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the soulless ones - part 1
The Soulless Ones - Part 1
By Peter Farley

Volume Two of my work Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? begins with these words, "The Men from Orion are the agents of what Barbara Clow terms "the big lie" - that Orion has engaged in a program of seeding walk-ins—Orion robots—on Earth." Living in an artificially induced ´Leave It To Beaver´ view of the world it´s hard to grasp the sheer magnitude of what these words mean and their implication for Earth and what´s going on right now for its inhabitants.

"The Men from Orion have decided to commence their third battle, which is going on right now. The Men in Black are tempted to trigger humans into nuclear conflict in order to gain ultimate control," Chapter 10 (Orion and the Fall of the Atlantean Branch) continues. "The pollution of the earth and the paralysis of well-meaning people is a behavior pattern from the first two wars in this solar system. For these Men in Black, who are true fallen angels, this is their third and last knock . . . If they make the conditions on Earth bad enough, no one but themselves will be left on Earth for Beings from Orion can tolerate high levels of radiation because the stars there are extremely dense. Orion immune systems are very strong since their low level of vibration enables them to tolerate the typical modern diet and exposure to pollution and toxic chemicals far beyond what other Earth inhabitants are capable of. And, since their agenda is negative, the Men in Black are not agonized about the genocide of the species."

"In the last battle . . . crystals were implanted in the etheric bodies of people by the Orion Atlanteans. . .The crystals are implanted with a variety of interesting programs . . . The Men from Orion knew that Earth would undergo another struggle at this point between the positive and negative forces. Therefore, many of the key crystals were programmed to help their cause. The end phase of the plan is to bring in walk-ins from Orion in order to use the crystals to maximum advantage."

These Men from Orion are an unusual life form, not really humanoid at all. They resemble more of a machine in their anatomical structure and their appearance as we think of Atlanteans being the red race, it´s really more a copperish-red color. This is the archetype of Mars—the red planet. Clow says in one of her works that the Atlanteans are "the metal people who came from the stars." The machine-like men in the movie The Matrix are archetypal Orions, shape-shifters.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the earliest pieces of literature from Sumeria, the hero Gilgamesh is given a ´mechanical-type´ friend named Enkidu by the gods, similar to what we might think of as a robot. This Being, however, is a biological entity—not a machine. This would be very much like one of these Men from Orion. The Terminator series of movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger are a remembrance of the Mars/Maldek war and of the Men from Orion.

However, not all of these ´soul replacements´ are male warriors. Some are the ´soulless´ looking fashion models and movie stars that have now become an archetype of their own for our children to follow. Such flawless good looks are easy to come by when one is ´manufactured´ rather than ´created´. And whereas an anorexic female form can be tolerated by a ´soul replacement´, other Earth Beings from so many other varied alien cultures cannot handle such a shrunken physical form. Nor can they ever since often their morphogenetic energy field makes their physical forms so much fuller. But women will kill themselves to be just like these Orion robots. Men will sacrifice their humanity and even their ´soul´ to be just like these warrior-looking studs.

It is an aspect of planet Earth and its situation never talked about, yet it is the key to what really is going on.

Perhaps it´s also good to know that so many of the horrific mass murderers are actually escaped galactic criminals. When people describe them as being ´soulless´ or ´emotionless´ or having no single shred of human decency, then we do not have to pull down the whole human race to find a place where these ´beings´ fit in. When you cannot understand how some people can do such things, well the answer is very plain, some of them are not people.

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