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the paradox of missions
The Paradox of Missions

All of spirituality is a paradox. I could say one thing, and then its opposite, and both of them would be true at a certain level of understanding.

Every day I have to answer these people who ask me about their missions and tell them \'that mission\' is gone. It was there if you had stepped up prior to ascension. Now that ascension has taken place, everyone still has a mission if they care to stand up and do it. Spirit would never waste all the talents that you have and all that you are if you\'re one of the few willing to get up and do the work.

Spirit is adaptable, flexible, but always focused on doing the work. Missions are all about Spirit and your Guidance seeing you walking the path, doing as you are asked to do moment-by-moment to show your faith. the level of your commitment, and your willingness to serve in any given situation. Everyone asking me about their missions wants the \'end result\' instead of the first step. I could tell them the end result but then their focus would not be on the first step they have to take to make the second step become available that somewhere down the road leads to that end result.

EVERYTHING in Spirit is about living and Being in the NOW because there is no \'future\' or \'past\' just an endless series of NOWS. If you learn to do in the now what is required, and in the next, then every now from now on will take care of itself. As I\'ve said before, nothing in all my Universes of experience would have or could have prepared me for what I have had to do in this lifetime. EVEN GUIDANCE COULD NOT< DID NOT< believe that I would be able to do as much as I have done to help this thing along, so how could THEY Have told me what the end result of my mission would be. Missions are a living growing thing that expands as you continue walking forward and show your perfect intent to do whatever it is you are asked to do. DO you think I would have done even half of what I\'ve done if I had known what THEY were going to ask me to do? the pain? the suffering? the hardship? Well (*laughing) THEY say yes, but certainly earlier on I would have difficulty even comprehending doing what I have done. When I had gotten to the point of not even knowing what I would do without asking Guidance, yes, then there\'s nothing THEY ask I would not do and have done. THEY keep looking for new words to describe what I have been able to accomplish with THEIR Guidance, and fortunately, having no ego chakra, all I can say is \'heck, all I did was what you asked me to do\' in every moment, without hesitation, and fortunately with amazing results.

So, the best thing to ask when asking for your mission is what one person asking me this morning did ask, what should I do now, first thing? What is the first step I should make towards whatever it is you will lead me to do in every now from now on. Without your connection to Guidance being strong, without having finessed the moment-by-moment Guidance to the point where you can hear what Guidance wants you to do in this now, any talk of missions is useless anyway. I can state, CATEGORICALLY< that no one ever accomplished any level of their mission here -- FOR OTHERS - without being connected at some very intimate level with their own personal Guidance. This BS thing of the New Age and all the NWO religions about working on your own spiritual awareness and growth is just that, BS. It is for the Joe Blow\'s who have not determined who they are and what the heck they are doing here yet, because any true spiritual Light-WORKER is here to assist with the ascension process and anyone who\'s free will has chosen to go on with that ascension process. You cannot and MUST NOT help those who have decided by their own free will NOT to go on with ascension. Be gentle and loving with them, OR however Guidance wants you to be. Do you think Guidance doesn\'t want me to kick people\'s asses? those who have had wake up calls before but have not heeded their message? THEY have me be this way because THEY know it takes big cannons to wake the sleeping dead and those lulled into zombiemania by the lies and programming of the New World Order. They sue our own inherent talents to the best purposes They can find.

Reading is a good thing , AND a bad thing. A Paradox. If you ask Guidance to recommend what you need to read at this time that will give you a solid foundation for what ahs just happened, what is going on right now, and for what is to come, then that reading is a good thing. reading just anything and using the New Age BS excuse that you\'re learning more, taking in more, in order to better serve, is BS, just another excuse for in this moment not putting yourself out there to assist people in the ways Spirit would have you working. It all depends on your intent and whether you checked first with Guidance that in this moment THEY would rather have you reading and preparing for what\'s next to come then actually out there doing something different. if, in this moment, you are doing what Guidance asked you to do then you are the Master and you are dealing with and doing the highest level of work available. Congratulations. if you are doing what your mind tells you to do, or have only an intuitive sense of what you should be doing because your ego is too strong, your arrogance to great to actually do the work of sitting down to connect, then you are a fool, and fooling no one - not the least of which is Spirit. More karma is incurred by the act of non-doing than it is by the doing since karma is a misread attitude, one where you ignore the basic tenets of Soul and of Spirit and of Creation, that life is about the Higher Will and about your self-will working in tandem with that Higher Will to the best of its abilities.

We all want free-will, and the greatest gift we can give another is to allow them free will to make their own decisions. In other Superverses souls surrender their free-will, their self-will, to work for Higher Will, and that\'s the way IT WILL BE HERE in this SuperVerse one day very very soon (in cosmic time) because the root cause of all this darkness we see around us, the meltdown of the old paradigm, is because it was all based on greed, self-will promoting self-will. That is the story in the 9 volumes of Where Were You before The Tree of Life? If Guidance has you read it to better understand things, that\'s great. It\'s not important to me. What is important to me is that as many people are connected and doing their moment-by-moment work Guided by Spirit as there can be because as I and others return to rebuild this planet form the cleansing process it\'s about to make, those are the only people who will be allowed to come back and serve. Others will either go on with their learning or serving in other places, and for the general consciousness of the souls on this planet it will be off somewhere to another 3D/4D Matrix to continue learning these lessons, without the overwhelming darkness that has pervaded this spiritual school up until now.

A new coach of the old school in the NFL this weekend kicked one of his \'prima donna\' players off the field and told him to go take a shower rather than play because his play was all about himself and not about the team. That was a waking dream for all of us that this IS the new energy sweeping across the planet. You either step up and play as a member of a team or you WILL BE benched and told to go to the showers until you get your mind right.

It\'s coming folks, and the only thing you need to be doing is asking Guidance about EVERYTHING and anything you do, and then getting up and serving in this now, and the next, and the next. . or you can, without fear, look forward to go on learning these same old boring Grounhog Day lessons for eons to come.

Get your connection solid, that is step one. That is what They want you to do first. Practice, practice, practice, because everything else you do will flow from that single act. And then in every moment ask what it is you are to do, and your mission will arise out of that, you will know and have faith in what you are doing and you will KNOW deep inside your heart that your time spent on this planet in these \'final days\' will not be wasted because the one thing Spirit hates most is a void/inaction. Get yourself healthy. Do your homework. And yes, be patient, all things in their time, not yours.

With Love, Peter