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The Power to Channel

11/28/2005 20:08

The power to channel, is the opening to the line connecting one's
conscious awareness to their Guidance - Divine, when the will is to
bring through the highest level message.

Now is a good time for all to begin concerning themselves with
setting aside a little of their day time to hear what they have in store , both
for themselves and for the ones close to them who may not have the will to hear
for themselves.

The time for warnings and preparation is almost over now, and the time
for dealing with *solutions* is soon to come. We will be able to bring
enormous help, personal help, to those who choose to move forward with
their lives - the walk back home.

With these words, it is clear that the only ones lost will be the ones
who decide to be lost, as even an animal is connected to their group
consciousness and able to acquire a certain level of guidance.

Being too involved in self-will does separate a Being from their divine self and
from the Ones who are connected to it who are divine as well and
who make themselves available to us at ALL times. But this involvement with
self-will can be
broken and you CAN receive detailed guidance from Us, no matter who you
are, no matter what age, what ethnicity, what orientation or choice of
life style you choose...


This opening of new frequencies can easily be done:

Relax, center yourself, breath in deep and exhale, slowly, in order to
enter a relaxed level of awareness. It makes it easier for the energy to
flow through when one is relaxed and detached from all external issues
and concerns. Turning off cell phones is a good idea as well so that
you are not interrupted during the session. Interruptions which could be
avoided are often inherent from lack of interest, and taken as

Our Love is infinite, but it is necessary that proper value is given to
one's own interest in being healed and working with the Spiritual
Hierarchy at a level of dedication equal to the one We have to you -
which is full.

Take this time as a gift to tend to your most intimate needs, and to solve
what you have endured and that is now to be removed from your life.

Pure will is essential for the message to be pure as well so that it is
really the highest, of true Light and of true Love.

Be very calm.

Pick a paper and pen, or on the computer, write to you or who you feel
the message is directed. "Dear One" is a usual and proper addressing,
as all are loved.

Begin writing the message as it comes, without judgment, without
worries. Let it flow freely, exactly as it comes, and then read it
silently or aloud - to yourself or anyone it is to be shared with.

At the end, let the speaker sign It's name, which can be from Us - The
Spiritual Hierarchy, as a very wide group of Beings connected to the Father,
or from someone more specific, perhaps a group such as the Council of
The Light, or from your Angelic Guidance.

Again we state that we have always been available to all, but often
ignored because it is so hard to stare into the Light while being
attached to the judgment of one's own ego.

There is absolutely No judgment from Us, We love unconditionally. Ego is
the source of inner and external judgment. Ego is the very reason for
people to feel sometimes as a bird in a cage, even while "freely"
walking on the street, simply because of how others would react to each
other's behavior. This is no freedom, it is darkness, and it is what We
are here to shed away.

This offer is positive, and it will help, no matter how hard it is to
see the truth - and unless it is seen, there is no way out of the darkness
of a lie.

The option to see is now yours.

With Love,

Artola and the Spiritual Hierarchy