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The Schmaltz Orgone Energy Accelerator

Atlantean Temple Technology and Our New-Old Invention?The
Schmaltz Orgone Energy Accelerator

Similar to what was portrayed in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey,
there was in ancient Atlantis a huge crystal obelisk erected that
was used to collect and beam out orgone energy impulses that kept
everything subdued. The population was not unhappy, it was just that
nobody wanted to rebel. It was like the beamed energies just
said, "Don't worry, be happy," and which was accepted by the
population. There was total control over the population. What must
be understood is that it was less then ten per cent of the
population that had all the power. As the scientists and
technologists began to take control of Atlantis, they became more
and more intoxicated with their own power of creativity. The
literally ?fed' on the orgone energies collected from the people.

The secret to their power then, as now, was temple technology -a
central crystal surrounded by concentric circles of influence. At
first this power was used judiciously, but then as the culture
deteriorated, negative controlling influences were circulated
instead of the natural pulse of the Universe -orgone energy that
helped to keep the land balanced, harmonious and productive.

In The Critias, Plato describes the actual layout of the cities and
countryside, a sacred formula harmonizing with the universe, and
used to maintain growth in both the people and in the land. This
sacred form was brought to the planet with the starseeds. The
complex is described here by Plato:

"And outside, round about the temple, there stood images in gold of
all the princes, both themselves and their wives, as many as were
descended from the ten kings, together with many other votive
offerings both of the kings and of private persons not only from the
State itself but also from all the foreign peoples over whom they
rule. And that altar, in respect of its size and its workmanship,
harmonized with its surroundings; and the royal palace likewise was
such as befitted the greatness of the kingdom, and equally befitted
the splendor of the temples.

". . . Such then was the state of things round about the abode of
the kings. And after crossing the three outer harbors one found a
wall which began at the sea and ran around in a circle, at a uniform
distance of fifty stades from the largest circle and harbour, and
its ends converged at the seaward mouth of the channel. The whole of
this wall had numerous houses built onto it, set close together;
while the sea-way and the largest harbour were filled with ships and
merchants coming from all quarters, which by reason of their
multitude caused clamor and tumult of every description and an
unceasing din night and day.

"Now as regards the city and environs of the ancient dwelling we
have now well-nigh completed the description as it was originally
given. We must endeavor next to repeat the account of the rest of
the country, what its natural character was, and in what fashion it
was ordered. In the first place, then, according to the account, the
whole region rose sheer out of the sea to a great height, but the
part about the city was all a smooth plain, enclosing it round
about, and being itself encircled by mountains which stretched as
far as to the sea; and this plain had a level surface and was as a
whole rectangular in shape, being 3,000 stades long on either side
and 2,000 stades wide at its center, reckoning upwards from the sea.
And this region, all along the island, faced towards the South and
was sheltered from the Northern blasts. And the mountains which
surrounded it were at that time celebrated as surpassing all that
now exist in number, magnitude and beauty; for they had upon them
many rich villages of country folk, and streams and lakes and
meadows which furnished ample nutriment to all the animals both tame
and wild, and timber of various sizes and descriptions, abundantly
sufficient for the needs of all and every craft.

"Now as a result of natural forces, together with the labors of many
kings which extended over many ages, the condition of the plain was
this. It was originally a quadrangle, rectilinear for the most part,
and elongated; and what it lacked of this shape they made right by
means of a trench dug round about it. Now, as regards the depth of
this trench and its breadth and length, it seems incredible that it
should be so large as the account states, considering that it was
made by hand, and in addition to all the other operations, but none
the less we must report what we heard; it was dug out to the depth
of a plethrum and to a uniform breadth of a stade, and since it was
dug around the whole plain its consequent length was 10,000 stades.
It received the streams which came down from the mountains and after
circling round the plain, and coming towards the city on this side
and on that, it discharged them thereabouts into the sea. And on the
inland side of the city channels were cut in straight lines, of
about 100 feet in width, across the plain, and these discharged
themselves into the trench on the seaward side, the distance between
each being 100 stades. It was in this way that they conveyed to the
city the timber from the mountains and transported also on boats the
season's products, by cutting traverse passages from one channel to
the next and also to the city. And they cropped the land twice a
year, making use of the rains from heaven in the winter, and the
waters that issue from the earth in summer, by conducting the
streams from the trenches."

