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The Reality of this War
The Reality of This War
by Peter Farley

Over the years so many people have had sooo much trouble getting in contact with
me. E-mails undelivered, computers going down, bomb threats at meeting places,
everything you can name physically and dimensionally has been set up in their
way from the two of us connecting. Is this God saying Peter's a bad person-
don't talk to him, or is this the other side knowing that too many of you know
too much about their workings and don't want you converting to anything Light?
And it still goes on:

Name: Shelley
Subject: Sound Encoding
Comment: Peter, I can't believe I finally was able to get this
written. Physically I'm a mess from head to toe, and since I joined the group I
have had so many PC failures. Today I have been at this computer to make sure I
get through to you no matter how long it was going to take. I'm not sure of what
I need done. I'll leave that to the expert. I so need your help NOW!!!! as
whatever is trying to stop my communaction is affecting me like nothing else.
Than You Peter for all you have done.
Blessings and Love,
IP Address: ...........

Hi Shelley, people are now beginning to experience the reality of the war I've
been fighting for so long.

Thoth says you were one of his, working with and for him, and that what we see
is correct -- some holographic implants such as Sue Ann still has and that we
need to remove from both you and her. These are not any of the regular implants
or crystal imprints but something totally different. Sue Ann also sees some form
of 'gag' over your mouth to keep you from talking about what it is you know, so
basically we just need to work on you -- hopefully tomorrow night when we do Sue
Ann as well we can bring your energy body to us and remove such restrictions.
We'll take care of any such things we can find then and after that you'll be
ready to be sound encoded in the very next session should that be what you want
to do. Let's see how it goes and if everything works then you can pay what you
feel it might be worth. We're here to help Thoth clean up His mess as well so
it's a very big part of our duty now to help. Hang in there.
Where do you live now?

Another member of the group has also been questioning their past life
connections and their inner desire to set the record straight at this time as so
many others have also been doing. And Thoth is helping set the record straight
for those who have in past lives and even in this one, been in his employ:

For S... from Thoth through Sue Ann

This heaviness this one is feeling is due to the fact that he was one
of my main men during the time of the first invasion of planet Earth
by the Reptilian Overlords. He was instrumental in wiping out large
portions of the opposing population. All those who resisted were
destroyed along with their families, estates and servants. It was a
cruel and most effective campaign, which established widespread
fear. This fear was very important in being able to control the rest
of the population. He was the one in charge of the massacres; the
one who carried out my orders so he had a ´front row seat' to the
devastation. These images have haunted his soul for a very long

He must ask forgiveness of those he wronged and of the FATHER. Many
others at this present time have become aware of their past crimes
and have had the opportunity to ask the FATHER for forgiveness and
all those involved for forgiveness and have received it. But mostly
He must forgive himself and make amends by following his Guidance as
to how to do that.

WE strongly urge that he take advantage of this information and join
the others who have found peace from their past mistakes, and get on
with the everyday work of making amends.

With Much Love and Understanding,

Dear One,
WE would like to add something to Thoth's message. WE know this may
sound farfetched and more like a novel than the truth, but We assure
you your soul histories read very much like a story. WE encourage
you to search your soul history for verification and then to proceed
from there. WE also suggest you ask your own Guidance (of the
Highest level) to also verify this information. Most individuals can
feel the truth to such information as they have been feeling
something that does not have much to do with their present life.

WE also encourage you to take advantage of this timely opportunity to
receive forgiveness and make amends, as this is the lifetime it will
really count.

With Great LOVE and Continued Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

Some people out there, cowards who will not attach names, have been criticizing
Sue Ann lately for things her ex-husband did and ended up in jail for. As a
journalist I know that people are charged with a crime on the front page and
acquitted on the last. Sue Ann has never been accused of anything or convicted
of anything, but as she says, her experieince of the legal system in going
through this experience with her ex led her to what she is doing now because it
proved to her the lie that the legal system and the government are -- the Matrix
if you will. People write things about me which accuse me of being 'outside' the
Matrix norms in my thinking and working with Spiritual Guidance --and all I can
say is Well?

The matrix has its own false values of spirituality and morality and every other
aspect, values created for the slave population but one which, as the old David
Icke and others in the past have helped prove are not rules for the rich and
powerful, but only for the poor and meek.

George Bush and Dick Cheney and the whole upper echelon of our puppet government
have proven lately that they are above the law because the Matrix law is only
meant for the peons and serfs . . those who have been enslaved by our Orion and
reptilian overlords. As O.J. Simpson proved, reptilians can get away with

What lifetime are we to judge a soul by? this one? the past 10 lifetimes? or the
lifetimes since their aspect of Soul was manifested into this SuperUniverse. The
above channelings and the recent ones in the group show us that we ALL have been
associated with the darkside sometime in the past. We All have done nasty, nasty
things which make us guilty of war crimes beyond what we can even conceive
today. And these are the same crimes the reptilians and our Overlords are still
committing right now and saying 'but this is normal'. War and other such
atrocities as allowing genocide and the massacre of entire populations is not
human -- it is of the darkside, a reptilian-based thoughtform which very soon
will come to an end as their power over the ascending planet wanes.

And who will then be left to judge and to be judged?

And what amends will you make for your past life crimes?

With Love, in service, Peter