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The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Parts 11 & 12
The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 11
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of Light)

The Fallen ones

The fallen Masters and Angels, invited to work on Dark agendas across
Universe, were compelled by their newly formed egos and went rogue on
Creation. These fallen ones are no longer able to live on levels
higher than the 6th, but they can probe the higher levels. Their
Light is SOURCE. Although they are contaminated with self-will, they
are still made of LIGHT. These beings,
until blocked, are able to probe even the 12th dimension for energy,
to sometimes become partially healed, until they decide to be rogue

SOURCE is open to all, but darkness cannot communicate/commune with
IT. Those
with pure intent to be healed are able to reach it, even if only
after a long time being healed on lower levels. Many who were born of
dark, received Light, and became reborn through Love. Some of these
beings are able to ascend into the higher levels of consciousness and
into SOURCE.

Ego, as self-will, is burned when touched by the true Light of the
Divine. Ego has its
false love and its lesser light, but it is only to seduce and lure
to darkness those
who are naive and know little about Creation.

These `artificial' suns being created in the Orion nebula are born of
darkness. They can be seeded with Light and turned into Suns of
Light, but it is only when they open themselves up for it that it
will then happen. Furthermore, these suns right now only spread
darkness and give birth to more Beings made out of Ego.

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 12
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of Light)

Andre: Did planets become dark, did suns become corrupt?

Yes, they did. Some planets gave up after too much destruction and
left while being posessed by other entities, dark entities. Some had
themselves possessed by dark beings through force, or became corrupt
and aligned themselves with darkness. Thoth developed means to link
dark suns to each other, and this further helped with the
experimentation. This linking increased the area they could cover
with their dark influence, somewhat like a net. Linking suns on
certain geometrically powerful patterns increased the area of
domination exponentially.

Most weaker planets were the first targets. They were either
convinced or forced
to take in darkness by invasion. So many were destroyed. (Read A
Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle for a very realistic vision of
these type of events and the solution)

Lucifer also became allied with other strands of Beings from
different levels in Creation. Some on the 8th dimensional Beings
looked at the Darkside with interest, thus becoming linked with how
he offered a new experience to All. This was no mistake, as these
Beings of the 8th dimensional level allowed for much knowledge to be
transmitted to unity consciousness about how Lucifer thought and how
he acted towards his self-aggrandizement, and proposed domination of
the universe.

The stories of Masters who came to help and ended up attached to the
darkness they once fought were also endless. Many of the themes in
Star Wars are taken from these very real events in Creation.

These beings were the ones that fell, the "One third of the host of
Heaven". Combine these with the ones created within ego and what you
have is a very real army of darkness/ego/self will


From the Dark Lord who turned his back on the Council:

"Osho was the most powerful, and I would challenge him and become
grander. I knew there were better ways to dominate than the ones he
used. Minions and slave beings
could be better used if they were left to have more for themselves.
Slavery could be more productive if the slaves were exploited with
less fury.

"They did not understand and understood that I was then different
from them.

They may compete but when they are threatened or see that they will
only succeed together, they work as one. Then they teamed up on me,
two at a time, and I decided to go for those Angels who had escaped
me more than once.

"I would ask these Angels for answers and on how they worked among

"I learned that their way was better than mine. I learned that I had
no will of my own, and that I just thought I had. They said that I
could heal and that with surrender I could go to the highest levels
of consciousness, and become grander than I ever was, that I would be
free to return to darkness at any time I chose, but that only with
commitment would they let me help fight darkness.

"So I commited myself, and after allowing myself to be healed, I am
here now to help.

"The Spiritual Hierarchy says that I will have my time to take
revenge, but that it will be
with a heart filled with Love and that it won't feel like revenge
does for Beings of dark intentions. That it will simply be a way to
bring balance while there is still interest in it.

"Maybe it's all bull. I am not sure about many things. I am here now,
let's see if
I can be trusted with what is put before me, and how far I will
go... I hope its to the end, permanently, but how can I be trusted?"

The End (for now . . . )