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The Real New World Order part 1
The Real New World Order
By Peter Farley (based on the works of Antony Sutton)

It is no wonder that members of the Skull and Bones Society founded at
Yale University in 1833 call themselves The Order, for indeed this
brotherhood is the central hydra-head of the many headed New World
Order now responsible for bringing the final aspects of the New World
Order's plans to fruition.

In his book, America's Secret Establishment: An introduction to the Order
of Skull & Bones, Antony C. Sutton (Trine Day Walterville, OR 2002) does
an amazing job of outlining just how this American chapter of a German
secret society has, over the past 170 years, basically taken control of the
whole world and made slaves of us all to an Orwellian State which has no
concern for the individual rights of man.

In simplistic terms, Sutton describes how The Order has taken the
philosophy of playing the Left against the Right to achieve an objective in
the middle. This is attributed to Hegel but truthfully it is an old
Freemasonic/Templar technique similar also to the Machiavellian idea
they use of pitting two sides against each other to further their own third,
unheralded objective.

Hegelianism glorifies the State. In Hegelian Statism, as in Naziism and
Marxism, the State is supreme, and the individual exists only to serve the
State. The U.S. two-party Republican-Democrat system is simply a
reflection of this Hegelianism and becoming more evidently so. A small
group?a very small group?by using Hegel, can manipulate, and to some
extent, control society for its own purposes.

An easy example of this is how the Skull and Bones become a major force
in the drug smuggling business (primarily through The Order families of
Bush and Prescott in the 1860s). In true Hegelian fashion, The Order also
generated its other side as well (the antithesis), the so-called "war on
drugs". This hypocritical policy thereby maintains the price of drugs,
controls supply, and puts millions in jail while the gainers, in great part,
are none other than the same "Bonesmen" who pass the laws to prohibit
it (Bonesman, Taft, 1904).

This pitting of Right against Left is a most effective control device. For
Hegelians, the State is almighty, and seen as the `March of God on Earth"
(an attitude becoming more and more evident in the current President's
(George W. Bush, member 1968) attitudes, indeed, a State religion.
Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflict: the clash of
opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposites, you
dominate the nature of the outcome. Start a war in Iraq and an opposition
will form which will keep people's eyes off The Order's true agenda.

Much like their predecessors, The Knights Templars, did before them, by
financing and encouraging the growth of both philosophies or sides (say in
a war) The Order can control the outcome to a significant extent. This
Hegellian idea, however, requires suppression of individualist tendencies
and a careful spoon-feeding of approved knowledge. Writing in the 1980s,
Sutton uses the `power crunch' in California as an example:
"Today in California, one can see in real time the use of controlled conflict
to achieve a desired outcome. The debate over the energy crisis is
carefully contained to a debate over price caps and price control.
Republicans want no caps and no controls. Most democrats want price
controls through caps.
"But look at what is NOT discussed anywhere. The entire spectrum of
almost free energy, based on a decade of research is carefully kept out of
the discussion. Isn't this highly relevant to an energy crisis?'

Another example Sutton uses is Monsanto Corporation's development of
genetic engineering and predator seed, a barely-concealed effort for world
domination of agriculture. He makes the mistake, however, of
assuming "nothing this outrageous can survive forever" ?it has, so far.

The official Establishment History of the world, the history which
dominates history textbooks, trade publishing, the media and library
shelves, Sutton writes, always assumes that events such as wars,
revolutions, scandals, assassinations, are more or less random
unconnected events. By definition events can NEVER be the result of a
conspiracy, they can never result from premeditated planned group action,
but his research only goes to prove what most of us already know ?it isn't.

According to Sutton, the only reasonable explanation for recent history in
the United States is that there exists "a conspiracy to use political power
for ends which are inconsistent with the Constitution." He calls this the
Devil's view of history.

While others have known it for more than 150 years as Chapter 322 of a
German secret society, the American chapter of this German order was
founded in 1833 at Yale University by General William Huntington Russell
and Alphonso Taft who, in 1876, became Secretary of War in the Grant
Administration. Alphonso Taft was also the father of William Howard Taft,
the only man to be both President and Chief Justice of the United States.

While there are two other senior societies at Yale, there are none
elsewhere. Scroll and Key and Wolf's Head are supposedly competitive
societies founded in the mid-19th century. Sutton says he believes these
to be part of the same network (other hydra-heads of the NWO) and that
anyone in the Eastern Liberal Establishment who is not a member of Skull
and Bones is almost certainly a member of either Scroll and Key or Wolf's

Each year 15, and only 15 .new members are selected for initiation. In
selection emphasis is placed on athletic ability?the ability to play on a
team. The most unlikely potential member of The Order is a loner, an
iconoclast, an individualist, the man who goes his own way in the world.
(It takes) a man who understands that to get along you have to go
along. . . Honors and financial rewards are guaranteed by the power of
The Order but the price of these honors and rewards is sacrifice to the
common goal, the goal of The Order.

Immediately upon entering Bones, the neophyte's name is changed and
(he) becomes Knight so and so. The old Knights are then known as
Patriarch so and so. Over the more than a century and a half span of its
existence, a group of 20-30 families has emerged to dominate The Order.
There is significant inter-marriage among the families to keep the power
an elite.

Members are ALL males and almost ALL WASPS (White Anglo Saxon
Protestant) though token Jews and Blacks and Asians have been admitted
over the past few decades.

William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft went far. Russell founded
the Collegiate and Commercial Institute in New Haven, Conn. Taft was
Secretary of War in 1876?the first of several members of The Order to
hold down this post into the 1950s.

Ron Rosenbaum, in his article "Last Secrets of Skull and Bones" (Esquire,
Sept 77), writes "The power of Bones is incredible. They've got their
hands on every level of power in the country."

Their center is on the East Coast of the United States, particularly New
York and New Haven, Conn . As late as 1950 only three members resided
in Los Angeles, while 28 members resided in New Haven, Conn.

"The plan on which they act ? That only he who wears upon his breast
Their emblem, he for every post shall be considered best."

End of Part 1