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The Origin of All Things
Information has no alignment, but intent defines the alignment
completely.[Children and even adults are filled with information
these days from the Information Society, but very few have the
intent nor the will to be able to process and use that information
wisely?to serve using that information for the good of All.]

Without the vibration of Love, the alignment of Heart with intent,
there is no way for the Light to truly flow in a balanced lively
way. Love is what gives life to Light, what shapes and makes it move
[Something all the scientists and mathematicians cannot fathom when
working with the equations of a Unified Field theory ?it is the Love
which makes things Unified, the glue which brings all of us and all
things together into the One Body of the Everlasting Heavens]. The
presence of such an energy as Love in a Being's auric field leads
into ultimate evolution and the highest level of spiritual
development. This Love for Creation is what propels one into Service
and into Mastership. Masters are the ultimate servants of Creation
and the highest level of Being, it is the highest level of
integration with the FATHER's will, along with active Work to
balance and maintain the harmony of Creation and of Light itself?to
heal with Love where needed so that there is only integration and a
steady flow of new Light into Creation.

When the Being chooses to interact through Light and service then
this Being's vibration will be of Light, and this will directly
reflect on how this Being's DNA is arranged. The non-physical DNA
[the other 10 strands which are dimensional/electromagnetic, not
physical?Peter ] has a higher vibration and a way to arrange itself
and "change faster", because of how time works differently at higher
levels of vibration. The connection to different energies and
functions takes place in the DNA [the process of ascension?without
the 'need' to have your DNA 'activated'].

Chakras are composed of "parts" from a Being's body. These parts are
made of glands, neurons, organs, which are made of tissue - cells -
whose creation is guided by how the DNA is arranged.

Channeling Light will heal, will take the vibration of Light into
the DNA and then have this DNA enable the cleansing and flow of
Light through the chakras of the Being. This brings healing and
harmony. Often, surrender ensues when the Being becomes connected to
Light at a higher level, and then it becomes completely connected to
Light, becoming a portal to this Energy and the changes that it

(from Volume 9 The Origin of All Things
by Peter Farley)