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the real thing
Growing up in Australia there was a great song that made the top of the charts and stayed there a long time and later became iconic. The name of the song was The Real Thing by Russell Morris. A short while ago in my dreams this song was playing as the theme music to a very significant dream during a night when the winds outside were blowing extraordinarily strong, even after a Spring of very powerful winds.

In the dream I and a friend were going sailing on a very large sailing boat, more than a yacht, a little like a ferry I used to take to the city when I was a kid going across Sydney Harbor. The crew backed the yacht into it's mooring and we packed it with supplies and things as the wind blew up the waves around it. I was not an experienced sailor but we had a crew and my friend had invited some others to come along.

As we neared readiness I moved up onto a high point above the mooring and saw that the waves and I want to say fjord outside the little bay were full of terribly rough waters and large waves and the skies were dark with thick black clouds. As I returned to the boat others on land were still drag racing and playing in the mud. Returning to the boat I was going to tell the people we couldn't go sailing but I returned through streets already flooded with water and it was a struggle. The boat' was already floating away down the streets and I managed to get on board and found all the people on it relaxing in an upstairs room on the boat eating, listening to music, and basically fairly comfortable in the storm. I awoke and knew this was from Guidance since I've been yelling at them out of frustration and waiting and waiting for things to get a move on with the earth changes, after a year or so of preparation and then having things 'postponed' for another year, the waiting has become 'frustrating' to say the least.

Guidance has had me looking towards June with some hint that something would begin to happen then that would affect everyone. A friend, Helen who does the translating of Nostradamus's hidden texts has been working on a segment that talks about ' a great pulse' to occur in June with these understandings that have come up:

1) that there are more than one occasion that a PULSE is coming, possibly three with one being artificial
2) the dates are the June 5/6 and the following February near the end. There is a Sept. equinox date too
3) one of the 'PULSES" may be "induced", - the second one
4) it/the first one hits between 50 and 66 degrees north partly on an ocean
5) watching this event will be Eridanians (Enki's mob) and others
6) the first one lasts for four hours
7) the consequences are not the best. This includes deleting oxygen and volcanic activity and a great PALL
8) a force field of some type will be employed by the Keepers (tall whites, possibly the Aukree or Plejarans)
which helps a bit
9) this is the event that arrives at night time
10) and the event to "HIDE LIKE A MOUSE" in the basement (UTERUS Nostr. calls it)

So, I share this for what it's worth. Check in with your own Guidance and where you stand with things, with preparation if your staying. If nothing happens then the decay will continue. Any sentient Being can see things falling apart in the old, and no it's not the end of the world, only the end of the world 'as we have known it."

Wishing you good choices, Peter