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The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 1
The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 1
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and those members of the Council of

The hardest thing for any of us to grasp as we progress through this
radical re-establishment of the energies of Creation in this corner
of the Universe is the presence in Creation of something which was
never meant to be, Lucifer. it is as the first quotation heading up
my 9 volume series on the subject implies, we have been programmed
not to believe in him.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince Man he
doesn't really exist."

Like the word `conspiracy' itself, the words devil or Satan or
Lucifer have been so misused and bandied about intentionally to
instill within us a disbelief in that very thing which controls us.

I have been privileged over this last decade to have worked with the
Spiritual Hierarchy and to have been responsible for bringing to the
planet the first full rendition of the true Creation story (in Vols 1-
2 of Where Were You before The Tree of Life? available free on my
website or in the 4truthseekers yahoo group files). This is a reading
must if one is to firstly, understand what is taking place right now
on earth and in this corner of the Universe, and secondly, to
understand their own selves as Soul in a very difficult but healing
situation within the grander scheme of Creation.

Volume 7 is titled The Hunt for Lucifer, and to write any of these
works I have had to deal with all the participants of the story on
many and varied levels of interaction to fully understand what is
taking place. As George Bush has a habit of saying Trust me, there is
a Lucifer. The Darkness he started, however, is now the darkness you
and I create or allow to happen all around us day-by-day through our
polluted thinking and the programming that lies deep within our DNA.

The following on the history of the darkside and what is now taking
place with it is for the final volumes of this work but are shared
here because of the imperative nature of the changes that need to be
made both within the individual and Universally as well in order to
sustain the momentum of change taking place.

The ascension of self will

In the beginning then there was the Universe and the splitting of the
Creator energies took place. What you know as the Big Bang was truly
the fragmenting of the energies of Those who created. Through this
fragmentation there was brought into existence self-will. It needed
arms and legs to take forward its new empire, and those who came from
the fragmentation began building these new receptacles for self-will
right away...

Expansion was the key to domination over all the different places in
what had been created. The creation of their first dark children came
in the form of The Council of Darkness, those who were the monitors,
the scientists, the managers of the new dark empire. It then began to
form. Lucifer gave them life using "Dark Light" - the lesser light he
would use to make his family grow. This council would bring about new
ideas on how to control: 5 beings, all male, the limiting and
oppressing aspect of the Lords. No Lord is a Master because lordship
implies power to control, while Mastership is power to create change
without attachment or control over the results, in complete Freedom.

These Lords of Darkness were all about control and carrying out
Lucifer's will. They
spread their dominion and kept everything they conquered under a
tight and very short leash. They were/are the knights of the beast
bringing to reality the problems that subdue free-will or that
distort it into corrupt self-will instead of the Divine Will of

Another part of Lucifer's energies was Thoth, also known as Hermes,
the ancient Greek god of Wisdom and the accepted master of all the
ancient mystery schools which now form the heart and soul of the New
World Order. ( ) He was
Lucifer's dark counselor and researcher. He would be responsible for
bringing his master the means to know more and control more. To do
this he learned how to bend creation to his will, and he was filled
with joy for that would bring his lord and father more joy than

After a certain time playing with the nature of Creation, trying and
watching the results of his experiments, this wise if sometimes dark
and unknowingly `evil' spirit, discovered the means to create an
Artificial Source for Divine Energy. This gave him and his master the
means to change Creation, the way to make energy and be able to
continue bending things and people to their will without the Central
Sun's nurturing Love.

This was as if they had become able to create a source of "life"
which was not Life, but a false imitation of it, using the incomplete
love that they themselves were made of. Being
different, there was no way for them to create that which they had
separated themselves from. They were not Light and had no Love, so
they were not able to create anything of Light or Love. They made a
generator of the energy which they were made of?a generator of "Dark
Light". . .