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The New World Order - taking sides
Taking Sides
by Peter Farley

The New World Order is smart, very smart, smart beyond belief.

The most difficult thing about fighting the New World Order is that
their army is not made up of jackbooted, swastika-adorned,
sycophants all marching to the beat of a single drummer. No, as in
the Matrix series of movies where anyone not on your side can be used
against you by turning them into a Mr. Smith, the army on Earth of
the New World Order is made up of the friends at your side, the
spouse lying next to you in your bed, the children you nurtured into
being fully indoctrinated into the New World Order's version of the
Matrix. They are the friends you grew up with, the other members of
the spiritual groups or churches who sat beside you during your phase
of seeking truth before learning that that was just another way of
keeping you from the truth. These are the ones who act like smitten
prey when you call them out for what they truly are, the Smiegel's of
Lord Of the Rings who cry out 'oh woe is me! poor little me is not
dark! I'm just trying to help you!'

And most of all they are the ones who say you are a cult-member for
believing in anything different to them, belonging to any minority
which is not accepted by the Matrix and the mainstream religions and
spiritual and political power bases.

It is an overwhelming army that simply wears you back down into
mediocrity and acceptance by its continuous use of the most powerful
weapon of all -- peer pressure. Day after day the other side
continually assaults all your defenses until you simply, like the
characters in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, fall back to sleep.
And worse than that they MAKE YOU want to fall back into sleep simply
because the assault is so relentless. As someone fighting this battle
with me for a short while once said, "There's always one more thing,
isn't there?'

The paradox here is the self-doubt and questioning that goes on and
must go on within anyone outside this enormous realm of Matrix-
controlled animatrons. Joseph Smith and I and some others taught the
members of the Mormon Church very well while forming that church in a
past lifetime. You can see it in the members today that when
presented with hard undeniable facts about their religion and their
Church, they will not budge from their very firm belief that what the
Church preaches is the truth and that all else is a lie. Bar none.

The most difficult thing about being in a minority is that you are in
a minority. That takes incredible strength to maintain your beliefs,
to continually strive to complete your assigned mission, to sacrifice
all your friendships, loved ones, attachments, for something only
your heart and your strong connection with Guidance says to you is
correct. And indeed, that is the ONLY thing that stops a person from
falling back to sleep -- an unbreakable, unshakable faith in the
Guidance you are getting inwardly, because, believe me, the darkside
will use everyone and everything that has any influence in your life
to break that unshakable faith and knowingness and willingness to die
for what you know to be the truth.

As someone once said to me 'the greatest warrior for the Light is the
person with absolutely no attachments'. Of course there is no such
person. ALL of us want to be loved, want to be accepted, what to 'fit
in' at least with someone else on the planet and to not feel so
alone, the stranger-in-a-strange-land syndrome, but that's almost
impossible at this stage of the game. It is as Aristenna of the
Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light said in a channeling through
Sue Ann this weekend: "WE are coming down to the wire and even though
the darkside knows it has lost they want to create as much damage as
possible before they leave for good. Most of them have already left.
It is mainly the demolition crew that has been left behind."

This is NOT the time to give up, but this is also the time when
those forces aligned against you will be at their strongest yet
without the willingness to persist for very long.

While rewatching Braveheart for the umpteenth time last night I could
sense the 'lessening of the Force' on the planet at the time William
Wallace died. It was like something beautiful had died, something
meaningful had been taken away from the whole and everything was less
for its leaving and yet better for its having been here.

Since Lucifer's healing, since the work done in Salt Lake City and at
Mt. Shasta, I don't feel the power there anymore that once held up
the old religious institutions and even the government is now
fragmenting as the old paradigm begins to fall away. A very difficult
time is yet to come, and the ONLY thing that will get you through it
is your OWN inner connection with Guidance and Their words, "Keep
saying to yourself--"I have what I need for today, I will have what I
need for tomorrow."

Do not hate those who are there to work against you or who through
their own poor choices are or have allowed themselves to be used for
dark purposes. The more you read and understand how we all have been
duped, the more you realize how many and how insidious are the ways
the darkside uses to control us. Then you will come to realize that
this planet was the perfection of control techniques honed over many
millions of years on countless other planets. You will then find
yourself less wanting to judge and more able to accept, to bless the
situation, and then move on.

It's a war folks and you have to choose a side or be cannon fodder
left to die on the battlefields of Creation.

In Love, and service, Peter