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The Phoenix Lights Case: The Fear Continues
The Phoenix Lights Case: The Fear Continues
by Peter R. Farley

During a recent lecture in Roswell on the famous Phoenix Lights UFO case by Peter Davenport of the Seattle-based Center for UFO Studies, I turned to one of my sources and asked him--What indeed was the apparent flying triangle that people had seen traveling overhead all the way from Henderson, NV, to southern Arizona one March night in 1997?

His answer to me was that it was "alien technology, piloted by humans, for use against the people." Thinking along these lines, it only seemed to make sense then that, like the Motherships of the movie Independence Day, something this large and foreboding appearing over a city in broad daylight would create exactly the fear and havoc amongst the population that those craft did in that very popular movie of a few years back. In fact, in the absence of any informed resistance, such a fearful sight would have exactly the desired effect of subjugating the people to the will of those who wished to control it for their own nefarious purposes, i.e. the New World Order.

The question I wondered then was, is there any proof to support what my source had told me? And indeed there was.

In the book, UFO Revelations: The Secret Technology Exposed, author Tim Matthews delves deeply into the history of such craft. Although the Phoenix Lights aircraft was far larger than anything seen before, it would be easy to believe that it could simply be an updated version of technology already in existence.

One particular case quoted by Matthews is more suggestive of this statement than any other. The case involved a recovery operation in 1967 near Heyford, England. Contacting UFO researcher Andy Roberts, a participant in the recovery claimed that what had been recovered had been an unidentified flying triangle (UFT).

The witness described the craft as roughly twenty-five feet in length, about 15 feet wide, and about 12 feet in height. It had been made of something the witness described as "like polished aluminum" with a bluish sheen to it. ". . . it just looked like the front end of a stealth bomber, but a shorter version," said the witness. "There were no markings as far as I can remember, but I didn't really take any notice," he added.

The wreckage, instead of being taken to a hangar as would normally be done in such a case, was taken "straight down to the bomber dump," said the witness. "I didn't think much of it at the time . . . (but) I had occasion to go down there a few days and the doors had steel bars welded across, and the whole place was sealed."

The crash had taken place in early 1967, 30 years prior to the Phoenix Lights case. This would have been ample time to perfect the technology and create a full scale working version to alien-size specifications.

"All the time I just thought it was some sort of experimental aircraft . . . But looking back, it puzzles me as to why this object was like it was, it was like an aircraft but wasn't like any aircraft, like the front-end of an aircraft, but it wasn't."

Matthews research on the incident turned up the fact that an 'abandoned project', the TSP2, had been stationed at the local RAF base in Bicester, not far from Heyford. He was also able to confirm that American personnel had been on hand to watch the clean up operations taking place.

Jane's Defense Weekly correspondent, Nick Cook, cited by Matthews as an authority on certain classified programs, believes that the US and the UK had a secret formal agreement regarding testing of stealth materials and aircraft at that time, much of which had been captured from the Germans at the end of the Second World War.

Triangular unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and flying wing designs had seen numerous tests since the 1950s, and were purportedly based on UFO designs and shared or "captured" UFO technology. That these aircraft are able to operate in silence is supported by numerous eyewitness accounts, one e-mailed to me after the appearance of my last article mentioning the Flying Triangle from a friend in Indiana who has seen such a craft flying silently over her fields late at night accompanied by what looked to her like some kind of a scoutship.

. Matthews quotes other military sources who, while stationed near this same RAF base, had been participating in night ops during which they say they saw a "large black aircraft" about the size of a Hercules (transport) or even bigger, that "operated in silence." The only thing these military sources could remember after the plane left was that they unexplainably found themselves 2,000 feet away from the previous position from which they had first spotted this mysterious aircraft.

During hypnotic regression, one of the soldiers, a trained member of a reconnaissance unit, recalled "feeling cold as a bright light shone down on him from the direction of the UFO." Then an American had appeared and started prodding the soldiers "with a stick-like device akin to an aerial." The American had been wearing a black zip-up outfit.

The witness recalled "a bright beam of pulsating light" encircling the soldiers, and that he had been able to pick out the shape of a "wedge-shaped" black triangle.

A similar story was reported to Matthews in 1997 after a similar craft had been encountered by the captain of a group of about 20 soldiers on night maneuvers near RAF Boscombe Down, one of the sites from which these aircraft were said to have flown.

Another report tells of how a "large triangular aircraft" was pulled out of a hangar, seen to have taken off vertically, and been followed by an RAF Tornado escort. The witness in this case, a female RAF personnel, suggested that what she had seen most closely resembled the 'cancelled' US Navy A-12 Avenger, a precursor to the AX-17/A-17 swing-wing stealth attack aircraft built by General Dynamics/McDonnell Douglas. According to Matthews, this was first displayed in public at Carswell, Ft. Worth, Texas, in June 1996. The Avenger was to be accommodated on board a carrier by folding its hinged 70-foot wings to just 36 feet.

Australian UFO-researcher Stan Deyo recently reported on a late night radio talk show the sighting of a plane similar to a C-141 Starlifter that operated in silence, and had the ability to vertically ascend and descend in its maneuvers.This, he said, had been seen near the super-secret Pine Gap installation in Australia.

A craft the size of the Black Triangle involved in the Phoenix Lights case, variously reported to have been from 1 to 8 miles in length and able "to land a 737 on one of its wings," that is able to virtually hover in one place as low as 1,200 ft, that is unable to be detected by radar, and which incorporates the UFO-like ability to transport people from one place to another on the ground, would understandably be a fearsome weapon when placed in the hands of the New World Order for population and crowd control purposes. No longer, however, does it seem like a myth -- from what my source says, there are now somewhere near 8 or 9 of these things ready to go, and, after all, he did seem right about their existence in the first place. . .