This sacred temple form has much to do with the structure of the
galaxies and of the universe, the dimensions spreading out from the
central ?plan-et', the galaxy spreading out from its center in an
ever broadening spiral like a flat disk, etc. etc. Like the Russian
cluster dolls, the form of the microcosm only grows larger and
larger and is repeated in every aspect of our Creation. Its form was
created to spread the energy of the Creator throughout all of
Creation, much like the Atlantean temple form was created to spread
energy throughout all its lands. This ?temple technology' is
critical to an understanding of history and how we are all
controlled today.
Working together with the guidance and help of the Spiritual
Hierarchy, Paul Schmaltz and I have adapted the "chembuster"
(chemtrail buster) technology of Don Croft to build a smaller, more
portable version of this central ?crystal' of Atlantis. The crystal
technology used is more harmonious and balanced along the lines of
similar inventions used to keep ancient Lemuria balanced and in

The Schmaltz Orgone Energy Accelerator
Orgone energy is the energy of the universe. In our world it's in
everything....plants, animals, people, earth.......everything. An
orgone energy accelerator takes this energy and increases its
potential so that it will invigorate people, plants, animals, and
even the earth itself. In buildings constructed with a lot of metal
or with metal studs it will accentuate natural energies into those
of the building.

The Schmaltz Orgone Energy Accelerator designed and built by Paul
Schmaltz along with the help of Peter Farley and the Spiritual
Hierarchy has an effective range of focusing and spreading
accelerated orgone energy of from three to five miles. Compare this
to a mature oak tree that would energize a circle of radius 100-200
yards. The Energy Accelerator creates a lotus blossom effect of
energy, spreading both outwards and upwards from the accelerator, as
well as downwards into the earth to reinvigorate the soil. In
effect, it's an opposing lotus energy field.

When connected by means of a wire to an outside faucet, an orgone
energy accelerator can also negate the need for an air purifier in
your house and will have both an invigorating effect on the water as
well as giving it an extra quality of existential life force.
Balancing energy will then be spread throughout the entire house via
the water supply system beneath the home. This energy will then
stabilize negative elements in our tap water even within municipal

Because an orgone energy accelerator raises vibrations to a balanced
and harmonious state, creatures of lower negative vibrations are
repelled. This means that its frequency and resonance will help keep
away fleas, cockroaches, and other creatures attracted to low
vibrations and inharmonious states. The accelerator as built now is
most energetically strong within the first one to two miles. Larger
and smaller personal versions can also be made or purchased. As
Reichean technology suggests, it should, therefore, not be placed
within a close proximity of large electrical substations or
condensers. It is okay and even beneficial to place near cell phone
towers as many of these towers also serve the purpose of emitting
negative energy waves that affect humans, plants and animals, much
as the ones in Atlantis did.

There are two ways of directing the energy's intent from an orgone
energy accelerator. Light (energy) exists as either particles or
waves. Think of a particle of Light as a individual piece of the
universal Soul. An individual (particle) can manipulate light
(energy) in particle format with intent and assist in balancing
energy. Several people (particles) can participate in this intent
and thereby create a wave of energy or effect. A drop of water might
have a small effect. A wave can have a large effect. It is then,
most beneficial to work as a group creating a wave effect of intent
through the orgone energy accelerator.

The Schmaltz Orgone Energy Accelerator emits a balancing and
harmonizing energy. The amount it will emit will depend on the
intent and the purposes for which it is used. The degree to which
the accelerator works depends upon the intent that is placed within
the device. When one thinks or intends for the individual, one is a
particle. When one intends or thinks for the whole, one is a wave.
Thus the highest good can be achieved by ?getting out of the Me, and
into the We.'

Realize that the NEW WORLD ORDER is a wave of negative and the
intent with which the NWO has worked all over the planet and in the
surrounding Universe has been in place for thousands of years.
Realize, too, that the same type of orgone energy accelerators are
used by the NWO with dark intent through Atlantean technology
incorporated into such structures as temples, pyramids and
cathedrals, and even city centers. These then are located all over
the planet in many times the size and number of those accelerating
positive orgone energies. Their largest devices include
energy ?suckers' such as the Vatican, the White House, and buildings
such as the state capitals buildings with their ?orgone energy
sucking' rotundas. Other dark energy accelerators include devices
such as Masonic temples designed to drain human emotional and mental
orgone energies from a certain area in which they have purposely
been located.

In the tale of David and Goliath, David had only a small rock and a
sling with which to fight Goliath, along with a powerful intent.
Humanity can be many "Davids" with powerful intentions in this war
between the two. Now you understand the importance of your
intentions. Now you can understand the benefits of magnifying your
intentions with an orgone energy accelerator such as Paul's. Many
individual particles with good intent can become a giant wave of
collective intention sweeping all negativity and darkness from
before it. This is part of what being a Light Worker in the year
2003 is all about. We are only yet beginning to explore all of the
capabilities of the Schmaltz Orgone Energy Accelerator, but
anecdotal information on similar devices indicate it will make
gardens grow richer and help balance and protect the energies of the
people within its range of influence.

The Accelerator is a functional work of art suitable for any outdoor
area or patio. Smaller personal units for home and office are also
available. Other orgone enhancing devices are also currently in the
works, including a Personal Relationship Mood Enhancer built to the
specific vibrations of any couple or environment.

Photos of the accelerator are available upon request