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the shift, parts 1 and 2
It took me a couple of days to realize that part one of the Shift had occurred on October 21 just as Guidance had said it would, and just as one Christian pastor 'predicted'. It took a few days to realize the full scope of that event when I began noticing just how many 'people' had had their Souls disconnected from their physical bodies, like something out of Bruce Willis' movie Surrogates. Seems like it occurred with about 70 percent of the people, at least in the U.S.; so if that person you're living with or living next to or see sitting emptily in Starbucks seems more like a cardboard cutout than a rich fully energized well-connected Soul, then you'll know why. Every day I see a few more slipping away, making spiritual inner decisions not to say and work on things here, or simply failing to step up and make a conscious decision to stay and assist with creating and implementing a whole new paradigm.

Since then my focus has been on the major 'Father of all winds' event (as Nostradamus calls it) scheduled to happen early in April, the one Guidance says cannot be put off any longer. Interestingly enough, Guidance always called this the third and final part of the Shift, without giving me any clues to what the second part of the Shift might be. I figured perhaps 'the night of bleeding stars' or 'the heavens full of Light' events spoken of in some other 'prophecies'.

Last weekend (Xmas), Guidance told me the upcoming week would be the most important week of my life. Hmmmm, not with all the things that I've participated in and documented in the books and articles on my website over the years, I couldn't imagine what that could be. I didn't think much about it until Wednesday night when Guidance shared what had happened that day - the portal 'scheduled' to open through to the Central Universe in December, 2012 had in fact opened that day, Wednesday 28th, 2011, in time for the final part of the Shift in April, as a way to in fact assist in balancing the male-female aspects of the planet through the turbulent times ahead. This was one of the major points in the war between the Dark and the Light on the planet that the Darkness would use this event in order to escape the walled off section of Creation and escape into all of Creation, spreading rampant self-will and power-madness to all the uninfected areas of Creation. The fact that we had helped bring the planet to this point without this happening showed definitively the fact that the 'war' has been won on this planet, and things are and will continue to change. This kind of makes sense of what Nell has been translating and noticing from Nostradamus' writings and her own experiences, that the planet has in fact been 'rolling' in order to make the correct alignment for this to happen.

Subject: RE: 55 degrees - I nearly fell over til I realised it was F
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 08:49:01 +1100

Last night was the first time in a couple of weeks that the Southern Cross pointed south

It has been pointing due west, meaning the Milky Way ran South to North

This is the view represented in Cesar's Lost book of the "band" bending

in other words - we are "rolling"

More evidence that Rio will be the new south pole in what I am working on today
with an interesting description: "drawn and twisted"

I should have been more cognizant of this event but the supreme focus right now is on waking up some 'relevant' people who are meant to be here through the third part of the Shift and survive to assist with grounding the new paradigm on the world in turmoil. Since then, Guidance has also been sharing the ongoing nature of the earth changes AFTER the major Shifting event and the fact that 'surviving' in one place for any length of time after it will not be an option - as Nostradmus speaks of as well.

There's 3 months left to prepare for this final major stage. No one's pushing you, but if you get the nudge from your own Guidance (for you won't survive without it) then the time to get serious about physical preparation on every level is now. Every day wasted will lessen your chances and if you think you can do it alone or just with your particular family then you're a bigger fool then people will admit to you.

Be a good Boy/Girl Scout and not only Be prepared but Get prepared as well. If you need help or a community working together to prepare let me know . . I'm in Oregon and this is where Guidance is having me make my Stand.

In service, still . . . Peter