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The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Parts 9 & 10
The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Parts 9 & 10
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of Light)

Thoth hovers around the planet Kochab/Kolob and has control over the
inner merkaba satellites and the planet's computer and crystal portal
satellite. Thoth will and is capable of use the planet to bend the
universe to the dark intent of his ego which dominates him and fuels
his quest for power.

His focus is on the research of better ways to dominate others, to
control, and to have followers who will do his bidding and expand his
empire. Lucifer relinquished much of the administration over creative
aspects of this task to Thoth and Thoth lives to serve his lord and
master. He finds new ways to bring more energy and power to him, yet
still he fears that Lucifer has no real love for his service and has
always kept something aside as a means to defend himself from his
lord, in case he would be challenged or threatened in some fatal

How Thoth invaded the higher levels of consciousness

Thoth is NOT in an Earthly body now, even though he has been many
times before (he is known as the thrice-risen master). He does,
however, intend to walk in to someone, but still hasn't. He is
present on the planet, but not on a 3 dimensional level in a body.
Of the other five (5) lords of the Dark Council, four are currently
in human form here on earth, while the fifth currently still works
with his devoted followers after passing from the earthly plane. All
are known, but one has turned his guarded intent back towards the
Light and is currently helping uncover the full extent of what is
taking place here on the planet. This is a time of healing for all,
should they so choose to take a different role in Creation's
expansion and unfoldment.

Thoth has traveled throughout all the dimensional levels of reality
up to and including the 12th dimensional level. He has probed much
of its structure and workings, its patterns and its creative power.
He, too, would side with the Light but has not because he feels that
he can even bend the power of SOURCE to his will through the measures
he is exploring. He indeed can in a limited way, and he has gave
some of that knowledge off
to his minions. The means through which he traveled to the 12th
dimensional level of Creation in this corner of the Universe was not
as a whole. Instead he made himself an alternative self that would be
connected to him, but be "clean". To do this he used Angelic
energies to create this alternate self, stealing the energy from
other pure souls which he has captured.

Peter has written much about the darkside capturing the energies of
those who do not stand up and be who and what they are in
representing the Higher Will on this planet. Some are like PT boats
with the amount of energy they carry, some are aircraft carriers
whose energy can be captured and manipulated in exactly this way.

In working with angelic energies in the healing room he has also
noticed the propensity for males to flock to women with such angelic
energies specifically for the pupose of capturing, harnessing or at
least controlling these every palpable energies for their own darker

With Thoth, the capturing of sufficient energies allowed him to
create a vehicle to go up to the higher dimensional levels unbarred,
allowing him to further inflate its energy field.
Raising the vibration of this vehicle and ascending slowly to the
12th dimension. he was, however, detected, but could not be blocked.
He was not blocked yet so far he has never been able to do anything
negative on those highest levels of Creation.

Through his research into methods of entrapment and control, Thoth
has managed to split off a part of the Angelic realm and imprison
them in order to harness their Angelic energies. The removed part was
still connected to these Angels, and so Thoth was able to use the
Angels to bring divine energies from SOURCE back down and into the
Angels' bodies. The angels were unable to move with all that pleasure
coursing through their angelic forms. They were naive as Thoth was
also able to disguise himself and had limited their Angelic sight
tremendously so that they would not sense what was truly going on.
It was then that Thoth transferred the Divine energy down from Source
and into the section of Angels which he had scaptured and intended to
use as a power source for his own alternate vehicle.

Thoth used pure Light from the Angelic realm, the Archangel Michael
in particular, to build a Merkaba that was clean within their
angelic bodies so as to pull energy from other consciousness levels,
up to and including the 12th. The Angels only learned about all this
and how it worked once it had been accomplished.

