when things happen. These are all signs for you and others to act or not act depending on what you are guided to do, and what comes to you. If delays come to you, accept it. If constant business comes to you, accept it as well. It is all part of the nature of changes occurring faster than they have in this lifetime. Hold on and have faith in our love for you.

With Great Love, The Spiritual Hierarchy

I know how, through constant programming and self-denial, the mention of the darkside immediately shuts us down to any understanding of its presence, of Self-Will's presence, both in Creation and within each and every one of us.

Self-will is not 'evil' in and of itself. It is the use of self-will not in service to Higher Will that allows darkness to grow and to prevail within the individual and within society at large.

These reptilians I write about have their own special place in most spiritual traditions (as shown throughout the volumes of the book) where they symbolize either good or evil. In the Vedic tradition, as in so many other religious and historical followings, they are inherently related to some of its most important personages. They breed fear wherever they have gone and now once again those same reptilian generals and royalty from the pasta re the ones who currently rule over us again through the personages of political entities. Their primary motive is to have us live in this kind of paralytic fear that will stop us from ever realizing our own greatness and the power we have to change it all (as it eventually did with Erica). The Choice is yours, and for each every one of us to decide.

All the help in the Universe is available to change what stops us from moving forward. All we have to do is ask, and then listen, and then follow the Guidance that is there to help us. I can teach anyone to channel their own Guidance. I can teach anyone to do
the kind of healing work I do. I can teach anyone to follow the Guidance that is there to lead them into spiritual greatness because I have learned it all myself from scratch. I do not have a gift, as many people like to say. I have powers and abilities learned through
simply following my Guidance and then allowing that Guidance to direct me and work through me, as anyone who is willing to can. There were not years of study and spiritually exercising as most paths teach, there was simply one moment of surrender, and then doing so each and every day until I made that full lifetime commitment to serve

I have been many things in my lifetime, as I tell every audience I speak to, many of these things were not nice. Everything I have ever been and done, however, is not an excuse not to move forward, but rather a gift of understanding, a real-time experience of what others are also going through much like Erica too has experienced. Each one
of these things, just like every past lifetime, good and bad, makes me better at what I do to help others for every place they are I have been, every thing they fear I have feared, every challenge they face I have faced, and once again as I like to say to all my audiences, if I can do what I am now doing to serve, then anyone can.

In service, Peter

Appendix -Forgiveness/Reclaiming Your Power

The one thing that must be done above all to begin our own healing with regard to our own low self-esteem is to love. To forgive both those who we feel have wronged us, and most importantly of all ourselves, is to regain our lost power. To reclaim this lost power (that which we have so readily given away to both friends, family, and enemies alike, I recommend the following exercise borrowed liberally from the Native American Shamanic tradition of erasing personal history (and thereby reclaiming the personal power given away).

Reclaiming your Power:
1. With plenty of time to complete the task no matter how long it takes, find a quiet comfortable area where you will not be disturbed—a place where you feel safe, a place where you feel some kind of nurturance from your surroundings such as a room filled with your favorite books, a quiet garden space, or somewhere out in nature.

2. Center yourself in whatever way is most comfortable for you—by chanting, by smudging, or simply by sitting peacefully with your eyes open or closed for a short period of time.

3. Open yourself to your own highest Good, your Higher Power, some non-denominational sense of the Cosmos that you know loves you and that you trust.
4. As you find yourself ready, go slowly over the decades of your life—either chronologically or in reverse order. Think of and/or write down a list of all those you have been involved with you in some way and to whom you have given a part of yourself. This could be either in a positive or negative way through some kind of attachment of love or hate or fear or some other emotional state. This list should include such people as your parents, your teachers, your school mates who you envied or tried to copy, the neighborhood bully, the girlfriends or boyfriends—real or imagined, the husbands or wives, your children, your neighbors, the bosses and co-workers with whom you have shared both good times and bad—everyone who you can say took or was given a piece of you that you now need to reclaim in this attempt to regain your personal power.

Kenneth Meadows, in his book The Medicine Way—A Shamanic Path to Self Mastery, says to use the phrase, ‘Things would have been so different IF . . .’ The things which follow that IF are the very attachments you now need to release. In releasing attachments we let go of what is draining us of our personal power. We reclaim the focus and the attention from the past and are now able to recrystallize it on our present circumstances and stand in our power and in our strength.

5. Once we have made this list or identified those with whom our personal power has been in storage, then comes the essential act of reclaiming our power, thanking—and if necessary, forgiving them, and ourselves. No matter what has happened between the two of you—things either positive or seemingly negative—the lessons have been there for you to learn, and these people have done their best, limited though it may appear to you, to help you learn your lessons and make you the best person you can be. Thank them for whatever part they have played in your own spiritual growth, and forgive them for whatever they did or did not do to you in any other way. To hold any strong feeling for anyone in the past is to give away a piece of your energy to that person, and the personal power you will need here in the very near and very real future that awaits us all in combating the New World Order. Do this for each and every person on your list, savoring each moment as you recall it and then letting it go.

6. And when all is said and done, then look at your own behavior over these same times and know that, although you may not always have been at your best, that to live in shame or blame or with some degree of guilt is the greatest source of giving away your personal power to a source which is not real. The real Creator has only and is only Love. Darkness cannot even come near to it because IT is so much Light. If IT cannot see Darkness, then it certainly does not judge us for it knows we are learning, and that there is a balance for everything we do. In this spirit, love yourself as IT loves you, and then forgive yourself.

7. Make a small ritual of burning or destroying your list, and feel the weight being lifted from your shoulders as your strength and Will and power return to you. Then be cognizant of every person and situation that enters your day and may try to steal some of your power away again. Bless them or the situation and give them love and be on your way, safe in your newfound strength, prepared for the difficult days ahead, knowing that though the Darkness may reign for a short time longer on the planet as it solidifies its power base here—there can only be one eventual winner—and of that there is no doubt. The Light will always overcome the Darkness and drive it back into the Void from whence it first came.