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The Nightmare Before Xmas
I keep having this repeating nightmare that I´m the only sane and
rational person on the planet. Then I wake up and see that eight jets
have just sprayed a thick fog of chemtrails over where I am staying.

I walk out into a world where people are buying presents to celebrate
a God that no longer exists and a religion handed down to them as a
control device by their alien overlords. I watch people sending their
kids off to school beneath these chemtrail-filled skies but they´re
not all really people. Many of them are aliens too just like in the
movie They Live, only some are reptilians, some are Saurians, some
are Bird Tribe people, some are this, some are that, but they´re all
pretending to be human. And I realize I have not woken from my
nightmare and my nightmare continues.

For some reason these ´aliens in disguise´ have come to believe that
killing other ´aliens in disguise´ is a normal, natural thing to do.
I watch them sitting in front of their control communications devices
they call television sets and receiving their subliminal commands to
rape and torture female ´aliens in disguise´ and to rob and to steal
and to do other acts of violence against each other and those their
commanders don´t like, to be mean to each other and the ones they
call family, to create as much chaos as possible so that their
leaders will be able to impose stricter controls on them and all the
others existing in this Star Wars Bar nightmare through the fear that
is created.

I watch them driving machines that are poisoning the very environment
they need to exist in, eating at little box stores where plastic food
is served that keeps the ´aliens in disguise´ docile and dumbed down
through lack of vital neutrients to the brain and to the very Soul
that it needs to survive. I can see into their holographically
projected forms and see what this food and these toxins are doing to
the holographically projected images of their forms, eating them away
just as the food itself was eaten. Rather than building them up this
plastic food is slowly killing them so that then as I watch, they go
to these aliens in disguise who are mainly reptilians in disguise and
who wear white coats and follow the staff of Thoth and who say they
will help these people from what is slowly poisoning them. But,
instead, they just give them little colored bits of poison they call
pills to make the problems with the holographically projected ´sick´
images even sicker.

And my nightmare continues. I walk up to these people, I connect with
them over other media control devices and try and tell them that they
are only playing a game called ´Being Human´. I try to tell them that
killing other players of the game is not in the rules originally set
down by the original big Game-maker. They show me this funny book
with old-fashioned words and tell me this is the rule-book for the
game, but it seems to be a very old book that´s very much out-of-date
and was written by some people who only wanted to control the
ouitcome of the game so that no matter who played it only they
themselves would win.

I show them an easy way to read the current rule-book they have all
been carrying around with them for eons, but they tell me it´s not
right to look at that rule-book because it displeases these wannabe
usurpers of the Game, a group they have collectively given the
name ´God´. Their gamepiece on the board is the one that looks like
an iron-fist and likes to push all the other game pieces out of the
way or throws them off the board all together. They want to kill me
for saying these things and say that it´s in their version of the
rulebook that that´s okay to kill other ´aliens in disguise´ who
don´t agree with you or who don´t want to play the Game your way. Or
they make up stories about me that I cheat when I play or am not an
honest in how I follow the rules, but this is just because I don´t
play by their out-of date rulebook but instead like to use the one
originally made to fit the Game by its Creator.

I run away, but everywhere I go I see more ´aliens in disguise´
poisoning and polluting their environment, their holographically
projected forms, and each other. I try to go to the countryside I
remember finding solace in when I was a child but it´s no longer
there, or so diminshed of its own life energies that it looks very
much like the polluted holographic forms of its polluters. So much of
it has all been paved over to make way for more little boxes for
the ´aliens in disguise´ to live in and distance themselves from
their environments. What is left these ´aliens in disguise´ have give
the name of ´park´. It´s small and the nature in it is very stunted
and unreal. I run away to the mountains but see that the jets
spraying their toxic chemtrails are everywhere seemingly following me
because everywhere I go they spray this big X over where I am as if X
marks the spot. I feel like someone is watching me from up there and
logging my every movement, every word, every thought, and I run away
again but I hit a brick wall because there seems to be walls all
around this nightmare, and I look back over my shoulder and
these ´aliens in duisguise´ are pursuing me to stab me with their
little needles that are filled with this potion that makes me one of

I think I am living in a movie but then I wake up and no, I´m not,
I´m in my very own nightmare and this nightmare is the reality I
chose to come into to help teach these ´aliens in disguise´ that it
doesn´t have to be a nightmare, that it can be a wonderful dream, a
dream called life, living, loving, existing in peace and harmony and
working with a rule-book that allows for the unlimited flexibility of
its user. I realize I agreed to come here to help teach them that
there doesn´t have to be just one winner or one group of winners. In
fact, there don´t have to be winners or losers at all for it´s all
just one big fun ga=me that never ends and where the players cann all
enjoy themselves all the time as they learn how to play it better,
smarter, and with more control so that one day too they can be the
Masters of the Game.

With love, in service, and a wish to get beyond my nightmare . . .