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the purpose-driven life
The Purpose-Driven Life
by Peter Farley

Life doesn't make sense.

At least in the Matrix it doesn't, but that's the way it was always
planned to be in order to make us the slaves that we have already
become. If Spartacus was all about freeing the slaves then certainly
now like no other time in history do we need Spartacus - now more
than ever.

I remember a time when life didn't make sense, going with every
little whim and following every other wastrel. Directionless,
purposeless, we drift which ever way the wind blows, usually driven
there by the changing fortunes of the economy and the New World
Order's agenda for humanity.

Is it any wonder that Rick Warren's book 'A Purpose Driven Life' is
such a bestseller? But how many other self-helps books do we all
have stored on our bookshelves that we've read or only partially
read and which haven't helped us at all? Why? Because we have no
direction, no goals, no purpose to the existence we are living and
the reason for our being.

Up until the age of somewhere about 25-30 we go with the flow of
what 'we're supposed to do', believing that someday we'll figure
everything out and then life will make sense. Then we have our
families, work our butts off just to stay alive, and by the time
we're 50-60, perhaps 70, we look back at our lives and see the way
we've been duped into believing life in the Matrix actually has a
purpose, yet still we haven't found it. By that time we're usually
too old, too tired, or too fat to get out and start life all over
again -- this time with a purpose, with a direction, with a goal in
mind to guide our every waking action.

Surrendering to Spirit, commitment to doing the Higher Will, instead
of hanging out satisfying our own little ego-driven needs, that's
the way to find true purpose. Above all, educating one's self to how
things REALLY work in Creation is the key to creating for ourselves
a purpose driven life. How can you create a purpose when you don't
know how things work or what the options are all about?

I was sitting in a restaurant the other day having breakfast with a
very sweet and devoted man who knew a lot about 'the way things'
truly are, while right beside him sat his new female 'handler'
partner, simply there in his life for the purpose of keeping him
toeing the line.

This man knew a lot about the New World Order and the physical
things they do to keep us all in line yet virtually nothing about
the multi-dimensional worlds of control affecting his every other
waking step and moment.

Of course there was one over-riding factor in this control which I
have seen affecting so many others . . sex. She screwed like a

And then there's the case of the one who had been diligently working
toward his and his family's spiritual growth even though he
understood his wife's 'spiritual goal', that of working for
a 'freelance' council of 'spiritual' mercenaries hired to shut him
and other members of his family down from doing what they came here
to do. Of course her leverage in the marital-bed situation and the
power over who would get the kids in a separation, all helped keep
him in line.

I cannot relate to you the number of women I've had to deal with who
are still attached to their 'reptilian' power-broker husbands simply
for the security that attachment to the reptilian control system
gave them and their kids -- the very reptilian control system
keeping them and all of us enslaved. And I've dealt with so many
women who KNEW their husbands were exactly that kind of Being; women
who have seen the slanted yellow eyes, have seen the background
Freemasonic brotherhood goings on, seen and known their husbands
were heads of such reptilian-based control organizations. And yet
they still would not/could not leave them.

The women are controlled through their need/desire for security. The
men through . . . what else? . . . sex, as well as by social norms and
their own false ideals of what it takes to be a 'real' man.

In the movie 'The Kingdom of Heaven' there is a saying "What man is
a man who does not leave the world a better place?" If only 2-3
percent of souls coming to this planet ever fulfill their 'normal'
missions here, how many go above and beyond that normal mission to
do something memorable and purposeful?

Educate yourself to the spiritual realities of a Universe at war, of
a galactic war where the darkside rules pretty much everything, of a
multi-dimensional world in which daily life is affected on all
levels and what we see and hear with our physical ears is simply a
drop in the bucket to what's really taking place.

Educate yourself to who your family, friends and loved ones truly
are in 'spirit' and what they are doing in your life. Are they
simply karmic debts working themselves out? Are they
controllers/handlers sent into your life to stop you and others from
doing whatever it was YOU agreed to come here to do? Are they truly
spiritual helpmates ideally here to share your spiritual tasks and
burdens, and accompany you on your mission? There are many examples
of all these and more cases scattered throughout my writings. Read
them. Relate to the. Then do something about it.

Throw out that which is unnecessary in your life, including all
those self-help books that don't deal with any of the realities
spoken of here. We are Souls having a physical experience, yes --
not the other way around. Anything which does not deal with the
physical person simply being the end result of grander spiritual,
emotional or mental learning, get rid of it.

Read Louise Hay's book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE.

Find courage. As Neale Donald Walsch says, "It takes an enormous
amount of courage to get through life. I never realized that it did,
but it does." Courage usually comes most through being totally
exhausted with the way things are and seeking to do something
different out of sheer desperation.

It is that same "Groundhog Day" experience that can most often lead
us to surrender and to the commitment to serve, not our will but the
Higher Will be done. And in this we can then find true purpose --
helping the others who need help; being co-Creators of the Universe
and of Creation; sharing the load of those truly remarkable Beings
who left their mark on Creation before us -- not the NWO-inspired
great men we read about in the NWO written history books, but the
truly humble men and women who by themselves became the masters and
Co-Creators of the Universe.

And, oh yes, make sure the Masters you study and use for role-models
are not those working for the darkside. Being a Master only means
you know how to control the energies of Creation. It does NOT
determine how you use those masterly abilities. Watch Star Wars,
then LIVE IT.

With Love, in service, Peter