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the new paradigm - day 01 01 01 feb 28
The New Paradigm - Day 01/01/01

By Peter Farley

On Friday, September 5, 2008, Guidance had me post a channeling in my
yahoo group from Sue Ann about the planet's ascension into the 5th

Solidly Fifth - A New Day in the Ascension

09/04/2008 through S.A.

Dear One, Today indeed was a very special day. This day marks a time in
the ascension process where a major milestone has been reached. The
planet is now solidly in the fifth dimension whether some people can
achieve that level of perception or not. For those who have chosen and
earned the right to ascend along with Her, there is a grand feeling that
everything is finally going to be all right. This is the new 'feeling'
that was in your house when you awoke. This is the new way of seeing the
world that Peter had when he went outside - the crispness and brightness
of the colors and the freshness of everything. It was the September 4th
deadline we gave him to be prepared. Just as a mother says to her
frightened child 'everything's going to be okay' so Mother earth is
reassuring those going with her that everything will be okay.

The separation between those who have chosen and earned the right to
ascend and those who have chosen to remain to continue with their third
grade lessons will now become even greater. That is the feeling you both
have of not wanting to 'go downtown' and not wanting to eat at '3rd
dimensional restaurants' where the food has no taste or nutritional
vibration. Such things will remain for only a little while longer in
terms of the bigger picture as the varying dimensions NOW begin to
separate further from one another.

Those who are ascending along with the planet will now have a greater
sense of peace and and well-being even though times will remain 'tough'
for them as for everyone else, the difference is that those who have
chosen not to ascend either by their deeds or their self-will will only
continue to feel more and more frightened by what is happening around

The lag time between thought and manifestation has grown considerably
shorter and for some it will seem to become almost instantaneous. You
MUST now live through and from your heart at all times in order to
remain with her throughout this ongoing process. You MUST also be with
Us as self-will and ego and actions not guided by and for Love, and
through your Highest Guidance will have quick and devastating
consequences that will boomerang back on you just as instantaneously as
those brought forward through Love. This is how the 5th dimension works,
and one MUST be prepared for this new way of doing things or one will
not and cannot remain for long in the finer vibration.

Much Love and peace can also be passed on to those around you just as
quickly and with far-reaching and positive consequences for all.

This is your opportunity to release your attachments to past emotional
and attitudinal judgments and move on in to a new level of Love and
Acceptance. We are always here to assist you with this ongoing and
essential process of healing in order for you to fully remain higher
dimensional as the planetary shift occurs. Continue to forgive and
release through Love, particularly forgive yourself for your past
indiscretions and know that you are doing well in the other essential
process of also making amends. Also forgive others and release the
effects of what you may think they have done against you. Realize that
it takes 'a family' to share and to help each other learn their own and
communally karmic lessons. Blaming yourself or others MUST come to an
end. It is time to Love your past 'mistakes' for what they have taught
you and move on into the Light and Sound of a glorious new day in

With greatest Love and continued Guidance, Aristenna of the Spiritual
Hierarchy's Council of Light

Two days later, some say 3, the world economy began to go into fatal

Back on June 19, 2007, a posted channeling in my yahoo group had these
words to share, "The planet will go through rapid changes as she ascends
through the various dimensional stargates. One of the first will be the
shedding of the false matrix. It is already severely weakened and will
soon fall completely away. This includes anything that has been set up
by the darkside." It began in earnest not that much later.

Now I don't claim to be any expert on stargates, but as Guidance
explains it to me using as an example the filtration process for the
water we buy as refill at some local stores, there are stages of the
filtration of the planet's vibration, and between each stage is a
doorway allowing the water to pass from one stage to the next. (For
those New Agers no it doesn't all happen Dec 24th, 2012). These
'doorways' are equivalent to the stargates the planet passes through in
its refining process to enter fully into its 'final' resting place
wholly and comfortably balanced in its vibration within the 5th
dimension. So there are many stargates and after each one the planet is
being 'filtered' at a finer level to get rid of the pollution and those
not ready for the finer vibration of the next level of the ascension

Last week, for instance, I took two visitors into the central portal
into the planet. To get into the portal to give them some sense of it we
had to pass through three 'doorways', and to get out of it there were
then four doorways. That is why many people can go to scared sites and
perhaps feel something, but only those with the understanding or
Guidance to open and close dimensional doorways can truly pass through
into the vortexes or portals located at those sites.

