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The Power of One
11/17/2005 11:53 PM
(Through Andre)

Dear Friends of the Earth,

Important times have come and passed away, now we deal with what seem
to be the end times, but still hasn't come to full realization as
something that is *not* a movie. All movies about the end of the
world will seem like child games compared with what we all will
experience now - so to say, reality surpasses fiction on how it
unfolds, and it's impact to our lives.

Getting dropped out of a movie about fantasies and futile desires,
everyday seeking to climb further on a pyramid of social and
financial illusions, to get into the movie of a world end scenario
was never our best interest for you. It was you that chose to make it

NWO's efforts to turn this "real" life into slave work that feels so
important and unavoidable was only successful because of the world
people's consentment to live in a fairy tale. To even learn the truth
sometimes, but take no action in changing it to something positive,
is of little use, sometimes even worse than that - when Truthseekers
get scared of what they just found out and magnify the atmosphere of
fear with their feelings.

Now you will see some real changes, farther than before into old
prophecies. Some things will be less dramatic due to work taken on by
Peter to change things, and some others who chose to stride into the
Light, instead of taking further grasp to the dark power to control
this reality and it's people in an egoistical way.

Once again, the rehearsal never ends yet it remains important to
understand that All are part of Creation, and meant to live in it's
full Light. All of you who want to serve, to change your lives by
letting go of what separates you from your true spiritual selves:
step forth with confidence and know that you are welcomed with open
arms by all of Us. To those who wish to become healed: we are open to
provide full guidance and assistance, to take you as far as you want
to go. Again - Know that the only thing able to hold one back is
one's own will to stop rising.

To all who wish to fully surrender in order to become Masters in
Service of Creation and embrace the Highest Will - to drop ego, to
drop self will and become again reunited with their highest spiritual
aspect - the Father; the time is now.

Understand that it is unavoidable to lose the things you all
presently possess. Even if there are no wars, your lives will change
in so many ways... It is inevitable that your ephemeral desires,
shallow feelings, and attachment to physical objects, people or
situations lose their meaning before the new 5th dimensional

There is no thing to regret, no thing to run away from. There is only
the ground you will land into after this flick ends and the new one
comes to play. How your landing zone is prepared, and how soon you
begin to enjoy the new level is up to you. You have and all that you
need, even when you are naked and alone. You need no baggage when you
move to a higher dimension, and this won't be as much of a dream as
this 3D life has been until now.

Remember that you received warnings, from so many different groups,
and had time to prepare. You still can let this shift take place in a
somehow more comfortable way, to you and your friends - by letting go
of things that hold you in place (thoughts most of all), and doing
what you know will ultimately improve the situation, not only yours
but also of those that inhabit the Planet and of Planet Earth itself.

Remember the plans and signed contracts from before birth? Every
Lightworker still has something to do from their schedule while they
are here, and there is always work to be done. Make your decisions to
help or sit, but know that unless this is decision to get up is made
now, the turmoil will get so bad what sitting will become impossible
practice for anyone.

The power of your words, of any movement you make is of ever infinite
proportions. The push of a button can open flood gates, or a few
words begin a revolution. The idea that one has little power to
change his situation and of those around him is the biggest lie ever
told. Divinity is within and there is infinite Love, infinite Light
and infinite possibility to it, which can be harnessed to whatever
purpose you imagine.

The Power of One is unlimited, it is infinite and Divine if the one
has fully surrendered to the Highest Will - to work as a Master of

You can change the lives of others with your words. The simple gift
of speech is source of power to the darkest beings that ever walked
the planet, it is what gave and still gives them so much control over
the minds of others. Transmission of ideas that turn people into
slaves, but can be reverted.

The gift of speech is what you can use to let others know that there
is another way, that everyone is to be free from this slavery, and
that this illusion is really nothing but an illusion that men chooses
to be attached to. When all let go of this illusion, it will fade.
The trauma of it's removal will be smaller if it is soon removed.

A matter which is important but often denied or turned away from, is
the letting others suffer. The ones sick from NWO's chemtrails, bad
food, water, and the even very medical treatment meant to heal those
symptoms. The fathers, women and children who did get killed in war.
The soldiers themselves, who left their families in order to attend
college in a future that never existed, and their governors knew they
would not have to pay for these new scholarships. This is not
sentimental, this is the exploitation that is let to take place
simply because of the choice to believe that "there is nothing I can
do, nothing I can say or do will change this and I have no power"

The truth is that you do have the power, you have the tools, and you
have the words, specially when you deny having them. All you need to
do is work with them, and when you do, it won't hurt you - it will
keep you and your loved ones from being hurt in the future. Start
before you are forced to, before any scrambles.

So let go of the illusion of limitation. You are Infinite Beings when
you let go of control in order to become free in your creativity.
Controlling things according to self will is a type of power, but it
is so limited. Do you choose to control yourselves and your
situations - or would you prefer to relax and let go of this control
so to become one with Creation while letting Infinite positive
Creativity flow through you?

This is the choice between attachment... or Surrender - meaning zero

Our entrance on battlefield cannot be forced, we are only able to act
when called upon, and need the incarnated agents on Earth to serve as
our vehicles to healing the Planet and it's people's situation. The
help is here and it is you, with us providing you the ground
information, protection and backup for you work.

Pure intent to serve will lead to equivalent company and results.

Our guidance has always been and continues to be available at all
times to those who seek the Highest level of Knowledge and Service -
The Truth instead of more lies and illusions.

The Spiritual Hierarchy and The Galactic Federation