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The Origins of Darkness Parts 7 & 8
The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 7
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of Light)

Clearer truth

Kochab/Kolob is a planet on the 6th dimensional level of reality with
an inner sun that borders the 6th and 7th levels but cannot fully
enter the 7th. The sun has the potential to drag energy from all the
dimensional levels up to and including the 12th dimension, but
currently only pulls energies from the 8th dimension, and uses it on
a 6th dimensional level. It still hasn't been able to get anything
from the 9th dimensional level up to the 12th because the Source
consciousness there has denied them and it access to such energies.

Kochab/Kolob has 7th dimensional beings that work in research there,
and it has 8th dimensional beings controlling the 2 merkaba
satellites that float inside its etheric fields, what we tend to
think of as the hollow area similar to the hollow earth theory.
These 2 merkaba satellites are aligned with the planet's inner sun
and move around in there, each within a large spherical envelope. On
one end of them there is a pole, and on the other end distant from
the inner sun, there is a ray coming out. Sometimes these generators
come to a ground level into a structure that is like a base (similar
to the situation we have been exploring with the San Luis
Valley `alien central'), and they connect their energies to this
thing, each of the two on its own spot. Then this ground structure
accumulates energy like a large battery waiting to be channeled for
other purposes.

The ground structure is a computer that allows for the energy of the
merkaba reactors to
be reshaped into whatever the planet desires to create next. Inside
this computer there are also biological entities with enslaved brains
that will be used to modulate the creation of the reality intended.
The computer uses the merkaba generator energies to create the
reality that these beings from the planet search to bring to
themselves, and the universe at large.

The Origins of Darkness and the Road to Recovery Part 8
by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzattti
(using the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of Light)

These merkaba generators and the large planet core computer to which
they connect are used as a means of changing the planet's course or
teleport through available wormholes and corridors through space in a
somewhat limited way. The planet can only teleport to where there are
portals that allow for its energies to be brought into reintegration
more easily. Such portals are present around the Orion, Sirius,
Arcturus , (ng610), and in Milky Way, near, very near the Earth Realm.

The reason for the planet not being used as a perfect weapon right
now is that there are
other energies warring against it that will track it and block a
large part of its attempts to directly dominate or destroy other
planets. The Council of Light at large is involved with these counter
measures and so are most of the Intergalactic Federation.

Inside Kochab are 84 pyramids, four of them are major pyramids, and
smaller ones form patterns that increase the flow of energy into the
planet's aura field. The external surface has 27 pyramids equivalent
to the inner structure, while all 4 major pyramids also have an
equivalent pyramid on the outside. Both Mars and Maldek show the same
type of structures aligned with very much the same purpose. Earths
pyramids are more multi-functional right now.

Outside the planet there is also a major crystal structure that
amplifies planetary intent into a powerful focus. It is a crystal
portal that orbits with the planet. On the external surface of the
planet there is a crystal and biological structure that is the
external part of the internal computer, which is capturing the energy
from the inner sun and the two giant merkabas. These merkabas are
more than 30,000 feet in diameter.

The crystal satellite has an intelligence of its own because it is of
a biological nature.
There are also five (5) accessory satellites that surround it in
pentagram shape during its
use. They are present there to increase the power focus. These five
accessories are
metallic but also have crystal parts, and are biological also,
controlled by the main satellite, the largest one.

The inner planet's sky is red with white/grey clouds. The planet's
outer sky is brownish dark with bright pinkish clouds.

The planet's ray cannot reach other planets yet for, besides
interference from the various Intergalactic Federations, other
planets have protective auras surrounding them. The auras are made
with Love and will filter out most of the darker energies trying to
come into its field of influence. Dark planets, on the other hand,
have little protection, and Kochab is as the emperor with its
unopposable will having it brought to whoever it wants. Thus Kochab
has a major power available to it to overwhelm the planets dominated
by darkness with its intent being to change things there in its own