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The Sacred Sound Toning (Encoding)
THe Sacred Sound Toning: Susan

Greetings Peter, & Group...

There are a lot of things in life
that many deem to be necessities,
after getting Peter's sacred sound toning,
on Friday -- I'd stop eating & drink only water,
for as many days as it would take to save up the $100 or so to have this done.

Life is a very interesting voyage,
back in the middle of November,
my world, as, i knew it, feel apart,
i lost my main income stream,
i am single, without a spouse,
and, i was self-employed without a contract,
so, i didn't qualify for any kind of assistance.
Also, my tenant, became unable to pay for his rent,
due to an accident

Instead of entering into the zone of fear,
i was told to look at it, as, a door closing, and, many windows opening,
and, this was necessary, if i was ever truly to discover why i am here.

This has become a great opportunity for myself,
to just see what i am truly made of,
and, how, if i trust in the love of The Father,
and, start to listen to my higher guidance,
that my life would become altered for the betterment,
of not only me, but, for humanity also.

i was also told, to look around at people, i believed where doing good work,
and, to give to them, in spite, of my own current lack.

That i would truly learn about the value of "real giving"...
and, "supporting others",who, i believed, walked their talk,
and, i would also learn about what "good exchange" was...

all i can say
is the $100.00 for the sacred sound toning,
with Peter Farley, was, and, is the singular best investment
i have ever made, in this lifetime,
this "sacred sound toning" has altered me, and, changed me,
in absolutely fantastic ways.

i feel a different sense of gratitude, i feel a different sense of love,
i feel a different sense of my selves, and, with that being said,
i am in my high heart, i feel joy there,
i feel the sense of importance of exchanging, and, of sharing with others,
and, a connectedness to embracing my own mission,
and, walk around this earth, in ways, i would never truly have believed could be possible...
i know in my heart, that Peter,
was put on my path for a "grand purpose"
and, i also know, there are many of you here, who will read this message,
who, are perhaps, pondering, or thinking, about doing this,
get past your thoughts-- and, just CHOOSE to DO it !!!

i also feel for the first time in this lifetime,
that my feet are truly planted to this earth,
and, i have become grounded...
you have NO idea how very good this feels
to have my feet anchored to the mother earth.

A mere "thank you" to Peter,
doesn't truly say, what his work is, or what it does,
it seems that every hour that passes,
i come into an even higher sense of being,
my handwriting, has totally changed,
the colors, of all the things around me, has gotten more vibrant
my eyes, are shining,
and, my etheric body, is just oozing this energy out to the world,
what a wonderful feeling...

Thank You Peter, for being who you are,
and, for doing what you are doing,
you truly are a wonderful example,
of what being a "True Gift" to "Humanity" is all about ...
your example, is one, that has given me inspiration,
and, i truly thank you for that, with all my heart

Light, Love, and, Blessings to you
& The Spiritual Hierachy