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the precipice
Did you ever have a deadline you knew couldn't be moved or changed and had to be met . . . or else? Every day as I post earth changes information and Guidance-inspired updates to my yahoo group I feel that type of intenseness staring me in the face. Admittedly most people don't bother to find a place where such occurrences are documented on a daily basis so that the bigger picture of what's taking place is visible. Certainly the mainstream media doesn't show it. Guidance has already warned a few people through me to be 'ready' for June but the thing is that no matter how much people know or think they're ready, both Guidance and I know they're not because no one has I've had contact with has prepared to the level that Guidance has had me prepare, not just physically but spiritually as well, and I certainly don't feel ready for what I have been shown is to occur.

As a trained journalist I see how transparent everything is becoming during this period of Armageddon (the great awakening), how everything is based on a lie, yet people are still too caught up in their own little individual worlds and what's going to happen to them to even care. Most people I see around me are too busy watching the old reruns of CSI to focus on how bad these earth changes are already becoming, thinking that at the last minute they can pack away a few things, run to the hills, and after a few hours of whatever, come back and resume their old lives as if nothing has happened.


What's occurring is not another earthquake or flood in your area you can deal with and then return to rebuild your life. What's about to bring down everything you ever thought about life and living is a complete overhaul of the entire way business is done on this planet, much like after the Great Flood where it took 8,000 years and a lot of help from Atlantean survivors to bring 'civilization' back to some level of moderninity. And oh, by the way, survival of this occurrence is pretty much by invitation only - for those who have done their homework, have listened to their own spiritual Guidance and not some New Age guru or religious phony, for everything will take second-by-second awareness of what Spirit is telling you. Guidance calls it "Peter's jungle training' because for almost 5 months I had to live in a tropical 'forest' where listening to Guidance every second of the day was the only way I managed to stay alive. But survive I did, and even though I've spent 15 years offering to share how to do it with anyone interested, no one has had the grit to complete the learning and be at a level where they could assist others to also learn how to do it.

I know the consciousness of people has been programmed to the point where 'it can't happen to me' is the predominant thoughtform, but what's taking place right now is going to happen/is happening to all of us, and most, should they survive the initial 'Shifting' have no way of surviving what will come after. That takes advanced planning and again a reliance on Guidance to lead you where to be and what to do on a daily basis.

Now all the New Agers out there will revert to their standard phraseology of how I'm just spreading fear, but do they say that same thing to the weather forecaster who's telling them a tornado is about to touch down over their home?

In the recent movie version of The Day the Earth Stood Still the theme is that man can and will change on the precipic, but believe you me, after years of dealing with people from all over the world, people of every type of energy form and level of awareness, they don't. The New World Order has made sure that history and social studies are the two most hated subjects in any curriculum exactly so that we would not learn from history because history says, particularly Atlantean history (as told by Edgar Cayce and many others), that people don't listen to the warnings no matter how loudly they sound. It's only when the very earth is shifting underneath their feet and the tsunami waving is breaking over their fleeing skulls that they think to actually do something about it. The Japanese took more notice of history than most and look what still happened to them. The people on the Oregon coast go about their normal daily routine much as the people along the Mississippi River do, rebuilding from the last flood even as the new flood bares down on them once again.

Some people call it resilience. Comedian Bill Maher perhaps says it best when he says, "People are stupid." Mark Twain was also correct when he said "the human race is a bunch of cowards . . . ". Now people will say again that this is not a spiritual way of seeing things but it's simply stating a well-documented fact, evident to all except to those living in their own private little Nirvana bubbles (available at any Wal-Mart store for $27.99).

Of course I'm also getting a lot of older people who say they'll be happy to get out of here. It's just a shame none of these very same people regret the opportunity they may be losing in this moment to share their wisdom with others or assist those who may make it through all this. Then of course their are the religious zealots who talk about us being led to this outcome when the truth is in fact that we all, like drunken revellers at a party who won't go home, consciously or unconsciously, made the decision to do nothing about what's going on with the destruction of the planet, the environment and all of its flora and fauna. No one led us anywhere. If we weren't conscious of the bigger picture then certainly we colluded with the darkness to allow all this to come about, and thank God for the handful of true spiritual Beings who woke up when they were shaken and did something about the planet's ascension process instead of sitting around on their butts all day calling themselves "Lightworkers".

No judgement here. That's for Spirit to deal with. Everyone's about to go to the places they've earned by their actions, not like politicians by their words.

Time running out? NO, time has run out. No more sitting on the fence, the fence sitters are being washed away along with their fences. Doing is the only thing that can save your life's mission now -- doing and doing quickly, with the purest intent you can muster to be of service to Creation and not simply to yourself and your own little agenda.

With Love, In service, Peter