It was in late February, 2009, a few months after the meltdown began
that Guidance had me write and post a series of articles on "Ascension's
Final Stargate and the Coming Aftermath' in which THEY had me write:
"Since then (Sept 5, 2008) the planet has found itself passing through
one stargate after another with varying degrees of instability until
finally, this weekend, She finds herself facing the final stargate,
throwing down the gauntlet for all of us to ascend with Her into a new
realm of Love and Self-responsibility or face leaving for whatever 3rd
dimensional facsimile we have earned to continue on with our

There have been many synchronicities since then. And all of us have been
witness to the New World Order's attempts to create a final state of
chaos battling side-by-side with the planet's attempts at basic
ascension changes.

Not long after posting this excerpt from an article in my yahoogroup
about the planet reaching its `lowest point of morphogenetic field
collapse', we experienced the birds of the air, the fish in the sea,
and even some animals on the land, participating in mass die offs around
the world:


After a really rough day yesterday in terms of physical 'weakness' not
just for myself but for many I had contact with, Guidance let me know
that today is the day of the 'lowest' morphogenetic field of the planet
-- What does that mean? I'm not sure, ask for yourself and get your own
answers . . . All bets are off in terms of what happens from now on . .
. as Sonia was warned today in her channeling, "The Brave New World is
only for those truly brave in spirit as well as earthly doings. And let
me remind you that the New Earth is not granted for an individual just
like that."

Mark Twain said it best, "The human race is a bunch of cowards, and I am
the standard bearer". Well he wasn't a coward but those who refuse to
even 'try' connect and do what they agreed to come here to do, are. What
on Earth have you got to lose? - Nothing but the miserable situation you
find yourselves in and the fact of living through eternity knowing that
the lifetime that really counted you didn't step up to bat. . ."

Much has been written about the `New Paradigm' attempting to be
grounded here on the newly ascended planet. The mold is there but not
yet enough workers to make it fully manifest . . . and of course
something major has yet to occur that will further remove from the
planet much of the darkness that has taken hold here for the past five
thousand years and more. I don't get a good feeling about March and
what it holds in store, but am anxious for the changes to speed up even

So in the ongoing process of letting go the old and bringing in the new
(so obvious in the attempts of people around the world to be free
against tyrannical opposition), Guidance let me know that today is
spiritually the first day of the new paradigm day 01/01/01 if you
will since mankind's calendars have never been spiritually based
but always arbitrarily based.

So welcome to the new paradigm the first day of the rest of your
life for those who have managed to make it along with the planet through
all the ascension stargates and the long filtration process. For those
of you who have not made it that means that you have not yet learned the
very simple lesson that it's `all about others'. The new
paradigm's foundation is `it takes a village'. That means
that your spirituality cannot be based on what you or your mind think
you're doing to progress in awareness, but what your actions have
manifested as change to assist others in their ongoing process. It is as
Gandhi put so simply, "The best way to find yourself is to lose
yourself in service to others."

Guidance never lets me know much about what's to come because that
takes my focus out of what has to be done NOW. I know some of this is
also so I don't slip into fear because what's approaching very,
very rapidly is not pretty or pleasant even for those who have ascended.
Still I know I will be prepared for whatever comes down the turnpike
because that is the way I have been trained to live my life listening
and following Guidance every moment of the day. The NEW PARADIGM is
still only a template that has yet to be grounded upon the planet, still
isn't it nice to know that day one is here and from here on, the new
rapidly will start to supplant the old before the final removal of all
the dead and decaying paradigm that has caused everyone so much pain for
so many lifetimes.

‎"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment
that something else is more important than fear." - Ambrose Redmoon

Wishing you strength in the coming days, and clear focus to be here for
the rest of these upcoming days, In service, Peter