Once enough energy was stolen and pulled from the parts of the
Angelic Realm connected to SOURCE, then the Spiritual Hierarchy
learned about how Thoth was active in this practice.
They pushed Thoth farther away from the Angels, but not until Thoth
was able to acquire
12th dimensional light bodies and information on how to harness their
power. He had stolen that part of the Angels for himself. Michael was
at no loss, for the part inflated
was only a means for Thoth to pull energy from other places. All the
Angels pretty much remained the same since they had only lost a
fraction of their angelic bodies - the part that Thoth then used and
inflated with higher dimensional energies drawn downwards through his
craftiness and trickery.

Thoth was pushed far into the dark alleyways of the Universe, by
Artola and Others of the higher Spiritual realms. He was pushed
because he would not let himself be caught, and he was smart with
many surprises that allowed him to dodge the intent of his pursuers.

Thoth now possesses the knowledge of how to visit the highest levels
of consciousness, and has this information from a 12th dimensional
level within his consciousness, but he cannot put his thoughts up
there, he cannot go there himself. He therefore devised a means that
would drain energy from the 12th dimensional level like through a
straw, a pranic tube that reached the highest level. But only the
straw would be able to reach those realms, if the straw was made with
Light. Otherwise it would not be able to enter into the Highest
Realms to serve his darker purposes.

These straws/pranic tubes he developed could be used to take into the
user's soul body those energies from higher dimensional levels. The
straws, too, were detected by SOURCE and thus they were also blocked.
No energy is issued to them, no information is acquired because Light
is programmed to refuse any type of connection to these tubes from
dark beings.

Thoth taught the dark lords of the Dark Council on how to use these
technologies he had developed and suddenly angel raping became quite
a sport among them. They would use the angel's prana tubes to gather
for themselves multidimensional unfoldment (this was also the purpose
for our alien creators, the Anunaki, to gather gold to make into the
multidimensional creating drug monatomic gold).

The Dark Lords needed this technology because they were created on a
6th dimensional level and wanted to become grander than the masters
that would be in their way. Lucifer the most powerful of all would
gather large groups of angelic beings and exploit their Light
connection to Source.

These were the intergalactic wars when the Dark Empire was building
its initial
foundations and its Dark Lords were making their followers grow in
numbers and in
power. Thoth rejoiced at his findings and at how he was able to help
Darkness spread in such a grand way. Of all the researchers, he was
the most enlightened one, the one with the most knowledge and able to
grow more powerful than all the others. He, as a master
of darkness, would not be the most powerful in terms of energy but
rather in the knowledge accumulated. He was the dark source, he was
Lucifer's library, he was Darth Vader serving his dark lord, and he
lived to serve that purpose. He would get more knowledge while not
being responsible for any of the actual hard work. It is the
archetype of the mad scientist that works for the general or king. He
does not go to war but he gets all the knowledge and the
opportunities to exploit as many war prisoners as possible.

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 10
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of Light)

There were also many Masters and Angelic Beings captured and often
converted to
the Darkside during this ongoing war. They often shared what
knowledge they had, even if not by any will of their own.

Thoth knew about the effects that self-will would have upon the
universe. He knows that when it engulfs a planet it is as if the
planet is engulfed in an aura of ego, and that ego will constantly
pull that planet's consciousness towards the dark side.

Ego is the seed that limits consciousness, making it grow in the
wrong direction. Thoth knows how to manipulate it, even if he is
himself created out of Lucifer's ego. He has no will to serve
Creation, but still he knows about the secrets of manipulating egos
as if they were his own mind. He knows much about how Creation works,
perhaps more than many Beings in even the other Super Universes.

He doesn't, however, fancy taking the front line of a battle. If
there are no Lords to
lead the battle, then he will lead until he can put someone else into
a leadership position.
This allows him to continue to grow effortlessly.

With Lucifer's disappearance (explained in Vol 7), Thoth must now
also be reintegrated into the Creator Parents, but he knows so many
ways how to divide himself, and how to disguise himself as others.
He, more than anyone else, will know how to seduce Light
Beings into the Dark Side with true promises of power, but only a
power that is
destructive to both themselves and everyone else.

(from RAJ and Arhmennes ,Central Sun Councillor of Highest LIGHT)