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the role of magic and intention
The Role of Magic and Intention

Any system is in constant --even if subtle--change and never remains
static. All is information operating in patterns that continually change
as new information is introduced to the pattern. The information is
composed of vibrations or frequencies which are being processed toward a
natural and logical outgrowth of their combined energies and flux.

They are influenced by the \"intent\" that accompanies them, so that when
a word is spoken in one language it has a particular intent that
determines its influence, whereas the same word in another language may
have a different intent, and will therefore have a different influence
in its outcome.

Magic words or ritual that can influence outcomes may be created by
using words or behavioral patterns that already express the intended
outcome, or by using nonsensical words or actions having no intended
meaning other than the intentions you give them.

Thus, as an example, the word \"Grulpinfa\" or any other nonsense word,
may be invented to represent a magic word to bring you good luck,
health, prosperity or whatever else you intend it to do, and the more
you use it and the more you believe in it, the more it influences your
information processing system to help bring about your desired results.

Thus religions are built on faith in \"magical\" words that are alleged to
carry power and as the faith in the magic increases, so does the power
of the \"words\".

(from a Cosmic Metaphysics Course Discourse Number III May, 1989
Healing by Cosmic Metaphysics )