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the safety of objects
I received this e-mail from Tina this afternoon after her reading the
article Mindtrap last night:

\"How did I just know that . . . I was supposed to go to Denver. :( I
refuse to fail this lifetime. I will step up and I won\'t quite
fighting for the freedom of all. Don\'t give up on me just yet
Peter! I will be there in Spirit with you and those that are going
and I will send my energy both for protection and for your health.
Even as I write this they are fighting with my hands so that I can
not type. My thoughts will be will all of you this weekend. I\'m

And yet what does sorry count for? One Master used to say \'sorry\' is
for those who do not take responibility for their actions enough to
not do the things they will be sorry for later on.

Guidance had me wish her well and explain that there are plenty of
missions available to do, but as has happened so often over the past
years I\'ve been working with high-level Beings here to get off their
fences, it was time to move on. Tina has made a choice for
the \'safety of objects\' and not sticking her head out of the Matrix
to lead others. Her family and her husband and her kids and her job
and her finances and every other excuse available to most all of us
she wanted to be her \'safety\' for just a little while longer. And so
one blesses the situation but one moves on respecting the choice this
woman has made at this the time she was needed. That is obeying the
prime directive -- free will. And ALL OF US kow this same feeling
and these same choices -- don\'t we? Can any of us judge another for
not wanting to do this? Certainly, I least of all.

The other day Dee came to the same crisis and so far is doing well.
The following e-mail from Stephen\'s Guidance shows all of us exactly
the same situation he is in that most all of us know we share. For 12
years I have been writing these articles to hopefully get people
moving before it was too late -- giving them time to prepare. But as
you can all see from these channelings by so many levels of Guidance
through other people, the only message left is \'it\'s now or never\'.

We do it for the kids. We do it for those who have insufficient Light
to ascend by themselves,and above all we do it for a planet that has
been through enough pain and hardship and has earned its right to
ascend and be the crown jewel of the heavens that it was originally
meant to be.

There are always back up plans for others to do your work. And if
nothing else they always have Peter to dump this sh.t on. But you are
the ones with the karmic debts that will not be cleansed in this time
of healing. And if you think what\'s to come may be miserable, how
many lifetimes more do you want to live through it without ever
feeling the wonder and magnificence of starting again with a clean
slate? Rememeber what it was like before you got so badly into debt --
credit cards and likewise? that feeling of freedom and the weight of
the world not weighing down your shoulders? I do.

Got me off my ass real quick. Couldn\'t imagine that a dozen years of
paying off old debts could be worse than an endless series of
Groundhog Days of more of the same old stuff. But then again, who